Bars in Poblacion

Tara Pobla? Here’s A Rundown Gen Z-Approved Bars in Makati

See you there?

After everyone’s phase of BGC bar hopping, we’re now shifting to Poblacion’s nightlife scene.

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It’s always at the moment when we’re finally thinking about outgrowing our party phase that the group chat throws in a casual ‘Tara G?’ At this point, we’re not fooling anyone—the party never ends. Sure, some are entertaining the idea of early bedtimes or binge-watching more than a night out, but maybe we’re just refusing the same scene. After all, who wants to hop around the same bars every weekend?

After trying the best bars in BGC and Tomas Morato, we’re diving headfirst into another it-destination—Poblacion. This is where we meet friends, forget about exes, engage total strangers in conversations about anything, and simply dance the night away. And whether you’re thirsty for chill cocktails or shots, here’s a tipple trail of the Gen Z-approved bars in the area for your next night out.

Xin Chào

@eleinapp Vietnamese inspired bar in the heart of Poblacion, must try! #fyp ♬ WayBackHome – 苏七岁

Xin Chào has one of those secret doors that lead you straight into the neighborhood’s nightlife. As you enter, you’re greeted by red lights, setting the mood for a memorable night out. The bar boasts a well-curated drink menu that perfectly complements the trendy yet intimate setting. Whether you’re in the mood for classic cocktails or a daring mix, Xin Chào has got you covered.

Xin Chào is located at 1210 Valdez, Makati.

Ugly Duck

@uglyduckpobla Here’s what you missed at the St. Patrick’s Day Event 👀 #fyp #tiktokph #pobla #viral ♬ original sound – Ugly Duck

From Hallyu Hype to trivia nights, Ugly Duck dances to a new theme every weekend. This retro-inspired rooftop lounge is far from ugly, adorned with checkerboard tiles and neon-lit accents, in a way evoking the 80s charm of old-school bars. With their food-to-drinks menu and amazing DJ list, Ugly Duck is the ultimate chameleon—the perfect place for groovy evenings or laidback brunches.

Ugly Duck is located at White Rabbit, 5672 Doña Carmen Street corner General Luna Street, Makati City.

The Fun Roof

@the_funroof new rooftop bar in poblacion ⛳️⚾️ #fyp #poblacion #makati #poblacion #poblacionmakati ♬ BOOM – Tiesto

If I could describe The Fun Roof in three words, it would be ‘childhood-meets-adulthood.’ With an amusement park and nightclub on one rooftop, I didn’t know I could reconnect with my inner child while partying. They not only serve drinks that’ll keep you electrified through the night, but we’re talking neon-lit mini-golf, monkey bars, and arcade games!

The Fun Roof is located at 4/F Matheus Building, 5382 General Luna, Poblacion, Makati City.

Spirits Library

@_eatsph Hidden gem in Poblacion! They have a wide selection of spirits —literally looks like a library but with bottles on the shelves. Love!!! #fyp #foodph ♬ Sexy Saxophone (Jazz Background Music) – rehegoosync

A must-visit for book and alcohol collectors, The Spirits Library is a spot where you can taste-test curated beverages. When it comes to the interior, imagine the Hogwarts library, but with alcohol bottles. Don’t stress, they still have books in mind. Adding a touch of whimsy, history, and grandeur, this place houses the world’s first cocktail book, published over 100 years ago!

The Spirits Library is located at 4963 Guerrero, Makati.


@tiff.anywhere Sanctuary Poblacion in a chill vibe during Happy Hour 🍸 They offer unlimited cocktails, wine & beer. #fyp #happyhour #poblacionmakati #sanctuarypoblacion #cocktails #chillvibe ♬ THAT'S MY BABY – PLAYERTWO

Sanctuary is a not-so-secret rooftop terrace with a breathtaking view of the Makati skyline. Offering both al fresco dining and indoor partying, you can experience the vibrant nightlife of Poblacion; along with themed music played by guest and resident DJs, a chill-to-wild atmosphere, and a diverse food-to-drinks menu.

Sanctuary is located at 5060 P. Burgos cor. Guerrero, Poblacion, Makati.

HQ Poblacion

@kayetnxbye Ngl, thanks to #Blackpink #Lisa’s influence! UNREAL!! I LOVE HER EVEN MORE 😭 @DESTINY #destinyrogers #hqpoblacion #notoriousconcepts #fypシ #kpop ♬ Tomboy – Destiny Rogers

Notorious HQ was the home to the infamous Good Gang. Whenever you see those pink LED lights on Instagram, you can’t help but feel FOMO. Aside from the lights, what makes the bar IG-worthy is the presence of celebrity photos on the walls and celebrities themselves every weekend. If you’re lucky, you might catch your favorite artists from Careless Music and After The Noon Records! The best part? Compared to other nightclubs in Poblacion, the bar above West 32 is reasonably priced!

Notorious HQ is located at 8464 Kalayaan Ave, Poblacion.


@champie_b Went to Apotheka and it was my first time to watch Jason Dhakal perform live, now I’m obsessed! Love all his songs! #jasondhakal #jasondhakalmusic #Apotheka #Poblacion #poblacionbars #makatibars #trending #fyp ♬ can't get enough – Jason Dhakal

With its spacious dance floor, red lights, electrifying music, and live performances, Apotheka is the perfect place if you’re simply thirsty to dance the night away.

Apotheka is located at G/F, White Rabbit Bldg., 5672 Dona Carmen St, Cor General Luna, Makati.

