These Filipino Swifties Showed Us How Epic The Eras Tour In The Philippines Would Be


Organizing a fan concert to help convince Taylor Swift to have The Eras Tour come to the Philippines? Don’t expect anything less from Filipino Swifties.

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Over the past few weeks, you probably have seen at least one post on social media about Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour. The superstar’s biggest tour to date has been leaving Swifties reeling with every show and international stans wondering when’s their turn. While Taylor is set to bring the tour outside of the US soon, where exactly she’s going is anyone’s guess. But for dedicated Filipino Swifties, they weren’t going to wait to see if Taylor would bring the tour to the Philippines.

Swifties Philippines, a fan group run by Chelsea Dianne Guieb and Charlene Suizo, decided to take matters into their own hands. So, what did they do? They organized an entire festival called The Eras Festival Manila last March 31 to convince Taylor to have that long-awaited return to the country. Considering how thousands of Filipino Swifties packed what essentially amounted to a fan-run event, their message was loud and clear.


On March 31 at the Ayala Malls Manila Bay, thousands of Filo Swifties gathered to celebrate the icon. And even if there were no big stars in attendance, the fans displayed an energy as if Taylor herself was performing for them. “Our team decided to make the concept of The Eras Festival in PH to showcase and let the world know that the Philippines is a Taylor Nation. From Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, there are thousands of Swifties waiting for her to visit for a tour again,” shares Swifties Philippines in an interview with NYLON Manila.

Filipino fans are known to be some of the best in the world. Combined with the dedication that serves as a hallmark of being a Swiftie, it’s no surprise that Pinoy Swifties would go to great lengths for such an occasion.   

Planning for the event began as early as December 2022. “We found the right timing and opportunity after the Cebu team hosted an event under Ayala Central Bloc, and we received an invite from Ayala Malls Manila Bay around February to use their venue and receive support from them to turn our vision for this event possible.” Once all the pieces were in place, the event was set. Given how the event announcement post went viral on social media, the enthusiasm for the celebration was real.


When they called it a festival, they meant it. The space they had was decked out in a Swiftie’s dream. Attendees could check out various booths. They could cop Taylor merch from fan-run shops and SMEs. And they were even treated to a few performances, with one of the standouts being Mac Coronel, also known as drag queen Taylor Sheesh, getting the crowd riled up with her set.

The Eras Festival Manila was meant to show that the Philippines is ready for her return. And it did that by having thousands of her eager fans revel in her music and everything she stands for. Some say it’s extra. But that’s the dedication of one of the most hardcore fandoms out there. The palpable excitement of the crowd was so strong, it became a trending topic on Twitter and even caught the attention of international Swifties. It’s a humbling experience for Swifties Philippines.

“The fulfillment is overflowing. We are so happy that it went well, all of the hard work has paid off. Even though The Eras Tour PH is still a campaign, we are glad that the Swifties that participated during The Eras Festival in Manila had a great time and were able to create new experiences and memories with the fandom that they will cherish.”

Needless to say, Pinoy Swifties are ready for it as the Manila event was just part one of the group’s mission to get Taylor to the Philippines. A Cebu leg for the Visayas region will be held on April 22 while Davao will host the Mindanao edition on May 5. The group also teases that there may be one more event coming to Metro Manila soon.


Above all, getting Taylor Swift’s attention goes beyond just making noise on social media. It’s done through the power of music, specifically Taylor’s music, which has spoken to and connected with millions. “As we aim for that goal, we also aim for the bond and experience as fans,” explains the group. “We voice out how much we want to see her again in the country and at the same time have fun with each other’s company, find new friends, do activities, and make new memories with people that share the same love and appreciation for her music.”

Whether or not the group’s effort proves successful, only time will tell. But as early as now, Swifties Philippines and many Swifties around the country are prepared to get their whole life at The Eras Tour. And besides, given how Taylor has made it known that she sees most of what her fans are up to, there might be hope.

“Filipino Swifties love you so much, it’s been almost 10 years since you went to see us, we know that The Eras Tour has a big production and our country’s venue availability is a bit of a challenge but we are still hoping for your kind consideration,” shares Swifties Philippine on their message for Taylor Swift. “At this point, you can actually have a show here with just you and your guitar and we will still give you a decade’s worth of energy, and make sure to give you an unforgettable experience.”

And if The Eras Tour does come to the Philippines, the group would love to have Long Live and Only The Young as the two surprise songs for the acoustic set.

Event photos courtesy of Swifties Philippines

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