Drag Mothers Take Center Stage In Lady Gagita’s Digital Series, ’Mudrakels’

They're mother, literally.

There’s nothing like the love of a drag mom, something that Lady Gagita is spotlighting with her digital series, Mudrakels.

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In the beautiful and colorful world of drag, drag mothers can be found at the heart of it all. Not only are these queens icons and legends in their own right, but they also are the backbone of nurturing the next generation of drag. They mentor, train, and help baby queens as they welcome them into their drag houses, and sometimes their actual homes.

Drag mothers are basically like the loving mother we all want, except that they know how to turn out a lip sync. This loving nature is something drag star Lady Gagita knows all too well as she is also a drag mother. And she’s championing that even further as the host of the new drag series, Mudrakels.  


A drag queen, female impersonator, and Drag Den contestant, now, Lady Gagita fronts Feel Good Studios’ latest YouTube seriesMudrakels. The show is all about the power of drag mothers and their inherent nature to help unleash people’s inner queens. And because this is drag we’re talking about, it’s done through makeovers.

The premise of the show sees eight drag mothers; Lumina Klum, Arizona Brandy, Collision Course, Mimi The Doll, Gorgeous Dawn, Pura Luka Vega, Mrs. Tan, and Lady Morgana, be paired up with young men and women, otherwise known as their “nakshie,” as the moms give their adopted a drag makeover. Each episode will center on two drag mothers and their daughters. Once the makeover is done, the two baby queens will then go into a head-to-head lip sync battle with the winner moving forward as the queens battle their way to the top. The final winning pair will then be crowned the top mudra and nakshie.

Aside from the fact that we get yet another drag show to binge (and not to mention more screen time for Lady Morgana and Pura Luka Vega), the show also gives a spotlight to local drag mothers, something that we need more of. Seeing them interact with their new children also puts a smile on our hearts because of the way they help them find that spark and realize their self-worth. And props to Mudrakels for including both men and women because, as we all know, drag can be done by everyone.

New episodes of Mudrakels premiere every week on Feel Good Studios’ YouTube channel.

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7 Times Miles Ocampo And Sharlene San Pedro

7 Times Miles Ocampo And Sharlene San Pedro Were The Most Supportive Beshies

Big Beshie Energy.

From child stars to certified actresses, Miles Ocampo and Sharlene San Pedro are the talented besties we want to hang out with.

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It is often said that talent attracts talent. So, it’s no wonder that Miles Ocampo and Sharlene San Pedro are best friends. In the storied tale of celebrity friendships, Sharlene and Miles stand the test of time with their bond lasting ever since they were on Goin’ Bulilit. The two are besties, or beshies as they like to call each other, for a reason. Whether it be traveling to other countries or enjoying concerts together, Miles and Sharlene have done it all, always there to be there for each other. Here are just some moments when the duo got us wishing we had our own supportive beshie.


Not only did Miles and Sharlene deliver a joint slay at the 2019 ABS-CBN Ball, but they also got ready together to do so. Both actresses glammed up in the same room before the ball, as friends do. See, that’s what happens when you think economically.


Turing 18 is a big moment that many people choose to celebrate with their family and close friends. So, when Sharlene celebrated her 18th birthday, she decided to go to Australia and bring Miles with her. The two, along with their moms, enjoyed the sights and other treasures the Land Down Under had to offer. What makes it even better was that Miles didn’t have a grand celebration when she turned 18, so the two stars got to celebrate together.  


Sharlene and Miles have known each other since they were castmates on Goin’ Bulilit. However, the two weren’t initially close, with Miles chalking it up to their two-year age gap. Things started to change though when their moms started becoming close, and, as a result, Sharlene and Miles started spending more time together. Once the two starred on Luv U together though was when their friendship crystallized. It’s a bond that remains solid to this day. They’re almost sisters at this point with how much they know about each other and the time they’ve spent together.


During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, friends weren’t allowed to see each other in person for months. That applied as well to Sharlene and Miles. So, it made for the sweetest of surprises when Miles traveled to Sharlene’s home just to surprise her. Naturally, they had a good time with their in-person reunion and bonded, among other things, over food.  


If there is a competition between friends who send the best birthday messages to each other, Miles and Sharlene would be the team to beat with the way they always know what to say to each other. Miles even prepared a cute minimalist cake for her beshie during Sharlene’s birthday in 2022.


Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating the love between couples. It is also a time to celebrate friendships and the people who you hold close to your heart for non-romantic reasons. That’s exactly what Miles and Sharlene did when they were each other’s Galentine’s date. Low-key the love these two have for each other can compete against some couples.


Recently, the two stars have been the talk of the town thanks to their performances in recent projects; Sharlene as Moon Young in Ten Little Mistresses and Miles as a young Marites Dimaguiba in Batang Quiapo. The latter in particular has been receiving widespread critical acclaim thanks to Miles’ award-worthy acting. And one of the many fans of Miles’ performance is Sharlene who took to Twitter to show love to her beshie. Friends who slay roles together, stay together.

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new ppop groups

11 New P-pop Groups To Keep On Your Stan Radar

P-pop rises again.

Another year, another batch of rookie P-pop groups entering the scene to watch out for.

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While some may say that the new generation of P-pop is just a fad, it has proven to be a more than robust moment in OPM. The success of SB19, the continued growth of established bands like BGYO, BINI, and Alamat, and the 2nd edition of PPOPCON show the new era of P-pop is here to stay. With further room to grow, the genre continues to thrive as more P-pop groups hit the scene. The roster of active P-pop groups continues to get bigger, and honestly, the more, the merrier. Check out these rookie and soon-to-be debuting groups that may just become the next big thing.


Since 2018, the girls of YGIG have been training for their debut under SBTalent Camp. And now, their time has come. Composed of members Alexei, Jewel, JM, Maeg, Hazelyn, and Vien, YGIG (which stands for You Go, I Go), made their debut last November with the insanely catchy Shaba Shaba. While SBTown Philippines’ first girl group is down one member, that isn’t stopping their momentum with a new song, debut album, and national tour currently in the works.


ABS-CBN and MLD Entertainment’s special competition show, Dream Maker, promised to deliver a global male pop group. And that’s what we got when the finale episode formed HORI7ON, a seven-member group composed of finalists Jeromy, Marcus, Kyler, Vinci, Reyster, Kim, and Winston. Though they’ve only been active for a few weeks, the group has a lot of exciting career moves coming. For starters, they are set to have events and other activities in the country in March. Then, they’re flying to South Korea for further training under MLD before debuting in the country sometime in June. The horizon looks bright for the boys.


This four-member party initially started as a pre-debut group from ShowBT Philippines. However, Rocher, Angelou, Christa, and Kim decided to strike out on their own and rebrand as YARA and competed in POPinoy, a P-pop competition show that aired on TV5 in 2021. Their talent was apparent from the jump and ended up being one of the two overall winners of the show. Since then, they’ve been slowly building themselves and growing their fanbase. This March is set to be a big one for the girls with the release of their debut single, ADDA, on the 3rd.


After hitting the mark with VXON and G22, Cornerstone Entertainment looks to deliver P-pop gold once more with their latest P-pop boy group, Yes My Love. Touching upon a more romantic concept, Yes My Love is composed of six members; Brian, RZ, Niko, Jeff, Eli, and Joshua. If the boys look familiar, that’s because four of them competed in Top Class with Jeff even winning the whole thing alongside four other finalists. So far, they’ve just dropped dance and song covers, but those demonstrate their potential. 


There’s a buzzing sound in the P-pop air as HYV is coming our way. Composed of members Kali, Jules, Sora, and Lee-An, the boys are set to make their official debut with ALAWKULAY (Sick of Hue) this March 17. You can also catch them as part of PPOPCON’s mall shows.   


This six-member group from BC Entertainment Productions is made up of members Wiji, Pen, Jai, Sevi, Saki, and Drew. While they have yet to make their official debut, they have treated their fans, called ENSENSE, to a few pre-debut tracks such as 6oodBoy and Hindi Na.



While the group’s name is an acronym for the first letter of the members’ first names, the fact that it also sounds very similar to Aja!, the Korean term meaning Fighting, feels quite appropriate. Composed of members Ash, JC, Axel, and Alex, the four-member rookie group comes from Cornerstone Entertainment. AJAA looks to deliver quality performances made for the stage with their mix of vocals, visuals, and rap.


Like with Yara, VER5US won POPinoy as the top boy group. Since then, Khenne, Joerell, Gab, Ken H., and Josh G. have been entertaining their Allies (fandom name) and slowly building a name for themselves in the P-pop scene.