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Everything We Know So Far About The Manila Pop Culture Convention 2023

Geeks, we march at dawn (of the 17th)!

Manila Pop Culture Convention 2023 is coming to Ayala Malls Manila Bay from November 17 to 19 to celebrate all things fun and geeky! Here’s what to expect.

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One Piece star Mackenyu made headlines recently when he was announced as the headliner for ManiPopCon, or the Manila Pop Culture Convention 2023, an upcoming gathering and convention of geeks, gamers, and pop culture enthusiasts in Manila. At the convention, Mackenyu will have a solo panel, meet and greet, and special photo op and autograph sessions the weekend of November 17 to 19. Other special guests are also slated to attend the event. Tickets for his special events are being sold here, but even if you don’t manage to score one, don’t worry—you can still catch a glimpse of him at the convention!

ManiPopCon promises all sorts of geeky fun. And the best part? Entrance is FREE! But there will be a ticketing system, so stay tuned to their website and social media accounts to secure your tickets. Special events and VIP experiences like Mackenyu’s meet and greet have separate ticket prices, which are a little pricey, but hopefully it’s worth it. If you’re wondering what else is in store for the convention, read on ahead.


As with any other events that involve social gatherings like concerts or even movies, conventions have reached new peaks after the worst of the pandemic ended. From Comic-Cons to Sticker Cons, people are gathering to shop, sell, play games, cosplay, bond, and just have fun with their fellow enthusiasts.

Of course, there’s much to learn with conventions’ growing popularity and the changing times. Tech and gaming convention CONQuest 2023 back in June “turned into a nightmare” after failed logistics, incredibly long lines and waiting times, and scams, among other issues. Social media was on fire after attendees and vendors alike voiced out their concerns with the event. After, the organizers apologized and refunded the tickets of those unable to enter the venue.

Moreover, there was a Manila Pop Culture Convention back in 2019, which unfortunately faced some criticism related to poor planning and logistics.

So, clearly it’s not enough to just want to bring people, games, media, vendors, and merchandise together under one roof to explore passions and niches. There’s a lot of expectations to be met, work to be done, and issues to be addressed. ManiPopCon seems to want to deliver a well-executed event, so here’s hoping this year’s convention will turn out better to allow all the artists, gamers, cosplayers, and geeks abound to have a grand time celebrating all things pop culture.


ManiPopCon is said to be “a safe space to cosplay, meet other geeks, gather collectibles, play with opponents, and meet special celebrities within the geek community.” They promise Filipino movie classics, nostalgia and thrills, toys and collectibles, streaming stars, anime, comics, games and tournaments, and so much more.

There’s also sure to be booths that offer a wide array of merchandise, fanart, collectibles, and knick-knacks attendees can stock up on to show their love for their specific niches of geekhood. There’s a lot more for them to announce, but the hype is real.

Register for Manila Pop Culture Convention 2023 here and stay updated on their Facebook page, where they’re hosting some trivia games for the chance to score tickets for some of the movies they’ll be showing at the event!

Bookmark this page for more updates!

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Women’s Basketball in the Philippines: Living The Dream

She shoots, she scores.

Between success stories and struggles, there’s a joy for the sport within every Filipina
baller. By getting access to the sport, the joy can be nurtured and dreams can come

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Filipinos’ love for basketball is deeply rooted and pervasive. Much like eating sisig or hitting high notes on a videoke, Filipinos take to the sport as if it were part of their DNA. It’s a safe bet that every street corner and alley in the Philippines features basketball hoops–many of them makeshift. The game continues even on bustling inner streets, where traffic halts to watch neighborhood hoopers execute basketball plays.

“There are so many courts in the Philippines. Everywhere you look, on every corner, there’s a basketball court. Everyone loves to play basketball,” affirms Mariana Lopa, Founder of Girls Got Game Philippines, a non-profit organization that has been organizing sports camps for young Filipinas since 2015.”

Fans and teams, families and friends have celebrated, cheered, and sometimes shed tears at games. But amid the thunderous applause, there’s a deafening silence: the lack of recognition for women as equal heroes in the sport. Despite their undeniable talent, female ballers have struggled to find their rightful place in the spotlight. It’s not that Filipina ballers haven’t been making their mark; they certainly have, displaying incredible determination. However, opportunities to play basketball have been skewed in favor of men.

“From my personal experience, I had to be at the court right after lunch, around 1 pm (when the sun is scorching), or else the boys would arrive at 3 or 4 pm after school, and that’s it; you get eased out. So, for Nike to create The Courtyard and have specific hours for girls on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 PM to 9 PM is huge. Because then nobody can interrupt our playing time. It’s kind of funny when the boys come on Tuesdays and Thursdays and find out it’s HER HOOPS time,” Mariana says, with a gleeful smile.

Nike’s mission has always been to promote diversity and inclusivity in sports. When it established The Courtyard by Nike at the heart of BGC this September, one significant reason was to break down barriers that have excluded Filipina ballers from the basketball mainstream for too long. Besides offering weekly pickup games, basketball camps for various skill levels, and opportunities for community groups to join, one of The Courtyard’s distinctive features is a 5-hour time slot on Tuesdays and Thursdays dedicated to girls owning the court. Named “Her Hoops,” this exclusive period from 4 to 9 p.m. on those two days caters exclusively to female ballers.

