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KD Estrada Claps Back At A Basher Who Body-Shamed Alexa Ilacad

We can honestly feel the second hand embarrassment.

TBH, that tweet should’ve stayed in the drafts.

At this point, we’re still wondering where anon accounts on the Internet get the audacity to say whatever they want no matter who they’re talking to. It’s always a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t when dealing with these petty trolls, but when it comes to “harmless comments” that are below the belt, you can’t help but fire back. Case in point, KD Estrada. Just a few days ago, he saw a basher’s tweet shaming his partner Alexa Ilacad’s body and that didn’t sit well with him.

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Alexa has been known for her curves that are beautiful in every way and she knows it. She isn’t afraid to show it off, too despite the many people criticizing her. But that isn’t really the case for other people who just drop mindless comments that can obviously be triggering. “GASUL KA GHORL?,” a basher’s tweet reads, mocking Alexa’s build and likens it to a gas tank. For the record, what’s wrong with that?

Kapal ng mukha neto ganda ka?,” KD claps back. The dangers of body shaming is unimaginable. Not only does your mind trick you into thinking that you’re only worth your weight, it highly damages one’s self-esteem. The world is already harsh enough, do we really have room for other people commenting on our bodies? It’s not that hard to keep quiet when you don’t have anything nice to say. Self-love and confidence is a work in progress, so it helps when you’re surrounded by those who have your back no matter what happens, even if it means not feeling yourself at times. And that’s on having a parter-in-crime. Now repeat to self, “my body, my rules, all day everyday.”

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