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How Golden Child Is Still Keeping Things Fresh Even After 5 Years In The Game

It's still golden.

In their one-on-one interview with NYLON Manila, Golden Child opens up about their new EP, getting to meet their international fans, and much more.

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On August 28, 2017, the world was introduced to K-pop boy group Golden Child with the release of their debut EP, Gol-Cha!, and title track DamDaDi. And while their name may seem quite bold to some, the past years have shown that the group has more than lived up to their golden reputation. Composed of members Daeyeol (currently serving in the military), Y, Jangjun, Tag, Seungmin, Jaehyun, Jibeom, Donghyun, Joochan, and Bomin, they have managed to carve a name and space for themselves in the increasingly crowded K-pop world thanks to their catchy singles, solid concepts, and eye-catching visuals.


Sing, rap, or dance, the group can do it all and do it well. It’s no wonder than that their fans, called Goldenness, are found all over the world. Even though they are considered seniors when compared to their fellow 4th gen peers, the drive, energy, and continued success is still there half a decade into their career. 2022 alone has already been a whirlwind for the boys. Among other things, they’ve successfully made their Japanese debut, completed their first US tour, and performed in front of thousands of fans at the MIK Festival in London.

And the group added another achievement on their list with the release of their sixth EP, Aura, and title track Replay, on August 8. Serving as their first Korean comeback of 2022, Replay is a techno groove filled with strong beats, charismatic vocals, and confidence boosting energy. You might just find yourself hitting replay on this bop.

NYLON Manila was recently able to chat with the Woollim Entertainment based group ahead of their comeback where they talked about their new music, reflect on their success, what else they have in store, and more. Read on below for the full interview.

You have had quite the past few years so far. How does it feel to be where you are now and having your music be heard all over the world?

Y: Is there such a thing as where we are now? We continue to strive to reach the top and be better. But as always, we will become the Golden Child that the Goldenness fans are proud of.

What do you think is the secret behind Golden Child’s success?

JANGJUN: I think it is the Golden Child’s unique energy and friendliness.

What was the experience like working on AURA?

TAG: I worked on it with a happy and grateful heart. I think it’s the driving force that keeps me going, and is only possible at this point in my life.

What do you hope fans take away from your new project?

JOOCHAN: If you’re feeling exhausted or blue, I hope you get a lot of energy from us. The goal is to give you positive and bright energy.

How do you guys challenge yourselves to be better than the last time when it comes to releasing new projects?

SEUNGMIN: I always remind myself of what I can improve and develop on.

You recently completed your first US tour and performed at the MIK Festival in London. You were also face-to-face with fans after being separated from them due to the pandemic. What was it like to perform and see them in person?

JIBEOM: I was so happy to be able to enjoy the stage and perform in front of K-pop fans, along with the beautiful scenery of London.

What motivates you to keep going?

DONGHYUN: The urge to repay Goldenness fans with good appearance and wanting to improve myself motivates me to work hard.

This is your first Korean comeback without Daeyeol who is currently serving in the military. What was it like preparing for this comeback as nine members?

BOMIN: As a senior group in the company, we always try our best to create a perfect performance for our junior groups, but there is no pressure. We are enjoying it.

What other goals are you hoping to achieve as a group?

Y: The goal is to spread the name Golden Child all over the world and show the world how the group originally started.

What else can we expect from you moving forward?

JANGJUN: We have shown many talents throughout the six years since debut. However, there is still more to go, so we will continue to work harder.

What song/s of yours do you think would-be fans should listen to if they want to get into Golden Child?

TAG: Every song is very good, but I want to recommend Oasis because it contains the story of the group.

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