No PH: Filipino Swifties Broke Down Online After Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Announcements

Sending hugs to all Filo Swifties. 🫶

Welp, it seems that Taylor Swift and her Filipino stans are never ever getting back together anytime soon.

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Alas, today is not exactly the best day to be a Filipino Swiftie. As Taylor Swift unveiled the highly anticipated schedule for ‘The Eras Tour,’ many hearts skipped a beat… or rather, a few beats. Unfortunately, there’s no Philippines stop on the list, and the nation’s hopes for a surprise announcement quickly transformed into sorrows and disappointments. 

As one of, if not the biggest and most passionate Taylor Swift fanbase, it’s just reasonable that the Filo stans are losing it all over the Internet after the heartbreaking news. And honestly, they have all the right to be. If there’s anything that all the fan-led concerts around the country over the last couple of months have proven, it’s that the love and dedication of Filo Swifties are unparalleled. 

From memes that will leave you in stitches to some hope-filled (borderline delusional) fan theories to some who remained optimistic amid the hopelessness, Filipino Swifties went on quite an emotional rollercoaster online, most especially on Twitter, where the topic “Philippines” trended nationwide. Below are some of the most interesting tweets we’ve gathered that are full of tears, screams, with a sprinkle of unwavering positivity.














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This HEBE Beauty Brand is Making Waves in the Beauty Industry and They’re Getting The Recognition They Deserve

Beauty game is strong.

Y.O.U Beauty is here to redefine the beauty game! In less than 5 years since its launch, this international brand from HEBE Beauty Cosmetics Inc. has taken the industry by storm.

In a world where self-expression and individuality reign supreme, the beauty industry has become a vibrant playground for creativity and empowerment. From makeup innovations that celebrate diverse skin tones to skin care breakthroughs that enhance our natural radiance, beauty has evolved into more than just a routine—it’s a statement.

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Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all beauty routines! This beauty brand believes in empowering you to express your unique style. By blending advanced technology with their market-savvy insights, they’ve created a lineup of accessible luxury products that cater to your every beauty need. With its mantra of “Long-Lasting Beauty,” Y.O.U Beauty is all about giving every individual access to fabulousness with cutting-edge technology.


HEBE Beauty
Y.O.U Beauty

Who says you need decades of experience to make a statement? Y.O.U Beauty has quickly become the talk of the town, nabbing awards from media publications, social media platforms, including the coveted titles of Most Successful New Brand of The Year, Cosmetic Brand Of The Year For The Eyes, and Game Changer of the Year by none other than Watsons in this year’s HWB Awards in Shangri-La The Fort, Manila. 


HEBE Beauty

With their focus on personalized beauty and their unstoppable drive, they’re set to make waves for years to come. Beauty enthusiasts? Get ready, because Y.O.U Beauty is just getting started! They’re on a mission to keep you glowing and keep the beauty industry guessing. Brace yourself for an exciting future of long-lasting beauty and jaw-dropping innovations!

HEBE Beauty

In just five years, Y.O.U Beauty has become a true force to be reckoned with in the beauty industry. With their unwavering commitment to “Long-Lasting Beauty” and their ability to cater to the unique needs of individuals, they have captured the attention of both consumers and industry experts alike. The recognition and awards they have received, are a testament to their incredible achievements.

But this is only the beginning for Y.O.U Beauty. Their passion for innovation and their dedication to providing accessible luxury products will continue to drive them forward. They are not content with resting on their laurels; instead, they see these milestones as inspiration to push boundaries and create even more effective solutions for all your beauty needs.

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PeliKULAYa: Celebrate Pride Month With This Vibrant LGBTQIA+ Film Showcase By FDCP

Proud and free (on film) 🏳️‍🌈

This Pride Month, the Film Development Council of the Philippines presents PeliKULAYa, a special and liberating showcase of films on LGBTQIA+ experiences.

Pride Month is a celebration that goes beyond the recognition of diverse identities and expressions—it embodies the essence of freedom itself. In this empowering time, barriers are dismantled, and individuals are encouraged to proudly manifest their authentic, radiant selves, unfettered by the shackles of societal expectations and prejudices.

It is a period when people can unapologetically display their authentic colors to the world, basking in the liberating glow of self-acceptance. PeliKULAYa, the LGBTQIA+ film showcase organized by the Film Development Council of the Philippines, encapsulates this spirit of freedom through its vibrant lineup of local and international queer films, offering a kaleidoscope of narratives that reflect and celebrate the beautiful tapestry of queer experiences.

