What’s Your Favorite HORI7ON Music Video? 

It's giving visuals.

While still early in their careers, HORI7ON already has a growing filmography of music videos and visualizers. Which one is your favorite, so far?

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Aside from their talents in singing and dancing, HORI7ON is also known for dropping eye-catching music videos. The music video is a key pillar of the musical experience which is something that the global pop group understands. A song just hits extra hard when the music video checks all the boxes. And even though they are just months into their careers, HORI7ON is already building themselves a growing roster of quality music videos. This is why, whenever they drop a new music video, you know it’s going to be special. From the direction, choreography, costumes, set pieces, and more, the creative, narrative, and musical direction are all there. 

As the boys continue their promising careers, we have no doubt HORI7ON is going to continue honing their craft and giving us more MVs to obsess over. Who knows what their next comeback has in store for us visually? From their music, performance, and special videos they’ve dropped so far, we wanted to know, which HORI7ON release has stood out as your favorite. Which video was that moodboard that came to life and made you stan the group? Let your voice be heard by voting in the poll below for your pick/s. Voting ends on October 30, 9 AM, PH Time. 


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