Kristel Fulgar Finally Met Her Ultimate Idol Seo In-Guk And It Was Core Memory Worthy

Siri, play MY LOVE by Seo In-Guk.

Dreams do come true for Kristel Fulgar as she had the best fan girl experience of interviewing her biggest idol, Seo In-Guk.

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Celebrities, they’re just like us. Even when stars have legions of loving fans, they too also consider themselves stans of other stars and personalities. Your faves have faves and when they get to meet them, it can become an emotional experience. That is what Kristel Fulgar recently found herself in when she got the opportunity to interview her number one Korean bias, singer and actor Seo In-Guk. And let’s just say that it was a moment Kristel will probably never forget.


A few weeks ago, Kristel teased on her Instagram that she got to be on a video chat with Seo In-Guk, a moment she described as a fan girl dream come true. And just recently, she showed us the full extent of her sana all moment by posting the full interview on her YouTube channel. It turns out that Kirstel was tapped by Warner Music Asia to interview the Reply series actor as he was promoting his recently released new single album, LOVE&LOVE, his first in five years. It’s a good thing then that they asked Kristel to interview him because she truly is one of his biggest angels in the world.

As she shared in the vlog, Kristel fell in love with In-Guk all the way back when he won Superstar K and has continued that love for over 10 years now. Her adoration for the idol-actor is so intense that Kristel sees him as her ultimate idol crush and doesn’t see herself being this big of a fan to other Hallyu stars. Expounding on her love for In-Guk, Kristel shared that she finds his voice magical and would only listen to his songs during her college years. She flew to Korea just to attend his 10th anniversary concert and even began learning how to speak Hangul mainly because she wanted to understand him better.


Kristel was understandably nervous before the interview, but she managed to not let the nerves get the best of her. She chatted with In-Guk in a mix of English and Korean. Even though she only had 15 minutes for the interview, she was able to ask him a range of questions, as well as share her love and admiration for him. They even got to take a virtual picture together. Like with any die-hard fan who just met their ultimate idol, Kristel cried after meeting him and expressed how dreams really do come true. She then went on to thank all the people who helped her with the interview.

Kristel Fulgar is no stranger to Hallyu culture. She can speak the language, she has been to the country multiple times, and she even achieved a major dream last wear when she directed her very first K-drama inspired web series. But getting to meet and interview Seo In-Guk will most likely be top of her list. Now, the only thing we need know is for Kristel and In-Guk to meet in person to make for the experience of a lifetime.

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5 Things You Should Know About The Binibining Pilipinas 2022 Coronation Night

Road to the crowns.

The most beautiful night of the year is upon us with the Binibining Pilipinas 2022 coronation night promising grace, gowns, and P-pop action courtesy of SB19.

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The Superbowl is coming to town, and no, we don’t mean the sport. One of the country’s favorite pastimes of pageant competitions will reach its climax as Binibining Pilipinas is set to have their latest coronation night on July 31. After months of pageant walks, over-the-top costumes, glamorous looks, workshops, parades, kumu livestreams, and so much more, the queens of Binibining Pilipinas 2022 will let it all out on coronation night as they vie for one of six coveted crowns of the competition. 40 contestants from around the country are coming together for one night of grand pageantry. Here’s what you need to know about the Binibining Pilipinas 2022 coronation night.


In 2021, Catriona Gray and Nicole Cordoves made history as the first ever all-female hosts for a Binibining Pilipinas coronation night. And for the second year in a row, the statuesque duo are coming back once more to serve looks, confidence, and bring their queenly energy to the stage. (Fun fact: Catriona is the last queen to compete in Miss Universe when it was still under the Binibining Pilipinas organization.) It’s not just these two queens though who will serve as hosts of the night. Miss Grand International 2020 Samantha Bernardo and Edward Barber will also be on hand to give some commentary during the night.


All 40 contestants should consider themselves winners for making it this far in the competition. But at the end of the day, only six queens will take home a title. And more importantly, only four queens will be able to represent the Philippines in international pageants. Coronation night will see a new batch of queens be named Binibining Pilipinas International, Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental, Binibining Pilipinas Globe, and Binibining Pilipinas Grand International. Hannah Arnold, Samantha Panlilio, Cindy Obenita, and Maureen Montagne will all be at the event ready to crown their successors. Given how many of the current title holders have won or placed high in international pageants, the new batch of queens have a lot to live up to.


The program flow for the night is mostly the same from past years. There will be pageant walks in swimsuits, evening gown segments, and the ever iconic Q&A portion. But the Binibining Pilipinas 2022 Coronation Night will get a little P-pop touch courtesy of SB19. The band was tapped to modernize the pageant’s classic theme song, Win Your Heart, and they are set to perform it live during the show. P-pop has actually had a presence throughout the span of Binibining Pilipinas 2022. Aside from SB19, 4TH IMPACT, Dione, 1st.ONE, and VXON have all performed in various pre-coronation night events. The queens even had a P-pop dance workshop, adding to the pageant meets P-pop vibe. Maymay Entrata is also expected to perform in what sure is to be a kabogera performance.


