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Francine Diaz And Seth Fedelin Chose Chaos For Their First YouTube Collab

Kwek-kwek goes best with a hater's tears.

Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin enjoyed a street food mukbang with a serving of mean comments and a side of fan edits.

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In case you missed it (and we doubt you did), Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin were paired as a love team in the upcoming series Dirty Linen. While this isn’t the first time that the two young stars have worked together, it is notable for the fact that this is the first time they’ve been explicitly paired together. It’s a development that made many FranSeth fans jump for joy. But like with most things involving public figures, not everyone is happy for this new love team. So, what did Francine and Seth do? They tackled the hate comments head-on in their very first YouTube collaboration.


While Francine and Seth have been a frequent presence on The Squad 2022 YouTube channel, we have yet to see the duo grace each other’s own personal YouTube accounts. That finally came to an end when Seth was Francine’s guest on her most recent YouTube vlog on October 8. And while we could have gotten a simple challenge between the two, they decided to go for it. In 24 minutes, Francine and Seth chowed down on some street food as they read mean comments on social media left by their detractors.

Francine and Seth weren’t there for a fight though. In fact, they looked like they had a fun time with their light banter. But the two were very much game to address the comments with some not so subtly comparing them unfavorably to other artists. When it comes to that, Francine doesn’t see it as a competition between love teams saying, “Hindi naman to pa-unahan o pagalingang na makarami na movie o series sa isang taon o i-prove sa buong mundo na mas magaling kami sa inyong lahat. May kanya-kanyang tayong timing. Kung hindi pa namin time magshine, edi hindi. May right timing naman sa lahat.”

As for those who accuse Francine of being fake and bait-baitan, she wants you to know that everyone isn’t perfect and if she does slip up, that doesn’t automatically make her a bad person. “Hindi po ako perpekto and I try my best at sana makita niyoyun.”

Seth, meanwhile, had his fair share of hate with one even saying that he lacks balls. Despite that, he understood where some of these comments come from as they’re from fans defending their faves. Still, it wasn’t all hate comments as they dedicated the end to watching TikTok edits made by their fans.


Celebrities reacting to hate comments is nothing new. But what makes this different is how Francine and Seth chose this to be their first YouTube collab. If you’ve been following celebrity news, you know that drama can often unfairly follow these young stars. Instead of beating around the bush, they, especially Francine, addressed the comments without flinching. The fact that they chose to do this knowing what people have said about them in the past is quite commendable and low-key chaotic.

At the end of the day, these hate comments get you nowhere. Divert that energy towards supporting your faves and less on attacking others. As Francine wisely puts it, “Wala naman akong problema kung ‘di niyo ko gusto. Basta, mahalin niyo lang kung sino ang sinusoportahan niyo. At wag na tayong magsabi ng kung anu-anong hindi magagandang salita sa ibang tao. Lagi niyong pakatatandahan na maging mabuti sa mga kapwa mong tao.”

(This is part one of their YouTube collab so keep a look out for part two dropping soon.)

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