miss universe philippines 2022 challenges

Challenge Accepted: Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Already Has A Winners Circle And We’re Here For It

We love to see them win.

They just keep winning and winning.

If you think the Miss Universe Philippines competition is getting any easier, think again. A huge chunk of the criteria this year now involves social media. Even the challenges are a little different this year, with the winners being voted by the people through the Miss Universe Philippines app in a duration of three days. The game plan of each queen matters and we can see that some of them have already been bagging awards twice. Scroll down below to see who won the challenges so far while we wait for the Miss Universe Philippines 2022 coronation night on April 30.

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First impressions last. The headshot challenge is one of the most awaited in the pageant world, especially since we’re given a sneak peek of who the future Miss Universe Philippines queen will be. Imagine the pressure of having to look perfect since day one. But these girls are up for the challenge.

Top 3: Celeste Corsi, Pasay City. Francheska Alexine Licanto Dadivas, Roxas City. Isabel Luche, Mandaue City

Winner: Isabel Luche, Mandaue City


For this round, the Miss Universe Philippines contestants were asked to talk about themselves and their roots. Despite the pandemic restricting travel, we were able to see their personalities shine and the cities where these beauties came from. The winner of the challenge is Miss Bohol, Pauline Amelinckx. Did you know she can hold her breath for four minutes straight? And that’s on being a certified free-diver.

Top 3: Pauline Cucharo Amelinckx, Bohol City. Shaira Aliyah Diaz, San Pablo Laguna. Lou Dominique Piczon, Cebu Province.

Winner: Pauline Cucharo Amelinckx, Bohol City


The quest for the crown is a little different this year as live-streaming app kumu is on board and will be part of the queens’ tasks. Some of the challenges that were able to give them a huge advantage in the competition are the Follower Sprint, where the prize was a kumu dressing room and Livestream challenge, where the winner will be having her own makeup artist for the preliminaries.

Follower Sprint winner: Isabel Luche, Mandaue City

MUPH Livestream challenge: Jeanne Nicci Orcena, Davao del Norte


One of the spiciest challenges in the competition is the swimsuit round. Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, and complexion as well. Probably the challenge that was hardest to pick a bet because they’re all beautiful in their own way.

Top 3: Michelle Marquez Dee, Makati. Ma. Katrina Llegado, Taguig. Celeste Cortesi, Pasay

Winner: Ma. Katrina Llegado, Taguig


And now, she walks. A Miss Universe Philippines queen always has her signature catwalk. Out of everyone else, the standout was Ghenesis Latugat, Miss Baguio not only because of her sultry strut, but also with how she showcased her city and all its wonders, including her woven dress. It’s the pasarela for us!

Top 3: Chantal Elise Legaspi Schimdt, Cebu City. Ghenesis Latugat, Baguio. Angelica Lopez, Palawan

Winner: Ghenesis Latugat, Baguio


To have a long-lasting effect in the pageant world is a legacy to behold. Miss Universe Philippines has already blessed us with these stunning casting videos of the queens to be and we can’t wait to see more of them.

Top 3: Michelle Daniela Dee, Makati. Celeste Cortesi, Pasay. Annabelle Mae McDonnell, Misamis Oriental

Winner: Celeste Cortesi, Pasay

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