Beauty pageants in the country are usually treated on a grand scale. And as such, the 58th edition of Binibining Pilipinas needs a venue to match its ambition. This is why coronation night will be held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on Sunday, July 31. The festivities begin at 9 PM PHT. It will be a big, beautiful, and grand night to say the least.


If all these and more has got you excited to watch, or at least curious to see what may go down, there are multiple ways you can tune in. If you want to root for your favorite queen/s live and in person, tickets are currently available via Ticketnet. But, if you can’t make it in person, ABS-CBN will be airing the show live and for free via the Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, and TV5. Viewers can also watch the livestream via the Binibining Pilipinas YouTube channel, Metro channel, and iWantTFC. The show begins at 10 PM.

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Liza Soberano Is Really Living Her Hallyu Dreams

Liza noona.

Liza Soberano is out here collecting these K-pop idols like photocards and making cameos in Korean shows like it’s no big deal.

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2022 has been a year of change for Liza Soberano. After leaving her long time management, she surprised many by joining Careless Music and expressing a desire to start a career in Hollywood. And Liza isn’t kidding about her global ambitions, and with a new management behind her, Liza has been making moves around the world. Case in point, South Korea.

It’s no secret that Liza is a big fan of K-pop and K-dramas. In fact, she even has a private stan account for BTS. But in the past few weeks, she, along with James Reid and the rest of the Careless crew, has been taking that love to the next level by rubbing shoulders and dancing along with K-pop stars and even appearing on Korean TV. Here’s a rundown of Liza Soberano living that K-life in South Korea.



For any K-pop fan, visiting South Korea isn’t complete without visiting K-pop companies. And for Liza, she made sure to do just that. A few weeks ago Team Careless got people talking when they were pictured in Starship Entertainment. They then went on to visit THE BLACKLABEL, the label of SOMI. She and ISSA then visited YG Entertainment where iKON’s DK gave them a personal tour (more on him later). Liza and ISSA even attended an event for Coca-Cola Korea. In between these visits, they also had meetings and met some top executives in the Korean entertainment industry as Liza looks to expand her career outside the Philippines.


@soberanoliza Fun afternoon with @thisisdk_ ??#gogirl #gogirlchallenge ♬ Go Girl – Pitbull

In Liza’s many adventures in South Korea, the superstar has also met her fair share of K-pop idols. And when we say met, we mean made videos with them, because who wouldn’t right? First, she and James hung out with GOT7’s BamBam as if they were just casual besties. Liza then danced with Jay Park to his new song Need To Know. Afterwards, not only did iKON’s DK give Liza and ISSA a tour of YG, the two also did a TikTok together and danced to Go Girl by Pitbull. If the room where they danced looks familiar that is because that was also the room where BLACKPINK filmed their Lovesick Girls dance practice video.

@soberanoliza #DearCupidChallenge with #YUJIN of @ive.official ♬ DEAR.CUPID – IVE.official

DK wasn’t the only YG idol Liza met as she also did this cute TikTok with WINNER’s Hoony. Just to make sure, Hoony also did a TikTok with The Rose, James, and Liza because why not right. Liza also dropped a TikTok video of her and IVE’s Yujin doing the Dear Cupid challenge. And just recently, she released one with James and The Rose. When Ariana Grande said, “I want it, I got it,” Liza took that to heart. That’s at least five K-pop idols we publicly know Liza met. Who knows who else are hiding in her photo album.

@soberanoliza Unica hija vibes ?? @James Reid @official.therose ♬ original sound – lizasoberano


In the biggest sana all possible, not only did Liza attend Day 1 of BLACKPINK’s concert in Los Angeles, she also got to meet Jennie, Lisa, and probably Jisoo and Rose too backstage after the show. Liza wasn’t able to meet BP during her visit to YG Entertainment, but that was because the iconic moment was reserved for the concert in LA. Liza is a known BLINK, so the fact that she got to do this is a major W on her part.


As if visiting K-pop companies and meeting K-pop idols isn’t enough, Liza also had the opportunity to appear on a Korean TV show. On July 25, Liza made an appearance on Not Hocance But Scance, a reality show hosted by actress Ye Ji-won, former Kara members Ji-young Kang and Nicole Jung, and former SISTER member Soyou. In the MBN aired show, Liza is seen joining the women for a barbeque meal at night. Fun fact, Liza actually met the producer of the show, Lee Sanghoon, last month.

During their chat, Liza opened up about why she was in South Korea when asked about it by one of the hosts. “[I am here] for a kind-of-vacation-kind-of-work. I’m just exploring Seoul and I’m a huge fan of K-pop and K-drama so I want to find work here.” Liza shared that she showed up because she was a fan of Soyou and wanted to say hi. Soyou then asked Liza if she knew her songs and Liza said that she knew the SISTAR classic Touch my Body and added “I’ve liked it since I was eleven. It started with K-pop and then I started watching dramas like Boys Over Flowers.”

