The Shade Of It All: Philippine Beauty Brands Have Stepped Up And Released A Wider Shade Range 

All about the shades.

More shades to match? Yes, please. This is the future of Filipino beauty—and we’re just getting started.

It’s all about the base. There are a few steps to achieving this, but it all starts with the perfect shade match. The question is: how? For the longest time, there has been a general lack of inclusivity in the local beauty market, and we all know why. Over the years, we’ve seen the media glamorize whitewashing; from magazine covers, to TVCs, the media was all about showcasing light-skinned folk and skin whitening products. Morena representation was nowhere to be seen, and it carried on to the beauty industry. 

Slowly and surely, local beauty brands are finally stepping out of the societal norm, and launching makeup made for everyone. This is a big win for us Filipinos, because it’s the start of change. Gone are the days when concealer and foundation was available in two to three shades. The best part of this movement is that this teaches Filipino beauty enthusiasts to embrace their skin color—and it’s all thanks to these brands. 


Issy & Co. has been, and continues to be an innovator in the local beauty industry. Known for their fresh and beginner-friendly products, they have launched Next Level Skin: a 48-piece base makeup collection consisting of 24 concealer shades, 12 active skin tints, a powder foundation with 9 flexible shades, and 3 liquid illuminators with micro pearlescent pigments. This collection is by far the largest we’ve seen in the local market, which is not only a big win for the brand, but for Filipinos in general. 

Online shopping can be addicting, but when shopping for makeup, it can be frustrating, especially when you can’t try it in-store. The best part about this launch is that the brand designed the complexion products with a shade matrix system designed to give each person the best results when selecting the perfect shade online; from identifying your skin tone, to pinpointing your undertone.


From their slogan “Ganda for all,” Vice Co. has developed products catered to most skin types. From blushes, lipsticks, to now, a collection of eight foundation shades. Unfortunately, the Endlezzz G Dream Focus Weightless Foundation doesn’t have the widest shade range, but what sets the brand apart from other competitors is that you can mix and match to create an even wider shade range. 


Known for their sleek packaging and skin-loving products, Sunnies Face combines inclusivity and versatility for the those who are on-the-go. Their latest skin-enhancing complexion multistick, Skin So Good, is a multi-faceted product that can be used four ways: as foundation, concealer, highlight, and even contour. With 16 buildable shades, you are sure to complete your base routine in a matter of minutes. 


For the past few months, GRWM Cosmetics has been consistent when it comes to beauty releases. They really said: quantity AND quality. It’s not a secret that their products are revolutionizing the local beauty market, and their line of Radiance Tints are one of the reasons why. Packed with skin-loving ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acids, their multi-use concealers are also known to be buildable and long-wearing. Additionally, the complexion products come in 19 shades, including a white concealer, and a peach and green corrector which can be used for correcting darkness and redness on the skin. 

So many products, so little time. At the end of the day, picking the right product for you depends on what you want, and most importantly, what is best for your skin tone and skin type. What’s exciting is that we no longer have to search far and wide for makeup made for us, because who else can understand our skin other than our own? Makeup is definitely made easy, with these local brands. And hopefully in the future, the scope of inclusivity in beauty will be a base standard.

Featured image credits to Issy & Co and Sunnies Face Instagram

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