All About Her Hoops

On September 2, 2023, The Courtyard brimmed with Filipinas who showcased their basketball excellence as Nike inaugurated its newest court, designed to build and nurture the basketball community. The event brought together three distinguished figures in the world of women’s basketball: Coach LA Mumar, the head coach of the Ateneo De Manila University women’s basketball team; Jhaz Joson, a Blue Eagle and Gilas Pilipinas player; and Mariana Lopa , whose Girls Got Game aims to use sports as an avenue for young women to find inspiration through the athlete’s mindset of hard work and determination.

In a panel held at the Courtyard that day, Coach LA, Jhaz and Mariana talked about the growth of girls’ basketball, their invaluable experiences as athletes and coaches, and mentoring the next generation of female ballers. “A coach can make or break a female athlete’s career, especially for us because for women’s players, there’s nothing to look forward to afterwards. There’s no professional league. So, a coach is super important. At college level, the athletes are closer to their coach and that relationship is super important,” Mariana believes.

The following week, a Her Hoops 3×3 basketball tournament was held at The Courtyard, providing girls with even more time and opportunity to engage in healthy competition, showcase their talents, and foster camaraderie, sportsmanship, and values that extend beyond the court.

Passing the Ball From One Generation to the Next

Her Hoops is a declaration that the world of women’s basketball in the Philippines is ready to make its voice heard. It is a platform where Filipina ballers can exhibit their skills, share their stories, and inspire the upcoming generation of athletes.

“I think it’s wonderful to have events like this because younger girls can interact with and look up to the earlier generation. They can interact, play against each other, and realize that they have the potential to achieve what these older girls have already accomplished. It’s a fantastic opportunity for networking, getting inspired, and simply having fun within the basketball community,” says decorated Filipina basketball player Camille Clarin.

Confidence and Conquering the World

Now that Her Hoops is gaining more and more momentum, women ballers can’t help but feel inspired about the future of women’s basketball in the Philippines. “These tournaments make me and my team more confident, like we can conquer the world. Through Her Hoops, we’ve overcome weaknesses while realizing our strengths even more. Future generations (of women ballers) should keep working hard. They shouldn’t lose hope even when women basketball players can’t enter bigger teams or join big
tournaments. You’ll get there,” Team ARMY ALTAMA, winners of the first-ever Her Hoops 3×3 Tournament, advised.

“It’s actually super nostalgic when I look back at the time when I was playing in college. Women’s games then were played in the smallest of gyms, they were not televised. The only people in the stands would be our families and friends. So when I see now that most of their games are televised, and they get covered on mainstream media, and have companies like Nike making sure that the progress continues, we have come a long way,” Mariana sighed. “I sometimes can’t believe it when you turn on the news and see news about the national women’s team. That’s unbelievable,” she added.

So it’s not just about the games. It’s about the stories behind each player. It’s about battles fought, dreams pursued, and barriers that have been shattered. It’s about the love for basketball that knows no bounds and refuses to die. It’s about dreams coming true, at last.

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Filipino Roadtrip Movies

These Travel Scenes From Filipino Movies Will Give You Major Wanderlust

Tara G?

If you’re stuck with work or school, these Filipino films are your next best thing to a roadtrip.

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I can still recall the first time I watched ‘I’m Drunk I Love You.’ It was a chill evening with friends, but before we even realized, we were loading up the trunk and we’re heading North to La Union. Talk about spontaneity (and dumb decisions) early in the morning—the same moments that create core memories and make you feel free.

Fast forward to adulting; we’re working, some are starting families, and the idea of traveling takes a backseat. If you’re caught up with work or school, what’s the next best thing? Why escaping into movies, of course, that feature iconic cross-country travels. From Sagada to Siargao, these locally made movies will ignite your wanderlust even if you can’t leave the room. Go grab your favorite snack; we will take you out on a roadtrip across the country.

I’m Drunk I Love You (2017)

I’m Drunk, I Love You is a heartwarming (and heartbreaking) Filipino film that captures a scenic road trip to La Union. Starring Paulo Avelino and Maja Salvador, there’s a whole lot of drinking, as the title suggests. Then, there was an adventure, talks about friendship, and moving toward the realities of adulthood. Beyond being a romantic comedy on unrequited love, the 2017 film felt like a metaphor for life itself—sometimes messy, sometimes uncertain, but always worth the ride.

Lakbay2Love (2016)

Lakbay2Love combines two of our greatest pleasures: cycling and traveling. Through captivating storytelling and picturesque cinematography, the 2016 film dives deep into adventure and self-discovery. While cycling across the countryside, Dennis Trillo and Solenn Heussaff work through the meaning of love and purpose in a coming-of-age film that will make everyone fall in love again.

Mr. & Mrs. Cruz (2018)

The travel scenes in Mr. & Mrs. Cruz are not just settings; Palawan was a character in itself. The 2018 film features JC Santos and Ryza Cenon, who find themselves taking off for Palawan to escape the not-so-great realities of their current lives. This travel narrative with touching themes of love, chance encounters, and the complexities of human emotions, reflects the transformative power of a new place—not only leading to one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines, but a journey toward self-discovery and confronting personal demons.

Patay Na Si Hesus (2016)

Patay Na Si Hesus hosts a dysfunctional family on a hilarious journey to fulfill their mother’s deathbed wish. The 2016 dark comedy is not your typical trip from Dumaguete to Cebu. Instead, it’s a rollercoaster ride of banters while working towards grief, forgiveness, and acceptance— all while keeping the audience laughing.