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With the theme, “Mga Kuwentong Mapagpalaya,” the Film Development Council of the Philippines presents PeliKULAYa, a special showcase of carefully curated films that offer a dazzling array of narratives of love and self-discovery, delving into the diverse realities of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

PeliKULAYa 2023 poster

Just in time for Pride Month, PeliKULAYa not only puts the spotlight on the colorful community but also furthers the cause of promoting “inclusivity, diversity, and safe spaces” for everyone to embrace their true selves freely. “This event [PeliKULAYa] aims to raise awareness on LGBTQIA+ issues,” explains FDCP Chairman and CEO Tirso Cruz III. 

“We believe that by using the power of film, we can do our part in showcasing films that celebrate LGBTQIA+ stories. Hoping to create understanding of the lives, perspectives & advocacies shown in each film.” 


PeliKULAYa offers special programming with a selection of over 20 feature and short films that will screen in Cinematheque Centres in Manila, Davao, Iloilo, Nabunturan, and Negros and in select cinemas in Metro Manila including Cinema ‘76 and UP Film Institute’s Cine Adarna/Videotheque. Some of the titles will also be available on demand via JuanFlix.

PeliKULAYA screening schedule of Wong Kar Wai's Happy Together

The showcase will run from June 23 to June 30, 2023. And kicking off this celebration is a special screening of the digitally restored and remastered version of the beloved Wong Kar Wai romantic classic, Happy Together, which will be held on June 23 in Shangri-La Plaza.

Also screening in PeliKULAYa is Manila By Night, which is considered to be one of the  masterpieces of the National Artist for Film, Ishmael Bernal. Hailed as an iconic classic that probes the intricately gritty world of the capital city, Manila By Night will screen for free on June 26, 6:30PM at the FDCP Cinematheque Centres nationwide. 

Also screening for free are international queer films co-presented by the Embassies of Ireland and Canada. David Freyne’s Irish rom-com Dating Amber will screen on June 27 in all of FDCP Cinematheque Centers while you can catch the Canadian doc Love, Scott and the animated short I Like Girls on June 28 and June 30 at the Cinematheque Centres in Manila, Iloilo, and Negros only.

Excited about the various cinematic experiences PeliKULAYa has to offer? Well, don’t worry because we got you. Below is the full selection of films for your reference so that you can mark those calendars now.

Screenings at the Cinematheque Centres Nationwide:

  • Billie and Emma (Samantha Lee)
  • Dating Amber (David Freyne; FREE SCREENING)
  • Girl (Lukas Dhont)
  • Happy Together (Wong Kar Wai)
  • Love, Scott (Laura Marie Wayne; FREE SCREENING)
  • Mamu, and a Mother Too (Rod Singh)
  • Manila By Night (Ishmael Bernal; free screening) 
  • Metamorphosis (J.E. Tiglao)
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Celine Sciamma)
  • The Boy Foretold by the Stars (Dolly Dulu)
  • Women Do Cry (Vesela Kazako and Mina Mileva) 

Short Films at the Cinematheque Centres Nationwide (Free Screening)

  • Alingasngas ng mga Kuliglig (Vahn Leinard Pascual)
  • Dikit (Gabriela Serrano)
  • Gulis (Kyle Jumayne Francisco)
  • I Like Girls (Diane Obomsawin)
  • Love in the Ungodly Hour (Bradley Jason Pantajo)
  • Nang Maglublog ako sa Isang Mangkok ng Liwanag (Kukay Zinampan)
  • Noontime Drama (Kim Timan and Sam Villa-Real)

Online Streaming via JuanFlix:

  • How to Die Young in Manila (Petersen Vargas)
  • Mamu, and a Mother Too (Rod Singh)
  • Metamorphosis (J.E. Tiglao)
  • Nang Maglublob ako sa Isang Mangkok ng Liwanag (Kukay Zinampan)
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire (Celine Sciamma; PAY-PER-VIEW
  • Rome and Juliet (Connie Macatuno) 
  • Sila-Sila (Giancarlo Abrahan)
  • This is Not A Coming Out Story (Mark Felix Ebreo) 
  • Women Do Cry (Vesela Kazako and Mina Mileva; PAY-PER-VIEW)  


PeliKULAYa offers a range of ticket prices, varying from PHP100 to PHP200, depending on the chosen film. Moreover, certain titles will be available for streaming on JuanFlix beginning June 30, accessible through a subscription that starts at just PHP99 per month. 

PeliKULAYa 2023 banner

For patrons in Manila eager to experience the magic of PeliKULAYa at the FDCP Cinematheque Centre, ticket purchases can be made through this link. Meanwhile, regional audiences have the convenience of walking in to their nearest Cinematheque Centre for a seamless movie-watching experience.

