Francine Diaz Will Have You Planning Your Singapore Itinerary In Her Fun Travel Vlog

Travel vlogger Francine Diaz.

In her recent travel vlog, Francine Diaz shows us her fun and charming barkada side as she goes on a Singapore trip with her sisters and cousins.

Since her breakout role as Cassie Mondragon in the highly successful series Kadenang Ginto, which earned her the title Teen Drama Queen, Francine Diaz has quickly become one of this generation’s unstoppable stars. From being a talented actress, fashion inspiration, a self-aware celebrity, and one-half of the promising FranSeth loveteam, the 18-year-old Gen-Z idol wields an influence that deserves all of our support. 

And not only that, at a young age, Francine (or Chin as her fans call her) has also been her family’s breadwinner even making her a more powerful and inspiring influencer. Chin’s also a vlogger, and through her #SimplyFrancine episodes, we see her at her realest, funniest, and most charming. And in her latest travel vlog, we get to see all of these as Chin takes us into her Singapore trip with her sisters and cousins. Scroll through to see the highlights of their journey that’s loads of fun.


Francine and Uncle Richard

In their four-day DIY trip organized by Francine’s Ate Chantal, the girlfriends take us to famous SG attractions like Universal Studios and Changi Airport among other tourist spots. And while we see them struggle to navigate through their journeys, what stands out is Chin’s charming personality.

In one of their food trips, Chin is seen interacting with Uncle Richard, one of the restaurant’s staff where they’ve had breakfast. She asks Uncle Richard to say hi to her vlog and thanks her for his taking care of them. “You’re like my daughter,” says the 70-year-old who reminds Chin of her grandfather. The little interaction is so cute it’ll leave you with a big smile on your face.


Francine Diaz with subtitles #NaligawSaSingapore

We already know that Francine Diaz is great at pranks in her past vlogs. And even in her travel vlog, she doesn’t fail to entertain us with her funny side. On their second day, when the group is seemingly lost, Chin lifts her sisters’ spirits up as she jokingly says that they’re so lost they’ve reached South Korea already. 

And while eating at the Malaysian Food Street, Chin’s asked by one of her sisters what she wants to which she answers: “Siya.” Her funny side continues as they go to a mall on their last day and Chin starts to lose hold of her English. “After nito tapos na, naubos na English ko eh,” she says in jest. “May limitation eh.”


Francine in a white dress walking down the strairs

Let’s take a pause and just appreciate Francine Diaz in her OOTD. In a simple flowy white dress and Chanel sling bag, Francine just radiates class, confidence, and elegance.


Francine having fun with her friends

Francine has also shown in the travel vlog how fun of a barkada she is as she takes on some games in the tourist attractions. Even while wearing an elegant dress, Francine turns her game-face on as she plays a racing game with her squad where she eventually becomes the best player. Chin also beats her Ate Chantal in a smiling challenge at the Changi Experience Studio where they’ve had so much fun.


Francine Diaz continues to make our hearts melt with her sweet personality as she remembers to bring some pasalubong for her siblings and her mother. The group goes to Suntec City where Francine buys shoes for her mom and some anime dolls for her younger brother and sisters.

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