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The New Movies And Shows Of April 2022 That We’re Excited To Watch

Getting our watchlist ready.

From Elite Season 5, He’s Into Her Season 2, and Greed, April 2022 has a promising collection of new movies and shows.

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It’s summer, which means fun in the sun, outings with friends and family, and the increased craving for something cold in these hot times. But having fun isn’t just limited to traveling or going out and about. It can also be found through a movie or TV show. As they say, you can’t beat the experience of watching a good movie at the comfort of your own home (or movie theater). And this month, there are quite a few new titles coming out for viewers to enjoy. These titles range in genre and narrative, but all look to offer that worthwhile time you are looking for this summer season. Here are the new movies and shows of April 2022 that we can’t wait to watch.


This digital series follows Maris Racal as Jen, a young woman who recently broke up with her ex Jake (Ruby Slots Casino). To help her move on, Jen decides to download the Breakapp and commits to a thirty day plan to move on from Jake. But things take a turn when Jen is made the handler of Jake and his new girlfriend when both are chosen to be a part of La Union’s tourism campaign. And to make things more interesting, Jen comes across Franco (Carlo Aquino), a boyfriend for hire who agrees to be Jen’s fake boyfriend.

Already, the trailer has us feeling that this show will give us the love, comedy, and drama we need. But this series is also special for a few reasons. This will be the first time that Maris Racal and Carlo Aquino are in the same project together. The show also serves as ABS-CBN’s first-ever exclusive YouTube show. You can catch new episodes of the series every weekday at 6 PM starting April 4 on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel.


Nadine Lustre is finally making her return to acting in movies, and she’s doing it in one of her most interesting projects to date. Greed stars Nadine Lustre and Diego Loyzaga and Kitchi and Tomi respectively. The two are in a relationship and are struggling to make ends meet as Tomi’s farming yields little for them. One day, they decide to buy a lottery ticket with the hopes of winning and they actually do. While initially ecstatic, the two decide to keep their win a secret from their community and decide to skip town. But when their former friend Dadong discovers their ruse, he goes on a hunt to track them down. Nadine Lustre in a horror movieis good enough for us to watch this project and we can’t wait to see her in a whole new bloody light. Greed arrives on Vivamax this April 8.  


With shows like A Business Proposal and Twenty-Five Twenty-One currently on going, there are a lot new of K-dramas to get lost in. And there is going to be another one that you might want to add to your list. Our Blue is set in Jeju Island and follows a group of people in the island and their day-to-day lives. Our Blue is shaping up to be a heartwarming and feel-good K-drama that centers on how everyday life can both be mundane and exciting at the same time. With a stacked cast that includes Shin Min Ah, Kim Woo Bin, and Lee Byung Hun, this might be your next K-drama binge. Our Blue premiers on Netflix on April 9


In case you missed it, one of the most anticipated new anime series of the year is premiering this April. Based on the manga of the same name, the show centers on Lod Forger who is tasked with building a family. In doing so, he adopts a little girl and gets a woman to agree to being in a fake marriage with him. But what he doesn’t know is that the young girl has the ability to read minds and his “wife” is actually an assassin. Wit Studio and CloverWorks are the studios behind this anime adaptation. The series arrives on streaming services beginning April 9.


Just because it’s the summer season doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a horror movie. And Choose or Die is looking to serve us our dose of horror this April. The movie centers on two young people named Isaac (Asa Butterfield) and Kayla (Lola Evans). One day, Kayla discovers a survival horror video game from the 1980s and decides to play it. But later on, she and Isaac soon realize that their lives are now at stake if they don’t win the game. Think Jumanji meets horror and you get this movie, and already, that concept has us intrigued. We’re interested to see just how dark this movie gets. You can choose to stream Choose or Die on Netflix this April 15.