PeliKULAYa 2023 is proudly presented by the FDCP, JuanFlix, and Cinematheque Centres, with invaluable support from Shangri-La Red Carpet, Cinema ’76, UP Film Institute, the US Embassy in the Philippines, the Royal Thai Embassy Manila, the Embassy of Ireland in the Philippines, the Embassy of Mexico in the Philippines, and the Embassy of Canada to the Philippines. Stay tuned for the latest updates on PeliKULAYa by following their official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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Redefining Narratives: These Transgender Filipinos Are Making Waves Globally

Make way for these trailblazers.

From pageantries to advocacies, businesses to talent and creativity, these transgender Filipinos are making us loud and proud.

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Trans Filipinos are breaking down the boundaries for gender equality, and they have the power to shape the future through their talents and representation. Despite the continued marginalization and discrimination of the trans community for simply being who they are, they refuse to be silent. With their unwavering determination and passion, they are using their platform to show not just the Philippines, but also the world what pride is all about.

This month and every day of the year, we pay homage to the trans Filipinos and Filipinas who showed their dedication, voice, and power to bring their roots to the forefront. Now more than ever, the Filipino trans community is becoming more visible because they helped pave the way and make a safe space for themselves and the younger generations to come. We listed down just some of the amazing trans Filipinos and Filipinas who are undeniably changing the landscape in their respective industries.


Angie Mead King

With her passion for cars, Angie Mead King stands tall. She’s a vlogger, environmentalist, and entrepreneur. Recently, she won an 8-hour endurance race, where she showed her exceptional skills behind the wheel. Her journey is inspiring, being limitless to the possibilities to show the world one’s individuality.  


Geena Rocero

Geena Rocero is a force to be reckoned with. She’s a Fil-Am based in New York who first gained prominence with a viral TED Talk on the importance of her coming out. Recently, released her memoir titled Horse Barbie, where she tells her inspiring narrative from the beginning to where she’s at now. Beyond that, she’s also an advocate of trans rights and equality, using her platform to raise awareness about the things that need to be spoken about.


Ivory Aquino

A remarkable talent making waves in the entertainment industry, Fil-Am transgender actress Ivory Aquino is bringing Filipino talent to be seen globally. Her career began from breaking boundaries on stage where she portrayed Juliet in a production of Romeo and Juliet. Her story doesn’t end there because she then pivoted to acting in TV and movies. Among other projects, she was a part of When We Rise, a drama series, and became the first trans actress to be casted in a DC comic book movie. With her endeavors, she’s relentlessly carrying the Pride flag and making a mark.


Mela Habijan

Through her triumphant win as the first-ever Queen Global, Mela Habijan is a queen, advocate, and storyteller. Her words and bold stories helped drive conversations. She also uses her platform to be vocal and advocate for the Filipina trans community, such as making sure Filipino LGBTQIA+ youth feel safe in schools. Inspiring and brilliant, Mela tirelessly fighting for equality. 


Angela Taloza

Angela Taloza is a Filipina fashion designer with her work gracing Binibining Pilipinas and Miss Universe queens, to name a few. With her creative mind, there are no boundaries when it comes to gender and creativity. Reaching far beyond the world of fashion, Angela isn’t afraid to show the world who she is and what she’s capable of, leaving an impact on the trans community. 


Jake Zyrus

With his iconic voice, Jake Zyrus broke through the scene with his talent. After gaining worldwide recognition with appearances on Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah, and Glee, Jake established himself as one of the generation’s best voices. As his talents resonated with the world, Jake also became a beacon of inspiration to people who aspire to live in their truth. Bringing the Filipino voice to be heard, Jake’s unwavering commitment and passion make a mark in the global music industry. 


Kataluna Enriquez

Kataluna Enriques is a Fil-Am model and beauty queen who made history in the pageant world the first-ever trans winner Miss Nevada USA, also becoming the first transgender woman to win a major US-based pageant. More than a pretty face, Kataluna graced the runway with her Filipino pride and heritage, giving light to aspiring trans folk who want to enter beauty queen contests. With her achievements, she paved the way for pageantry to redefine genders and became more inclusive to this day. 


Kevin Balot

Shattering stereotypes and bringing Filipina beauty to new heights, Kevin Balot is the first-ever trans woman to be crowned as Miss International Queen back in 2012. Her win goes beyond that because she made it clear to inspire people to foster acceptance for her community. Along with that, her advocacy for equality is one that is helping change the landscape of pageantry. 


Isabel Sandoval

Through the lens of Isabel Sandoval, the trans Filipina filmmaker is changing the landscape of storytelling. Exploring the depths of human experiences, she uses her talent in filmmaking to open up conversations about trans rights and other important topics. Apparition, Señorita, and Lingua Franca are some of her masterpieces along with a growing Hollywood presence such as directing episodes for Under the Banner of Heaven and The Summer I Turned Pretty season two. The award-winning multi-hyphenate continues to use her platform to break barriers and tell wonderful stories that are relevant, inspiring, and real. 

