Lisa Really Went From Extra In TAEYANG’s Music Video To Starring In One

Yup yup yup.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa started as a background character for one of TAEYANG’s music videos to collaborating with him in Shoong!. We love to see it.

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Before you reach the top, you first have to start somewhere. Every journey begins with a single step that leads you to your goals. Such is the case with BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Before she became the K-pop superstar we all know and love, the Thai artist first auditioned for and passed YG Entertainment. For years, she trained in the company before eventually debuting with the rest of the members in 2016. And it was during her trainee period that Lisa made a small cameo for one of her ultimate idols, TAEYANG. Fast forward to 2023, and Lisa got to check off another item on her bucket list with her official collaboration with the BIGBANG member in Shoong!


On April 25, TAEYANG released his highly-anticipated new album, Down to Earth. Considering how this is his first album since 2017’s WHITE NIGHT, the hype for this EP was real. As such, TAEYANG’s first music era since going to the military and starting a family saw the K-pop idol go big. TAEYANG kicked things off back in January by releasing VIBE, his collaboration with BTS’ Jimin that proceeded to get the internet talking for days. Now, we have the album and its six new tracks.

To mark the occasion, TAEYANG dropped the music video for his new single, Seed. But the release that had BLINKS and VIPS cheering was the performance video he dropped for Shoong!, his collaboration with BLACKPINK’s Lisa. TAEYANG starts off the track and video as smooth and suave as ever as the R&B song lets his buttery-smooth vocals shine. Lisa then joins in as she elevates the motorsport-themed number to new heights. She gave us vocals and rap as the idol channeled her inner Kehlani. As you can imagine, the two K-pop idols bodied the dance floor with their moves and charisma that leaped through the screen. The only thing wrong about the video is that Lisa doesn’t dance until the end. 

While Shoong! didn’t get a dedicated music video per se, we’re more than happy with the performance video given how both stars tore it up. Honestly, the performance video was giving MV quality. And while seeing these two perform together for the very first time is a moment to savor, it’s even more of a dream come true for Lisa considering how she looks up to TAEYANG. Also, it’s a noticeable upgrade from when Lisa last appeared in a TAEYANG music video.


Back in 2013, TAEYANG dropped the music video for his iconic RINGA LINGA. And in those shots where the BIGBANG member is surrounded by dancers and extras in black, Lisa makes an appearance as part of the crowd. She, along with other soon-to-debut idols like Bobby, B.I., and Minho, appear mostly in the background and have blink-then-you’ll-miss-it scenes. Still, considering how they were all trainees back then, it must have felt good to be included in TAEYANG’s music video.

Nearly a decade later, Lisa went from dancing in the background to being his co-star, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s a moment of manifestation right there and proof that working hard can let you achieve your dreams. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll go stream Down to Earth.

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DAWN’s New Era Is All About Finding Himself And Moving Forward

New year, new DAWN.

With a new label and an emotional track behind him, DAWN is ready to go deep and let us in on his new changes.

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When it comes to starting fresh, there’s this feeling of hitting the reset button. That’s exactly what K-pop star DAWN did as the past year saw the soloist experience two major decisions in his life and career: leave P Nation and sign with a new label, AT AREA, and break off his relationship with his long-time girlfriend, HYUNA, much to the shook of the K-pop world. 

But it’s in these moments and new paths that come with identifying new goals and challenges. For DAWN, that meant building a good relationship with his label since signing with them early this year. “AT AREA, we create a great synergy together. We are great creative partners, and that gives me strength to explore more and be brave with what I believe,” he says. 

Born Kim hyo-jung, he began his music career as a member of Pentagon under E’DAWN. After going public about his relationship with HYUNA in 2018, both were controversially let go at Cube. They then went on to sign with Psy’s P Nation in 2019. A slew of singles, EPs, and a break-up later, DAWN now finds himself embarking on a new era with the recent release of his new single, Dear My Light. And by the first listen, it can be seen that DAWN is ready for a new beginning. 


DAWN’s new single, Dear My Light, moves away from the pop and hip-hop sound we’ve come to expect from him as it focuses on vocals and acoustics. When people first hear it, it’s surprisingly different from all the releases he has done in the past. Most of his past releases often put the spotlight on the performance aspect of things. But with Dear My Light, the message takes the lead, particularly with how the song talks about a beautiful time that was shared between two people.

Looking closely at the lyrics, it’s not hard to imagine how the track is his bittersweet way for him to say he’s thankful for HYUNA and everything they did together. “I believe in love, and I am grateful for my emotions. I hope a lot of my fans and listeners can relate to this, and I’m excited to share this with everyone,” DAWN shares in an interview with NYLON Manila, noting that he’s been focusing on finding himself and self-care. 

