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Arthur Nery And LITZ’s Heart Reminisce On A Love Lost In The Pagsamo Music Video

Ba't pa ipipilit kung di naman tayo para sa isa't isa?

Just like the song, the Pagsamo music video revolves around a love that wasn’t meant to be as portrayed by Arhtur Nery and LITZ’s Heart Ryan.

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Ever since Arthur Nery arrived on the scene with his debut single, Life Puzzle, the young musician has been known to infuse his music with raw and relatable themes. Whenever you listen to a song from Arthur Nery, it’s an experience of vocals, honesty, and emotion. His music comes from a real place and has said that he always tries to make his music as true and pure as he can. Arthur’s soulful voice mixed with his R&B-tinged sound and real emotions make for music that hits home to a lot of people.

This holds true in the most recent and biggest hit of his career to date, Pagsamo. Released in early October, the track hit many with its melodies and bare beats as Arthur reflects on a love that wasn’t meant to be. It was a hit upon release, topping the charts and garnering millions of streams in just two months. And now, the anticipated music video for Pagsamo has finally dropped, and it serves as a great companion for the hit track.


The music video stars Arthur and P-pop girl group LITZ’s Heart Ryan. The video starts off with the two of them seeing each other and crossing paths. This then leads both of them to a flashback of their former relationship. The Pagsamo MV is presented in a bit of a unique manner as it’s shot in portrait mode. But it works for the song, more so if you watch it on mobile. The scenes of Arthur and Heart together feel more personal and even intimate, especially when the camera shifts to a first-person perspective.

We get to see the characters of Arthur and Heart in their sweet relationship and how close they were. It seems that the two were really close as at one point, Arthur’s character gives what looks to be an engagement ring to Heart’s character. But just like with most things in life, this love wasn’t meant to last. The fact that when the two see each other on the street and remember so much about their past relationship yet don’t even talk to each other shows just how easy it is to fall in and out of love. If the song got you in your feels, then the music video will do the same.

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