The Round-Up: New Music Releases That Are Sure To Heat Up The Summer

Playlist for the road trip.

From SEVENTEEN, ALAMAT, Adie, and more, here are just some recent song drops that you don’t want to miss out on this summer.

Happy week after Easter. Hopefully your long break was one filled with fun, enjoyment, and reflection. In case you didn’t catch up with the goings on in the music industry, here are just some of the major headlines you may have missed.

SB19 are set to return to Araneta Coliseum for their much delayed Dunkin’ Donuts concert on April 23. TXT finally announced their long-awaited comeback with their new body of work set to drop on May 9.

BTS wrapped up their Las Vegas concerts and made the night even better by teasing that their new album is coming this June. Speaking of BTS, J-Hope attended one of Lady Gaga’s jazz shows and posted a heartwarming IG post about the meet up. Finally, the first weekend of Coachella came and went, which saw, among other things, Harry Styles perform As It Was for the first time live and share two new songs, BROCKHAMPTON announce that their final album is coming later this year, and 2NE1 had a legendary comeback on the Coachella stage. Of course, the past week also had its fair share of new song drops that you may want to add to your summer playlist. Here are just a few of the new tunes to know.

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Lizzo has always been one of those artists to preach self-love and feeling free. And that’s the vibe that encapsulates her new song, About Damn Time. The track features a disco-funk sound as Lizzo implores the listener to live life, enjoy the moment, and bust a move or two. The song serves as the first single of her new album called Special dropping this July. And all this news is on top of her standout hosting and musical duties at SNL over the weekend.  


Channel your inner sad boi/girl with Conan Gray’s new song Memories. Featuring a sentimental and moving band sound, Memories sees the young musician try to move on from an ex. But things get complicated when that ex tries to unwelcomely push their way back into Conan’s life. It’s the kind of song you want to listen to when you want to move on from that ex who isn’t taking the hint.  


Darl+ing isn’t just any ordinary comeback for SEVENTEEN. It’s special because it serves as the group’s first ever full English single release of their careers. Darl+ing is an upbeat and wholesome love song that’s great for anyone who wants to get into their ooey gooey love feels.


Jessi really knows how to make those viral bops doesn’t she? With ZOOM, the charismatic musician has a new anthem that celebrates who you are feeling like you take the best pics in the world. The song has a bouncy hip-hop that’s hard to shake and a chorus that screams meant-for-TikTok virality.  


There’s nothing like an OST that hits all in the right spots. This is why you may want to give new movie 366’s OST a listen. Adie, Janine Tenoso, and Kean Cipirano all share their take on the Rivermaya classic You’ll Be Safe Here. Each has their own flavor and interpretation of the song unique to them that is worth the listen.


Lyn Lapid has no time for a toxic ex in her new song Pager. In it, the young musician doesn’t mince words with how she feels about her ex and that if he had something to say about her, he should send it through her pager, the communication device that was all the rage in the 1980s. In case you wanted more of Lyn’s music, she also dropped the eight-track EP, The Outsider EP.


Considering how SHINee’s music always hits the mark, it’s little surprise to see that their solo music serves just as hard. ONEW is the latest member of the K-pop group to grace us with solo music with the release of his second mini-album DICE. That also serves as the name of the title track and it features a groovy and upbeat 80s inspired sound about love. Once your done listening to the album, we suggest you give DICE’s quirky music video a watch.


K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher recently made their comeback with the release of their second album, [Apocalypse : Save us]. The 14-track filled album signals the beginning of a new journey for the group, the beginning of their Apocalypse trilogy. More importantly, the album serves as a desperate plea and cry to save the planet from ecological damage and global warming.

The title track MAISON (translating to home in French) stays true to Dreamcatcher’s sonic identity and style based on rock genre and distortion bass. The song serves as a warning to the deafened ears and those who are turning a blind eye to the environmental concerns surrounding everyone’s home, the Earth. In addition, the album presents solo tracks of each member, which marks their first album involving all seven members’ songwriting.


Dust off your dancing shoes as Hazel Faith is here for an upbeat bop with Reyna Ng Sablay. Unleash your inner queen as Hazel infuses this love song with an irresistible bouncy beat.


First performed during PPOP CON 2022, Alamat has officially dropped their latest song Sa Panaginip Na Lang. The band and rock-centric track sees the P-pop group reach for their sentimental side as they sing about those special moments with that special someone while in your dreams. The track is both emotional and sad at the same time considering how you can only live out those moments only in your dreams. Regardless, it’s the kind of song we can see people belting during those karaoke nights.


Taeyong and Wonstein have recently teamed up for a new love song about those awkward moments you have with that special someone with Love Theory. The fun and wholesome track has the two sing and rap about the difficulties of approaching your crush and tips on making that connection work. It’s a fun and smooth song won’t be out of place in your K-pop hugot playlist.  


Depending on which side of TikTok you’re on, one of the fave songs used by many users is Counting Stars by BE’O, that vibey and addicting R&B hit of 2021. Well, BE’O is back with new music and in fact his first new song since releasing Counting Stars last year with LOVE me. Stepping away from the R&B genre, LOVE me is an upbeat pop-rock song that sees the soloist bear is heart out as he begs a potential flame to love him despite all his shortcomings.  


We thought this day would never come, but as they say, never say never. Swedish House Mafia have dropped their latest studio album called Paradise Again. The last time the EDM powerhouse dropped an album was all the way back in 2012. Now, over a decade later, we have new tracks to enjoy, 17 to be exact that build up to over an hour long.  


ICYDK, Melizza Jimenez isn’t just an actress, she’s also a budding musician and a great singer. She has released a few singles over the years and Don’t You Dare Leave is her latest release. The track documents the final moments of a relationship set to end. Melizza sounds so good on the track and its upbeat and ethereal sound makes for a lovely sonic experience.  


Just because Easter may be over doesn’t mean you can enjoy some spiritual tunes to nourish your spirit. Why Do You Love Me is an inspirational ballad about “a kind of love that you could never earn no matter how good you are and a love that you could never lose no matter how messed up you are; A love that constantly pursues and a love that will never leave you restless; A love that’s reassuring.” The track was actually written and composed by Moira Dela Torre and Jason Hernandez for the musician and bore from a relationship the two had about their family backgrounds.


Up-and-coming hip-hop/rap ensemble PLAN B, consisting of members Alyas Dom (Metro Manila), DK (Pangasinan), Dyno (Bicol), Gio (Metro Manila), G-Next (Laguna), GOSGE (Cavite), Kaizler (Pangasinan), Kier (Pangasinan), Mateo (Cagayan De Oro), and Skyruz (Misamis Oriental) have recently made their anticipated debut with the song Love. Produced and arranged by SB19’s Pablo, the smooth and soulful track chronicles the multiple failed attempts in pursuing someone on a romantic level.

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