These iconic transgender Filipinos and Filipinas may not be in the same industry, but one thing connects them all: their advocacies to fight bravely against discrimination and for equality in solidarity. They are paving the way for the future of the Philippine LGBTQIA+ community. 

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Jane De Leon And Other Pinoy Culture References in ALAMAT’s ‘Day and Night’ Music Video

The legends are back at it.

From a Bicolano legend-inspired story to their Tboli-inspired looks, ALAMAT continues to embody the essence of P-pop.

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By now, it is evident that the six-member sing-rap-dance group ALAMAT has consistently been one of the leaders in embodying the Pinoy spirit in P-pop. Whether it be through their songs, music videos, or even their clothing choices, Taneo, Mo, Tomás, R-ji, Alas, and Jao have consistently and proudly represented their Filipino heritage. It’s a quality that sets ALAMAT apart from other P-pop groups.

When ALAMAT releases a new song, you can always expect them to showcase the best of Filipino culture. And their latest release, Day and Night, is no exception. Not only is it a certified bop, but it also serves as another celebration of their roots. Below, we highlight some of the proudly Pinoy elements found in their newest release.


ALAMAT has a penchant for incorporating various Filipino languages into their music. In their latest offering, ALAMAT once again embraces the beauty of the Cebuano language. It adds an extra touch of romance and allure to the song.


ALAMAT continues to showcase traditional instruments and sounds in Day and Night. The group’s creative director shared that the song incorporates the tones of a local string instrument. This instrument, also known as the boat lute, is used by tribal community elders during formal occasions. Additionally, the song features the enchanting sounds of Southeast Asian bamboo idiophones.


It’s not an ALAMAT music video without drawing inspiration from Filipino legends and myths. From the very first shot you are immediately transported into a world of magical storytelling. A mermaid, played by Mars Ravelo’s Darna star Jane de Leon, majestically swims underwater and emerges to charm the boys. The actress, who’s full name is Jane Florence Benitez De Leon, was born on November 22, 1998 and previously appeared in Ang Probinsyano and Ipaglaban Mo.

Jane de Leon as Magindara

The mermaid character is actually inspired by the Bicolano mythical creature. In Bicolano folklore, the creature is revered as a sea deity. She is known to be both a guardian of local fishermen and a dangerously seductive being.


Jao, the youngest member and main dancer of ALAMAT once again takes on the role of choreographer. And the group continues to incorporate cultural dances into their choreography. Influences include dances from Davao and Bicol.


ALAMAT has consistently stood out with their distinctive fashion choices. They proudly embody their Filipino identities. This commitment to their roots is evident once again in the mv. The boys exude pride while donning Filipino clothing and accessories.

Alamat with Jane de Leon

In their tribal ensemble, ALAMAT embraces sustainable fabrics. They were sourced from the Department of Science and Technology’s Philippine Textile Research Institute. Additionally, the boys adorn themselves with tribal brass chokers and bangles. They come from a local brand that champions the handcrafted products of tribal artisans.


Not only that, the group also tapped local designers. They created custom patchwork polos and shirts for ALAMAT and the stunning mermaid outfit for Jane.

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9 Reasons Why Barbie Forteza Is Stan-Worthy

Time to be a Barbienatic.

From her inspiring journey to success and the advocacies she champions, here are some of the reasons why Barbie Forteza is worthy of your support and admiration.

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In today’s cutthroat world of show business, where competition is fierce and careers can be fleeting, there’s one young star who has managed to defy the odds and achieve the elusive dream of longevity: Barbie Forteza. With almost a decade and a half under her belt, Barbie has firmly established herself as a force to be reckoned with, captivating audiences with her incredible talent and vibrant energy on-screen.

Following the phenomenal success of the historical fantasy series, Maria Clara at Ibarra, Barbie Forteza has further solidified herself as the voice of Gen Z. As an artist, she embodies the hopes, dreams, and challenges of the young generation, connecting with them on a profound level. But it’s not just Barbie’s acting prowess that sets her apart; she also possesses an admirable passion, genuine personality, and remarkable wisdom that shine through in all she does.

Whether you’ve recently discovered Barbie Forteza and are seeking more reasons to adore her, or if you’re a longtime fan simply looking for an enjoyable read about your idol, you’re in the right place. Below, we delve into the details that will undoubtedly make you fall head over heels for Barbie and appreciate her even more.


