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7 Miles Ocampo Acting Performances That Low-key Stole The Show

And that's on versatility.

From her days as a child star to her work as a young actress, Miles Ocampo will deliver no matter the requirement.

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The Philippine entertainment industry is no stranger to producing child stars. And while some may fizzle out or decide to switch careers, others stay for the long haul with a fruitful career to show for it. One such person is Miles Ocampo. With nearly two decades in the industry, at only 26 years old, Miles is a seasoned pro.

The former child star and actress has rarely wavered in her decades-long and versatile career. If she isn’t in comedies or rom-coms, she’s doing dramas or horror, and even serving as a host on Eat Bulaga. Over the years, Miles has given us performances, whether it be on TV or film, that can stand the test of time with her talent doing all the talking. Here are some of her performances where she shined.


While this show technically wasn’t Miles’s first acting gig, it was the one that first put her on the map. And that was for a reason. Even at a young age, Miles was already showing audiences her comedic chops, as well as her potential for more. Her graduation as part of the sixth batch was an end of an era, but it also signaled the start of a new and promising one.  


Not many can say that they were in one of Philippine cinema’s most iconic movie trilogies. This is why it’s a bit of a humble flex that Miles appeared in A Very Special Love and its two sequels. And she definitely didn’t have a small role as Miles played Rose Magtalas, the younger sister of Sarah Geronimo’s Laida Magtalas. 


They don’t make series rom-coms like they used to. From 2012-2016, Luv U was the bright teen sitcom to catch on ABS-CBN as it followed the lives of six teenagers in university as they experienced the highs and lows of love. Oh, and it had an LSS-inducing theme song, too. Miles appeared in both seasons where she played Camille Sarmiento, one of the stars of the series. Her character helped us learn a lot about young love and being a teen in today’s world.  


When it comes to modern-day Filipino horror movies, The Debutantes is one of the more underrated gems. This Sue Ramirez-led film about a teenage girl who tries to warn a group of popular girls about a curse that’s been put on them has a few things going right for it, and that includes Miles as the popular girl Lara. It’s giving Carrie-meets-Mean Girls, but set in the Philippines.


What’s with Miles Ocampo being in underrated horror movies? This 2019 horror film that flew under the radar for many stars Tom Rodriguez and Jasmine Curtis-Smith as a priest and a nun sent to investigate a young woman named Agnes (Ocampo) whose family claims is possessed by a demon. As you can imagine, they’re right, and seeing Miles unleash her Regan MacNeil is a joy to experience.


Miles Ocampo has been on MMK multiple times. But our favorite appearance of her is when she participated in this special episode. In Scarf, she and Michelle Vito played Sarah and Tanch respectively as they bring to life the story of popular vlogger couple Tanch Lobete and Sarah Garcia. Proper queer representation in Philippine media still has its ways to go which is why it was nice to see the two actresses bring depth and warmth to the couple’s love story. They gave a sensible depiction of the couple and the struggles they had to go through to find true love in each other.   


The director said “take five,” but Miles heard “change lives,” and that’s exactly what she did with this performance. In the premiere episode of Batang Quiapo, Miles plays a young Marites Dimaguiba (later played by Cherry Pia Picache). In it, we see her get assaulted by a wanted fugitive, which leads to her getting pregnant and her relationship with her boyfriend going cold. Marites decides to abort the baby but is stopped by her mom, exceptionally played by Lara Quigaman.

While at the market, Marites goes into labor and gives birth to her baby on the street with no help. While she initially decides to leave it behind, her motherly instinct kicks in when a mysterious woman tries to kidnap the baby. Watching her story was heartbreaking, but that’s a testament to the tour de force performance Miles gave. Mind you, this is just a special appearance yet she gave it her 200%. When she screamed “Anak ko yan!” we felt it in our bones. It was a strong way to start off Coco Martin’s return to primetime.

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