From BLVCK Entertainment comes this girl group composed of members Ya-Ra, Candance, Po-La, Krys-Tin, and Shanice. While their activities haven’t been much since their formation, the group has already made a splash thanks to their performance at BLVCK Entertainment’s Valentine’s concert, the group’s first-ever concert performance.


If you follow the SBTalent Camp trainees, then you’d be familiar with the male trainees who frequent their posts. But this March, those six guys will go from trainees to official P-pop idols with the official launch of SBTown’s next boy group, PLUUS, coming this March. Combining the words Plus and Us, PLUUS, is ready to show the world their talents.


Remember Top Class? The P-pop reality show that brought together top Pinoy talents to form the next top P-pop boy group? Well, that’s YAMA or at least part of it. Following the show’s finale, it was revealed that some of the finalists decided to go their separate ways as the rest of the remaining members fell under the management of kumu. Since then, they’ve added more members which give us the current lineup of Gilly, Lex, Dean, Clyde, Gab, Rave, and Joshuel. It’s been a ride for this P-pop group, but hopefully, their careers won’t be as bumpy.

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9 Unforgettable, Core Memory-Worthy Performances From Wanderland Festival To Get You Hyped Up This Year

It's Wanderland season.

In celebration of Wanderland Music and Arts Festival’s much-awaited return this March, here are some of the highlights from past editions.

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Just like that, we’re now entering the last days of February, which means a new month beckons with all its challenges, uncertainties, and surprises. But March doesn’t just signal the start of the summer season, it also offers one of the most exciting musical events this year with just the right amount of wonder and motivation to keep you going: Wanderland Music and Arts Festival. 

Produced by Karpos Multimedia, Inc., Wanderland is set to make its much-anticipated return this year after its in-person activities were put to a halt in the past few years. Dubbed as Wanderland: The Comeback, this edition promises the Wanderers a much bigger and wonderful sonic and artistic experience. With March 4 and 5 just a couple of weeks away, let’s look back at past performances that, whether you’re a patron or not, will give you all the right reasons to grab that Wanderland ticket.


One of the OG performers of the first-ever Wanderland edition almost a decade ago is the Pinoy indie rock band Up Dharma Down. UDD first graced the Wanderland stage in 2013 where they performed alongside other international and local alternative artists. The foursome came back in the jungle-themed 2017 edition where they once again brought some 2000s nostalgia to the Wanderers like in their Sana set that’s filled with vibes you’d wish you were there.


Speaking of Wanderland 2017, a definitive highlight was LANY’s ILYSB performance that left attendees with a core memory to look back on and non-attendees a case of FOMO. Thanks to Wanderer, Danwill, a special moment where the audience passionately sings along with Paul Klein was captured. That’s the magic of Wanderland we’re for sure looking forward to in its comeback.


Now who would forget that time when a wedding proposal opened IV of Spades’ Wanderland stint last 2018? A magical moment, yes, and knowing that the rock band is still on a hiatus, watching their Mundo performance is a great way to remind us of the hitmaker group’s spellbinding talent. And more importantly, this is also a reminder of the wonderful experiences that you get to have in Wanderland.


Another legendary OPM act who has shared their greatness in Wanderland is Sandwich. The five-piece alternative rock band stayed true to the magic-themed fest in 2019, rocking it out with their fans to their iconic banger, Betamax. The way the audience joins Raymund Marasigan in singing “Ipagpatuloy ang daloy ng alon…” is really something to marvel at. And it hits different especially knowing that this was the last Wanderland edition just before the pandemic happened.


Another performance that will go down in Wanderland history as one of the most memorable is Lauv’s presentation of his smash hit of a bop, I Like Me Better, in 2018. What’s a better feeling than to vibe to your favorite music with your favorite artists just like the Wanderers during Lauv’s set? We’ll wait. Just look at that satisfying artist-fan chemistry that we all want to revel in.


Look at how the crowd went wild at this Kid Cudi set back in the 2015 camp edition of Wanderland. The headline act that year, the American rapper and songwriter was in his element, casually dropping the bars and beats of Pursuit of Happiness as per his nature. And with Wanderland’s jam-packed lineup this year, this festival energy is not to be missed.