Adds the K-pop idol, “When I start with my ideas, it is clear and I share them with my co-creators along the way. These ideas vary in different forms of art — they can be a melody, lyrics, or even visual pieces. It progresses along the way as I finish into a final piece.”


Coming from a well-known boy group to being a solo artist can be difficult. But for DAWN, he learned to accept it as an artist naturally. He shares, “I looked at it from a perspective of creative endeavors. I think the transition comes very naturally to any artist, and whether I am in a group or as a solo artist, I give my all to express myself through music.” He feels that in recent months, he grew as hyo-jung and is confident in sharing himself as a person. 

The same thing goes when he experiments with new hairstyles and outfits. DAWN is a known figure in the Korean rap community for his unique and androgynous style that isn’t afraid to go bold. After all, he and HYUNA were the first Korean celebrity couple to be featured in a Calvin Klein campaign. DAWN voices, “No matter what my hairstyle or outfit looks like, I think I’m the same person every time. To me, fashion is a way to express myself, but no matter what I have on, it is a continuation of who I am.” 


While artists will always have specific genres they lean towards, music these days is defined less by rigid standards and more by how genres often overlap to create new sounds and experiences. In DAWN’s case, he’s been working on all types of genres lately. “After signing with AT AREA, I found more ways to express myself through my voice. It almost felt liberating because I now cherish my voice as my instrument in a way.” Reflecting further, he adds, “In the future, I will continue to focus on my story and what I am feeling rather than limiting it to genres of music.”

As his 7-year career in the industry continues, DAWN is both a veteran and isn’t one to rest on his laurels. Experimentation remains true to his artistry. “In the past, I have also focused on doing this through different performances and dances. But now I am constantly searching for new ways to do this.” And at the heart of it all will be the stories DAWN wants to tell. “I focus more on something emotional that my audience and fans can feel.”

Breakups and big changes in one’s life aren’t always easy things to process. But DAWN is making it clear that has learned how to embrace the new things that lie ahead of him. He happily states he feels inspired and motivated. “I love the new safe space that I have, creatively. I’ve been embracing all these new changes in my life and have been working on a lot of great content for my fans to enjoy this year.” A new dawn has risen for the K-pop star, and as one of the most exciting acts in the industry, we’re all the better for it. 

Photos by Cho Gi Seok

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7 Actresses Reveal The Intense Struggles They Went Through Just To Pass An Audition

Even Liza Soberano's first campaign was scrapped off.

Nadine Lustre admitted to taking glutathione, Kyline Alcantara hitchhiked on a truck from Bicol to Manila, and Jane De Leon slept in ABS-CBN’s dressing room to save transportation fees…all to pass an audition. These are their stories.

Most of us think being an actor just entails somebody to sit pretty and use their face card to get anything they want. False. Before they reach the small or silver screen, it takes more than a hundred failed auditions, sleepless nights, and little to no budget for food and transportation. This generation’s Darna herself admitted to sleeping in dressing rooms a night before her auditions, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A huge respect goes out to these individuals who fought for their success as it did not come with no hardships and a lot of imposter syndrome episodes. Read on below to see which of your favorite celebrities revealed their hardest pre-showbiz challenges.

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kyline alcantara before

Gen Z actress Kyline Alcantara once admitted to hitchhiking on a truck from Bicol to Manila with her mom back then just to go to an audition. She was encouraged by her mother after watching one of the episodes of the kids’ series Goin’ Bulilit. Sadly, Kyline Alcantara missed the auditions as soon as they got there, but still tried her luck in respective competitions. Her big break was her role as a villain in Annaliza back in 2013.


kathryn bernardo before

Kathryn Bernardo once revealed that she traveled all the way from Cabanatuan to Manila just to attend a casting audition. Before she became a household name, she’d spend several hours traveling just for a few minutes in the spotlight, making the travel time longer than the audition itself. If not for those hardships and failed auditions, we wouldn’t be living in the time of Kathryn dominating the entertainment industry. Now that’s on royalty.


francine diaz before

Going to bed hungry is one thing, but going to work with no food in your stomach leaves you physically and mentally drained. This was Gen Z actress Francine Diaz’s situation during auditions before her big break. She revealed in the past that before an audition, there was an unspoken rule of not eating prior to that until she finishes in order to save money. She was even called “tatanga-tanga” for not responding immediately by a director during an audition because she had an empty stomach while being on set. Francine earned her big break in the Kadenang Ginto series as the protagonist in 2020.


