The Round-Up: Recent Music Releases To Help Fill Your Summer OST

Narcissistic, my god I love it.

KAIA makes their debut with an empowering anthem, BIGBANG gets us in our feels, while Jack Harlow has the smoothest new track.

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Another busy week in music has passed us. For many EXO-Ls, April 8, 2022 was a special day as it is the debut anniversary of EXO. The group is celebrating over 10 years together and member Lay also announced that he is leaving SM Entertainment. The Weeknd released the trippy music video for Out of Time, which stars breakout sensation and soon-to-be movie star Hoyeon. Speaking of The Weeknd, he and Swedish House Mafia, were both promoted to headline acts of Coachella 2022 after Kanye West bowed out.

We also got new music teases from TXT and Carly Rae Jepsen. And of course, we can’t forget that the 2022 GRAMMYS which, among other things, saw ARMY twitter explode with Olivia Rodrigo and V’s little skit. With all the goings on, let’s not forget all the recent music drops that came our way. Here are just some that should be on your radar.


BIGBANG is back baby. But instead of giving us a hyper pop banger, they slowed things down with Still Life. The introspective jam is a letter of sorts to their fans and themselves as they chronicle the journey of time and change. It’s that warm hug many fans have been waiting to receive as BIGBANG digs deep and reminisces on how they have changed. Whether or not this is the beginning of the end of the legendary group, at least we got the closure we deserved, even if it hurts.


Following up on their smash hits Ikaw Lang and Unang Sayaw, OPM band NOBITA is back with new music with the release of their single Totoo. Unlike their past releases, the song deals with heartbreak and articulates the uncertainty of being lost and helplessly in love. Prepare to get hit in the feels as you explore the messiness of being at the bitter end of a relationship. Laced with moving instrumentation and heartfelt vocals, the song hits harder than usual while still being that earworm we all know and love from NOBITA.


While the title alone might make you think that Charlie Puth should have released the song on April Fools, it’s actually far from that. That’s Hilarious is a mid-tempo breakup song that sees the musician clap back at his ex for all the wrong she has done. The song gets its name from how he finds its funny that she wants to get back with him.


KZ Tandingan is here to remind people that it’s not the end of the world post-heartbreak with her new track, Winning. The song is all about empowerment and self-affirmation after a major heartbreak and proving that you can still win in life single. It also features futuristic production and fierce melodies rounded off with an addictive Afro-beat pulse and topped KZ’s edgy, soaring vocals and rap skills.   


Camila Cabello recently dropped her third full-length studio album Familia. The 12-track album is a worthwhile listen to any fans, especially with its collection of strong singles Don’t Go Yet, Bam Bam, and psychofreak.


If you ever find yourself alone with your special someone during those special nights, we suggest you include Allmo$t’s latest track, U Got Me, in that playlist. The smooth R&B and rap bop is all about those times when it’s just you and that one person and being there for that person during those lonely nights.


There is something about a summer romance that hits different. And it feels even better when you have the tunes to perfectly soundtrack that experience. Take for example Lauv’s new song, All 4 Nothing (I’m So In Love). The fun and up-tempo track is about loving someone to the point where you surrender yourself to love and life. While you are afraid that your own insecurities might affect the relationship, you feel that it will be all worth it in the end. The song serves as the first release of their upcoming studio album, All 4 Nothing, a “body of work steeped in moments of nostalgia, conflict, and ultimately, self-empowerment.”


IVE had one of the most memorable debuts in recent years when they dropped ELEVEN. And with their first comeback, the girls prove that they still got the magic. LOVE DIVE is a dark pop banger with an exceptional house beat that sees the group sing about falling head first into love. The song and its B-side ROYAL are both serves. The woos during the pre-chorus and the beat drop hits in all the right places.


The past week wasn’t only the 10th anniversary of EXO. It also saw its leader, Suho, release a new song and mini-album both entitled Grey Suit. Grey Suit sees the EXO member see go from grey to color when that special someone enters his life. The sweet track is sonically beautiful and a great showcase for Suho’s voice. With over six new tracks on the mini-album, this has been a long time coming for many EXO-Ls.


P-pop girl group KAIA have finally made their debut and they’re coming for wigs with their new song BLAH BLAH. Taking inspiration from their own experiences on love gone wrong, BLAH BLAH features a futuristic sound that each member contributed in writing. The track reminds of K/DA in the best way possible.   


Young rising musicians Jeremy G and Angela Ken team up for a fun and wholesome new love song called Your Everything. The track is part of ABS-CBN’s first ever YouTube show called How To Move On In 30 Days’ OST. The track very much is in theme with its fun summer vibe and lighthearted exploration how that special someone can complete you.


Following the release of her viral hit Have Mercy, Chloe Bailey is back with a new song called Treat Me. The R&B and hip-hop infused track sees the young musician implore her lover to treat her better and in a way that she would treat herself. It’s a great song for anyone who is wanting better from their partner.


Over the past year or so, Jack Harlow has gone from a rapper who scored a viral hit to rising superstar. This is what he reflects on in his new single First Class. Aside from its slight introspective nature, the song is so smooth and feels like a vibe thanks in no small part to its notable A-tier sampling of Glamorous by Fergie.  


Need more new Red Velvet music in your life? Well, you’re in luck as the girl group recently dropped their Japanese album Bloom. With over 11 tracks on it, there is a lot of new music to enjoy.


While NKO may not be a household name, he sure releases music that make him worthy of being one. Case in point, he recently dropped his first ever EP called XOXO and it’s a bop and a half. The six-track EP features city pop sounds, slow band bangers, and addicting beats for a body of work that you can easily get lost in.

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