For Donny Pangilinan And Belle Mariano, It’s All About Young Love In Ben&Ben’s Upuan Music Video

The stare speaks volumes.

In Ben&Ben’s music video for Upuan, DonBelle shows us that you can say so much even by just looking at each other.

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For Ben&Ben’s second studio album, Pebble House, Vol. 1: Kuwaderno, not only does the band continue to show off their impressive musicality, but also their ability to tackle a diverse set of sounds and topics. Pebble House sees the band bring the disco in Kasayaw, tackle mental health in Lunod, speak up on empowerment in Sabel, and stand up against tyranny in Kapangyarihan.

But then you also have staples of the Ben&Ben sound in a song like Upuan, the first track to be released from the album. The up-tempo song talks about love at first sight and how by just looking at each other, you know that the person is the special someone. So when the band dropped the album and released the music video to Upuan, it was only right that DonBelle themselves, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, be the lead stars of the MV. And just by watching the video, you can tell the two took the song’s message to heart.

To Be Young And In Love

Ben&Ben’s Upuan starts in a classroom setting. Donny, Belle, and the members of Ben&Ben play classmates who are having a regular time in school. While everyone is doing their own thing, Donny is busy staring at Belle with a passionate gaze, clearly speaking volumes of feelings unsaid. When they are informed of prom night, Donny tries to ask Belle to be his date, but she leaves before he gets to do so.

The next scene sees the gang at prom with Donny arriving alone as he still wants to hopefully be with Belle. And low and behold, when Belle arrives and the two accidentally bump into each other on the dance floor,  it turns out that both of them like each other, but weren’t able to say it. The two then spend the rest of prom night together.

Kahit Nagtitigan Lang, Tapos Na Ang Usapan

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Despite the fact that there was zero audible dialogue in the Upuan music video, and that they didn’t have physical contact, the two were able to get the song’s message across. They captured the essence of the song such that for most of the music video, they just stared, looked, and glanced at each other and were able to express their feelings towards one another.

It’s the feeling you get when you are young and you see someone you like but aren’t brave enough to talk to them, so you just look at them from afar. It’s the nostalgic feeling of falling in love for the first time. But even though no words were spoken, you can tell they like each other.

Ben&Ben’s Upuan fits DonBelle like a glove because even when they just look at each other, it is already saying so much and how they look at each other already explains it. There’s also the fact that Ben&Ben is Donny’s favorite band and Belle used to attend the band’s gigs. So you could say it’s a full-circle moment. Watch the Upuan music video below:

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