Donny Pangilinan Wants You To Believe In A Brighter World In Wings

I can't wait to see you fly.

In Donny Pangilinan’s latest single, Wings, the young star gives a tender ode to seeing the brighter side of life.

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Staying positive in this day and age is not easy. With the pandemic still being a persistent threat on top of all the noise on social media, it can be hard to keep your head above water. This is a problem that especially hits hard for the younger generation as they try to cope with their ever-evolving lives in the middle of a pandemic. This is why Donny Pangilinan is here to cheer up his fans and listeners with his latest single, Wings.


The pop and R&B-inspired track sees Donny lay down some sensual vocals as he sings about wanting to make someone’s day better and lifting them up. While it isn’t a grand showcase of Donny’s vocals, the point of the song is in its message. As Donny somberly sings in the chorus: “I want to fix your wings / I want to lift you up / I want to see you live for the dreams you dream.” His new single is all about wanting to lift up someone and bring out the best in the and the music video is also a reflection of this.


Like the track, the music video isn’t a big spectacle. It sees Donny, dressed mostly in white throughout, in an old empty room with a dollhouse and some greenery. With what happens in the video though, it could be argued that it alludes to Donny being a guardian angel. First, Donny is dressed in all white, a color usually associated with pure individuals. Throughout the video,  Donny is also looking over the dollhouse which could mean that he’s looking over someone. There are also shots of him with invisible wings and the addition of white feathers. By the video’s end, it seems that whoever Donny is looking over is finally learning how to fly.

Another possible way to look at it is how Donny was trapped in the empty house as a way to show how we sometimes trap ourselves in our own feelings. But just as the music video ends with Donny opening the door to the house, you will eventually let everything go and get better.

Whatever your interpretation of the video is, one thing is for certain, Wings is an ode to keeping your head up and letting people know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, a much-needed message for today’s time. Life will get better.

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