Imbibing the space theme of Wanderland 2016, American indie folk band Bon Iver gave an otherworldly performance that transported the audience to an ineffable sonic space. Band founder and singer-songwriter Justin Vernon flexed his musical prowess, captivating his audience with a wondrous rendition of Woods.


As we’re all aware of, 2020 was the year everything stopped. But while in-person concerts and shows were put on pause, the Wanderland magic continued with a sports-themed online event called Homecourt that featured an irresistible roster of artists. One of them was the Thai musician and Lover Boy hitmaker Phum Viphurit who blessed us all with his groovy earworms including Softly Spoken and Hello, Anxiety. His performance, all 40 minutes of it, was filled with the feels and beats that would put you in your best mood.


And finally, we have Ben&Ben’s Maybe The Night performance. Our go-to band for everything achingly beautiful, the nine-member folk pop act’s rendition of their hit romantic ballad shows us why music festivals like Wanderland should be on your bucket list. It allows us to just stay in the now and appreciate each second with some great music to comfort us.

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12 Morenas You Can Look Up To For Beauty Inspo

Beyoncé raised them well.

These brown-skinned girls are doing what they have to do.

Ang ganda mo, kaya lang maitim,” and ”’wag ka magbabad sa araw, iitim ka lalo,” are just some of the unnecessary and downright cruel comments brown-skinned girls normally get. The worst part is that most Filipinas have been compelled to grow accustom to these micro aggressions.

But thanks to morenos and morenas like Bretman Rock, Mimiyuuuh, the conversation and stigma on our naturally toasty complexion has become more normalized. Below, we’ve rounded up 12 personalities who’ve taught us to embrace the skin that we’re in.

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Gabbi Garcia’s that pretty girl with the enviable complexion most people want to achieve. Her warm blush of choice in contrast with the actress’ natural color is our new go-to for that effortless look. Very recently, Gabbi was announced as LazBeauty’s ambassador, further emphasizing that more and more morena girls are taking up space in the beauty plane. As they should.


We love how MUPH hopeful Angelique Manto almost always has no makeup on. The honey blonde highlights emphasize her morena glow even more.


If anyone’s ever told you that pastel colors make brown skin look ”muddy” or ”ashy,” they’re lying. Content creator Marj Maroket always proves them wrong with her dainty, candy-colored eye makeup looks.


Our favorite motivational speaker just had to be in this list. Mimiyuuuh is the morena girl who’s always been unapologetic about her brown skin and we’re here for it.


The baddest of them all, it’s no secret that Bretman Rock grew to love himself and his Filipino roots even more over the years. That Hawaii glow will always hit different.


If anything, the Filipino-Aussie singer has taught young girls to be themselves no matter where they grew up in. Ylona keeping her poppin’ morena skin no matter where she goes is comforting.


Ayn Bernos is one of the first Filipina content creators who openly educates her audience about topics on colorism. It’s one of the reasons that pushed her to co-found local brands Morena the Label and Kayu Beauty


Voice talent and host Inka Magnaye always keeps it real on her platform. Just a few months ago, she even proudly showed her stretch marks and assured everyone that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.


Kate Valdez is one of the few actresses who keep their looks experimental not just with the makeup, but her curly hair as well. We stan.


Don’t let her quiet nature fool you. Kiana V makes sure that she shares an empowering self-love message to her fans through her music.


This model and ex-PBB housemate’s face card never declines. From her TikToks to her Instagram posts, Lou Yanong never misses.


Ever since she entered showbiz, Nadine was always bullied for her morena complexion. Thankfully, she doesn’t care enough to let it get to her and even clapped back at a basher who told her to bleach her skin.


The Eraserheads Brings OPM Magic Around The Globe With Their World Tour

Gusto mo bang sumama?

After their historic reunion concert last year, The Eraserheads will bring iconic OPM greatness to the world this 2023.

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If there’s a local pop culture event that should be added to the history books stat, The Eraserheads’ reunion concert last year is definitely on the top of the list. After more than a decade, the promise of an epic comeback show had been granted last December 22, 2022 when Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Raimund Marasigan, and Marcus Adoro let thousands of reunion-hungry fans in on one nostalgic and euphoric night with their Ang Huling El Bimbo concert. 

And just as they should, the OPM legends are not done spreading the magic of their music just yet. After making a historic get-together in Manila, The Eraserheads are set to take on the world bringing the wonder of their timeless music to their passionate Pinoy fans worldwide. Just like the lyrics to Alapaap, The Eraserheads is ready to share the ineffable joy that their music carries, “hanggang sa dulo ng mundo.” The question is: “gusto mo bang sumama?”