Sakaling Hindi Makarating (2016)

Sakaling Hindi Makarating takes the audience on a stunning trip to Zamboanga, Siquijor, and Batanes—places rarely captured in local cinema. Fun fact: the beauty of Regatta de Zamboanga, an iconic travel scene in the movie, had never been featured in a Filipino film before.

In the 2016 film starring Alessandra de Rossi, the main character follows a series of mysterious postcards in search of the anonymous admirer. As she travels, she encounters a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique stories, perspectives, and purpose. Through these chance encounters, the protagonist unravels the meaning of the postcards and dives deep into loss, healing and emotional growth.

That Thing Called Tadhana (2014)

That Thing Called Tadhana is a romantic comedy that tells a heartfelt love story, and also serves as a love letter to the breathtaking landscapes of northern Philippines, particularly Baguio and Sagada. Starring JM de Guzman and Angelica Panganiban, the 2014 film is all about finding yourself (and a new love) after a heartbreak, as well as a gentle reminder to trust tadhana.

Unforgettable (2019)

Unforgettable revolves around Jasmine and her cute companion, Happy. They take on an adventure to the rocky roads of Baguio, believing that Happy’s presence could heal her sick grandmother. Starring Sarah Geronimo, the 2019 film reminds people of the profound connection between humans and their furry friends. Along this touching story and travel narrative, we witness the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative impact of kindness.

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5 Reasons Why SEVENTEEN’s New Comeback Has Us Hyped For Their Upcoming Philippine Concert

Say the name!

SEVENTEEN’s new album Seventeenth Heaven is getting us way excited for new songs, new promo, and fun visuals, some of which we’ll get to hear and see at their upcoming FOLLOW concert in the Philippines!

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SEVENTEEN’s right here once again as the world-famous, record-breaking 13-member K-pop group announced a new album, a new comeback, and a new Asia tour with a stop in the Philippines all in one month! Their 11th mini album, titled Seventeenth Heaven, will drop on October 23, 2023 in all its bright, funky, amazingly SEVENTEEN glory. Get ready for a month of teasers, promo, and killer visuals with the comeback calendar below! And no doubt, the album will feature new songs that they’ll perform at their biggest, grandest, most iconic tour yet: the FOLLOW To Asia tour, with stops in Bangkok, Bulacan, and Macao!

Seventeen follow to asia tour poster


Seventeen seventeenth heaven comeback scheduler


As their fandom CARATs marveled at the promise of the new comeback, the buzz of their much-anticipated concert grew louder and more intense. After three successful Philippine shows last year at their Be The Sun concerts in October and December, the supergroup is coming back big with their Philippine show at the Philippine Sports Stadium on January 13, 2024. Before then, though, here are some reasons why their new album is garnering so much hype around it and the upcoming concert!


Seventeenth heaven main album concept photo


The promos for Seventeenth Heaven are bright, fun, and colorful, a different creative direction set apart from their previews albums such as FML and Face the Sun. It signals, perhaps, the comeback of “freshteen,” a fun, fresh, and upbeat branding they’ve been known to have. Regardless of the type of music or aesthetic the new album will have, and given that SEVENTEEN has excelled in the different genres they’ve explored, we predict that it’s going to be a banger in all aspects.


The band already embarked on their new FOLLOW tour before the announcement of their 11th mini album, so we mostly know what the setlist is going to be at FOLLOW in Bulacan. The setlist echoes that of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour’s as it included a mix of songs from all of their past eras and albums, such as Pinwheel from their 2017 album Teen, Age and their 2015 debut song Adore U. Now, with Seventeenth Heaven giving us a handful of new tracks, we can’t wait to see how the setlist changes with a new title track and b-sides!


Who doesn’t love the little trinkets that come with K-Pop albums? Whether you’re excited about the usual inclusions like the photobook, photocards, stickers, posters, or the CD itself, or whatever idol groups cook up to include in their albums like bookmarks or keychains, album inclusions are a staple in the K-pop experience. This time, the members are giving CARATs another art project like the weaving kit in their Semicolon album in the form of a “paper art kit.”


Seventeenth heaven album versions

If you’re a CARAT, you might find something familiar about the names of each Seventeenth Heaven album version. That’s right—they’re dates that mean something to the band, their fandom, and the album. 5/26 is SEVENTEEN’s debut date, May 26. 2/14, February 14, is CARATs’ “birthday,” the day they were given their fandom name. 10/23 is the release date of the album. It drops on 10/23/2023. What do you get when you add those digits together? 1+0+2+3+2+0+2+3 = 13, the number of members in the group. Intentional or not, that’s some Taylor Swift levels of easter eggs.


Given the album art, the festival wristband teaser and album inclusion, and the copious amount of spoilers about “festivals” during the band’s FOLLOW concert in Seoul, Seventeenth Heaven seems like it’s going to channel big party vibes, outdoor music celebrations, and endless fun. With FOLLOW in Bulacan being held at the Philippine Sports Stadium, it’s sure to be a blast—rain or shine. 17-hour long Aju Nice encore anyone?

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7 Wholesome KyleDrea Moments That Make Us Believe Girls and Guys Can Truly Be BFFs

We're here for it!

The reunion of Kyle Echarri and Andrea Brillantes is the BFF comeback of 2023! And their wholesome moments are proving that guys and girls can be besties.

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Even if it already is 2023, we still live in a world where guys and girls can’t just be friends. Pop culture, as a reflection of our society, perpetuates the notion that these friendships always have to turn romantic. This expectation not only spreads stereotypes, but often overlooks the beauty of platonic relationships.

