WEi Delves Into The Stages Of Young Love With The Beginning Of Their LOVE Series

WEi's take young love, so romantic.

WEi opens up about their new EP, Love Pt.1: First Love, what to expect in their new era, and tips on finding that first love.

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Young love, it’s that often talked about idea that has reached near mythological status. Many people have written, discussed, and based their work off young love because it’s a universal situation that is expressed through different ways. For some, it’s those butterflies in the stomach while for others it’s that sure feeling of seeing the person who you know you want to spend the rest of your life with. And for those who are romantically challenged, young love is that awkward phase that teaches you how love has funny ways of working. Young love is something most of us feel, but how we go through it varies greatly.

This is something K-pop boy group WEi touches upon with their new album Love Pt.1: First Love. After starting their journey with the IDENTITY series that centers on growth and authenticity, ending it with IDENTITY: Action, the boy group is back with the LOVE series, an era that explores the emotions of young men. Love Pt.1 : First Love kicks of this era and is all about the first love stories of the young men.


Featuring six new tracks, the new EP tells the story of the clumsy first love. Like with any young romance, it’s a rollercoaster of a journey that has its ups and downs. It is a tale of six young men who are clumsy at expressing love and end up hurting someone’s feelings. It describes the moment where they meet someone, realize the true love, and make their own beautiful love stories. Cycling through a variety of genres from pop, rock, acoustic, and hip-hop, the album comes together like a teen movie, narrating a story of a young couple who were new to love hurt each other but gradually clear up misunderstanding and build up trusts and love.

It’s a theme many can relate to and is quite personal for the group as some of the members worked on the album’s songs, such as Daehyeon who made the rap part for the title track, Too Bad, and composed and wrote BLOSSOM. NYLON Manila got the chance to talk to the group where they opened up about their new project, what to expect in this new era, and tips on finding that first love.

This LOVE series that you enter feels like a new era for the group. What do you think has changed or is different in the group now as compared to during your IDENTITY series?

DAEHYEON: We changed our color/style a lot. Our album should feel like a youth-themed love story movie.

What lessons did you learn from your past releases that you applied for this new project?

SEOKHWA: In our past performances, we do a lot of gestures that align with the theme. This time we studied a lot on how to express music through our gestures and we strive to let it show in our performance.

What were your inspirations when you were working on Pt.1: First Love?

JUNSEO: Since our album’s theme is about love, we think about our fans and the members who give us a lot of love.

Some of the members helped in writing and producing some of the tracks. What was that experience like?

DAEHYEON: We are thankful and honored and we hope that our RUis will love it is all I can think of.

The first part of the LOVE series is all about finding that first love and the moments associated with it. What advice would you give to young people who are going through that experience of finding that first love?

DONGHAN: Ah! A first love. A first love is a precious moment/thing you can have until you die so enjoy it as much as you can. Please enjoy it.

What is your favorite song on the EP and why?

YONGHA: For me it would be BLOSSOM that Daehyeon hyung composed since I know his hardships/struggles while making it. There’s no way I would not love it.

When fans press play on the EP, what do you hope they take away from it?

YOHAN: This album’s theme/story is about first love. When you feel excited/heart fluttering you can listen to Too Bad. When you’re fighting, there’s Super Bumpy. When you made up, listen to Blossom. When you want passionate love, you can listen to Know Ya and then next Bouquet when you get married.

Since this is your first new release of 2022, what message would you like to give RUi?

DAEHYEON: Please see it and listen to the album feeling like, “This is how WEi express their love.”

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