The hosts shared their love for Liza back by comparing her beauty to that of Hollywood actress Olivia Hussey. Despite the language barrier, Liza had a fun time on the show, sharing on her IG stories, “Thank you to the hosts and guests of the show for making the experience fun and comfortable!” Given how Liza did say that she is potentially looking for work in Korea, maybe the next time she’ll appear in Korean TV is for a K-drama.

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POLL: What Was Your Favorite New Song Of June 2022?

Your choice isn't just limited to one song.

June 2022 saw major releases from artists like BTS, Beyonce, BINI, and more. Which new track stood out as your favorite?

It’s is usually said that the middle part is the most boring. But that wasn’t the case when it came to the music of June 2022. Even though it was the halfway point of the year, the month had its fair share of grand comebacks, surprise releases, and highly anticipated returns. The start of the rainy season did not damper our spirits as we included many new tracks to our playlists and partied the night away in pride and celebration. But with all that went down in June, we wanted to know, which new track was your fave? Which new tune of June 2022 was a replay playlist and even entered your SOTY list? Let your voice be heard in the poll below. Unlimited voting is allowed. Voting ends on August 1, 9 AM PH time.

UPDATE: The poll is now closed and the winners is Kaagapay by Zephanie. Congratulations Zephanie!





Welcome To The Multiverse: Everything Marvel Announced At San Diego Comic Con 2022

Hopefully the VFX staff will have enough time to work on these projects.

Marvel came prepared with the reveals for their return to Hall H in over three years with some of the biggest announcements from San Diego Comic Con 2022.

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If there is one word to describe Phase 4 of the MCU, it would be long. With over 100 hours of content, it is the longest yet as this era saw the introduction of MCU shows and explored where the characters have gone since the events of Endgame. It is a lot to take in to the point where it can even get confusing. But if you thought that Phase 4 has remained mostly aimless, we finally know where all these recent multiverse shenanigans are going with Marvel’s San Diego Comic Con 2022 presentation. But it wasn’t just Kevin Feige who made all the news during the event as Marvel made sure to have an eventful presence over the weekend. Here’s a rundown of what Marvel announced and revealed during Comic Con


Up first for Marvel was their first ever animation panel. And they came prepared with a slew of shows. First was What If…? season two, which is slated to drop in 2023. The upcoming season will feature heroes like Captain Carter, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Black Widow, and Doctor Strange, as well as newcomers like Shang-Chi. During the panel, they revealed that an episode will be set in the medieval ages while another will center on racing. And even though we haven’t seen footage yet, they also announced that season three was in the works. And speaking of, Marvel Zombies is set to be an animated spin-off series of the memorable zombies episode of season one of What If. Marvel Zombies was always something many fans wanted to see take the leap from page to screen and it’s finally happening. We already know zombie Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel are going to be a hit.

While Marvel did not reveal an X-Men movie coming to the MCU (yet), they did give more details on the highly anticipated X-Men 97’ show. Serving as a sequel to the classic X-Men: The Animated Series, the new show will follow Rogue, Beast, Gambit, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm, Jubilee, Cyclops, Cable, Bishop, Forge, Morph, Nightcrawler, and many more mutants. Magneto will serve as the X-Men’s new leader and they will go up against the Hellfire Club, led by Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw. Other series villain will include Mr. Sinister and Bolivar Trask. The show is expected to drop in fall 2023 with a second season already in the works.

We got our first look at I Am Groot, a CG animated series staring the titular hero as he takes his hijinks around the universe. The show will land on Disney+ on August 10 as a five-part series with a second batch to drop at a later date. Finally, we got more details on Spider-Man: Freshman Year. The animated series will follow Peter Parker during, as you can guess, freshman year high school with an all new set of friends, like Nico Minoru from Runaways, and villains. Peter’s rogue’s gallery this go around will include Chameleon, Rhino, Unicron, Doctor Octopus, and Scorpion. Norman and Harry Osborne, Doctor Strange, and Daredevil will all making appearances in the show as well, with Charlie Cox confirmed to be voicing the latter. The series is set to drop in 2024 with as second season already announced.


It’s been a long time coming, but Phase 4 of the MCU is finally coming to an end this year. As confirmed by Kevin Feige, the last two MCU properties coming will be the She-Hulk series in August and Black Panther 2 in November. In the new She-Hulk trailer they dropped, we get to see more of Jennifer Walter’s training, fourth wall breaks and all, as well as her stint as a high-profile superhero attorney in New York City. As she balances superhero work with her job, which includes representing The Abomination in court, she encounters some familiar faces like Wong and what looks to be Daredevil. The show is being described as the MCU’s first ever true rom-com.

As for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, it was an emotional moment with a trailer that hit right in the feels. We see in the first trailer all our old favorites, still reeling from the death of T’Challa, as they come together once more to protect Wakanda from a new threat, Namor the Submariner (Tenoch Huerta), the king of Atlantis. We also get our first look of Ironheart (Dominique Thorn), a young woman widely regarded as the next Iron Man, beautiful shots of the Wakanda seas, that water birth scene and someone in the Black Panther costume.

