Maureen Wroblewitz Makes Her Film Debut In Runaway, Kit Thompson

From The Pageant Stage To The Big Screen: Maureen Wroblewitz Makes Her Film Debut In Runaway

Model, host, pageant queen, and now movie actress.

If competing in Miss Universe Philippines isn’t already enough, Maureen Wroblewitz is set to make her movie lead actress debut in Runaway.

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Maureen Wroblewitz has been busy these past weeks. When she was revealed to be one of the 100 delegates for Miss Universe Philippines 2021, she immediately stood out as one of the competitors to watch out for. After all, she also happens to be a winner of Asia’s Next Top Model. And sure enough, she lived up to the hype and expectations. She romped through each challenge, from the runway, interview, bikini shot, gown, and more. It’s clear that she is a fan favorite, but her performance so far proves that she is worthy of being part of the top 30 delegates. But if conquering the model and pageant scene isn’t enough, Maureen Wroblewitz is about to make a splash in the acting industry with her very first movie.


Runaway is set to be Maureen Wroblewitz’s debut film where she will star alongside leading man Kit Thompson. The film revolves around a bright young woman named Hannah (Wroblewitz). She lives a sheltered life in Manila but finds it to be a suffocating experience. So, she decides to escape to New Zealand with the hopes of starting a new life and adventure. There, she meets expat Ben (Thompson), a mysterious yet charming young man who wants to return to the Philippines. The two then form a friendship that quickly turns romantic.

But as their personal problems start catching up to them, their relationship will be put to the test, as well as what they desire for themselves. Aside from the romantic aspect of the film, Runaway will also put a spotlight on this generation’s desire for living their best life and doing what they want, even if it is in borrowed time.

Runaway is an Upstream Original produced by Reality MM Studios. It was made in partnership with The New Zealand Board of Tourism and the New Zealand Embassy Manila. It is directed and written by Katski Flores and executive produced by Ronald “Dondon” Monteverde. The film also co-stars Audie Gemora, MJ Lastimosa, and Lana Garland.


In an Instagram post revealing the trailer of the movie, Maureen expressed her excitement for the project and revealed that she only had a few months of Tagalog classes and no acting workshops before the shoot began. “I hope you all enjoy watching this movie that we shot in breathtaking New Zealand. I did some very crazy activities despite my fear of heights,” she said.

While this may be Maureen’s first-ever movie role, we have faith that she’s going to do a good job. After all, everything she has done in her career so far has been a success. This might even be the start of Maureen, the movie star. And she’s also joined by Kit Thompson who on multiple occasions has shown his talent and versatility as an actor, so they make for an exciting pairing. Runaway is available exclusively on Upstream starting September 3.

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