Let’s begin with the evident fact that Barbie Forteza stands as one of the most versatile young actresses in the industry today. Whether it’s diving into intense melodrama or delivering lighthearted comedy, Barbie consistently showcases her remarkable talent. With an impressive portfolio of over 20 teleseryes, her reliable acting prowess undoubtedly contributes to the resounding success of her shows.

Barbie Forteza

From rom-coms like That’s My Amboy, Meant To Be, and Inday Will Always Love You to heavy dramas such as Anak ni Waray vs. Anak ni Biday and Ana KareNina to fantasy series like Pilyang Kerubin and Maria Clara at Ibarra,  Barbie Forteza’s on-screen magic and acting range never fails to amaze. She’s called the “Kapuso Primetime Princess” for a reason. 

But not only is Barbie a gem of Philippine television, she’s also an award-winning talent on the big screen. In 2010, she won the New Movie Actress accolade at the 26th PMPC Star Awards for Movies for her performance as a deaf-mute child in Cesar Apolinario’s Puntod. For the indie drama Mariquina, Barbie won best supporting actress at the 10th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and scored a nomination at the 38th Gawad Urian Awards. 

And it doesn’t stop there; Barbie Forteza’s talent has also been recognized internationally. Her portrayal of a Sama d’Laut struggling to survive in Louie Ignacio’s film Laut earned her the prestigious title of Best Actress at the 36th Fantasporto International Film Festival in Portugal, which is one of the most renowned festivals worldwide. In recognition of this achievement, Barbie was honored by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts at the 9th Ani ng Dangal Awards. So, if you’re looking to stan for someone who overflows with talent, then you’ve come to the right place.


Another admirable trait of Barbie Forteza is her passion and dedication to her craft. To have a flourishing, decade-spanning career is no easy feat in the volatile landscape of the entertainment industry. At 25, Barbie remains to be a fixture in the business, proving that hard work and determination are key to a successful career.

In an interview, Barbie reveals that although she’s not a “workaholic,” she always puts her heart and soul into the tasks assigned to her. “Basta pag may tinanggap ako I give my one hundred percent,” shares Barbie. “Kaya kapag may trabaho na feeling ko hindi ako comfortable gawin, hindi ko na ginagawa at all. Kasi I’d rather give nothing to something na ayaw kong gawin kaysa sa i-half ass ko lang.” Barbie’s wisdom and healthy attitude not only make her so easy to root for but also define her as one of this generation’s role models.


Barbie Forteza

Whether you have seen Barbie Forteza in interviews, behind-the-scenes clips, or in her vlogs, the actress’s natural charisma is undeniable. It’s this unfiltered, easy-going, and genuine realness that has made Barbie beloved by many. And by many, we mean millions of followers across different platforms just charmed and captivated by Barbie’s down-to-earth personality that’s just like a dose of sunshine for everyone.


If you are or you become one of Barbie Forteza’s fans, or the Barbienatics as her fandom is called, you will witness firsthand the kindness that emanates from the young star. When we say that Barbie genuinely loves her fans, it goes beyond mere words. She takes the initiative to check up on them and even organizes online kamustahan sessions. On one occasion, the hashtag #askBarbie trended on Twitter, as she dedicated her time to connect with her supporters, showing the special bond and affection between Barbie and the Barbienatics community.


To be a fan of Barbie Forteza means having a genuinely concerned friend who offers wise words and valuable advice to guide you through life. In one of her vlogs, Barbie shares that many of her friends seek her advice, a fact even she admits she doesn’t fully understand.

However, if you carefully listen to Barbie, like in a vlog episode she refers to as a “safe space” for her and her audience, and where she talks about dealing with relationships, you will discover her admirable wisdom and relatability–qualities that may be the exact reasons why she is sought after for life advice. Whether discussing topics such as love, family, or friendship, Barbie Forteza is not merely a celebrity deserving of our support, but she can also serve as a life guru you didn’t know you needed.


Barbie Forteza and Jak Roberto

Speaking of love, one of the stan-worthy things about Barbie Forteza is the way she handles her romantic relationship even amid the pressures of the limelight. To describe Barbie and her partner Jak Roberto’s love for each other as heartwarmingly wholesome would be an understatement. You can feel it in the way they openly express their love in their date vlogs or anniversary posts online. Being more than half a decade together, Barbie and Jak’s enduring relationship is #goals for everyone, reminding us all that true love does exist.


Another fun fact about Barbie Forteza that will resonate with a lot of people is her being a certified Swiftie. In her Taylor Swift-inspired make-up vlog, Barbie shares that she loves the Hollywood superstar “so much” and she’s even dressed like her idol in the vlog (just like she’s seen from Taylor’s paparazzi shots, that’s how much of a Swiftie she is). Also, a quick glance at Barbie’s Twitter account reveals that it could easily double as her personal Taylor Swift diary, with entries dating back as far as 2009.