The trailer, which includes a heart-wrenching speech from Angela Bassett’s Queen Ramonda, is sound tracked to Kendrick Lamar’s Alright, specifically the line “we gonna be alright.” That line is seemingly referencing how even though Chadwick Boseman may be gone, the movie is looking to honor his legacy and let the people in his life know that things will be okay. It’s a powerful trailer and November can’t come soon enough.


Phases 1, 2, and 3 of the MCU cumulated in what is known as The Infinity Saga. And for Phase 4, 5, and 6, we finally know what all these past movies and shows have been building up to. Kevin Feige revealed that these next phases will culminate in what will now be called The Multiverse Saga. And to that end, we already know every movie and show coming to Phase 5. Kicking off Phase 5 will be Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania releasing on February 17, 2023.

The film is set to follow Scott Lang after the events of Endgame as he’s let the fame of helping defeat Thanos get to him. He even writes a book about it, which leads to some stain between Scott and his family. In an exclusive trailer shown during the presentation, Scott gets sucked into the quantum realm where he encounters Kang the Conqueror. The trailer also showed the briefest glimpse of MODOK, as well as Scott’s daughter, Cassie Lang, wearing a purple suit, possibly to take on the persona of Stature or Stinger. Given the importance Kang will play later down the line, it will be interesting to see what he does here.

They also revealed new details for the Secret Invasion show coming Spring 2023. Nick Furry returns to earth following his stint in space in what is being described as the MCU’s take on a dark thriller series. Aside from returning characters, Don Cheadle’s War Machine is set to appear, as well as new cast members like Emilia Clarke and Olivia Coleman. Given how the show will focus on the shapeshifting Skrulls, prepare for your trust to be tested. Up next is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 dropping on May 5, 2023. The movie is set to be the end of the Guardian’s story.

During the Comic Con exclusive trailer, it is revealed that Gamora is leading The Ravagers while Adam Warlock looks to be the big bad of the film. Rocket’s origins will also be explored with High Evolutionary potentially being revealed to be Rocket’s creator. Finally, it was confirmed that Maria Balakova will be playing Cosmo the Space Dog.

Up next in Summer 2023 is the Hawkeye Spin-off series Echo starring Alaqua Cox’s character of the same name. Given the ending of Hawkeye, the MCU’s first deaf hero still has some unfinished business. Loki’s time travel adventures continues with Loki season two dropping in Summer 2023. As the MCU’s first sequel series, the new season has a lot to answer given the major revelations in season one. The highly anticipated and highly delayed Captain Marvel sequel The Marvels is dropping on July 28, 2023 with Captain Marvel and her new superpowered friends taking on a new foe (rumored to be Noh-Varr, played by Park Seo Joon). In Autumn 2023, the Ironheart series premieres and we most likely will know what the show will be about after we first see Riri Williams in Black Panther 2.

November 2023 will be a big one as that is when Blade will finally be released. It was three years ago in Hall H at Comic Con that it was revealed that Mahershala Ali will play the titular half vampire. And now we know when it’s coming. We already saw the first glimpse of him during the post-credit scene of The Eternals so things are definitely cooking for Blade. Shooting for the film begins this October, quite fitting if you ask us. Rounding out 2023 will be the series premier of WandaVision spin-off Agatha: Coven of Chaos, set to drop in Winter 2023. Agatha Harkness was a scene stealer in WandaVision and this new series looks to flesh out her character even more during her multiple decades as a dark witch. Who knows, the series might even see Agatha break out of Wanda’s spell.  

2024 begins on a high note for the MCU as Spring 2024 sees the premier of the highly anticipated Daredevil: Born Again, which will serve as Charlie Cox’s officially solo entry into the MCU. Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin will also return in the eighteen episode series. For comic book fans, the show’s title is familiar because it’s a reference to the acclaimed comic of the same name, which saw The Kingpin discover the true identity of Daredevil and use that to ruin his life. But that storyline was used in season three of the Netflix Daredevil show and the title seems to just show how this is him being born again into the MCU.

Sam Wilson get’s his first solo film as Captain America with Captain America: New World Order dropping on May 23, 2024. Lastly, Phase 5 of the MCU closes with the Thunderbolts movie on July 28, 2024. In case you don’t know who they are, the Thunderbolts were initially revealed to be a new group of superheroes who sprung up after the death of the Avengers. It turns out though that they were supervillains in disguise wanting to take over the world. These days, the Thunderbolts are sometimes depicted as a group of mostly reformed villains who do the missions too dirty for the regular heroes. Given the MCU’s current roster, a potential lineup could include Baron Zemo, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Yelena Belova, Abomination, John Walker, and Taskmaster.


