LISTEN: Ace Banzuelo, of Mercury, Sof Abrogar, and Alex Bruce Reinvent The Eraserheads’ Timeless Music

EHeads classics for the new generation.

Sony Music Philippines has tapped more up-and-coming OPM talents to join the nostalgic celebration of The Eraserheads’ legacy.

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Due to the fans’ promising reception of SB19 and NOBITA’s revamped versions of classic The Eraserheads anthems, Sony Music Philippines has gathered more of its talented artists to put a fresh spin on the EHeads’ beloved creations including the ageless Ang Huling El Bimbo and the epic rock piece Superproxy. Coming off of the hype of the EHeads reunion concert, it’s a fitting tribute to one of the country’s most influential bands of all time.


Multi-talented music producer, songwriter, and pop soloist Ace Banzuelo bravely takes on the enormous challenge of reinterpreting EHeads’ adored classic Ang Huling El Bimbo. The young hitmaker behind the chart-topping electro ballad Muli gives the revered song a spacey jam treatment, imbuing his rendition with his signature bedroom-pop sensibility while still respecting the original material’s lyrical and thematic scope.

“It’s great that I’m allowed to give it the sound and approach that I want,” Banzuelo, who had his breakthrough last year, shares. “A lot of the original was kept, but a lot was taken away. This project became meaningful to me throughout the process because I was producing it as if I had written the song.”

Ace Banzuelo's Ang Huling El Bimbo version cover art
Ace Banzuelos <em>Ang Huling El Bimbo <em>version cover art


Meanwhile, alternative rock newcomers like the trio of Mercury and Any Name’s Okay vocalist Sof Abrogar join forces with Filipina teen rapper and hip-hop artist Alex Bruce in refreshing the genre-bending collab between The Eraserheads and Pinoy rap icon Francis Magalona, Superproxy. The result is an effervescent ensemble that evokes both a retro and futuristic sonic attitude.

“It was honestly an honor for us to be able to cover an Eheads song and be able to incorporate our own flavor into it,” intimates Nathan, Daniel, and Angelo of of Mercury, who has recently released their debut album CHANGIN’.  “I think we pretty much did our own thing, but left the structures and melody of the song. It was a pretty tricky song to work on given the genre, but we’re pretty happy with how it came out nonetheless.”

“This song is a masterpiece. It’s iconic,” enthuses Alex Bruce, who is grateful for the project and considers Superproxy her go-to jam. “I wanted to add a little spice, a little flavor, and a bit of contemporary oomph to it. Our reworked version is a fusion of old school and new school.” 

Alex Bruxe x of Mercyury x Sof Abrogar's Superproxy version cover art
Alex Bruxe x of Mercyury x Sof Abrogars <em>Superproxy <em>version cover art

While initially intimidated by the project, ANO’s muse Sof courageously tackled this great responsibility, which also turned out to be her childhood dream. “I take particular inspiration from The Eraserheads’ lyricism in Tagalog or Filipino,” she says. “Even in my own music career with ANO, I try to use Filipino in our songs as much as I can, and I really think the Eraserheads use the language in all its richness and strength. I also love how they are unapologetic in writing about our culture, whether that’s as shallow as UP life or as large as national politics. The band inspires me to really root my own music in my own experiences and in empathy for others.”

As if the revamped tracks by this generation’s hitmakers are not enough to get us all the EHeads fever, Sony Music has also re-released five of The Eraserheads’ legendary albums in full 360-degree spatial sound for a re-energized and more immersive music experience. These iconic records include Ultraelectromagneticpop!, The 25th Anniversary Remastered Edition, Circus (25th Anniversary Remastered), Cutterpillow, Fruitcake, and Sticker Happy.

Listen to Ace Banzuelo’s ‘Ang Huling El Bimbo’ and of Mercury x Sof Abrogar x Alex Bruce’s ‘Superproxy’ on all digital music platforms now and join the EHeads’ nostalgic listening party.

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