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MONSTA X Share Their Love For Fans And Their Reason As Artists In Music

MONSTA X is beautiful and they ain't no liars.

MONSTA X is giving us a lot of reasons to stan them this 2023.

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MONSTA X didn’t wait long to get the ball rolling this 2023 as they started off the new year with their comeback album, REASON, and single, Beautiful Liar. In this 12th mini-album, the six tracks explore the members’ reasons in relationships. Continuing to make impressive music, Shownu (who is currently serving in the military), Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M completed their long-awaited No Limit tour in 10 cities across the United States and three shows in their home country, South Korea. And with REASON, the group is giving us many reasons to look forward to what they have to offer this year.

Following the release of their new EP, NYLON Manila had the chance to speak to MONSTA X regarding their new music and much more. Read on below for the full interview.

Can you explain to your monbebes (MONSTA X fandom name) what is your REASON for existing and where you are today as musicians?

KIHYUN: We exist because of MONBEBES who listen to our music and watch our performances. As artists, I think we’ve come to a place where we can accurately convey our specific musical style and message to our listeners.

The title track, Beautiful Liar, revolves around the theme of love that can be found in extreme and dangerous relationships. How can you differentiate what is true love versus toxic love?

JOOHONEY: I think differentiating between the two is difficult, so I’d like to ask MONBEBE the same question.

What is the strangest or funniest picture in your camera roll?

JOOHONEY: The funniest photos are the ones of my members sleeping.

What’s the biggest thing that you’ve all learned since the beginning of this entire journey?

I.M: The biggest thing I’ve learned is that it’s not as big of a deal as I thought, meaning that I don’t have to worry too much.

If someone were to hack into your internet browsing history, what is the hacker going to find in your browsing history?

HYUNGWON: It’d mostly just be our recent content. Our Beautiful Liar music video, music show performances and fun content we’ve filmed lately.

Monsta X

Crescendo is a blend of drill music with traditional Korean instruments. Joohoney, where did the idea of incorporating Korean culture into this song come into play?

JOOHONEY: There was no particular inspiration for combining the two genres. I simply wanted to try creating a new kind of sound with traditional Korean instruments and came up with Crescendo.

Another B-side, Deny, was written and produced by IM. IM, what is something you can’t deny about yourself?

I.M: I can’t deny the fact that I love MONBEBE!

Monsta X

Hyungwon, you’ve been able to showcase your producing and DJing skills as time goes by. If there was an EDM and dance festival you performed at, who would be the ideal artists in your lineup?

HYUNGWON: My dream lineup would be Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris, Marshmello, Steve Aoki, and Alan Walker.

Not too long ago, Kihyun released two solo comebacks in one year. Kihyun, is it challenging to write your own music versus your group’s music?

KIHYUN: I have to spend more energy creating my music compared to our group’s work because every part of my solo work involves my personal thoughts and opinions. It doesn’t feel too difficult though because it feels more like I am creating something that’s my own.

Minhyuk, you’re known amongst your members to be the curious one. What is a curious fun fact that you’ve learned recently?

MINHYUK: A fun fact about myself is that I usually create my artwork with paint brushes, but I’ve been enjoying drawing on my tablet recently because there’s a different kind of charm to it.

Monsta X

For the past eight years, your group has managed to build a meaningful connection with your fanbase. Do you have advice for other music groups who want to build a solid relationship with their fans?

MINHYUK: The most important thing is to meet often and communicate together.

All photos courtesy of Starship Entertainment.

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