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9 Content Creators Who Achieved Major Life Goals Very Early On

Bag secured and spent well.

Being a content creator isn’t just a hobby. It can also open the doors to help you reach major goals as these creators can attest to.

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While some may see content creation as just a pastime, others see it as a full-time occupation. Contrary to popular belief, building an online following and platform isn’t as simple as tapping your fingers. But if you manage to work hard and aim for your goals, then content creation can actually take you far in life. In fact, being a content creator can be the key that opens your life to new opportunities and fortunes, something that the following creators can agree with. Here are nine young social media stars who managed to reach major life goals and proved that you can achieve big things as a content creator.


For many, the dream of owning your own car is a top goal. Of course, it’s one to dream and another to make it a reality. But for YouTuber Ashley Garcia, she made that dream a reality. Aside from having a huge following across her socials, Ashley is also a proud car owner. Just in time for her 23rd birthday, she shared in a vlog that she was able to buy something extremely special to her, her very first car, a cream-colored Suzuki Jimny.


Hazel Quing has made a name for herself on YouTube for her inspiring and entertaining vlogs about her life. It’s little surprise then that she has garnered over 865,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and counting. Hazel has since parlayed her online success into real-life major investments. For starters, Hazel is a business woman as she’s the owner of popular drink and dessert shop 11:11. She also owns real estate in Tagaytay, and she recently bought her very first car. And she did all of this by the time she turned 24 years old.


Gwy Saludes is a young woman of many talents. She’s a YouTuber, occasional musician, and popular author. So, it’s little surprise then that she’s done well for herself. Case in point, in 2021, she was able to buy her own car, Toyota Corolla Cross, before she turned 21 years old. Buying your own car at 21? Successful content creator behavior honestly.


While some people who experience viral fame on the internet only have around 15 minutes before they flicker out, that isn’t the case for Mimiyuuuh. Aside from going viral every now and then, the natural comedian is a favorite among those looking for fun and uplifting content. This fame has brought Mimi success and used that give one of the greatest gifts a child can give, giving back to your parents. From a dream home and a car for the family and parents respectively, the wildly popular and relatable content creator is all heart. Oh, and lest we forget, Mimiyuuuh is also dabbling into business with the revisited fashion brand, Fangs.


Despite her young age, Bella Racelis is a fan favorite among the local vlogger crowd. Since the mid-2010s, Bella has been a go-to YouTuber for many thanks to her personality and relatable content. But the young content creator also has her mind on big and important investments. When she was 19, Bella bought herself a van for her use. What’s even better is that she also bought the van so that her family can use it, too.


When people think of Niana Guerrero’s siblings, most of the attention goes to her brother Ranz Kyle or her younger sister Natalia. But you shouldn’t sleep on her other siblings, such as Chelseah Hilary. Clearly, the young content creator takes after her family as she is a successful YouTuber in her own right with nearly 1.7 million subscribers and followers. But did you also know that Chelseah is also a businesswoman? Her business portfolio includes her own clothing label, Revel, that she started when she was just 17 years old. The 23-year-old is also one of the brains behind Kenny Beans Café, a coffee shop that currently boasts three locations around Metro Manila.


Buying your own car is a special moment for many, especially when you buy it with your money that you worked hard to save up. So, for YouTuber Ry Velasco, it was a special moment when she was able to purchase her very own car, and she did it when she was just 22 years old. Ry also didn’t skimp out as she got herself a SUV from BMW. Who says making videos on YouTube won’t let you reach your life goals?


Whenever someone tells you that playing video games for a job is not realistic, look to the life of popular game streamer Jiji Plays. At her young age, Jiji, who’s real name is Jhewelry Hershey Dela Cerna, has made a name for herself in the Mobile Legends community. To date, she has over four million followers on Facebook and hundreds of thousands more on her YouTube channel. Thanks to her success, Jiji was able to buy a new home for her family and she even pays for her own tuition in high school.


When people celebrate their birthdays, they usually get a new bag, clothes, shoes, or even a new phone. But for stylish YouTuber and beauty content creator Toni Sia, she got herself something extra special for her 26th birthday, her very first car. In a vlog documenting her purchase, she revealed that she bought a Lexus NX350 SUV that doesn’t come cheap. But it was all worth it for Toni and she even got emotional as she thanked her followers for helping her get to where she is now.

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