7 Times BGYO Left The Internet Shaking In Its Boots

This is #BGYO's Gelo right?

Breaking the internet? That’s just a regular afternoon for P-pop’s Aces, BGYO.

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It doesn’t take much for BGYO to land on the trending tab. Nearly everything they do, whether it be a new comeback, performance, or video, you can expect their fans and P-pop aficionados to get talking. But over their two years and counting as a group, the guys have managed to find themselves the talk of the social media town square thanks to a variety of things, whether it is intentional or not. From their LSS-inducing music to attention-grabbing visuals, the boys of BGYO know a thing or two about breaking the internet. Here are just some of those viral moments.


Fans of the group know that there isn’t a single visual whole in BGYO. And that’s something the general public got to enjoy when one Twitter user shared Gelo’s 2×2 photo that quickly ricocheted across the bird app. Honestly, we don’t blame them given Kapitan’s visuals. It’s the kind of 2×2 photo we wish we all had. And the best part is that the replies to the tweet showed that the OP became a stan after. As they should.


BGYO's Gelo with SB19's Pablo and Ken

Despite how some may try to pit P-pop groups against each other, there’s nothing but love between these Pinoy idols. Case in point, the internet was set ablaze when Gelo was spotted with SB19’s Pablo and Ken at an event. Pinuno, Kapitan, and Ken in the same frame? It’s radiating P-pop rise energy.


While it may have been short-lived, the FranKira love team was a moment to remember. Akira’s return to acting in Bola Bola combined with Francie Diaz’s lead star turn got both casual and serious fans talking of this promising ship. Given how Akira and Francine are friends and have known each other for years, we may just see them in another project soon.


@whatsupitsjared Kuya, pahingi po ng chili oil. 🤪 @bgyo_jl #ChowkingDineWin BGYO AS CHOWKING CREW#BGYOChowkingDineWin #BGYO @bgyo_ph ♬ Best Time – BGYO

Despite still being relatively new to the scene, BGYO has already landed a slew of endorsements. And one of their biggest is being an ambassador for Chowking. As part of their work with the fast-food chain, the boys dressed up as Chowking service workers and served food at one of their branches. Little did BGYO know though that this promo activity would land them on millions of FYPs as videos of the boys in their uniforms went viral on TikTok. BGYO’s visuals strike again as people wanted to know where they could meet the handsome Chowking staff.


As their first-ever comeback, The Baddest already had a hype leading to its release. But it got even better when it was revealed that Liza Soberano starred in the music video alongside the boys. Even the members themselves couldn’t believe Liza was in the video. Talk about star power.


@i1ovenate @nate’s (bgyo’s) reaction when they recognized me 😆 @ museó meet & greet #bgyo_nate #bgyo ♬ original sound on – zi

What do you do when your fave idol recognizes you in real life from your fan account? That’s the moment an ACE, Zi, got to experience when during a BGYO meet and greet, Nate recognized who she was from her Instagram name. Over three million people on TikTok enjoyed Nate’s ecstatic reaction to this sana all moment.   


What we would give just to be able to hear BGYO’s Magnet for the first time again. The funky bop is arguably the best song off their second studio album, Be Us, and got us pressing the repeat button constantly. But aside from its quality, its music video is one of the hottest they’ve ever done with choreography that got even non-fans stanning.

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