How TOMORROW X TOGETHER Tempted Us With Yet Another Exceptional Comeback

The devil said stan TXT.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER talks with NYLON Manila about their latest release, dealing with temptation, growing up, and more.

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From cats and dogs to bad boys, we’ve seen a lot from TOMORROW X TOGETHER on their journey from teens to young adults. Along the way, their music reflected this shift, highlighting both the good and the bad of being a youth of today. Now in their 20s, the boys are in that stage where they can all be considered young adults, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll accept the change so easily. This back and forth is the heart of the group’s latest comeback, one that showcases their maturity, all while never forgetting that youthful edge that has made them so loved.


Some of us have a fear of growing up while others embrace it. At the stage where our childhood ends and adulthood begins, not everyone feels ready to take on “adult” decisions and responsibilities. This concept is explored in TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s fifth EP—The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION. The title track, Sugar Rush Ride, which takes heavy cues from Peter Pan, sees Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai run away to Neverland and fight the “temptation” to postpone their growth. It’s a story continued in the remaining four songs on the EP, such as the vibey Happy Fools with Coi Leray and the Afrobeat-inspired Tinnitus (Wanna be a rock), arguably the standout of the album.

2022 was quite a year for TXT as they took home awards such as “Best Asia Act” from MTV Europe Music Awards and “Hero of the Year” from BandLab NME Awards. Furthermore, they were nominated “Favorite K-Pop Artist” at the American Music Awards and, among other achievements, embarked on a world tour. (The group is set for another tour later this year.)

But with all that, the boys were not complacent with their first comeback of 2023. From concept photos that shook the internet as the members showed the most skin they have to date to a special hotline MOA could call, the group put in the work. All their efforts were worth it given the praise they’ve received for the EP, as well as it becoming their biggest-selling album to date. 

NYLON Manila had the chance to speak to TXT where they opened up about their new EP release, recent achievements, and more.


The lead single of the album, Sugar Rush Ride, is about a boy falling for the temptations of a devil. What is something tempting that you’ve been wanting to try?

SOOBIN: The term “temptation” best describes the challenges that youths face on a daily basis during the journey of growing up. The first track, Devil by the Window, or the lead single, Sugar Rush Ride, revolves around the plot of a boy exposed to the devil’s whisper to give in to such temptations.

TAEHYUN: I was really tempted to try out a different concept and style of music compared to our last album minisode 2: Thursday’s Child. I think I achieved it through our 5th EP, The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION.

Another track from The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION album, Devil by the Window, is your second original English-language track. What is the significance of having a track fully written and sung in English for this album?

TAEHYUN: Devil by the Window is TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s second original English-language track after Magic. Having a song completely written and sung in English is a great challenge for all of the members. We have to pay more attention to the pronunciation, the meaning of the lyrics, and the melody. Singing the song didn’t come naturally, but I loved the challenge!

SOOBIN: The track opens up the album, and I think it’s a great song that kick-starts the tale of growth that The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION narrates.

The overall storyline of this album is about the youth on the brink of adulthood. Do you ever find yourself never wanting to grow up?

YEONJUN: The album’s message greatly resonated with me, because I feel that way sometimes. There have been a lot of temptations that could potentially hinder my growth. For example, every morning, I am tempted to sleep more. So, our songs speak more about fighting off the temptations than giving in to the temptations that are so prevalent.

As the first K-Pop group to perform at LOLLAPALOOZA 2022 in Chicago, what’s your “first” goal you’d like to accomplish next?

BEOMGYU: I think we have a lot more ahead of us to achieve. I believe there are still many more opportunities that are waiting!

HUENINGKAI: My biggest goal is to make our fans happy through our music and performances. I think all of our members would agree.


Soobin, being the leader of a music group comes with rewards but responsibilities as well. Is being a leader a characteristic or a personality trait?

SOOBIN: There are so many qualities that are asked of a leader. Responsibility, kindness, generosity, charisma…the list goes on forever. It’s both a characteristic and personality trait to be a leader of the group TOMORROW X TOGETHER that I constantly have and will work on.

Yeonjun, you’ve participated in New York Fashion Week and are currently an MC for Inkigayo. Do you find any similarities in these interests that you pursue? If so, has this taught you to venture outside of your comfort zone frequently?

YEONJUN: I think the commonalities that all of the activities share are my aspirations to try new things. As with music, I constantly challenge myself to think outside the box. I have so many interests, too! I believe that these characteristics are reflected in my participation in fashion and music shows.

Beomgyu, your father influenced your decision to become a musician and you played guitar growing up. Can you recommend and explain some of your favorite songs to play on the guitar?

BEOMGYU: I grew up listening to ABBA music with my father. He greatly influenced me to love music and foster the environment. There are so many great songs to play on the guitar, but I recommend playing one of TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s songs!                                                                        

Taehyun, you love to play sports and exercise. Is there a specific workout routine(s) that helps with your endurance and strength as a musician?

TAEHYUN: I try to work out every day. I think the dedication to get up and work out itself helps me to become a better musician by teaching me how to endure situations and work through them until the very end.

Hueningkai, you being the maknae has its perks. How do you manage to stay young at heart as you get older?                                                                      

HUENINGKAI: I realize that time flies by when I watch the Crown music video nowadays. I’ve grown older since my debut, but I believe that staying young depends on the person’s mindset. After all, I’ll always be the maknae of TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and would be the cute youngest member to our fans, MOA!


What is the most embarrassing or funny username you’ve created for any website?

HUENINGKAI: It’s a really fun question, but I would like to keep this a secret! I think all of our members would agree.

What kind of food or drink have you been ordering lately for take-out?

YEONJUN: I’ve been into bacon salad these days. I think it’s a good combination of eating healthy but also treating myself.

As musicians, you continue to work hard which keeps your fans happy as well. Is there a way that fans can return that happiness to you?

HUENINGKAI: We can’t ask more from our fans, MOA. They support us through the ups and downs. I think it’s our fans’ continuous love and support that really motivates us. Our MOA is the best! We love you!

All photos courtesy of Big Hit Music.

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