Finally, Kevin Feige gave us a peek into Phase 6 with the Multiverse Saga finally reaching its conclusion. For starters, November 8, 2024, will see the release of the MCU Fantastic Four movie. Aside from that cameo in Doctor Strange 2, Marvel’s first family is finally coming to the MCU in a film that will hopefully be better than the past tries. Skipping a full year to 2025, we will see the release of the next Avengers movie called Avengers: Kang Dynasty on May 2, 2025. And on November 7, 2025, will see the release of its sequel, Avengers: Secret Wars.

To any Marvel comic fan, Secret Wars is a pivotal moment that has seen a few iterations in the Marvel comic world. The most recent one was in 2015, which saw the different Marvel universes collide to create a single one called Battleworld. There, all the Marvel characters live in sometimes peace and occasionally war with the Thor Corps and Sheriff Strange serving as the police. It’s a multiverse altering event that will change the MCU forever so it will be interesting to see how the Phase 5 and the rest of Phase 6 build things up. Many things need to happen in order for Secret Wars to occur, most pivotally the introduction of Doctor Doom, hence the Fantastic Four movie.

Given the gaps in Phase 6, there are still a lot more to be announced. And with D23 coming in September, the MCU might just barrage us more with heavy hitters. Regardless of what may happen, the MCU’s future is now clearer with a multiverse-centric endgame now in the cards.

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On A Student Budget? Say Ready, Set, G! To Your Best Life, Even As A Teenager

Ready to make some money moves with GCash Jr.?

Why wait until you’re 18 to make the most out of your student budget when you can begin your journey towards financial independence with GCash Jr. today?

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Dear younger self,

Here you are. You actually made it. All those years of studying have finally paid off. More importantly, you’re finally taking control of grown-up decisions in your life. When I started college in 2018, I remember I wanted to be financially independent. To me, that simply meant not having to borrow from my parents to pay for my wants on top of my needs, paying up at restaurants, cafes, and shops with ease, and having full control over how much money I have on-hand and how I spend it. Prior to that, I was getting weekly allowances, but that was it—it was money I could use to buy food while on campus, but not anything else. Being the type -A go-getter I was, however, I knew I wanted more out of my allowance. I wanted to move it around or maybe even use it to pay for anything other than food. I wish I could have started sooner, perhaps then, when it came to my personal wants like with my hobbies, I spent money wisely.

In freshman year, I installed GCash and verified it with my brand new college school ID. I couldn’t imagine my campus life without it. But looking back, I wished I had the opportunity to spend my money the way I wanted at an earlier age. Now, you might be wondering: Ang tagal pa bago ako mag-18. Paano ‘yan?

But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait until college anymore to enjoy the perks of GCash.


If you’re a teen who’s itching to start their journey towards financial independence, then you’re in luck—users as young as 7 can now apply to verify their GCash accounts. Accounts for minors on GCash are called GCash Jr. accounts, and they’re just as fun and functional as the GCash you see your parents using, with options to buy load, send money, and make your own real purchases, like subscriptions to your favorite streamers, games on Steam, or even merch from your favorite artists.


In fact, upgrading to GCash Jr. only takes six simple steps:

  1. Take a photo of your ID. Minors can use their passport, student ID, or National ID to verify their GCash accounts.

2. Take a selfie.


3. Submit a photo of your birth certificate. Make sure it’s a copy of your original birth certificate issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) or the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). Take a photo clearly showing the certificate along with the seal and the barcode.

PSA Online Birth Certificate Delivery |

4. Submit one of your parents’ verified GCash numbers. Your parent has to be a verified GCash user, too!

5. Ask your parents to take a selfie. Ask the same parent to take a selfie with the ID you submitted in Step 1.  

6. Done! You’ll get a confirmation message and confirmation via SMS once you’re fully verified.


With a GCash Jr. account, you can hold up to P50,000 in your online wallet at a time and transfer up to P10,000 every transaction, so it’s perfect for saving your allowance, budgeting, and spending wisely. With GCash Jr., you can do all these and more with ease. And more importantly, you have a say on how you want to do it. Imagine if I got to do all that when I was younger.

The struggle is real when you don’t have a say in how you can spend your money the way you want. This is why GCash Jr. is here to dispel the FOMO with something as simple as a student ID verification to get started. If you’re still scratching your head or need any more convincing, you can get to know more about how GCash can help make life better. Just watch their cool and catchy new music video for the low-down.


More than the flashy sales, I got into e-wallets because I wanted to take control of my life in reasonable ways. With GCash, I gained just that. Here, I learned to manage my money in little ways, from paying the resto bills on countless Friday nights out, to tracking just how much I was spending on canteen lunches and coffees before rushing to my classes. Even everyday things were made simpler, such as an accountable and stress-free splitting of the bill during those agreed upon KKB (kanya-kanyang bayad) moments. But most importantly, it made me realize how much I was spending without really knowing it, which was a much-needed reality check that helped me regulate my spending habits. Because of GCash, I became more financially responsible and confident in managing money better.

And those tempting monthly budols? Well, having a GCash wallet helped me wise up with my happy purchases. Good thing GCash Jr. is here now, because if only I had that at your age, I could have had more financial control and responsibility.

