With ‘FLASH,’ The Girls Of Rocket Punch Deliver Their Best Yet

Delivering bops three years into their careers.

If you were looking for that sign to give K-pop girl group Rocket Punch a listen, their latest comeback single FLASH is absolutely it.

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If you’ve been paying attention to the 4th generation of K-pop, especially these past couple of years, you would know that the girl groups have really been doing the most. Many of the K-pop biggest tracks from this batch come from girl groups. But when it comes to talking about the new K-pop girl groups who have been slaying the game, Rocket Punch usually isn’t in that conversation just yet. But that probably is set to change. When the six-member girl group under Woollim Entertainment made their debut in August 2019, the group was noted for their fun pop bops that satisfied KETCHY, the name of their fans. And while the group has scored some solid singles like Ring Ring and BIM BAM BUM, they haven’t got that single that really pushed them into the mainstream.


Their latest comeback FLASH feels like a song that’s designed to do just that. Released on August 29, 2022, FLASH garnered Rocket Punch some of their best reviews in their career so far. Many praised the solid pop banger for its solid production, catchy beat, and LSS-inducing chorus. The song’s positive reception helped garner the group more recognition and even scored their best first day sales yet.

FLASH is arguably one of the best K-pop songs of 2022 so far and a track that many K-pop fans should give at least one listen to. The song has shown people that Rocket Punch is a group worth stanning and that they have an arsenal of bops ready at their disposal. You could see this as one of those breakthrough K-pop moments. But if you ask Rocket Punch themselves, the girls will tell you that this is just the next step in their careers. NYLON Manila had the opportunity to chat with Rocket Punch were the girls opened up about their new comeback, the reception of FLASH, and much more. Read on below for the full story.

Congratulations on the release of FLASH. It’s an amazing song. How does it feel to have your new single album out to the public?

YEONHEE: As much as we prepared this with much effort, we are so happy that we’re receiving a lot of love from KETCHY!

What is the concept behind FLASH?

SUYUN: In this album, you’ll be able to see Rocket Punch’s growth and maturity with the prom party concept! And we’re having a different party every moment on stage, so please check out our performance!

Could you share what it was like working on FLASH? What was the process like?

YUNKYUNG: First of all, we prepared a new kind of music that is different from our previous song, so we were half worried and half excited about how the public would react. But I was relieved that many people liked it! We kept revising the choreography and contemplating a lot to express the title song well with the members.

What do you think differentiates FLASH from your past singles?

DAHYUN: We’ve shown you a lot of our bouncy and energetic sides before, but you’ll be able to see us more mature this time. I think our dance and music style has changed a lot as well.

What do you hope fans take away from your new comeback?

JURI: I want them to think, “Rocket Punch has no limit, they’re pretty, and we’ll look forward to them even more!”

Many of your fans have said that FLASH is one of your best songs yet. How do you feel when you get praise like that?

SOHEE: We think to ourselves that we need to show you better songs and performances. We are so happy to see that many KETCHY like our work.

Some have suggested that Rocket Punch deserves more attention than they get. Do you guys believe that the group is underrated?

YEONHEE: Is there anything to underestimate? We just do our own songs along with KETCHY.

What is one thing about Rocket Punch that you wish more people knew about?

YUNKYUNG: “Wow! I didn’t know Rocket Punch can do this!” This is what I would like people to think. As you get to know Rocket Punch, you will find that we can do many things.

Which song/s of yours do you think people should listen to if they want to get into Rocket Punch? 

DAHYUN: I’m confident that any of our songs will make you a fan, but I think you should check out our FLASH performance! You will be able to see each member’s charms well. And it’s the latest song, so I think it shows our improved performance very well. Also, I heard that the song and styling are good.

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