BINI And BGYO Really Said P-Pop Talent In Their MTV Asia Spot

Mabuhay, MTV Asia!

It’s a proud moment for BLOOMS and ACEs once more as BINI and BGYO banner the P-Pop flag hard on MTV Asia.

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When the ABS-CBN Star Magic debuted its sibling groups BINI and BGYO in 2021, we knew that P-Pop was going to have a vibrant future. A couple of albums, chart-topping stints, fire tracks, and an unforgettable two-night concert later, BINI and BGYO have continuously proven the impactful P-Pop bearers that they are, championing the genre here and abroad. They’re called the Nation’s Girl Group and Aces of P-Pop after all. And they have embodied these titles to exhilarating greatness once again as they get featured in the international music platform, MTV Asia.


While this is not the first time that BINI and BGYO have been featured on MTV Asia, their recent appearance on the platform’s MTV Jammin’ segment marks the first time that they’ve performed their original tracks in an international channel, along the bustling streets of New York at that. Shot over the holidays at the dreamy and snowy Big Apple, the feature saw our favorite P-Pop mains effortlessly knock it out of the park with fiery performances of their hit singles.

In the compilation video released by MTV Asia last weekend, BINI and BGYO performed three tracks each in three different spots at the city that never sleeps, complete with short interviews from the P-Pop idols. “It’s such an honor and it’s such a big deal because MTV Asia is a big platform,” BINI Aiah shared in an interview. “A lot of people will get to see it and with that, we’ll be able to tap into a lot of people including artists, too.”

BINI wowed with their rad outfits and spot-on renditions of their viral hit Na Na Na, their feisty party bop No Fear, and their gritty and fierce comeback single Strings where they stunned while drenched in neon lights. You can see Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, Jhoanna, and Sheena definitely pouring their hearts out, owning the streets of New York like their own concert stage, capturing the attention of the passersby who’ve become their instant fans. In Times Square, where their Na Na Na presentation was set, they even met a K-Pop cover group who knew BINI and spent a cute little moment with them. 

Meanwhile, BGYO also came prepared, coming off of their Los Angeles trip, as they promoted their sophomore album BE:US this time in the East Coast. Akira, Gelo, JL, Mikki, and Nate will make you swoon as they passionately give it all out with their performances of their comeback pop track The Baddest and the BE:US’ lead single Magnet. The talented pentad also brought some summertime vibe to the freezing Domino Park with their Be Us set while overlooking the picturesque Williamsburg Bridge. 

“Even in between shoots, people would come up and watch us or ask us what we’re doing and say, ‘Oh, I’ll check out your music!’ So, there’s a lot of welcoming people while shooting too,” BGYO’s Nate enthused. It was such a proud moment for the boys who also gained new international fans, some of them even describing their first time watching BGYO as a “mind-blowing” experience. 

If there’s anything that the MTV Asia feature has put to the fore, it’s that BINI and BGYO definitely have the global appeal and can no doubt compete on the international arena without much sweat. Apart from showcasing their talents, which they overflow with, their successful MTV Jammin’ stint is a reminder that BINI and BGYO have the potential to be, as BINI Aiah describes their 2023 wish, household names in the industry. And with their current winning momentum and their passion for P-Pop, we know that that dream is within reach.

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