CRAVITY’s New Era Is All About Enjoying Yourself On Your Terms

Feel-good bops.

With NEW WAVE, CRAVITY channels fun times and new beginnings wrapped in bright and catchy pop production.

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Ever since CRAVITY made their debut in April 2020 with Break all the Rules, an overall theme of youth and finding themselves in the world has pervaded nearly all of the K-pop boy group’s releases. It was felt in their HIDEOUT series, which consisted of their first three EPs, as well as their two-part debut album. They’ve spent the first two years of their careers discovering who they are as individuals and that continues with the recent release of their fourth EP, NEW WAVE. But unlike their past releases, their new effort finds the group on a different, but more secure ground.


This new era sees the boys explore the feelings, emotions, and real youth that come with the freedom this chapter of their lives brings. As a result, the group has room to show new sides of themselves, with their music touching more on their growth as a group and maturity. This new side was on full display when the nine-member band surprised LUVITY, the name of their fans, with the release of Boogie Woogie, their first-ever English single. The funky groove is a solid feel-good number that stands out as one of the better English songs released by K-pop artists.

Its lead single, PARTY ROCK, is a bright blend of Pop, Rock, Funk, and EDM that feels fresh to the ears. The track feels like a warm welcome. NEW WAVE is a genuinely strong album that’s aided by the personal touch the members brought to it. Rappers Serim and Allen contributed to writing lyrics on multiple tracks while Woobin got his first ever producing credits in Colorful. Starship Entertainment’s 4th gen boy group didn’t miss in this body of work.

NYLON Manila had the chance to sit down with the boys for an interview where they opened up about their new album, working on an English track, positive vibes, and much more. Read on below for the full interview.

What was the concept behind “Boogie Woogie”?

MINHEE: We wanted to make a fun track that we could dance to with LUVITY.

TAEYOUNG: It’s an easy listening song and it is easy for our international fans to sing along to.

WONJIN: Our fans abroad have a lot of energy so we wanted to see how much energy they can show us while enjoying this song.

Why did you decide to release “Boogie Woogie” in all English?

JUNGMO: After COVID19, we were finally able to go overseas to see our international fans. We wanted to release a song that we could all sing in the same language in order to connect better with our fans. 

What was it like working on the song?

HYEONGJUN: It was really difficult because it isn’t in our native language, but ALLEN helped us out a lot.

ALLEN: The song is very bright and upbeat so we had a great time while recording it.

The positive vibes that radiate from “PARTY ROCK” is very much apparent. When you guys were recording the track, where do you guys find the inspiration to bring out that positivity?

CRAVITY: It’s from LUVITY of course!

TAEYOUNG: While I was recording, I imagined singing together with LUVITY at our music shows now that many COVID19 restrictions have been lifted. 

How do you guys decide on choosing your title track?

MINHEE: We choose after thinking a lot about what would best fit CRAVITY’s style and color. 

Woobin participated both in the composing and writing processes for “Colorful”. What was it like being able to put your creative stamp on the track especially this is the first self-produced song by CRAVITY?

WOOBIN: It felt really good to be able to add my self-produced track to this album. I thought about what would be the best way to express the members and came up with the idea of colors. Several members took part in writing the raps for our previous tracks but it was the first time one of us released a self-produced track so it was especially meaningful for me!

‘NEW WAVE’ marks your first new release since releasing your two part album earlier this year. What can fans expect from this new era of CRAVITY?

SEONGMIN: During our “PARTY ROCK” promotions, we wanted to clearly express ourselves so it will be great if you pay attention to our hair, make up and styles that fit with our concept.

Given how ‘NEW WAVE’ focuses on new beginnings as youth, what was the last time you did something for the first time?

JUNGMO: I tried a new hair style to expose my forehead when taking our album jacket photos this time. I think trying out a new style you haven’t tried before is like taking on a new challenge.

HYEONGJUN: I recently wore a crop top for the first time!

Which song/s on the album are you most excited for fans to hear?

MINHEE: “Colorful” because it has such a beautiful meaning.

ALLEN: “Knock Knock” because we have been saving it for about a year now and we finally released it in this album.

What do you hope LUVITY take away from your new mini-album?

WOOBIN: LUVITY will know how handsome CRAVITY looks in real life now!

SERIM: We want LUVITY to feel happy because CRAVITY is always with them.

TAEYOUNG: We couldn’t see each other before because of the pandemic so I hope this album and our promotions will feel like a gift and make you forget about those hard times.

WONJIN: I hope our songs will make shy people able to freely enjoy themselves and newly realize that they didn’t know they could have this much fun! 

What is one thing about CRAVITY that you wish more people knew?

WOOBIN: We are really funny, witty, thoughtful and good at what we do! We have great potential and skill as a group so I hope people will see that we work hard to always show a new and improved side of us.

WONJIN: We haven’t been able to spend much time in person with LUVITY so I hope you see us truly having fun performing during our promotions this time!

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