Ace Banzuelo Muli

TikTok Strikes Again: Ace Banzuelo’s ‘Muli’ Is The Internet’s New Favorite OPM Jam

What will the algorithm do next?

Thanks to going viral on social media, Ace Banzuelo’s Muli is having a much-deserved moment in the sun.

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For all the issues and concerns about TikTok, and there is a lot, there’s no denying that the video sharing platform has the ability to give increased attention to songs that normally wouldn’t get it. In particular, we have seen it time and time again relatively old songs suddenly become viral on TikTok and its success translating into other platforms. It’s a trend we saw happen earlier this year and this time, TikTok’s new favorite track is Muli by Ace Banzuelo. And let’s just say we have a new OPM heartbreak banger to add to our playlist.


Released in October 2020, Muli is having its moment in the sun. Patience is a virtue though, because after almost two years, the OPM track is digging into mainstream consciousness. At its core, the viral smash is a song about heartbreak, but it differs from most heartache songs thanks to its attention grabbing sound. Written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Ace Banzuelo himself in a small bedroom in Laguna, Muli moves away from the conventions of formulaic hugot ballads thanks to its subtle electronic production and more eclectic influences. The electro ballad incorporates heart-wrenching lyrics that go hard about the realities of both life and romance.

Muli speaks of eternal faithful love,” says Ace. “The song talks about one’s incapability of moving on despite surpassing multiple challenges in life.” Like with any emotionally resonating track, Muli was inspired from a dark place and time in Ace’s life since he was a little boy. He wrote the chorus first, with the ideas quickly coming next to create the whole song. “I knew which styles I wanted, and which sounds I wanted to grab from the start,” he adds. “I wanted to arrive at a dreamy, trap-infused sound that had a crying guitar.”


@acebanzuelo_ Reply to @_dncglnolgo ♬ original sound – Ace Banzuelo

Finding renewed popularity online due to its virality on TikTok, the track has since resonated with tens of thousands of new listeners. The song’s punchy and relatable message, unique sound, and memorable vocals helped make it the most streamed OPM tracks right now. As of this writing, the dreamy track is in the top three spot on Spotify Top 200 Philippines chart and Spotify Viral 50 Philippines chart. Muli even managed to peak at No. six on Spotify Viral 50 Global. In total, it has surpassed 5.7 million streams on Spotify, will at least three million streams coming after it’s TikTok explosion in the past few weeks. The official Muli sound has also been used over 265,000 times on TikTok and counting.

“I absolutely have no idea about its virality,” shares the young musician. “The support to the song was really surprising because it started with regular people. There were no big promotional activities for this song, just the fans, and I truly love them for that.” If this is the first time you’ve heard of Ace Banzuelo, know that you’re listening to one of the most promising new acts in OPM.

While he’s been in the game for a couple of years now, his success has so far been limited to certain small corners of the internet. But the gatekeeping is now over and one of OPM’s best secrets is now out.

If you want to hear more of underrated artist, we recommend you check out his latest single, the retro-inspired Babae and its serve of a music video. The fact that he released it to coincide with women’s month is even better. In the meantime, Ace is currently gearing up for the release of his first full-length debut album sometime this year.

Check out the Muli visualizer below.

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