By Y.O.U, For You: Long-Lasting Beauty is Now More Attainable Than Ever

No, we're not joking! Y.O.U Beauty has got it all covered.

International makeup brand Y.O.U Beauty ensures we reach the kind of beauty we want and deserve

While “beauty” is a subjective term, there are still some days where we don’t feel our best. Even if people tell us otherwise, it’s undeniable that we sometimes don’t see ourselves as beautiful in spite of all the things we do to enhance our beauty, whether it’s through makeup or skincare. One of the reasons why we still end up feeling this way is because the products we use don’t exactly give us the outcome we initially thought we would get. Long-lasting beauty may take a while to reach, but it’s far from impossible! Y.O.U Beauty continuously researches the various needs and wants of makeup users all across Southeast Asia in order for us to achieve the long-lasting beauty we deserve.

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Top-of-the-line technology

Driven by the desire to meet consumers’ needs, Y.O.U Beauty has been constantly tapping on the latest technology through their Open Lab R&D system that aims to inspire us to go beyond our limits in embracing beauty.

This all-around research process that starts with their unshakeable partnership with BeautyStreams, a global go-to beauty industry reference, provides the brand the latest insights on trends, all from the perspective of industry experts. Through this, Y.O.U Beauty exceeds our expectations in meeting our specialized needs with all the data they receive. They transport these data to a team of top-notch cosmetic scientists who have a keen eye in developing the brand’s products with materials from world-class suppliers.

Collaborating with the world’s top suppliers that originate from places such as CRODA in Great Britain, DOW in the United States, and Taiyo Kagaku in Japan; as well as their International Certification, Y.O.U Beauty ensures outstanding quality for all their products, which ultimately lead to everyone’s goal of achieving long-lasting beauty. These products such as their best sellers like the Biomecera Advanced Booster Serum that is infused with SK-INFLUX®, as well as the Litestay™ Technology in the new NoutriWear™ series that consist of base makeup products like foundation, concealer, loose powder, and setting spray are all developed carefully and with the intent to cause no harm to the skin. This leads to having a much easier way for us to meet the long-lasting beauty we aspire to reach.

Elevated radiance

With all of their efforts in research and development, Y.O.U Beauty continues to meet their own commitment in giving all of us access to good quality beauty products that match our individual styles. The brand aims to create experiences that exceed expectations every time each product is used. They encourage and empower us to not only embrace, but also be proud of the long-lasting beauty we attain as well.

To know more about Y.O.U Beauty, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Y.O.U Beauty is now available online at Shopee and Lazada, and soon in all major retail stores nationwide.