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5 Times Francine Diaz Proved That She Is A Born Prankster

"It's a prank" - Francine Diaz

Combining her fun personality and talents in acting, Francine Diaz’s pranks are some of the best in the game.

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We all know Francine Diaz as one of Gen Z’s favorite actresses. But aside from her acting skills, one thing that has made Chin so loved by many is her bright personality. She’s a ball of sunshine who keeps it real when she needs to. And one way her bubbly charm manifests is in her love of doing pranks.

In case you didn’t know, Francine is pretty good at pranking her family, friends, and co-workers to the point where we think that she probably was a jester in her past life. Let’s take a look at some of the best pranks Francine has pulled so far.


If you want to know how good of an actress Francine is, then check out this video. For this prank, Chin pretended to ignore the Squadmates during a shoot. And while she admitted that it wasn’t easy, she pulled it off. If we were in the Squadmates’ shoes, we would be thinking some kind of way of Francine Diaz.


Together with Kim Chiu, Francine Diaz decided to prank Robi Domingo, which led to one of the sweetest outcomes possible. During a game of truth or dare, Francine dared Kim to prank call someone and say that she needed a place to stay. Kim settled on calling Robi and told him that Francine got kicked out of her home after fighting with her mom. Kim then asked him if Chin could stay in his place as she had nowhere to live. After a bit of prodding, Robi actually offered his condo. We love a man with a heart of gold.


It isn’t often that we see Chin’s parents on her vlogs. So when she does, she makes sure we get the best content possible. Such as the time when Francine pranked her mom into thinking that Chin had a delivery worth 30,000 pesos that needed to be paid right then and there. With her team in on the joke, Francine acted out that fake delivery call to a T and got her mom good.


The prankception on display here is next level. Wil Dasovich’s prank on Francine was already great to the point where she even got a bit teary-eyed leaving his condo. But not one to be outdone, Francine decided to prank the vlogger back. Her revenge? Giving the same maldita energy back to Wil during their podcast interview. It takes a certain level of skill to successfully prank someone who just pranked you.


Francine Diaz is known for her warm and welcoming personality. But what happens when you meet her in person, and she turns out to be a nightmare? That’s what Francine did to the Beks Battalion in this successful prank that’s also the most viewed video on her YouTube channel.

The trio was set to meet Francine Diaz for the first time, so why not make a great first impression by making them think that Chin is a demanding diva having a fit? Francine gave all that and more, so it’s a good thing that MC, Lassy, and Chad were polite and understanding of her fake fit.

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