Hot Girl Summer: Kim Chiu Brings Out the Fun Under the Sun

When she walks in the room, she can still make the whole place shimmer.

With a much-needed vitamin sea and a birthday to celebrate, Kim Chiu is summer-ready with her Tropical Essentials 2023 collection as she shares her colorful seasonal getaways

In this blistering bliss of heat, dressing less is the coolest trend. A style statement in this heat means looking for the lightest and softest tank top from your closet because you are always one breath away from sweat. This sun fever is what summer feels like in the Philippines, but to the Chinita Princess Kim Chiu, this season brings out so much more than just the high temperature.

“When I look at summer, it’s about the sun, the beach, the wind kissing your cheeks, your salty hair, and laughing and having fun under the sun,” Kim excitedly shares, also adding: “It’s also a special [time] for me because April is my birth month.” 

So it’s no surprise to find Kim celebrating her birthday underneath the sun and sometimes even on the beach, especially last year, where she had a great time with her family. “These are the moments, the moments we live for,” she imparted, grateful for the gift of life. She dresses in her favorite summer fashion styles, from colorful dresses to stylized swimwear, and she makes the most out of her summertime. 

Since these months are her season, she’s always down to try new things. The multimedia idol posted a Reel of a great escapade last year when she tried wakeboarding in Coron, Palawan. She said it was “kinda scary at first, but that’s the thing with adventure; there is self-fulfillment once you get to do the things you thought you couldn’t do. That’s the exciting part!”

What this iconic showbiz princess said rings true. Summer is that energy booster that pushes us to be braver and bolder as we discover endless possibilities about the places around us, or the things we’ve yet to learn about ourselves.  


If the actress can go to the beach every day, she will. “I never miss going to the beach, wearing my H&M OOTD and H&M swimwear, and I never get tired of watching the beautiful sunset by the beach,” she gushes. 

She started a trend of her own called #Chiurista. Each travel post she has on Instagram features a beautiful place she wants to show to everyone alongside a quote that truly resonates with her, or a thought that vibes with her at that moment. 

Last 2022, Kim was in Thailand with her Mr. Right, Xian Lim. As a chiurista, she never misses a beat in her island photos. Phi Phi Island is one of the many places that she wandered to. But what’s a trip without a swoon-worthy Reel with her bae? “In life, it’s not where you go, but who you travel with,” she penned. 

Just these past few weeks, she made her Instagram feed summer-official as she photo dumps her hot girl summer styles and beach views during her stay in Boracay. “It’s actually my second time there for a non-working trip, and this time I appreciate the place more,” she reveals before describing the scenery: “The sun is so beautiful, the place is perfect, plus the food around the area is the best!”

The warm hue spreads throughout the blues when the glistening red sun kisses the sky. It’s the perfect ending to any day, and Kim knows when to witness this lovely moment. She’s always loved sunsets, as seen through her TikTok video and recent Instagram post. “I do more outdoor activities since it’s sunny and it’s the best weather,” the actress confirms, while showing more of her bikini pics on social media. 


The scenic views are already Instagram-worthy. As a celebrity, though, there’s gotta be a figure in those frames, and it’s none other than Kim. You can recall her as the Chinese Cutie in the late 2000s when she ruled a lot of styles. Yes, she slayed, and she’s still doing it now as she goes on to celebrate her birthday in a fashion editorial shoot from last year, which is a big win not only for her fans, but for herself as well.

“Being in the showbiz industry, we always have to try something new and explore new styles, especially that I do daily shows,” the star admits, conscious but eager to venture into different fits. Being on TV means she must always be glam-ready, so she wants to look her best in the way she knows how. 

Sharing her OOTDs online with her H&M fits, the Chinita Princess showed off her chic and vibrant summer wear a few weeks ago. “It’s fun to play around with different looks,” she adds.

Whether acting, hosting, singing, or dancing, Kim pops off because she keeps it real. “When I wear something different, I always put a Kim Chiu touch to anything I wear so that it’s still me.”

The Kim Chiu touch can be a pop of color or an accessory to balance creative fun and casual lounge, but overall, it’s the way she does a mix-and-match. Choosing the right stylish pieces for herself means “comfortability.”

“Once you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing, then confidence comes next, no matter what stylish piece it is.”

Kim Chiu on wearing stylish pieces


With great taste in her fashion, Kim shares some beach pose inspos that match her classic all-black ensemble. She’s a trendsetter, but she also doesn’t shy away from riding other people’s waves or popularity, such as being a Taylor Swift fan. 

In one of her Instagram reels where she happily hopped and walked around as if Boracay’s soft and white sand stretched on like snow, Kim adds “Snow on the Beach”, a song track from Swift’s Midnights album, in the video.

Some people may assume Kim already had her fashion peak years ago, but honestly, this girl never goes out of style and she knows it all too well, even way back in 2015 when the chinita beauty wore a mini green ombre turquoise frock, the same dress that Swift wore at the Grammy Awards. Taking inspiration from stars is not a bad thing. It just means that we like the kind of personality they are, and sometimes, it’s where we discover what we really want the most.

If anything, Kim’s stylish choice has only evolved, and it continuously shows when she becomes a fearless celebrity style inspiration herself. 


Bringing out Kim’s A-game are modern and stylish pieces from H&M’s Tropical Essentials 2023 collection. “The Tropical Essentials line has unique styles perfect for every woman. They have this wide [selection] that you can choose from—different aesthetics perfect for every body,” she gushes.

From the sunny bright yellows and turquoise blues to the more neutral and classic blacks, there’s a lot of swimwear to choose from. The design also depends on how much skin you want to bare. There are triangle bikini tops and one-shoulder swimsuits, all of which are easily combined with chiffon kaftan or crochet wrap-ups. 

Kim loves the tropic collection because of the variety, saying, “The colors and designs are very appealing to the eyes.”

With different cuts that bring out modern silhouettes designed to embrace all body types, the pieces will surely take your confidence up a notch and elevate your summer style sensibilities. The line is straight out of a cover magazine look. 

“My favorite is the triangular two-piece swimsuit. I have them in all colors. Also, I find the dresses and cover-ups very wearable and unique,” Kim lively shares. Dressing less is undoubtedly a maximum style with H&M. 

Since the actress is just as fun as the fits she wears, she’s packed all her tropical essentials for all her future destinations. 

“[The collection] always brings out the best in me. I can wear them comfortably and in a stylish way.”

Kim Chiu on the Tropical Essentials 2023

As a summer birthday girl, Kim’s seasonal trips always include a beach. When she loves something that makes her feel good about herself, she keeps it close to her heart—and in her luggage. Wherever she goes next, it will be vibrant and bubbly, like the snaps she captured in the summer heat as she invites everyone to bring out the fun under the sun.