With the success of Maria Clara at Ibarra, Barbie Forteza has firmly established herself as one of the representatives of Gen Z. Her resonant and intelligent voice perfectly aligns with this position, one that she rightfully deserves. Listening to her voice and learning about the causes she passionately advocates for only adds to the reasons why she captures our hearts.

Barbie Forteza

In an interview with Jessica Soho, Barbie echoes the themes of women empowerment portrayed in “Maria Clara” and “Ibarra.” She explains, “Susundin ko po ‘yung reaction at opinyon ni Klay. Kung ano kaya ng lalaki, kaya ng babae,” emphasizing the limited agency women had in the past and the need to continue challenging these norms.

During the same interview, Barbie further exemplifies her role as a Gen Z role model by discussing mental health and the struggles faced by today’s youth. When asked about her perspective on the challenges her generation faces, she reasons, “Doon po sa mga medyo mas nakakatanda sa’min na iniisip na medyo mabababaw pa problema namin. Para sa’kin hindi po totoo ‘yun.” Barbie emphasizes that each person has their own burdens to bear, and for young people, these burdens can be quite heavy.

Continuing to be the voice of her generation, Barbie Forteza also serves as an ambassador for GMA Network’s anti-piracy campaign, “Stream Responsibly. Fight Piracy,” aiming to educate and raise awareness about consuming legitimate content. Several years ago, when she held the title of Kapuso Teen Queen, Barbie Forteza also joined the network’s anti-bullying campaign with the slogan #HeartOverHate, a cause that deeply resonated with her due to her own experiences as a victim of bullying in her youth.


Barbie Forteza’s inspiring journey to success is probably the most stan-worthy aspect about her. In an interview, Barbie opens up about her humble upbringing and her lifelong dream of becoming an actress. Despite their modest circumstances, both her parents wholeheartedly supported her aspirations. Her father worked as a tricycle driver while her mother was involved in a family business making yema boxes.

Barbie Forteza with her parents

Barbie reveals that she and her mother would often travel from Laguna to Manila just to attend auditions. Her mother’s dedication and sacrifice became her constant motivation to persevere and pursue her dreams.”Sabi po niya sa akin, ‘Isipin mo nang mabuti kung ito ang gusto mo kasi kung ito talaga ang gusto mo pag-iipunan natin ang pamasahe natin. ‘Yun ang naging motivation ko,” Barbie says in a one-on-one with Karen Davila. Barbie’s hard work eventually paid off when she landed roles in commercials and secured her first breakthrough project as the young Jodi in the 2009 Philippine adaptation of Stairway to Heaven.

The rest, as they say, is history. With her enduring and vibrant career, Barbie Forteza’s star continues to shine brightly, making her one of the most sought-after artists of this generation. And given her immense talent, charming personality, and remarkable wit, who wouldn’t want to stan Barbie Forteza?

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This 10-Year-Old Is The Country’s First Female Chess National Master

Just young kween things.

In the latest edition of kids making history, Nika Juris Nicolas got herself into the chess history books with her barrier-breaking achievement.

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In Netflix’s uber-popular series The Queen’s Gambit, Beth Harmon showcases her innate talent for chess at a young age while living at the orphanage. And while the show is a work of fiction, that doesn’t mean its events can’t happen in real life. Case in point, a 10-year-old girl from Pasig City is making waves in the normally male-dominated chess scene. And just like Beth, this young girl is making history, in her case, being the first woman in the Philippines to be named a chess National Master.


Most 10-year-old girls are busy with school, but for Nika Juris Nicolas, she’s busy getting checkmates as one of the best female players in the Philippines. Nika, in fact, recently made history when the National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) gave her the title of National Master. The title came after Nika stunned at the NCFP National Youth and Schools Chess Championships as the only female participant in the Boys Under 11 Division.

The chess whiz bagged the championship at the National Eliminations in Himamaylan City in Negros Occidental while she was the only participant to take home a medal during all categories during the Grand Finals in Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte, a silver in standard, silver in blitz, and bronze in rapid.

Nika Juris Nicolas

Chess, like most sports, is male-dominated that often puts more weight behind its open tournaments and male titlists than it does its women’s division. Still, that didn’t stop Nika from succeeding in the sport with her participation in open tourneys, an untypical move for female chess players. It’s clear Nika has talent in chess, and she can take pride in being the first (and so far only) female National Master in the country. Up next for Nika is her bout at the ASEAN Age Group Chess Championships in Bangkok from June 17 to 27, where she hopes to take home a Woman FIDE Master title.

