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Meet The Budol Queens: 7 Content Creators Who’ll Make You Add To Cart

Try to not buy anything challenge, G?

Caution: This list might cause *impulsive shopping* habits

A wise pop star once said, “whoever said money can’t solve their problems must not have had enough money to solve them.” And yuh yeah, Miss Grande was right. Being materialistic is one thing, but treating yourself is another, especially if you deserve it. In case you’re in the mood for a shopping haul or need a wishlist, we’ve rounded up 7 content creators who definitely make our pockets hurt with all their product reviews and recommendations. From Rei Germar’s fashion finds for less to Mae Layug’s skincare and beauty discoveries, here are the budol queens that got us adding to cart.

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You may see Rei Germar often wearing luxe brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior or Chanel, but her followers know that she has the best shopping budols that are affordable. Whether it’s a P150 tank top, or a new phone release, Rei always gives honest reviews of the products that she use. Safe to say, Rei made us buy it.


Ashley Garcia first became known for her Y2K-inspired outfits and Bratz aesthetic on Instagram. But she also deserves an A++ for her affordable hauls where she recommends her fashion finds and cute home decor. If you’re also into grocery shopping, or wondering how it is to live alone and love closet tours, dive right in.


For Toni Sia, she frequently shows her new beauty raves with no filter whether they’re effective or not. She also shares makeup tutorials and the products she uses when she tries trends like the “clean girl” aesthetic or lip gloss brands that are affordable. Oh, she tags local brands in her fit pics, too!


Ry Velasco may have started out with her beauty content and funny challenges, but it’s amazing to see how far she’s come now that her videos have evolved into the more calm and chill side of things. Her recent vids show the truth about living on your own, but also how much of a joy it is to decorate your home. Just check out the aesthetic decors she finds on her channel.



the best mascara for asian lashes?!

♬ original sound – marj

If you’re a morena who’s still struggling to find the right products for your complexion, content creator Marj Maroket has got you covered. Aside from doing makeup tutorials, she also shares her must-haves, faves, and wear tests to fellow brown-skinned girls.


Mae Layug might just be one of the most unfiltered content creators before she eventually founded her own beauty brand, GRWM cosmetics. Some of her popular videos are the top locally-made lip tints as low as P66, and best drug store sunscreens that’s now reaching almost a million views. She even made a video of her rhinoplasty journey!



My concealer rotation in a video!! Ito po yung mga relevant saakin in terms of coverage, texture and all HAHAH

♬ DEAR.CUPID – IVE.official

Anyone who’s often in the blackhole of Filipino ✨Beautytok✨knows who Miss Nate Makeup is. Aside from his artistry and work, his followers love him for his tongue-in-cheek humor when doing tutorials and product hauls. We love an educational queen.

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