In showbiz, where celebrity culture reigns supreme, this pressure reaches an apex. It’s no secret that the entertainment industry thrives on gossip, shipping, and speculation. Whenever male and female friends are seen together, the rumor mill goes into overdrive. Every exchange is scrutinized, and every shared smile is dissected under the microscope of public opinion.

While shipping your picture-perfect couple is giving feels, it can get problematic fast. FYI, men and women can go on friendly dates, travel abroad, and make TikToks together without romantic feelings entering the equation. Just take a look at Kyle Echarri and Andrea Brillantes. Despite what people may say about them, the two Gen Z actors have not let it affect their friendship. So, here are wholesome Kyle Echarri and Andrea Brillantes moments that make us believe girls and guys can truly be BFFs.

All About That Comeback

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been friends for years—sometimes, life happens. But the thing is even if they take a break, it doesn’t mean they won’t come back into your life. Speaking of comebacks, we’re all about this KyleDrea reunion. The recent episode of ‘Perspectives’ had everyone buzzing as people rooted for Kyle Echarri and Andrea Brillantes’ friendship. When he captioned the YouTube vlog, ‘I finally had a deep talk with my best friend after years of no constant communication,’ everyone felt relieved because they were finally back in each other’s lives.

Serving Tiktok Trends


Parang may mali

♬ walshy bae owns this sound – RECXRDDEAL

Are you even besties if you haven’t dropped TikToks together? Well, KyleDrea doesn’t dissappoint. If you scroll through their feeds, you’ll find them slaying every trend. Our personal fave is their attempt at the Super Bass trend—Kyle totally tried his best.

These Besties are Swifties


♬ original sound – Username0234561189

If you need another reason to stan KyleDrea, this bestie duo are Swifties, though at admittedly two different levels.

THAT FIBA Kiss Cam Moment

@mojokyledrea i lov:kiss cam (bff version)🤭🧡 #kyleecharri #andreabrillantes #kyledrea #fyp #fypシ゚viral #fypシ ♬ original sound – KYLEDREA

Kyle Echarri and Andrea Brillantes were the talk of the town during the FIBA games. When they found themselves on the infamous kiss cam, Kyle gave Andrea a quick kiss on the forehead instead. Naturally, KyleDrea gave everyone butterflies with that wholesome gesture.

Another FIBA Moment

@blightcws ang saya nila aaaaaaa >> #andreabrillantes #kyleecharri #kyledrea #blythe #fyp ♬ original sound – jay

In another FIBA moment, KyleDrea was caught in a proposal and we’re living for their genuine (and matching) reaction. We’re all about people celebrating other people’s happiness.

Wanderlust Buddies


new podcast series called "Perspectives" with blythe up on my YouTube channel tomorrow at 6pm.

♬ original sound – Kyle Echarri

KyleDrea isn’t just serving #BFFGoals—they’re travel goals too! We’ve spotted them in Cebu, on a yacht, and on a jet ski, but recently, they posted pictures of themselves hiking.

We Are Family

Sometimes, friends become family, and KyleDrea is living proof. Last week, Kyle’s mom posted about a family dinner with Andrea, complete with baby playtime!

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What’s Clicking? This Ancestral House-Turned-Creative Studio In Metro Manila Is Ready For Your Next Photoshoot

Are you camera-ready?

Here’s everything you need to know about One Hectare Grounds.

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Serving as visual time capsules, the sentimental value of a photograph is immeasurable. But here’s the thing: photography has evolved beyond the mere sake of making memories—it has become a medium for self-expression and creativity. Whether you’re an aspiring model, a photographer, or simply someone exploring their artistic side, this is where photo studios come into play. These dedicated spaces are equipped with photography equipment, lighting setups, and backdrops that transform ordinary photographs into works of art. The possibilities are endless, and a newly opened studio in Quezon City is combining artistry and memory in the biggest house-turned-studio in the Metro.

If you’re looking to canvas your next photoshoot, check out this ancestral house-turned-creative studio in Metro Manila.

All About One Hectare Grounds

One Hectare Creative Grounds is an ancestral house that has been restored and renovated to serve as a creative studio for shoots, events, and exhibitions. Located at the center point of Metro Manila, specifically in Sta. Mesa, it stands as one of the largest studio spaces in the area. The vision behind One Hectare Creative Grounds is to provide fellow creatives with a spacious canvas for content creation, gatherings, and the showcasing of their work.

The ancestral house, originally built in the 60s, remained unoccupied for nearly two decades. It now boasts multiple rooms and spaces that serve as versatile venues for various productions. These spaces are equipped with high-speed internet, professional photoshoot equipment, and dedicated staff. Every nook and cranny in this studio has undergone significant revamping to capture the essence of Filipino Neo-Classic architecture. Notably, the vintage furniture and home decor imbue each room with a distinctive ambiance.

Learn more about the creative studio through the interview with Migs Alcid, the interior designer behind One Hectare Grounds.

How did One Hectare Grounds come about?

One Hectare Creative Grounds is headed by five directors: Carel Tan (Founder and CEO), Carolyn Tan and Sunny Pirodon (Co-founders), Forresty Garcia (Creative Director), and IDr. Migs Alcid of Studio Tatin (Design Director). We are seeking a concise name that effectively conveys the size of the space we provide. Furthermore, we aim to instill a strong sense of community, and the word “One” serves to harmonize and unite this collective spirit. We noticed a growing trend of old residential properties being converted into photography and event venues, that’s why we were motivated to adaptively reuse the stunning architecture of the house.