belle mariano before

Belle Mariano is living proof that you should never give up. After attending more than 100 acting auditions, she was close to giving up. It didn’t help that her parents initially didn’t approve of her joining the industry at an early age. Belle recognizes that these trials made her a better person and finally earned a starring role years later.


nadine lustre before

Before she became this generation’s morena icon, Nadine Lustre admitted to taking glutathione out of pressure during one of her auditions. She revealed that a staff told her, “mestiza hinahanap namin” after falling in line for hours next to fair-skinned females. Whoever said that fumbled the bag because Nadine eventually became one of the most sought-after leading ladies of her generation.


liza soberano before

Liza Soberano has been going to auditions since she was 13. It’s hard to imagine that an alluring face like hers made it hard to book jobs. She shared in the past that her first campaign was when she was already an actress but was then scrapped off after the shoot as the brand went with another endorser. Fortunately, Liza was still paid afterwards. Now, she has become more meticulous and in control of her career.


jane de leon before

We all know Jane de Leon as this generation’s Darna, but little did she know that she truly embodies the qualities of her character, Narda. A hard-working individual, Jane said that she used to commute from Laguna to Quezon City everyday during the auditions for the show. This lead her to admitting that she’d sleep in ABS-CBN’s dressing rooms just to save up on her transportation fees. That time, she also said that her family was counting on her, to the point where they couldn’t eat anything else other than salt and soy sauce. Look where her perseverance got her now. Jane had finally become a breakout star.

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11 Stars Who Had A Pageant Past Before They Became Famous

Former queens and kings.

From Jane de Leon, David Licauco, Bea Alonzo, and more, these stars aren’t strangers to the pageant stage with titles of their own.

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There are a few things as constant in Philippine society as pageants. No matter the time or place, a pageant is probably around the corner. While times may change and attitudes shift, pageants will always be there to unite us as we hope our fave takes home the crown. Pageants and beauty competitions are so ingrained in Philippine society that some of today’s biggest stars were once contestants themselves. While their careers have taken them on different paths, there was a time that the pageant scene was calling their name, with some even taking home a crown of their own. Scroll down for some stars who walked that pageant stage. 


Actor, model, basketball player, businessman, and pageant contestant, David Licauco really is a multi-hyphenate. Back in 2014, the dashing actor tried his hand at pageants when he competed in Mr. and Miss Chinatown Philippines. Even then, David was already a charmer and impressed the judges enough to place 1st Runner Up.


Jane de Leon is now a certified Gen Z star thanks to her role as the new Darna and her unexpected love team with Janella Salvador. But before that, Jane’s career took her to many places, such as the pageant stage. During her pre-teen years, Jane was a frequent contestant among child beauty pageants in Laguna. She even won Miss Photogenic at the 2009 Little Miss San Roque contest and landed a semi-finalist placement at Teen Supermodel Philippines.


Acting roles, endorsements, a goals of a relationship, Gabbi Garcia has it all. And that includes pageant titles. Gabbi’s pre-showbiz life included competing in quite a few pageants and even bagging the crowns for Little Miss Skin White 2011 and Little Miss Sloane 2014, among others.


As one of the country’s best actresses, it’s hard to imagine Bea Alonzo in another profession. But that could have happened if her lolo got his way. When Bea was young, and before she entered showbiz, her lolo’s goal was for her to become a beauty queen. She even competed in Bb. Santolan 2001. But Bea always wanted to enter showbiz, which happened soon enough when she signed with Star Magic. Though, it is interesting to imagine a timeline where Bea Alonzo decided to become a full-time beauty queen.


In 1998, when Julie Anne San Jose was just four years old, she competed in Eat Bulaga’s Little Miss Philippines, where she placed first runner-up. Later on, she joined Magandang Tanghali Bayan’s Munting Miss U, where she finished third runner-up. Still, even those early losses didn’t stop her from being the A-list actress and musician she is today.


The BINI members being binibinings? It feels correct. Before the P-pop world called their names, Gwen, Stacey, and Aiah were once konteseras. Aiah was even crowned Miss Silka Philippines in 2018. But aside from flaunting their beauty, joining pageants also served as a great way for them to build their self-confidence and help their families.


These days, Angelique Manto has been slaying the challenges as a contestant for Miss Universe Philippines 2023. But for people who knew the style star and former UST cheerleader for a while, Angelique’s performance isn’t a surprise. Before she became one of our fave content creators, Angelique was a pageant veteran, taking home titles such as Mutya Ning Kapampangan 2014, Mutya Ning Lubao 2014, and Miss TSITP 2013 2nd Runner Up. Is Miss Universe next on her list? Only time will tell.  