I think a lot of teens nowadays can benefit from GCash Jr., because honestly, who doesn’t love the feeling of being in control and being responsible? Nowadays, the moment a sale appears, new merch drops, or a food delivery bill needs to be paid, you can now be more financially responsible in managing your own purchases. Plus, you get to make choices and maybe even pursue passions that teach you firsthand just how money works and how to manage it. With this much knowledge and wisdom when it comes to your money moves, you can get what you want and need, because this time, you can. Besides, no matter what the world will tell you, independence and control aren’t just for the grown-ups, they’re for the kids, too.

Little habits like that can go a long way when it comes to money, and they can help us become responsible consumers at a young age. Besides, it’s never too early to become independent. In doing so, students (like me) are able to learn how money works, which is also a big help to our parents. So, gear up and get ready to shop, send, receive, repeat, and so much more with GCash Jr! Trust me, you won’t regret it.


Your (slightly) older self and a happy customer

james reid jay park

James Reid Hanging Out With K-pop Idols Is The Friendship You Never Knew You Needed

James Reid sunbaenim.

James Reid is really out here collecting K-pop idols like the Infinity Stones.

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What has James Reid been up to lately? Ever since the beginning of 2022, the musician, actor, and Careless Music Chairman has been making big moves behind the scenes such as moving to Hollywood for a while and rubbing shoulders with A-list stars. And following the recent trade launch of Careless Music, James and company have been looking to expand their reach around the world even further through partnerships and collaborations. And his latest adventures around the world have lead James to collab with another K-pop idol, this time with Jay Park.


On July 21, Korean musician Jay Park posted a video on his Instagram of him and James dancing together. The two were doing the choreo to Jay’s recently released track, Need To Know, an R&B jam. It should be noted that the former 2PM member has been doing the dance with a few notable personalities over the past week. He did it with ENHYPEN, CHUNG HA, and SOMI just to name a few. And now, James Reid is the latest musician to do the dance with Jay Park. “With my new homie @james,” wrote Jay in the caption. “Actor/artist/song writer/entrepreneur. The young man is killing the game! Appreciate u brotha!”

This isn’t the first time Jay has worked with James though. The Korean musician made an appearance in James’ Hello 2.0 video. Their dance together seems to be the first time that they’ve done something in person as far as we know. And if dancing with James wasn’t enough, he also did the dance with Liza too.

James, Liza, and Jay being together obviously opens up a lot of questions. And honestly, their entire Korea trip has us grasping for answers. Over the past weeks, James Reid, Liza Soberano, and Team Careless have kept the internet guessing with their multiple visits to South Korea. First, they were spotted at the Starship HQ, the company home to groups like MONSTA X and IVE. Next, James and Liza hung out with GOT7’s BamBam like it was no big deal. They visited THE BLACKLABEL and YG Entertainment. Liza even did a TikTok with iKON’s Donghyuk while James was featured in videos with WINNER’s Hoony and The Rose. There frequent visits to these K-pop companies and idols have us thinking that something special must be in the works. Even in the Philippines, James and Liza are casually hanging out with BamBam.


Was this a collab we were expecting? No. But is it something we want? Absolutely. Seeing James and Jay vibe together is a treat and it’s been a while since we’ve seen James do some choreo. First, he collaborated with GOT7’s JAY B on Hello 2.0, then he rubs shoulders with K-pop executives and idols, and now he’s dancing with Jay Park (James is also besties with Nancy of Momoland by the way). If anything, it’s showing that James is really making the moves overseas and building connections with all these global stars. James really be out here saying hello to all these K-pop idols so casually. Who knows what other plans or surprises might come our way next. Maybe next week we might see James doing the hand choreo for Nayeon’s POP!

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7 Reasons Why KD Estrada And Alexa Ilacad’s Relationship Radiates Green Flag Energy

They are a walking, dancing, singing, acting, running, and smiling green flag.

Aside from being the breakout love team of 2022, KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad have that kind of goals relationship that any couple would want.

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KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad’s love team isn’t just for show. While some cynics see all love teams as artificial products who don’t feel for one another, that doesn’t apply for KDLex. Because even if their official relationship status remains slightly ambiguous, you cannot deny that there is chemistry there. And more importantly, you can feel the genuine love, friendship, and support between the two. From starting out as just housemates in PBB, they became fast friends, and soon something more and something special. The kind of relationship they have is one that most would wish to have. Let’s take a look then at some of the green flag behavior demonstrated by KDLex.


When Alexa first walked into the PBB house and KD was the first person to notice her, that should have been the sign that something special was brewing. Even if the two weren’t besties entering the house, that didn’t stop them from forming a friendship. In a past interview, Alexa has said that she wanted to hang out with KD because he saw that he was separate from the group. KD, who is naturally introverted and dealt with his personal struggles, always could count on Alexa being his shoulder to cry on. The fact that they were evicted at the same time and have said that they were each other’s biggest takeaways from the show should tell you as much.


