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They Did That: A’TIN Turned SB19’s Latest Wish Bus Performance Into Their Own Mini-Concert

And that's on being one of the most dedicated fandoms.

It’s well known that SB19’s fans go all out for the group. So, when the boys finally had their long-awaited return to the Wish Bus, it was going to be a moment between SB19 and A’TIN.

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The last time SB19 held a live performance with an actual crowd was during their tour in early 2020 that was sadly cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The boys have since held multiple concerts then, including their anniversary concert that had a pared down audience in the coliseum, but one key ingredient was always missing in these performances, the full force presence of their fans, A’TIN. It’s no secret that A’TIN go hard for SB19 and the boys reciprocate that love back. So many fans have been waiting in anticipation for that opportunity to see their fave group live and in person, even if just for a few moments. And that opportunity came just recently and for those who showed up, they made sure to make the most out of it, turning it into a core memory.

On February 21, 2022, Wish 107.5 announced that SB19 were going to be performing at the Wish Bush at Eton Centris once more. The performance in itself was already special as it was the first time the group performed on the bus in quite a while. It was also the first live Wish performance of Pablo’s La Luna and Ken’s Palayo. And to top it all off, Pablo’s brother, Josue, was set to perform as well. So, in essence, it was like a mini-concert in itself, much to the astonishment and delight of many. The last time a crowd was able to watch SB19 on the Wish bus was in early 2020, so it was a long time coming for many A’TIN who finally had a chance to see them in-person. Check out some of the moments that happened on location, as captured by the fans.


The performances were set to begin at 4 PM. But even before that, people who came from far and wide were already filling up the space in a quick pace just to see the group and of course, show their love. But aside from watching SB19, the assemblage also proved to be a good time for fans to meet with each other IRL. Some groups even prepared water and snacks for those in attendance so that they wouldn’t get sick during the roadside show. They even sent out a dispatch call for a medical unit to be nearby just in case in an emergency erupts. Talk about foresight.

@charls_keuna OMG ang dami #sb19 ♬ SLMT – SB19

Even before the performances began in earnest, A’TIN on location started singing along to some of SB19’s songs. It wasn’t just them doing the fan chants, they performed the entire song. It was a preview of sorts for how the rest of the day would go.

@taro.milkt hindi pwedeng maiyak for today’s videooow! #sb19_ken #sb19 ♬ original sound – taro

It wasn’t just teens and young adults who showed up to the Wish bus. A motley crew of spectators and supporters were present on the scene.

(Note: This couple is actually the grandparents of an A’TIN in attendance. They accompanied the fan to the event.)

After a bit of a delay, SB19 finally arrived and began performing. And as you can expect, the hype was real. Even though some fans were there already for hours, the audience gave their full attention and energy by the time they started doing their songs. The fans turned Eton Center into a blue ocean with SB19 light sticks at the ready as they sang alongside the group. The boys performed a medley of their recent hits, MAPA, Mana, What?, and Bazinga. It was then followed by the solo song performances of Ken and Pablo. And the night closed out with a performance from Josue.

@sb.susxn sheesh baka ATIN yan #sb19 #ATIN #ppoprise #wishbus #fyp #yannaeditzx ♬ Bazinga – SB19

Even non-fans who caught sight of the coming together from the MRT were left in awe by the display and energy of A’TIN, with some even becoming converts by the end of the ride.

As this was the first time in ages that A’TIN could be this up close with SB19, the night also had its fair share of cute and wholesome interactions between SB19 and A’TIN. Some fans also caught some fun moments between the members.


Love you A’TIN ?

♬ diwata – kubi
@keunna19 SOBRANG CUTE HUHUHU FLS ?✋? DKDJSK #sb19 #Sb19onwishbus ♬ original sound – KeunNa19
@kc.suson supportive leader ?#sb19official #sb19 #fyp #SB19onWishBus#sb19xatinwishcometrue ♬ Dandelions (slowed + reverb) – Ruth B.

Of course, some fans used the opportunity to expertly capture the boys’ visuals.

A’TIN aren’t just a dedicated fandom, they are a responsible and disciplined one as well. Just as quickly as they turned Eton Centris into a mini-concert, they also cleaned up after themselves and left the location neat and tidy.

After the event, SB19 took to social media to thank those who showed up. It was also a proud moment in itself as seeing the crowd size difference between 2020 and 2022 really showed just how big the group has gotten since. The only thing we need now is for a concert with a full in-person audience to get the real party started.

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