Maria Clara At Ibarra’s Klay And Fidel Are Bringing Their Kilig Off-Screen

The adventures of the binibining and ginoo.

Who says Klay and Fidel are fictional characters? Not for Barbie Forteza and David Licauco who are giving us the kilig with their social media posts.

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Ever since it began airing, Maria Clara at Ibarra has charmed many viewers with its unique take on Noli Me Tangere, dynamic characters, production design, and more. But aside from the story that viewers tune in every weeknight to follow, one aspect of MCI that has attracted fans was the unexpected chemistry of Klay and Fidel, played by Barbie Forteza and David Licauco respectively. While the two started on the wrong foot, the antagonists have seemingly become friends with a possibility of something brewing in between. This is what some fans of the series noticed, and thus the FiLay ship.

But while the show’s creators and actors weren’t expecting FiLay to be a thing, that doesn’t they aren’t embracing it. In particular, Barbie and David have been more than willing to support the unexpected ship, or at least give the timeline its dose of kilig with the way they talk to each other as their characters. We don’t know where the FiLay ship will end up as the series progresses, but at least we can thank Barbie and David for helping the ship sail. Here are just some moments of Klay and Fidel’s will-they-won’t-they relationship jumping to real life.


While we first got to know Fidel as a bit of a jerk, especially to Klay, his character has grown for the better into becoming more of a gentleman. Don’t worry Fidel, binibining Klay is here.


Okay, but the two look good together in their matching blue and piña looks. And even though Klay might not have been happy to wear the same color scheme as Fidel, she can’t deny they do match well.


Here we are again with the teasing. Most of us know exactly where we want Klay and Fidel to go, something we feel Barbie and David is well aware of, too.


Is Barbie Forteza giving us a foreshadowing of Klay and Fidel’s endgame? Only time will tell. But she is right though in the sense that FiLay was an unexpected but welcome surprise.


Yes Klay, we want that too. This sinaunang kilig is something we never thought we needed but are happy nonetheless.


Fidel going from a walking red flag into a green one, we could believe it. Fidel is like that teasing friend and potential suitor to an uninterested Klay. But who knows, his charms might work in the end.


Given the way Fidel and Klay’s relationship has been building in recent episodes, we have a feeling we’ll get an answer to David’s question real soon.

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