Once again, women prove that they can succeed in male-dominated sports. Hopefully, Nika’s success can inspire other women to try out chess and even join her as a National Master.

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Beyond The Story: Is BTS’ 10th Anniversary Book Worth Buying?

Beyond the budol.

This will be the ultimate budol that any ARMY should have on their bookshelf. 

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June is a special month for both the Korean global superstars, BTS, and their fandom, ARMY. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, various activities were prepared by BIGHIT MUSIC and BTS themselves to thank their loyal fans who supported them for a decade. And the biggest, by far, is the official release of their 10th-anniversary book entitled, Beyond the Story: 10-year Record of BTS.

Penned by BTS themselves and Myeongseok Kang, a leading Korean pop culture and music critic, the book presents the global icons not only as artists but as individuals. Wondering if the book might be your next BTS budol? We’ve gathered some information to help you decide to start saving (and buying) this once-in-a-lifetime collectible.


An official book co-written by BTS is already enough of a descriptor to have us press “add to cart”, but Beyond the Story also contains a whole host of goodies that make it worth adding to any ARMY’s collection. The book was written in three years as it sees the Bangtan Boys document their sincere story through interviews done without camera or makeup and provide new and raw perspectives. 

Beyond the Story is divided, fittingly, into seven chapters, chronologically arranged that invites the reader to walk the path with BTS. They are Chapter 1: Seoul, Chapter 2: Why We Exist, Chapter 3: Love, Hate, Army, Chapter 4: Inside Out, Chapter 5: A Flight That Never Lands, Chapter 6: The World Of BTS, and Chapter 7: We Are.

The book will also have unreleased photos that will highlight the individuality of each member combined with their commitment to the group. As a nod to its name, it also goes beyond the written page as it includes 330 QR codes, which will lead to the trailers, music videos, and online materials. Oh, and certain editions contain a photocard set. Do we need to explain further? 


Beyond the Story, with over 544 pages filled with exclusive content, launches on July 9 in various sellers and platforms, a perfect way to wrap up BTS Festa 2023. In a nod to their global fanbase, BIGHIT MUSIC will be making the book available in 23 languages, and that includes Filipino (yes, you read that right). Apop Books will be handling and distributing the official Filipino release of Beyond the Story. For the Korean version/ original edition, you can buy one on AladinKyobo, or Yes24. And if the English version is what you’re after, cop a copy on AmazonFully Booked, and National Bookstore.

So far, most of these sellers have sold out most of their inventory. So, continue to check out their official announcements on their respective social media channels. Prices for each site vary since most of them offer discounted prices for pre-orders. 

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The Reveals From Tudum 2023 That Might Just Make You Renew Your Netflix Subscription

That was a lot.

From first looks at the live-action Avatar and One Piece adaptations to Squid Game season 2 casting news, Netflix brought the heat at Tudum.

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For the past few years, Netflix has been making their subscribers know just what they can expect with Tudum. Named after the sound you hear whenever you watch something on Netflix (yes, that sound), Tudum has served as the streaming service’s showcase of the biggest titles coming. And this year, Netflix went live from Brazil for a global event that gave a peak at the hottest movies and shows coming in 2023 and 2024. The nearly three-hour show was a packed one filled with announcements that could populate an entire watchlist. So, here are some of the reveals and looks you wouldn’t want to miss.


One of Netflix’s most talked-about anime adaptations in the works, Avatar: The Last Airbender finally got first-look stills of Aang, Kitara, Sokka, and Zuko that got social media talking, for better and worse. Season one will be eight episodes that revolve around Book One of the animated show. Considering how the last time Avatar was adapted to live-action was a mess, we’re hoping Netflix doesn’t drop the ball on this beloved series. The show is set to stream in 2024.


Speaking of anticipated live-action anime adaptations, Tudum 2023 also had the premier of the first trailer for One Piece, and it looks promising. The adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew will be brought to life real soon as the series is set to land on Netflix this August. Season one will mainly center on the East Blue Saga, which means we’ll be getting the beginnings of the lead heroes. Given how long the manga has run, Netflix has a lot of room to play with for future seasons (if One Piece doesn’t get canceled).


While we didn’t get a trailer or a look into the new season, we did get a casting announcement for Squid Game season two. Lee Jung-jae, Gong Yoo, Lee Byung-Hun, and Wi Ha-joon are all set to reprise their roles for the second season, where they will be joined by four new actors.


Following the success of Queen Charlotte, the Bridgerton hype continues as Tudum 2023 gave us the first look at Bridgerton season 3. As seen in the first stills, the new season will follow Penelope and Collin. And say what you want about Penelope, but you can’t deny she looks so good. The new season is going to be messy. We can’t wait.  


Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and DB Weiss are heading back to the small screen with their adaptation of Liu Cixin’s novels. The show tells the story of Ye Wenjie, a Chinese scientist in the 1960s who sends a signal to aliens. But because of how long it takes to reach them, the human race soon devolves into factions as some prepare for their arrival, while others prepare for war. The show is landing on Netflix in January 2024.


K-drams and movies have honestly been carrying Netflix as of late. Some of the most popular titles on the streaming service are Korean titles. As such, Netflix debuted a K-drama sizzle reel of 11 upcoming Korean shows and movies to get us hyped for what’s in store. Peep looks at Sweet Home 2, Gyeongsang Creature, D.P. season two, and more.


In just a couple of months (August 3, to be exact), Heartstoppers season 2 finally lands on Netflix. In the meantime, we were treated to the opening scene of episode one, which sees Charlie and Nick openly embrace their relationship, as well as all eight episode titles.


Filming for Stranger Things season five is currently on pause due to the Writer’s Guild of America’s strike. But we did get a casting announcement that Sarah Conor herself, Linda Hamilton, is joining the cast for the final season.


While we are still ways of from seeing footage of season two, the cast of Wednesday gave us a few details of the new season as they answered fan theories, most interestingly that an extended member of the Addams family will be making an appearance.

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Bid Farewell to Annoying Acne Because This Product Has Got You Covered

Getting rid of acne has never been this easy

Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac Spots Treatment) makes treating acne easy peasy with these dermatologist-recommended products

Acne has always been one of the banes of our existence. It causes a great deal of discomfort, and can sometimes be downright painful. Although it’s considered a normal part of puberty, dealing with acne can also be anxiety-inducing, directly impacting confidence and self image. With all the skincare routines scattered throughout social media, you might even pick up a few anti-acne regimens here and there. However, no amount of skincare products you pile on on your face will miraculously erase those stubborn pimples unless you figure out the root cause and learn how to address it. 

Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac Spots Treatment)

Getting to the bottom of it

We’ve all had friends who would tease us about being in love whenever a huge pimple would randomly appear on our face. News flash, people: being head over heels can never give you acne. The true culprit? Bacteria. 

Bacteria-caused acne can manifest into clogged pores such as whiteheads and blackheads, painful inflamed spots, and excessive sebum production that results in oily skin. With a market that’s oversaturated, finding the right products will take a bit of trial and error. However, Benzoyl Peroxide is something we will never gatekeep. As one of the top acne remedies, this ingredient is able to specifically target the painful manifestations of acne. 

Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac Spots Treatment)
Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac Spots Treatment)

The Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac Spots Treatment) is a clinically tested and dermatologist-recommended over-the-counter product that can be safely used for mild to moderate acne cases. Containing one of the leading acne-fighting ingredients, Benzoyl Peroxide, you can say adieu to those difficult pimples, clogged pores, and oily skin and welcome better skin days ahead. 

Upgrading your routine

Anyone remember back when the 10-step Korean skincare routine was all the rage in social media? Although many swear by this technique, it might be too much to handle for sensitive and acne-prone skin, especially for those who are just starting their skincare journey. Starting slow and simple is always the key.

Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac Spots Treatment)

In taking care of sensitive skin with acne, there’s actually no need to over-complicate things. Starting it off with a simple cleanser is always a great idea. Just make sure it’s gentle enough so that it won’t be too harsh on sensitive skin and aggravate the acne even further. The next best step is spot treatment. Able to kill 94 percent of acne-causing bacteria, the Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac Spots Treatment) can reduce inflammation, unclog pores, and absorb excess sebum. 

Reintroducing moisture and hydration to the skin is absolutely necessary when it comes to your skin health. The new Benzac Microbiome Equalizer is a great lotion to cap off this routine. Capable of locking in moisture for up to 24 hours, it also soothes the skin by addressing irritation and maintaining the skin’s natural microbiome balance. The best part? It can improve skin radiance, making you glow. Arguably one of the holy grails in skin care, skipping moisturizer is definitely a big no-no. 

Benzoyl Peroxide (Benzac Spots Treatment)

People are now more knowledgeable about how important skin care actually is, and not just there to look good in selfies. We have become more proactive and hands-on in taking care of ourselves, especially in skin health. As we celebrate Skin Awareness Month, let us continue to educate one another even further so that we can face the world confidently. 

Start your skin journey and get your hands on the Benzac Spot Treatment Gel and Benzac Microbiome Equalizer through Shopee and Lazada. For more information, feel free to follow them on Facebook.

Benzoyl Peroxide is the generic name of Benzac Spots Treatment. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

For suspected adverse drug reaction, report to the FDA and to Galderma Local Safety Officer at [email protected].

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