As one of the biggest love teams right now, KDLex has legions of adoring fans. But they also have attracted haters. KD and Alexa are always at the ready to defend each other though. Some memorable moments include the time when KD clapped back at a hater who compared Alexa’s body to a gas tank. When jokes were thrown around about KD’s struggle with mental health, Alexa came to his defense, commending how he remains strong everyday and chided people who used depression as a joke. Don’t mess with either of them because their clapback game is strong.  


@spyyy0808 #kdlex #kdlexforever #kdestrada #alexailacad @alexailacad_ @kdestrada_ #fyp ♬ original sound – SpyCee – S P Y C E E

How do you know if KD Estrada is a true gentleman? During one of their kumu lives, Alexa asked KD if he gets jealous when she is with other boys. He said yes, but didn’t want to show it in order to not make her feel bad. He expressed how it’s okay for Alexa to hang out with other boys because he isn’t possessive like that. When Alexa apologized for not knowing, he told her it was okay since it wasn’t her fault. That’s green flag behavior right there.


What’s a power couple if they don’t show support one another? When it comes to KDLex, KD and Alexa make sure to support each other. Whether it be in their love team or solo endeavors, you can always expect the two to be each other’s biggest supporters. In case you forget, there is one iconic moment from KD lore that saw him post on Twitter that he wore dark colors so Alexa could stand out in her dress. We love a duo who hype each other up.  


The chemistry between KDLex is as strong as how much they care for each other. You can see the genuine love they have for each other. In most of their interviews and social media posts, the two will always find time to share the sweetest words for each other like Alexa’s birthday post for KD. In fact, during the 2022 Star Magic Games, KD got injured and Alexa didn’t want KD to go back in the game like the concerning partner that she is. Meanwhile, during their first online fan convention, KD gifted Alexa a Cartier necklace to signify his feelings for her. There was also the time that Alexa surprised KD during an advanced screening of his Flex cover. One of our favorite moments though was this sweetest appreciation post KD shared on Instagram dedicated to Alexa. And that is on top of all the gentleman like behavior KD as shown towards Alexa in the past months.


Trust is one of the most important things a relationship needs in order for it to thrive. And that is something KDLex has in abundance. In past interviews, KD has shared that they trust each other no matter where their careers may go. Even if they may end up in projects without the other, that is ok because they know that is a part of their journey’s in life. Solo projects or ganap won’t get in the way of their love team. They understand that they are busy people and it’s okay if they may not always be together. That doesn’t take anything away from them.


Often, most relationships end up dissolving because of miscommunication or not saying anything at all. That isn’t the case for KDLex however. In an interview with Luis Manzano, Alexa shared that her biggest lesson from KDLex has been the importance of communication. “Hindi ka dapat ‘yung nagtatago or ‘yung nagkikimkim kasi kapag magalit siya or baka hindi niya maintindihan. When I feel something immediately, I tell him, ‘hey, this is how I feel right now’.” They don’t try to keep secrets from one another with their open communication. The fact that both speak so openly to each other tells you just how comfortable they are with each other. It just goes to show why talking to your partner will always be important.

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left and right dance challenge

Trend Alert: The TikTok Left And Right Dance

These covers take up every corner of our mind.

Charlie Puth and Jungkook really delivered a bop with Left and Right. It’s no wonder then that the song truly took on a life of its own.

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When Charlie Puth and BTS’ Jungkook teased that they had something in the works, they had the internet in a chokehold as people waited in anticipation on what their special project was. It turns out that it was their first official song together that came in the form of the song Left and Right. And the two delivered on the assignment with a fun pop bop and a music video that sees the two musicians play a couple with Charlie having to go to therapy because he keeps on seeing Jungkook everywhere. (Same tbh.)

110 million streams on Spotify later, Left and Right is still a banger. But not only is it doing well in the charts, it’s also dominating TikTok as of the moment. A sped up fan edit of the track has been making the rounds on the video sharing platform and has been used over 3.2 million times and counting. It also spawned a now viral dance that some of our faves have tried. In this round-up, check out some of the stars who’ve done the Left and Right dance trend on TikTok.  


@itskylinealcantara3 hirap mo ka bonding, @mavy.legaspi ♬ Left And Right (Speed Up) – kerstin⁷

What we love most about this was how unserious Kyline and Mavy were. It was fun, playful, and a bardagulan in the best way possible.



lyric & beat streaming on aug 10! ??

♬ Left And Right (Speed Up) – kerstin⁷

Why have one star in your TikTok video when you can have seven? The stars of musical series Lyric and Beat come together for their take on the song and nail it, as expected.


@kiannady_ Tried something new! Dancing with feelings! Out of 10 how did we do? @majoybaron ♬ Left And Right (Speed Up) – kerstin⁷

We love talented besties. While their dance skills may not exactly match their volleyball finesse, what matters here is that both are having fun, and lots of it.


@rjscruz Forda baliktad na left and right haha ✌?? @stellajero16 ♬ Left And Right (Speed Up) – kerstin⁷

No, they didn’t do it wrong. They were giving their new take on the trend called Right and Left. Plus points for the uniqueness. And in case you were wondering, Stell made a redo, this time going left to right.