It was first announced days after their sold-out and jam-packed reunion concert that The Eraserheads will next take on the global stage with their Ang Huling El Bimbo world tour this 2023. And finally, earlier this month, the first dates of their North America leg were finally unveiled. 

The Eraserheads world tour

In May, the iconic four-piece band will perform in Las Vegas, Nevada, and in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. Come June, and all the Filo fanatics in New York and Canada will be blessed with some Eraserheads goodness. While the complete dates have yet to be released, it’s also confirmed that the Ang Huling El Bimbo world tour will have stops in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

“Each show will be a two-hour production featuring a set list of staple Eraserheads favorites,” shares The Eraserheads team in an interview while stressing that every show will offer a distinct experience. “Fans can expect the band’s top hits to be performed, but each night will also include different songs unique to each city so no two shows are completely alike.”

The Ang Huling El Bimbo world tour will be organized by WEU Event Management Services, DVent Productions and NY Entourage Productions, the same promoters who were responsible for The Eraserheads reunion concert last December where they performed thirty one songs to a whopping 75,000 people. Knowing their legendary influence and impact, we’ll for sure get to see the same immense support for The Eraserheads internationally.

Meanwhile, The Eraserheads’ vocalist Ely Buendia will also bring great OPM music to the United States this coming March with his three-day tour in Chicago, Illinois, Houston, Texas, and Tampa Bay, Florida. But before this, the Pinoy superstar will first grace the Clark Aurora Music Festival stage for an exclusive performance.

To know more about the Ang Huling El Bimbo world tour, head over to the event’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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SB19 Talks About Breaking Into The World Stage In Their ‘K-pop Generation’ Spot

Global pop group things.

Because of their rise to fame and undeniable global impact, SB19 was featured in the South Korean docuseries, K-pop Generation.

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Five years in the music industry, SB19 has consistently been on an unprecedented upward trajectory, proudly championing Pinoy pop music wherever they go. A global pop group sensation, that’s what Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken, and Justin have become in their triumphant and vibrant musical career. With absolutely no signs of stopping anytime soon, their global appeal and success story take center stage in an episode of the South Korean digital docuseries, K-pop Generation, where SB19 is featured among other successful international pop groups. 


Earlier this year, South Korean streaming platform Tving premiered K-pop Generation, an online docuseries that covers various K-pop related topics including the industry’s hottest pop groups and self-produced artists. In a press release, Tving explains that their new show aims to shed light on “K-pop’s current influence and controversies surrounding it” with diverse perspectives from fans, international experts, and music critics across the world.

In its fourth episode, K-pop Generation zeroes in on K-pop’s global impact, which has led to the evolution of international pop music scenes like P-pop. “I think it’s the result of exporting Korean know-how; exporting the know-how and the platform,” says Japanese DJ and music critic Furuya Masayuki. “It’s localized in each country and region. We’re entering an era of creating new values.”

And there’s no other group that can best represent and attest to this than the ones who helped pioneered the new era of P-pop, SB19. Being the only Filipino pop group featured in the docuseries, it shows how SB19 has left an indelible mark in the global pop culture scene that it deserves to be studied. “SB stands for ‘Sound Break,’” explains Stell after an edit of the pentad’s historic and chart-topping successes. “[It means] breaking into the music scene here in the PH and also to promote Filipino music and culture to the world stage.”

As you already know, Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken, and Justin have undergone years of training—the same type of priming given to K-pop idols—from ShowBT Philippines, a subsidiary of the South Korean entertainment agency, ShowBT. SB19 Pablo shares how their choice to join the company is inspired by the flourishing and successful Korean entertainment scene and its way of training its artists. 

In another statement that will make any A’TIN proud and teary-eyed, Pablo tells the story of SB19’s humble beginnings. “After a year we released our second single called Go Up, it also didn’t make it to the crowd as well. But after we posted our dance practice video on YouTube, someone posted it on Twitter and it got viral. And that’s the time when people started recognizing us. That’s also the time we named our fandom A’TIN. And so we’re really really thankful.”

