Lexie Liu Embodies Music That Breaks All Kinds Of Barriers

New gen muse.

With her cross-cultural sound and avant-garde style of music, Lexie Liu is doing all the right things to stay ahead of the curve. 

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Leaving your homeland to jumpstart a music career abroad is not easy. But when done right, it can pay off quite well. Hailing from China, Lexie Liu experienced exactly that when she went to South Korea in 2015 to participate in a local reality TV show competition. That experience fueled her more so she competed in a Chinese rap competition in 2018. Placing fourth in this tilt proved to be the spark and beginning of her fruitful solo career.

Few do what Lexie Liu does, which is one of the many reasons that make her a star. Her acclaimed music is her tool to speak to the new generation. She also is a pro in the collaborations department, with her most notable work getting to perform at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship stage to promote More, a single from the virtual girl group K/DA that she’s a part of. Her unique yet recognizable sense of style has also made her a high-fashion muse, collaborating with notable luxury brands such as Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton. 

NYLON Manila had the chance to speak with Lexie Liu where she opened up about working on her latest album, The Happy Star, singing in several languages, how she manages the work-life balance, and more.

The title track FORTUNA has lyrics, “Wish fortune to stay by my side,” repeated throughout the song. Should people rely on fortune tellers to predict their futures?

When confronted with fate, people are more or less helpless. I think it’s helpful to know what’s possibly coming in our lives so we can be mentally prepared but there’s no need for us to rely on any future predictions. Timelines are intertwined and if we change a mind, we can get on totally different paths that lead to a new future. The power is in us, internally.

All of the music videos for your critically acclaimed album The Happy Star have heavy, dark themes. However, the tracks for this album have a happy, upbeat vibe. Was this done intentionally to get your storyline across?

The contrast between darkness and light is the facade of duality that points direction to the ultimate balance of black and white, like the symbol of taichi: non-duality. The contrast between the music and the video piece together the story sonically and visually and brings in a new perspective to comprehend the content.

Lexie Liu

If you were a pro boxer or wrestler, what would your entrance song be?

MAGICIAN. (In reference to one of the tracks from The Happy Star album). That’s definitely a song for a powerful entrance.

You sing and write in Mandarin and English languages. Can you share with us how this has taught you to be a well-rounded musician? Should musicians write and sing in other languages aside from their native language?

For me, languages are useful tools in terms of songwriting because the unique vows, sounds and rhymes in each language bring new flavors to the songs. I feel like musicians can use any language they prefer if that’s the language that can express themselves the most and deliver their messages the best.

Lexie Liu

Do you think you’ll ever get used to being comfortable performing on stage?

I wish I can get used to it soon!

As the face of multiple brands from luxury vehicles to high fashion, which brand was a dream come true to work with?

Miu Miu. Been a fan of Miuccia PRADA since long ago.

Lexie Liu in a Miu Miu ad

You’re a music lover at heart and you continue to reinvent yourself in every album/EP you’ve released. Is it harder to stay in one genre or multiple genres with every song you create?

It’s harder to stay in one genre for me because that would feel like drawing myself a circle and not allowing myself to set foot outside.

Which comes first, pouring cereal or milk into your bowl?

I don’t usually eat cereal and milk, but I guess it’s cereal first?

Lexie Liu

What are some steps for finding a healthy balance between your work life versus personal life?

If I stay home all day, I spend the entire morning meditating, doing yoga and working out and I start working around 2 PM, take a cooking and dinner break around 4 PM and drag myself to bed at 11, I guess that’s quite balanced?

Share with us your long-term and short-term goals for the 2023 year.

Long term: spend this year in happiness.

Short term: make new music!

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