During the pandemic, Carel conducted product shoots in various photo studios across Manila. She soon recognized the surging demand for studio spaces, yet a noticeable scarcity of supply in the market. Furthermore, she anticipated a surge in demand for events and exhibitions once the pandemic subsided. Her attention was drawn to an abandoned mansion that had remained unused for over two decades. Carel envisioned the potential of restoring it into a remarkable studio and event venue. After a year of dedicated restoration and renovation efforts, half of the space is now fully operational. One Hectare eagerly anticipates the upcoming expansion, with additional spaces scheduled to open next year!

What sets you apart from other creative studios?

One Hectare Creative Grounds is the biggest house-turned-studio in Metro Manila. It exemplifies the possibilities we can have when we reuse abandoned spaces in the metro instead of destroying good architecture. The Neoclassic stylings and architecture evoke a lot of nostalgia and grandeur in each person who comes in. They make each person feel like they’re home. The new generation of creatives is more productive inside a cozy and home-like work environment. 

Here’s How to Book Your Next Photoshoot with One Hectare Grounds

People interested in connecting with One Hectare Grounds can readily reach out through their social media platforms, including Instagram, where they can be found under the handle @onehectare, or by visiting their official website at

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Turning Taboos Into Art: How This Tiktok Educreator Shatters Stereotypes About Tattoos

Notes for your next tattoo session.

“I have been tattooing for more than a decade now. What inspired me to become a tattoo artist is the process, and it’s positive impact on the person wearing it.”

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I remember my mother worrying about my tattoos. She supported my decision wholeheartedly but made me promise I would never get inked on my neck, shoulders, or arms—anywhere visible. I instantly understood what she meant after seeing people miss out on their dream jobs just because their tattoos were peeking through their polo sleeves. But hey, I considered that tattoos have come a long way since they were seen as taboo.

It wasn’t long ago that tattoos were a no-go. Many people considered (and some still do to this day) tattoos as undesirable and dirty. However, as time passed, the stigma surrounding tattoos has shifted. Today, tattooing has evolved from being a hush-hush thing to a widely accepted art form.

Charles Arteta, a Filipino tattoo artist, has been at the forefront of this transformation, challenging conventions, and shattering stereotypes one tattoo at a time. Soon enough, Charles came to social media, telling stories and sharing tips. Meet the co-founder of Arté Tattoo, a TikTok educreator known for debunking myths, redefining tattooed skin, and turning taboo into art.

Challenges and Criticism

Looking back, the beginning of his career wasn’t easy. When asked about the discrimination that comes with the profession, Charles doesn’t deny the challenges and criticisms he faced. “But those are just background noises I don’t need to hear. I respect their opinions about tattoos and don’t need to prove myself to them. I focus my attention on people who need me and those who believe in my mission,” he says.

Charles Arteta started his career as a tattoo artist in his early twenties. However, his ardor for art, coupled with his innate talent and some serious dedication, skyrocketed him to swift success. Today, Charles’ clientele includes celebrities, content creators, and everyone else looking for a tattoo experience. His contributions to the tattoo community have garnered praise and acclaim, but it’s not always about fame and awards for Charles— it’s about the art and the people he works with.

That said, Charles Arteta takes immense pride in inspiring up-and-coming artists and tattooists, showing them that tattoos go beyond the surface of the skin. For this tattoo artist, they represent who we are—a celebration of the battles we’ve won and a transformation into a better version of ourselves.

Shattering Stereotypes

In the Philippines, there’s no specific law against tattooed skin in the workplace, thanks to our constitution championing freedom of expression. However, the truth remains that many companies (and people) still frown upon inked individuals. For Charles Arteta, it’s vital to break the stigma surrounding tattoos and recognize their place in Filipino culture. He says, “We should be grateful to our ancestors for passing down this tradition to our generations. Instead of discriminating, we should honor them.”

The tattoo artist remains hopeful, observing the Philippines’ perception of tattoos slowly progress. One factor contributing to this shift is that influential persons, celebrities, and even people in the medical field have tattoos nowadays. At this moment, all he’s asking for is the Philippine government’s attention to the tattoo industry, given the rapid growth and the current lack of regulations and licensing in the Philippines.

The Power of Social Media Platforms

What makes Charles totally stand out from the tattoo community is his drive to create a comprehensive learning experience for those interested in tattooing. Through the artist’s social media accounts, he has garnered over 10.3k followers on TikTok and over 14.4k followers on Instagram, including his page, Tattoo Academy PH with 16k followers on Facebook.

With his wide reach, he has posted numerous educational videos about tattoos, covering a wide range of topics related to tattooing, including tattoo designs, tattoo aftercare, and correcting the misconceptions about tattoos. 

So, you’ve filled a folder on Pinterest with mood boards of tattoo inspiration and determined you’re finally ready to get your first tattoo. Not sure what happens next? Before your tattoo session, watch Charles Arteta’s lessons to prepare you for permanently adding art to your skin.

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Breaking New Ground: A-Team Is Highlighting Filipino Excellence Through Dance

They're making bold moves.

“We believe in this saying: by the community and for the community.”

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For elite dance crew A-Team, pushing the boundaries of dance means learning from every experience and offering their very best selves to the world—and not just as performers.

We got the chance to talk to MJ Arda, one-half of The Ardas—the founders, choreographers, and directors of the multi-awarded dance crew. With him and his sister Angelica Arda, the duo are leading a team of driven, talented dancers to take on the world, one step at a time.