SB19 K-pop Generation documentary

“Most of us had the same vision,” adds Josh. “We wanted to make a change in the industry.” Having consistently raised the bar of P-pop music with their undeniable talent and creativity, it’s just reasonable to say that indeed, SB19 has changed the game.  “That’s why we came up with the name ‘Sound Break,’” Josh continues. “It means breaking into the music industry in the Philippines and hopefully in the world as well. And I think that’s what we’re doing right now. We’re very lucky and fortunate that we’re able to do it slowly but surely.”

With focus on K-pop’s influences on the music industry, K-pop Generation has already featured and will continue to feature K-pop stars across different generations including ENHYPEN, Kangta of H.O.T, Leeteuk of Super Junior, Suho of EXO, Hwasa of Mamamoo, 2PM, TXT, IVE, and Le Sserafim. SB19’s K-pop Generation spot is one of the many proof that the P-pop idols are of global caliber and have greatly contributed to the growth and continuous development not only of Filipino pop music but also of the global pop culture.

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What Else You Can Expect From The MCU This 2023

All roads lead to Kang.

Now that Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is out, we have a clearer picture of where Phase Five of the MCU is heading.

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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

After an uneven Phase Four, a new era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has begun with the recent release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which also serves as the official start to Phase Five. And if you’ve seen the movie, you probably know where the rest of the new phase is going now that certain pillars have been established.

To be an MCU fan these days is interesting, to say the least, both because of how the bigger picture in the MCU is clearer and recent interviews from Kevin Feige and other reports suggesting we’ll be seeing some content curation to deal with franchise fatigue. But regardless, the release of Ant-Man 3 is just the first in what could be an exciting slate for the MCU this year. So, here are the big projects coming this year as the Kang Dynasty officially makes its mark on the MCU.  


While James Gunn is the new head honcho over at DC, he still has one more project with Marvel. And fittingly, it’s the swan song of our favorite ragtag team of universe-spanning charismatic aliens with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. The trilogy-ending film will see the Guardians go on a mission that may very well be their last with the current lineup. It will also put the spotlight on Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) in his pre-mutant era with the team coming face-to-face with the man who made Rocket that way, High Evolutionary.

Also coming along in this wild cosmic ride is the telepath Cosmo the space dog, Lylla the anthropomorphic otter, and the debut of Adam Warlock (Will Poulter), who definitely has a bone to pick with the Guardians. Dave Bautista has been vocal about how this movie will be the last time he’ll play Drax on screen. So, as one team says goodbye, a new generation may take their place. The film arrives in theaters on May 5.


Up until this point, the shape-shifting Skrulls in the MCU are known to be friendly. That may change once Secret Invasion drops. This series that takes its name from the seminal comic story sees Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) team up once more as they try to stop nefarious forces from undermining the world from within.

The show is described as the MCU’s take on a political thriller, which already has us excited. The inclusion of Emilia Clarke and Olivia Colman in their MCU debut roles is another reason to tune in. And of course, Secret Invasion could be an ambitious crossover event and have far-reaching consequences for the multiverse. The show is slated to drop on Disney+ on June 21.


Loki and Slyvie

If you stayed until the end of the credits for Ant-Man 3, then you probably have an idea of what season two is all about. Following that cliffhanger in season one, season two of Loki is set to follow the god of mischief on more time-based adventures as he looks to undo the mess of the multiverse after Sylvie killed He Who Remains at the end of time. Kang the Conqueror looks to play a big part in the new season, so the MCU’s first show to have a second season may shake the multiverse once more. The series is set to stream on Disney+ later this year.


A triple Marvel team-up? That’s what The Marvels is all about. The sequel is set to focus on Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani), and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) teaming up after they discover that their powers are intertwined. The film’s tagline of “Higher. Further. Faster. Together” is a direct reflection of that as it is the same tagline as the 2019 original with the inclusion of Together. And for the K-drama fans out there, the sequel will also serve as Park Seo-joon’s debut in the MCU. Before the movie releases on November 10, we recommend you catch up on Captain Marvel, WandaVision, and Ms. Marvel, in that order.

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TikTok Gave Us A Behind-The-Scenes Look Into How Maria Clara At Ibarra Was Made

Even the BTS of MCI is cinematic.

Peek behind the curtain in the making of Maria Clara at Ibarra courtesy of one of the show’s cinematographers.

