Don’t Know Which BTS Songs To Play For Their 10th Anniversary? Spotify Has Got You Covered

Can we choose more than five?

Celebrate BTS’ 10th anniversary with a new feature from Spotify that allows you to flex your fave songs from the group.

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On June 2013, a group of seven young men called the Bulletproof Boy Scouts from a little-known Korean entertainment company crashed their yellow school bus into cardboard boxes and began rapping and singing about society’s expectations of the youth. Ten years later, BTS continues to grow strong as they became that culture-shifting force in the music scene. And even though BTS are still in their military service era, that doesn’t mean our Bangtan Boys would leave their 10th-anniversary celebrations barren. To celebrate the milestone, the members (and especially V) posted a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes pics and videos over the years.

The group also dropped a new song called Take Two, which serves as their latest ode to ARMY. And this all happened under the events of FESTA 2023, which means the celebrations are just getting started. Naturally, BTS being a decade old calls for marathoning their music. But with ten years of hits, bops, and underrated gems, it can honestly be overwhelming to decide which track to play first. Luckily, Spotify is here to help with that with their latest feature that will have you coming up with a whole assortment of playlists, My Top 5: BTS Songs.


To celebrate BTS’ 10th anniversary, Spotify and the group teamed up to launch this curated love letter experience for ARMY and Spotify listeners. We all have our fave BTS bangers, and with My Top 5: BTS Songs, you will now get a chance to visualize that by ranking and curating your favorite songs from a selection of BTS discography. “Each step of our journey together has been unique and has sounded different along the way. We hope many people enjoy this new experience with Spotify’s My Top 5: BTS Songs and share their favorites with us,” BTS shares.

With a catalog that spans genres like hip-hop, R&B, pop, and more, BTS has music to fit all types of moods. More so than just picking a top five, this curated special selection from BTS with Spotify celebrates their collective discography of the past decade.


If you want to use the feature for yourself, here’s how. First, go on the Spotify app and make sure that it’s up to date with the latest version available. Next, head on over to this link. You will be redirected to the in-app experience which will a curated selection of BTS songs. Most of the songs from their main albums, EPs, and singles will be available for you to choose from as you select your five favorite songs. Drag and reorder them in the visual display to create your definitive list.

Of course, the songs you pick are up to you. Maybe you want to go for fave comeback singles, or ballads that will always get you in your feels, B-sides that slap, and so much more. Once you’re done, you’ll receive a personalized digital card with your selections that you can share on social media so that you can let your friends know your taste. And, as the cherry on top, you can select a sharecard that showcases your bias (or bias wrecker). So, go and get to making those Top 5s.

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