Arda talks all about how A-Team has grown over the last decade and how they’re using everything they’ve learned to give back to the community that’s uplifted them from the very beginning.


A-Team Dance Crew

Founded and led by MJ and Angelica Arda, A-Team is an independent street dance and hip-hop group known for their explosive, artistic, meticulously-curated, and impactful performances. Beginning as a small group of young dancers in 2011, A-Team has grown to be a community of dancers championing dance and movement in the Philippines.

As the first ever Filipinos to win the gold medal in the Megacrew division at the World Hip Hop Dance Championship in 2014, A-Team has earned renown and respect from participating and winning competitions all over the world throughout the years.

While they immediately started off participating in international competitions as early as their founding year, it was a long road to get to where they are.

Arda muses that dancing wasn’t celebrated before the way it is now. But as appreciation for the arts and movement grows and as pioneers make their marks, showing the world the value of what they do, it’s clear that much has changed.

“We really started from the bottom,” Arda shares. From small studios and a handful of members, to international titles and opening FIBA World Cup 2023, the team has grown so much not just in reputation, but in terms of who they are and what their role is in the community. They’ve learned from each competition, each performance, and each other.

In the international scene, “There’s so much more you can improve on. You’re not the best. There’s so many ‘bests,’ and you’re competing with all of them.” Constant improvement is a principle they strive to abide by. The global stage isn’t easy to step on, but it does provide an avenue for learning, discipline, and improvement.

Challenging themselves every day not just sharpens their skill, but also strengthens their own idea of who they are as individuals, as a team, and as dancers representing their nation.


A-Team Dance Crew

As time passed, A-Team was able to form a stronger, more cohesive idea of who they are and who they want to be. By telling stories through each performance, they also tell their own.

Because before each story is shared to audiences through movement, there’s also everything else—music, direction, mentality, style, and all of the other pieces of the puzzle.

Music and style are important aspects of a performance. For Arda, he refers to music as the most important thing. It is the “water” while the dancers are the “boat”. They ride the waves, letting their movements intertwine with the music to make a piece nothing short of magical.

And not only does the crew feel the movement magic in the music and steps, they also channel it through their looks. Watch any A-Team performance, and you’ll quickly see that fashion and styling are distinct essentials to their identity. 

“Fashion, styling, clothing…that’s our bread and butter. It’s who we are.” The team, known to always be decked out in cohesive, well-put-together outfits, takes pride in what they wear. It’s an extension of their performance, and an extension of themselves. Their style is an outward expression of their identity and pride at being dancers.

The influence they’ve earned now paves the way for them to help develop the mentality that dance is more than just a form of entertainment. Their members also aren’t just dancers—their roles have also shifted and changed along with the freedom and creativity that a change in mindset allows. They’re leaders and teachers, coaches, artists with a future.

It’s important to A-Team, and to Arda, that the identity they forge with their dancing isn’t just about them. Sure, going out to chase outside experience is good, but he asks a very relevant question: “why do we keep chasing the opportunity or the talent when we have it here?”

Several Filipino dance teams have won renowned global dance competitions—A-Team’s Megacrew division gold medal win, for one. And just recently, Filipino teams HQ and Legit Status brought home gold medals in the Adult and Megacrew divisions, respectively, in this year’s World Hip Hop Dance Championship.

Given the heaps of talent we have in the Philippines, from well-established crews to independent dancers, the world should be acknowledging that we could learn so much from local Filipino dancers and choreographers. Clearly there is no lack of talent nor opportunity for Filipino dancers to tell their own stories and to share their gifts with the world.


A-Team Dance Crew

Every A-Team performance is eclectic, meticulously designed with much consideration in mind regarding each one’s purpose. Preparation for a performance is fraught with having to make difficult creative decisions to exhausting conditioning sessions. There are “a lot of ups and downs,” Arda admits, and preparing both physically and mentally is a mountain to be climbed.

“The stronger the body, the stronger the mind. The stronger the mind, the stronger the body.”

And while producing, choreographing, and directing a dance piece for a large-member crew is a long, painful process, he admits it’s very fulfilling.

Their recent large-scale dance showcase DEMO Vol. 9 required a lot of patience and preparation. The DEMO is one of A-Team’s biggest projects, and it’s also one of their favorites, because it’s not done to win anything, but to express who they are and why they dance.

“You’re exhausted after that, but at the same time it’s full of emotion.” The emotional rollercoaster that is a performance, tied with the physical toll it takes, could get dancers to reach a sort-of “Nirvana” state that Arda refers to, where they realize just exactly why they do what they do.

“Because of these things, these experiences, that make you feel something.”

What makes A-Team is the artistry, athleticism, mentality, and community behind every performance. It takes so much out of every dancer mentally, emotionally, and physically, and it takes a village to create something electric, something wonderful to share with the world.

At the end of the day, dancing is not just about the creative process or how excellent a piece is technically. “At the end of the day, dance is a feeling. You get to feel something and you get to share that to a lot of people.”


A-Team Dance Crew

Today, A-Team strives to “create newer paths” in the world of Filipino dancing. Their new era is marked by endeavors that will—more than just bring home more trophies—empower the dance community and inspire aspiring athletes and creatives. They own Zero Studio PH, where they host classes and workshops, and they constantly try to uplift the dance community and celebrate local artists.

