Miss Universe Philippines 2021

Life After The Crown: What Are The Miss Universe PH 2021 Queens Up To Now?

Queens do side quests, too. And major ones at that.

Spoiler alert: they’re all still regal and very much the women on top we know them to be.

You know how in every finale of a series or a film, you wonder how the characters are doing after the credits roll? That’s literally all the fans of probably the biggest sport in the Philippines: pageantry after last year’s crowning moment. Well, they’re still the same women on top, just taking a lot of side quests at the moment! Read more below to see which part of the universe are they in now.

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After being a top five finalist at Miss Universe 2021, Beatrice Luigi Gomez is very much still a queen. Her demeanor and strength has earned her the “Remarkable Icon of Woman Empowerment Award” at the Global Trends Business Leaders Awards 2022. She’s also opened doors for many people in the LGBTQIA+ community when she gave them the much-desired representation in the pageantry world.


Morena queen and Miss Universe Philippines Tourism 2021 Katrina Dimaranan always showed some flavor even before. Aside from going back to school to take up nursing, she’s also a TV host and will be starring in the film adaptation of the comic, Lumpia.


Supermodel turned super queen Maureen Wroblewitz continues to shine in the spotlight after winning first runner up at Miss Universe Philippines 2021. Aside from doing hosting stints, starring in music videos, and bagged her first acting role for Runaway, Maureen is also an ambassador at ICANSERVE, a non-profit organization dedicated to early breast cancer detection.


Just a few days ago, Miss Universe Philippines 2021 2nd runner up Steffi Aberasturi announced that she will not be joining this year’s pageant. It’s not entirely heartbreaking though, because she’s about to get hitched to her boyfriend of eight and half years. “I’ve come to realize that the honor to inspire, uplift, and touch people’s lives has been what I’ve been searching for all along. That alone is beyond the universe,” she said in an Instagram post.


After turning down New Zealand’s offer to be their new Miss Universe rep,Victoria Velasquez Vincent has been doing speaking engagements not just as a beauty queen, but an architect. Yep, she has “M.Arch. and M. HerCons” at the end of her name! Victoria also has a photography account where she captures images of mostly Philippine landscapes.


Ayn Bernos goal when she joined Miss Universe Philippines was really to prove to everyone that anyone can. She represented all the Filipinas who were told to be “too dark” or “too outspoken” or “too short.” Nowadays, she’s busy building her beauty brand, Kayu Beauty, that recently released their first collection of lipsticks.


Can we talk about Kisses Delavin being the biggest surprise of last year’s roster? From being an actress to becoming a top 10 finalist at Miss Universe Philippines, we can’t wait to see what Kisses’ next move is going to be. Will she go back to making movies or preparing to get the crown once again?


Corrine Abalos, who represented Mandaluyong City, has been starring in commercials and was also the face of local brand, R.A.F and Plains and Prints for their Spring/Summer 2022 collection.


One of the standout queens at Miss Universe Philippines, Jasmine Umali has also shown her artistic skills and took part in an exhibit last year featuring some of her paintings. The art was inspired by her journey into higher consciousness, courage and growth.

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