I can feel you over here.

♬ original sound – Hans Alcanzare

While these two have remained coy about the official status of their relationship, there’s no denying they looked so cute doing this.


@imjoaoconz Have you seen HIH episode 13 earlier?! If not, you can go watch it for free on @iwanttfc! HOO HAA HOO HAA ❤️?? @mscrizataa @vivoree ♬ Left And Right (Speed Up) – kerstin⁷

Love triangle? More like dance triangle. Criza, Vivoree, and Joao gave fun energy while dressed in matching neutrals and pastels.




♬ Left And Right (Speed Up) – kerstin⁷

She slays on the volleyball court, and she slays on TikTok, too. The NU Lady Bulldogs volleyball star gives us this fun take on the trend. Bonus points for Jennifer including her siblings in it.  



kumukulit ka na ha

♬ Left And Right (Speed Up) – kerstin⁷

The love bird energy here is strong. It was a low-key effort from these two, but it brings a smile to our face seeing Eya this happy.


@rurumadrid1997 Left and Right ? #FYP ♬ Left And Right (Speed Up) – kerstin⁷

As a known fanboy of BTS, it’s no surprise that Ruru Madrid would try the TikTok Left and Right dance. And he looked so good doing it.

harry styles course college

Late Night Studying: You Will Soon Be Able To Take An Entire College Course On Harry Styles

See, you can get college credit for listening to Harry Styles.

Harry’s House? More like Harry’s School. The British superstar will soon join a select few of musicians to have an entire college course dedicated to them.

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Often, parents and adults like to say that today’s youth are too obsessed with following their fave idols, artists, and personalities instead of spending there time on more productive things like studying. They say we are wasting our brains on useless things that won’t help in life. But guess who gets the last laugh now? Because for fans of British superstar Harry Styles, they can soon channel their love for the musician and actor to their studies as there is set to be an entire college course dedicated to him, the first in the world.


Announced on July 20, the Texas State University revealed that they will be holding a special course on Harry Styles in 2023. Titled “Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity: Identity, the Internet and European Pop Culture,” the course is set to chart Harry’s career, from his One Direction days, solo career, and foray into films, as well as popular European culture to “understand the cultural and political development of the modern celebrity as related to questions of gender and sexuality, race, class, nation and globalism, media, fashion, fan culture, and consumerism.” That and more will be taught according to Associate Professor of Digital History Dr. Louie Dean Valencia, who serves as the course’s creator and instructor.

“I’ve always wanted to teach a history class that is both fun, but also covers a period that students have lived through and relate to,” Valencia told NBC New York in an interview. “By studying the art, activism, consumerism, and fandom around Harry Styles, I think we’ll be able to get to some very relevant contemporary issues. I think it’s so important for young people to see what is important to them reflected in their curriculum.”


Animated gif about one direction in harry styles by ZAYNOLOGY

The course isn’t just meant to learn about all things Harry Styles, but it will also touch upon important societal and cultural issues and movements. As one of the highest profile stars right now, Harry has been part of the zeitgeist for years, especially since his solo career has seen him explore a more fluid side of himself. It will be a class on the modern celebrity in terms of gender and sexuality, race, class, fashion and more. Aside from the usual readings that most college courses have, students will be expected to study Harry’s solo albums, all of the One Direction albums, and watch his films like Dunkirk, which sounds great by the way. And as for their final project, the class will create a podcast series.

What’s interesting about Harry’s Class is that it all came about because the instructor became a fan of Harry. “This class came out of research that I started when locked at home during the summer of 2020 listening to Harry’s music. When I couldn’t travel to do my regular research, I started researching Harry—focusing on his art, the ways masculinity has changed in the last decade, celebrity culture and the internet.”


Coachella 2022 Weekend 2: All the Best Fashion Moments

For those interested in taking part in this course, it will be offered through the university’s Honors College. Classes will be taught every Monday and Wednesday at 11 AM and be capped at 20 people to make room for in-depth conversations on Harry Styles and the world of celebrity. But the instructor did say that that he hopes to teach the class to a wider audience. “There is a lot of demand, and I would love to teach it to a broader audience.” Registration begins later this year with an expected start in Spring 2023. Honors students are eligible for early registration, but Non-Honors students can apply via the Texas State website. No word if Harry himself will make an appearance, but Dr. Valencia hopes so, even if it’s via Zoom.

With this upcoming course, Harry Styles join a growing list of superstar musicians who had their own college course after them such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé. Speaking of Taylor, the university is also offering a class related to her songwriting in case you also wanted to brush up on your Swiftie Studies. So, the next time someone tries to insult you by saying that your stanning is a waste of time, know that even higher education has room for that. The academe really said, “Stan Harry,” and we love to see it. If you do manage to get a spot for the course, this would be the perfect opportunity to play Music For a Sushi Restaurant when you’re out with your course classmates at well, a sushi restaurant.

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