Bela Padilla and Zanjo Marudo are here to bring the romance and the drama this April with their new movie 366. It follows a woman named June (Padilla) who has 365 days to move on after losing her ex-boyfriend. Along the way, she acquires the help of her neighbor Marco (Marudo) as the two agree to do things June and her ex never got to do. With Marco serving as June’s proxy boyfriend, you can probably guess what happens next. But aside from the story, what makes 366 a special project is the fact that this is Bela Padilla’s first ever movie she directed. You can catch 366 on Vivamax this April 15.


Prepare to head back to the magical wizarding world as the third Fantastic Beasts movie is finally here. In this go around, a young Professor Dumbledore teams up with Newt Scamander, his friends, and allies as they take on the dark wizard Grindelwald and stop his quest to rule the wizarding world. This time, Mads Mikkelsen takes on the role of Grindelwald as we continue this epic story. If anything, we’re hopeful that this movie is better than its predecessor and prove that there is still magic in a world that’s been tainted by its creator. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore makes it way to local cinemas on April 16.


Elisse Joson and Mccoy de Leon in a new movie together? Yes, please. Those looking for a romance flick might want to check this out. Habangbuhay stars the real life couple as two people on the opposite ends of the social spectrum. But love has its ways of working and the two soon fall in love with one another. The movie then follows the couple through their ups and downs as they discover whether they are really meant to be. Habangbuhay makes its premiere on Vivamax this April 22. Fun fact, the movie is the streaming services’ first ever original romance movie.  


From The Witch to The Lighthouse, Robert Eggers has made a name for himself as a director who can deliver compelling narratives through dark visuals. This looks to be the case with his next project, The Northman. The movie follows Alexander Skarsgard as a young Viking prince who goes on a quest to get revenge against the people who murdered his father. This violent epic looks to be the most ambitious film of Eggers to date and we can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve. Get ready for a tale of Norse violence and mythology as The Northman lands in Philippine cinemas on April 22.


Looking for a new animated movie to watch? Then we suggest you check out The Bad Guys. This animated flick follows five anthropomorphic animals, Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Shark, and Ms. Tarantula, who together are an excellent groups of thieves. But one day, their heist goes wrong and they get arrested. Hoping to avoid time at the slammer, the group agrees to change their ways and become good people. But that’s easier said then done. Based on a series of graphic novels, The Bad Guys is looking to give us that feel-good animated fun and maybe even teach us a valuable lesson along the way. The movie arrives in Philippine cinemas on April 27.


Just like many of you, we have been enjoying Andrew Garfield’s much deserved resurgence. And you won’t have to wait long for his next project. Under The Banner of Heaven is based on the 2003 true crime bestseller of the same name by Jon Krakauer. The limited series centers on Pyre (Garfield), a police detective assigned to investigate a murder case that has close ties to the Mormon church. As he untangles the mystery and finds evidence linking the church to the crime, Pyre, a devout Mormon himself, undergoes an ugly crisis of faith as he begins to question his values.

We love a good detective crime thriller and the fact that the series marks the first time Andrew Garfield has worked on a TV show makes it even more exciting. Oh, and rising Filipina actor, writer, and director Isabel Sandoval is one of the four directors who helmed episodes for the project. The limited series begins streaming on Hulu this April 28.


We always have room for a promising anime movie on our watchlist. And Bubble looks to take that spot. This movie is set in a world where Tokyo is separated from the rest of the world thanks to giant gravity defying bubbles. Young teens use these bubbles as their playground and their means to get around the place. One day, a young man named Hibiki falls into the sea and meets a strange girl. The rest of the film follows the effects of their meet up. Bubble streams on Netflix this April 28.


While not new shows technically, these shows are premiering new seasons that you may want to catch. Elite Season 5 (April 8), Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 (April 10), Ultraman Season 2 (April 14), Better Caul Saul Season 6 Part 1 (April 18), Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2 (April 19), Russian Doll Season 2 (April 20), The Flight Attendant Season 2 (April 21), He’s Into Her Season 2 (April 24), Barry Season 3 (April 24), Ozark Season 4 Part 2 (April 29)

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