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While “Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo but make it Gen Z” seems like a weird elevator pitch to some, it served as the perfect premise for GMA’s latest hit teleserye, Maria Clara at Ibarra. The story of a young medical student, Klay, getting transported into the world of Jose Rizal’s seminal books captured the country’s attention. From quality production design, top-notch acting, relevant themes, and unexpected love teams, MCI was giving what audiences wanted and needed in a modern Filipino teleserye. It proved to be so popular that the show got a one-week extension to flesh out the FiLay love story more.

But with the show’s success, curious minds may want to know how GMA pulled off this undertaking. That question doesn’t need a long search thanks to one of the show’s cinematographers, Coke Cruz. Over the past few months, she has been posting on her TikTok account behind-the-scenes moments of the show and life as a camera operator. It all makes for an interesting behind-the-curtain peak into the breakthrough teleserye. In honor of the show’s finale on February 24, here are some must-see BTS moments.


@cokecrz Pilot episode ⏳ #fyp #mariaclaraatibarra #mcai #bts ♬ Pretty Girl – Clairo

If there’s anything to take away from this video, it’s the importance of the actor and crew working together. Even something as simple as opening a door is choreographed to give the desired effect.


@cokecrz Blocking duties 👮🏻‍♀️ #fyp #mariaclaraatibarra #mcai #bts ♬ оригинальный звук – NELYRALL

One reason why MCI has been well-loved is because of how meticulous the show is. Just take a look at this behind-the-scenes moment where they had to move Julie Anne San Jose because she couldn’t be seen in the shot. And that’s on proper blocking.


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Fidel and Klay radiate so much kilig, even the camera operator was getting her whole life. She’s just like us, really. Here are more wholesome FiLay BTS moments because there’s no such thing as too much kilig.


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Watching Ibarra give his speech at the church gave us chills. So, we can only imagine how moving it must have felt to be right there filming the scene. Even Coke got teary-eyed filming the scene.


@cokecrz Try daw niya if mabigat. Ano? @David Licauco 😂 #fyp #behindthescenes #mariaclaraatibarra ♬ original sound – Coke

Those cameras the operators use to film aren’t easy to carry and haul around. Even our favorite ginoo, David Licauco, admitted that it was heavy. This is why we should always have sympathy for the staff.  


@cokecrz Now they’re together ❤️‍🩹 #fyp #behindthescenes #mariaclaraatibarra #mcai #sisa #crispin ♬ Here With Me – d4vd

Andrea Torres arrived on set and changed lives with her standout portrayal of Sisa. She gave it her all with even this BTS moment showcasing her acting prowess.


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Being part of a teleserye shoot is not easy. But it sure looks fun with the way you can interact with the stars and staff.  


@cokecrz 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #fyp #behindthescenes #mariaclaraatibarra #mcai #mariaclara #padresalvi #noli #elfili ♬ suara asli – 𝙈𝘼𝘼𝙇𝙇𝙀𝙀𝙎𝙎

If you ever wanted to know how that scene between Maria Clara and Padre Salvi in the convent was done, you got your wish. From Julie Anne San Jose’s acting to the cinematography, set design, and more, it all came together.  


@cokecrz Line: Patuloy kaming makikipag palitan ng putok 😂 #fyp #behindthescenes #cinematography #mariaclaraatibarra ♬ original sound – Coke

It’s not all seriousness on the set of Maria Clara at Ibarra. In a blooper shared by Coke, Elias (played by Rocco Nacino) was supposed to say “Patuloy kaming makikipag palitan ng putok.” But instead, Rocco said “Patuloy kaming makikipag pulutan.” Kuya, one case of beer and sisig at table six please.

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eaJ Muses On His New Music, Faith, And Self-Reflection

He fought through those demons.

With his new single, enemy, dropping this February 24, eaJ is ready for his new musical journey.

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Getting known worldwide as part of a K-band to striking it out on your own is not the easiest of transitions. It gets even harder when that move is brought about by personal reasons. That’s the scenario Jae, who now goes by the stage name of eaJ, had to deal with when he left Day6 and JYPE in early 2022. From being a member of Day6 to going solo in the last year, eaJ has been using the new chapter of his career to explore and hone what exactly he wants to say in his music.

That’s a shift seen with his recently released EP, smiling in insomnia!, a body of work that doesn’t shy away from discussing alcoholism and mental health. “I think the next couple of projects would be a better definition of where my music is leading to,” says the former K-pop star. The EP has been a long-time coming for his fans, as well as a personal one for the musician.

