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James Reid Hanging Out With K-pop Idols Is The Friendship You Never Knew You Needed

James Reid sunbaenim.

James Reid is really out here collecting K-pop idols like the Infinity Stones.

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What has James Reid been up to lately? Ever since the beginning of 2022, the musician, actor, and Careless Music Chairman has been making big moves behind the scenes such as moving to Hollywood for a while and rubbing shoulders with A-list stars. And following the recent trade launch of Careless Music, James and company have been looking to expand their reach around the world even further through partnerships and collaborations. And his latest adventures around the world have lead James to collab with another K-pop idol, this time with Jay Park.


On July 21, Korean musician Jay Park posted a video on his Instagram of him and James dancing together. The two were doing the choreo to Jay’s recently released track, Need To Know, an R&B jam. It should be noted that the former 2PM member has been doing the dance with a few notable personalities over the past week. He did it with ENHYPEN, CHUNG HA, and SOMI just to name a few. And now, James Reid is the latest musician to do the dance with Jay Park. “With my new homie @james,” wrote Jay in the caption. “Actor/artist/song writer/entrepreneur. The young man is killing the game! Appreciate u brotha!”

This isn’t the first time Jay has worked with James though. The Korean musician made an appearance in James’ Hello 2.0 video. Their dance together seems to be the first time that they’ve done something in person as far as we know. And if dancing with James wasn’t enough, he also did the dance with Liza too.

James, Liza, and Jay being together obviously opens up a lot of questions. And honestly, their entire Korea trip has us grasping for answers. Over the past weeks, James Reid, Liza Soberano, and Team Careless have kept the internet guessing with their multiple visits to South Korea. First, they were spotted at the Starship HQ, the company home to groups like MONSTA X and IVE. Next, James and Liza hung out with GOT7’s BamBam like it was no big deal. They visited THE BLACKLABEL and YG Entertainment. Liza even did a TikTok with iKON’s Donghyuk while James was featured in videos with WINNER’s Hoony and The Rose. There frequent visits to these K-pop companies and idols have us thinking that something special must be in the works. Even in the Philippines, James and Liza are casually hanging out with BamBam.


Was this a collab we were expecting? No. But is it something we want? Absolutely. Seeing James and Jay vibe together is a treat and it’s been a while since we’ve seen James do some choreo. First, he collaborated with GOT7’s JAY B on Hello 2.0, then he rubs shoulders with K-pop executives and idols, and now he’s dancing with Jay Park (James is also besties with Nancy of Momoland by the way). If anything, it’s showing that James is really making the moves overseas and building connections with all these global stars. James really be out here saying hello to all these K-pop idols so casually. Who knows what other plans or surprises might come our way next. Maybe next week we might see James doing the hand choreo for Nayeon’s POP!

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