BGYO Nate’s TikTok Cover Of J-Hope’s ‘on the street’ Is BTS-Approved

That's BGYO's bunso co-signed by BTS.

Nothing beats getting recognized by the K-pop superstars themselves.

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Whether you’re a longtime stan or just a casual online surfer, you would know that when it comes to being viral, Pinoy pop boy group BGYO knows a thing or two. From their seemingly innocent 2×2 photos to their international takeover and repeat button-worthy bops, the Aces of P-pop sure know how to make an impact. And just two months into their second year, BGYO has made noise anew, this time, in the realm of TikTok where one of its members’ dance cover got a thumbs-up from none other than the K-pop sensation themselves, BTS.


While busy promoting their sophomore studio album, BE:US, around the country and their other engagements, BGYO still manages to regularly release online ayuda to their loyal ACEs. Be it in their official group account or their individual pages, the multitalented pentad never fails to entertain, inspire, and fill some hearts full. But recently, BGYO Nate has totally upped their social media game as he has only caught the attention of the South Korean pop superstars, BTS.

@bgyo_nate on the street pero no street sorry po hehe ⚜️ #jhope_onthestreet #jhope #on_the_street #bgyo_ph #BGYO #bgyo_nate ♬ on the street (with J. Cole) – j-hope & J. Cole

On March 5, 2023, the BGYO’s youngest member charmed everyone with his casual swag as he did a TikTok dance cover of j-hope’s lo-fi hip-hop tune on the street. Released last weekend, the BTS member and American rapper J. Cole collab song has spurred on a dance challenge online with hundreds (or even thousands) bodying on the street’s groovy beat. Shot in the middle of a mall show, Nate’s TikTok entry proves that he’s not your ordinary challenger as the BTS’ official TikTok channel has taken notice of his work and pushed the like button, just like the thousands of others who’ve watched it. 

It’s a rare and an even special moment especially for Nate to be getting a nod from j-hope, who are both main dancers and rappers of their respective groups. Nate isn’t new to dance covers as he’s already flexed his moves to some K-pop hits before. And getting a stamp of approval from one of the world’s greatest K-pop groups in history seems to be the cherry on top of it all. Other Filipino talents who’ve gotten BTS-approved performances before include AC Bonifacio and Dasuri Choi’s dance covers of Butter and Niana and Natalia Guerrero’s take on Permission to Dance, which also got featured in one of BTS’ music videos.

Meanwhile, BGYO is booked and busy in their BE:US album promotion tour and guestings. They’re also preparing for their upcoming fan meet and concert performance on the PPOPCON stage later this month. Oh, and apart from the BTS approval, BGYO and their stans have another reason to celebrate as their fiery track, Magnet, has already garnered a million of streams on Spotify. P-pop aces, indeed. 

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