Interviewed live from his California abode, eaJ opened up on his new era, staying close to his faith, and more.


You would think that a project like a first EP would receive extensive promotion. But that wasn’t the case for eaJ. Writing all the songs for smiling in insomnia! didn’t pressure eaJ into worrying about getting this project promoted. “At the end of the day, the music is for the people who want to listen to it,” he says. What was on the agenda for eaJ was taking his time to make the music he wants. Getting to work with LA writers and producers for this EP and upcoming projects has been a breeze for him. “I set no goals for this EP, and I’m so sorry. But I hope everyone enjoys listening to it,” the 30-year-old reveals.

eaJ Nylon Manila

With that being said, that doesn’t mean he didn’t take the opportunity to meet his fans. One of his most high-profile performances in 2022 was his appearance in the Head In The Clouds festival series, which took him to Los Angeles, Jakarta, and Manila. eaJ even performed some of the songs on the EP in his set such as Traveler, a typical story, and castle in the sky. “For singers, the humidity is optimal weather, because it keeps your throat from being dry,” he says in reference to his Manila appearance, but admits he kept eating the fried chicken and burger steak repeatedly from Jollibee when he was in the country.

That didn’t stop him though from delivering what arguably was one of the highlights of the two-day festival, which included a heartfelt speech on finding that spark and shouting out artists who weren’t able to perform that day. “The turnout in the HITC Manila show was so sick, and you could hear people shouting my name,” he says through his beaming smile.


To know eaJ is to know that he has an eclectic sense of humor. His unserious, jokester personality isn’t news particularly to fans. And that was seen during the interview. “It was the perfume, a sweet smell of my first girlfriend,” reveals eaJ when asked about a nostalgic smell that reminds him of his childhood. As he thought it was a crazy question to ask, eaJ confesses that he can never forget it. “That smell I can’t forget because it was like first love, like puppy love. Looking back on it, I wanna forget the relationship because I was such a cringe and weird person,” he says, closing his eyes trying not to laugh.

eaJ Nylon Manila

This sense of humor though hasn’t always worked in his favor. Last year, he landed in hot water when, during one of his livestreams, he said some unsavory comments about one of his fellow Korean musicians. eaJ acknowledges that he was wrong and is actively learning to move forward to be a better person. One key tool in helping him get there is his Christian faith, a force that has guided him through the good and bad times.

In eaJ’s social media bios, they all have the quote “All glory to Him who has given all I have.” When asked about the significance of this quote, he shares, “I would have nothing without Him, because he allows me to have what I have.” He has gone back and forth with his faith but believes God has looked out for him throughout his life. Instead of praying when he needs something nowadays, eaJ says, “I try to pray before meals before I sleep, and it rests my conscience.”


It’s safe to say then that the eaJ we first met as part of Day6 is not the eaJ we know now. He’s a multi-faceted man who isn’t afraid to get real and find inspiration where he can. Outside of the music realm, eaJ is an avid reader. His favorite novel is Perks of Being a Wallflower and even has a tattoo inspired by it.

This tattoo proved to be a profound one for eaJ as it bears the same name as one of his smiling in insomnia! EP songs titled wallflower. The tattoo is from the scene where Sam has her hands up in the air while Patrick drives through the tunnel. In that tunnel, Charlie says, “I feel infinite.” Feeling infinite resonates with eaJ because he has the freedom to be himself and do whatever he wants, such as getting more tattoos.

eaJ Nylon Manila

“One day, I just snapped and started to get tattoos like every day for two months.” As a former member of a Korean pop-rock band, he felt like there was a certain image he had to follow. “I was told what to do or what to say for the last decade of my life,” eaJ shares, scratching his head, trying to find the words for it. Most of the tattoos he got more of are inked on his left arm. Not all have meaning, but most of them represent his admiration for classical Korean artists from the Joseon Dynasty era.

Only a year into returning home to his stomping grounds in California, eaJ did some self-reflection. Apologizing for his actions and growing closer to his faith, eaJ is making progress on being the good person he already is. He is still the witty artist that his fans know him for, but is making music that speaks to a deeper sense. The outpouring of support he receives from his fans continues to give him the strength to make more music and especially take care of himself. He gracefully says, “I’m here for the long run, so let’s do this thing.”