Meet PIXY, The Rookie K-pop Girl Group That Deserves To Be Freed From Nugu Prison

They deserve more attention.

Even though PIXY has only been in the game for around a year and a half, the girl group has already dropped top-tier music, visuals, and concepts.

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In the vast lexicon of the K-pop world, the term nugu, which means “who” in Korean, is often used to describe a group or artist who hasn’t attained mainstream success or is unknown to the general public. To say nugu group is usually a bad thing, because it means that they are not famous or not big enough to warrant time and attention. That though doesn’t apply for girl group PIXY. While the group is indeed not as famous as their contemporaries, their discography warrants them a listen because they have been serving quality since their debut.


PIXY is a six-member girl group from ALLART Entertainment. They are composed of members Lola, Satbyeol, Dia, Sua, Dajeong, and Ella. They get their name from the British fairytale creature of the same name. This mystical basis also reflects in their unique concept of wingless angels and a world where good and evil co-exist. Divided between good and evil, Pixy looks to charm listeners while switching between good and evil with music. That was on full display when they dropped their debut single Wings, in February 24, 2021, which saw them figuratively sprout their wings as they begin their careers.

Right out of the gate, they moved away from the cute girl concept for a more hard-hitting mystical sound and look. It’s a good song and the visuals were a serve. This quality would follow the group in their later releases such as the addicting Bewitched, and Let Me Know. Their latest comeback, the EP REBORN and title track Villain, featured their most mature concept to date, all while delivering top-tier music that’s worth a music show win. If ever you’re looking for a new girl group to stan, you need to give this underrated group a try. PIXY could always use more WINXYs (the name of their fans). NYLON Manila recently had the opportunity to interview the group where they opened up about their latest comeback, musical inspirations, and much more.   

What was the inspiration behind your latest comeback REBORN?

As the youngest members of our group became adults, they were able to express the trendiness and classy side of themselves daringly through the Dark City!

You present a whole new concept and persona with REBORN. Was it hard to prepare for this new style?

Of course there were difficulties because we haven’t dealt with such concept, however we felt more excited about it and enjoyed it more than preparing for the last album.

What do you think has changed between the PIXY of debut to now?

If the PIXY at an early stage was mainly focused on powerful and dark concept, now it is added with trendiness and classiness, as well as overall relaxed vibe.

How do you manage to balance both showing new sides of yourselves while still having that signature PIXY touch?

PIXY can show new sides in many ways, so we believe we are able to pull off any concept given. Please look forward to the new sides of Pixy!

For the comeback, Ella wasn’t able to participate due to personal reasons. What was it like having to promote and perform as five members?

We were worried about the challenge of trying the new concept and worldview of Dark Fantasy. Also, we were so eager to flawlessly work on this album and thought to ourselves how we are going show the public how the group have developed through the new concept. Thankfully, a lot of our fans liked our new concept, which made us feel proud and positive throughout.

What do you hope your fans take away from your latest comeback?

We want to be noticed as a unique group through our activities as ‘Villain.’

Your music videos are so good. Could you talk about how you come up with the visuals to your music videos?

We got ideas from villain characters that we see daily or from a movie and thought to ourselves how they can fit in the PIXY vibe.

What other concepts would you like to tackle for your next comebacks?

We want to try futuristic or mysterious concept!

What can fans expect from you for the rest of 2022?

Since there will be more opportunities to do a live performance and face WINXYs from all over the world, the fans will be able to feel the power and energy of our performances more directly!

Do you consider yourselves underrated?

We hope to be known to the public more so that they can recognize the true charm of PIXY! We are positive that the sun will shine on us if we keep up our hard work. And we will continue to grow so please look forward to it!

When people think of “PIXY,” what do you hope comes into their mind?

We want to be noticed as a charming group that can adapt any concept given!

What is something about PIXY that you wish more people know about?

The playful and easy-going side of us, unlike our appearances on stage, is the hidden charm of PIXY!

For curious listeners out there, what song/s of yours do you think they should listen to if they want to get into PIXY?

We want to recommend Wings, Bewitched, and Moonlight! Those tracks truly represent who PIXY is and contains all the charms including the song itself, dance moves, and visuals, so we are sure those songs will make a lasting impression to the first timers!

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