“We believe in this saying: by the community and for the community.” Arda shares that the strengths of the members of A-Team is that they’re able to connect with the community on a daily basis. They encourage their members to create their own paths and build communities that love and appreciate the art of dance.

So when they announced the Ultimate Dance Cup, a dance competition to be held in October 2023 to highlight Filipino dance teams, they brought together everything they’ve learned to give back to the community.

The Ultimate Dance Cup is the third in their line of competitions meant to, literally and figuratively, put the spotlight on members of the local dance community. They began with the Choreographer’s Cup for local choreographers and the Freedom’s Cup for freestylers.

“The whole concept behind the ‘cups’ is for us to have a space and platform where everybody is given the equal opportunity to be seen.” UDC gives opportunities to teams who just want to try, those who may not have the infrastructure, support, or visibility in the dance scene. Dancers, established or new, young or old, have the opportunity to sign up to compete in the Cup.

The Ultimate Dance Cup ties together what A-Team was, is, and what it could be as it showcases their efforts to empower Filipino dancers and highlight dance excellence in the Philippines.

Grounded and driven by passion, a commitment to the craft, and a love for the community, A-Team is steadily pioneering a new era that brings performance art to a whole new level.

A-Team Dance Crew

Outfit Credits: MJ: Revibe Culture Reworked Jacket, Paxon Pants, Jordan Boxer Shorts/APES: Reworked Zara Top, Miss Sixty Mini Skirt, Nike Boxers/JAJA: Neric Beltran Bralette/NICA: Nike Skirt/ANGEL: Paxon Pants, Stone River Body Jewelry/YSAI: Blackbough Swim Belly Chain worn as Necklace/SHAWN: Toqa Tank Top, Give Me the Loot Vest/KOBE: MM6 Oversized Tee, Give Me the Loot Pants/JOSH: Revibe Culture Reworked Jacket/CHAEL: Revibe Culture Reworked Jacket

Photographer JAN MAYO

Assistant Photographer ENNUH TIU 



Assistant Stylist RAF VILLAS 

Special thanks to MUD Studio Manila

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6 Original Youth-Oriented Miniseries To Binge-Watch On iWantTFC ASAP

Coming-of-age shenanigans, classic teen drama, and a world of fun.

New shows, new talent, and new stories are all available right at your fingertips!

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These days, you will never run out of things to watch, especially with how many streaming services you can subscribe to. But if you’re interested in branching out from your sites, you may want to turn to iWantTFC, the platform filled with local gems where you can stream local productions for free if you’re in the Philippines!

Whether you’re into drama, musicals, or coming-of-age, original Filipino programming will deliver. And if you’re into having fun (and engaging in a little drama surrounding the new generation), these following six miniseries will deliver comedy, romance, drama, and friendship in 10 episodes or less.


This rom-com sees KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad in their first series pairing as Wilson and Jewel, respectively. Wilson, a struggling musician, tries to rescue successful online creator Jewel from a kidnapping. Unfortunately, she ends up whacking him for ruining her planned kidnapping. After meeting in one of the most unlikely and ridiculous of circumstances, they accompany each other as they navigate their dreams, family lives, and blossoming romance.


This tribute to Jonathan Manalo’s music is a teen rom-com set in the fictional Philippine National Conservatory of Music, where the halls are brimming with talent and the classrooms are shark tanks filled with ambitious young artists dealing with their own personal teenage problems. Lyric (Andrea Brillantes) gets the chance to attend the prestigious school, in spite of her father’s doubt and disapproval at her chosen aspirations. She meets Beat (Seth Fedelin), an introverted singer, and a whole slew of students that excel at singing, dancing, and show choir. Think Glee meets Backstage, this miniseries is fun, musical, and also brimming with talent.


Andrea Brillantes also stars in this dramedy as Betty, a young cisgender woman who enters a drag competition to earn enough money to save her family home and drag bar. Fearless, fun, and fabulous, this series delves into the world of drag and the life of a young girl trying to do right by her family. With the participation of queer actors as well as actual drag queens Precious Paula Nicole, Xilhouette, Brigiding, and Viñas Deluxe, this celebration of queerness and drag makes for an entertaining watch.


Based on a Wattpad story by Ilyn Anne Danganan, Teen Clash explores the life of Zoe (Jayda), an aspiring musician with an embarrassing past, as she attempts to start a band to perform at the school’s music jam. She meets songwriter Ice (Aljon Mendoza) and they try to overcome struggles brought upon by their musical endeavors, teen drama, and their possible feelings for one another.


Put a group of boys on a beach and watch the magic happen. No, really. Dave (Kyle Echarri), Billy (Lance Carr), Jason (Brent Manalo), Pete (Raven Rigor), and Jeremy (Sean Tristan) live their best life on the shores of Baler, Aurora, until they face the challenges of growing up and problems brought by a mysterious girl (Chie Filomeno) with secret ties and a danger-filled secret mission.


Friendship and teamwork take center stage in this miniseries starring an ensemble cast of Anthony Jennings as Rocky, Kaori Oinuma as Legs, Vivoree as JengJeng, JC Alcantara as Dan, CJ Salonga as Smith, and Zach Castañeda as Will. Together, along with newcomer Cars (Daniela Stranner), a spoiled tourist trying to rehabilitate her image, they make up Team WISE (Walang Iwanan Sa Ere). Led by coffee farmer Rocky, the group works together to fight for the struggling coffee business and their town. After Cars almost ruins everything they’ve worked for, Team WISE has to depend on each other and overcome their drama to fight for that they believe in.

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