We all know Kisses and her talked-about run at Miss Universe Philippines 2021. But before she made headlines with that stint, the actress and PBB alumni was already a pageant veteran, winning Miss Teen Masbate in 2013 and Miss Kaogma in 2016. You could say that she was born for the moment.


Not only does Mikee Quintos strive to finish her architecture course from UST, all while being a sought-after actress for GMA, but she also excels in extracurricular activities. Case in point: Mikee was once crowned Miss Architecture UST. Definitely adding that to the resume if we were her.

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8 Movies And Shows That Broke The Video Game Adaptation Curse

Now that's how you do it.

It’s not game over for these video game adaptations.

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Despite making more money than the movie and music industry, video games often have had a hard time getting translated into other mediums. Condensing an hours-long hands-on adventure into a few hours of passive viewing is not easy, which is no wonder that the graveyard of movie video game adaptations is extensive. Hollywood rarely gets an S-rank when it comes to getting the right balance for video game adaptations. But there have been a few examples of when studios got it right. Just look at the biggest movie in the world right now. 

While The Super Mario Bros. Movie isn’t perfect, it has connected with millions for how it playfully shows off Mario’s decades-long history and delivers a fun ride enjoyed across generations. It’s no wonder then that the film is on its way to becoming the first movie of 2023 to gross $1 billion at the box office. With the recent success of the movie, let’s take a look at other attempts, both from film and TV, that broke the curse and proved that a good video game adaptation can be done.


When the movie’s first trailer was released, it seemed as if Sonic was speeding toward disaster with how questionable his design was. The backlash was so intense, the filmmakers had to change Sonic’s design. It’s a good thing then they listened to the criticism because, not only does the blue hedgehog look good in the final release, but he’s also voiced spectacularly by Ben Schwartz. The movie itself is pretty good and has a serviceable story. And let’s not forget Jim Carrey’s phenomenal performance as Dr. Robotnik. He made the villain his own.


While Netflix’s content can sometimes be all over the place, there’s no denying that they know how to make a good video game adaption: Case in point: the animated Castlevania series that ran for four seasons. What this mature show did best was that it managed to pay homage and expand the lore of the series all while finding new things to tell about the universe. The action was thrilling as it wasn’t afraid to let the blood loose. Trevor Belmont, Alucard, and Sypha were great characters to follow as their adventures led them on dark, violent, and sometimes humorous paths. It was the kind of adaptation fans and newcomers to the video game series could appreciate.


At first glance, an animated series based on a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) didn’t seem like a slam-dunk. League of Legends wasn’t a story-heavy game, so it didn’t seem like a well of interesting narratives. That was quickly disproven when Arcane dropped on Netflix in November 2021. Upon release, the series was met with critical acclaim thanks to its central story of Jinx and Violet’s rocky relationship, intense action, a jaw-dropping painterly visual style, and themes that explored the LoL lore in exciting ways. Not only is Arcane one of the best video game adaptations in history, but it’s one of the best animated shows in the last ten years.


Cyberpunk 2077 was a mess at launch. That wasn’t the case for Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. When street kid David finds his life near the edge, he decides to become an Edgerunner, a mercenary in Night City, and quickly finds himself embroiled in the city’s messy underworld. Set one year before the events of the game, this animated series did everything right when it comes to a proper adaptation.

Studio Trigger captured the edge of the game but told it in its own visceral way. It had a thrilling story, characters you were emotionally invested in, and action that pulled no punches. Netflix scored themselves another video game hit with this series. While we sadly will never get a season two, we do have ten episodes of fine animated work to enjoy.


Anyone who’s played the game or even has a passing knowledge of it knows how loved The Last Of Us is. So, when word got out that HBO was going to adapt the PlayStation exclusive into a series, the expectations were sky-high. Those expectations were met when the show premiered in January 2023. The participation of the game’s creators, a talented crew, and the phenomenal duo that was Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey brought to life the game in gruesome detail.

Not only did the show properly translate Joel and Ellie’s tale to a series format, but it also fleshed out the TLOU universe as seen in its heartbreaking third episode. Season two can’t get here fast enough.


You wouldn’t be faulted if you thought that an Angry Birds movie was just a cash grab. A film based on the popular app where you sling birds at pigs? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. But surprisingly, Angry Birds, and especially its sequel, were competently made. It improved upon the original in nearly every way and managed to find the fun and humor in its premise and not take itself too seriously. It made for an enjoyable watch that knew what it wanted to do.


First things first, this movie is not an adaptation of the Pokémon series we all know and love. Instead, it’s an adaptation of the Detective Pokémon game. And a talking Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynold wasn’t enough to derail this fun movie. It faithfully brought to life many Pokémon for the first time on the big screen, in live action, and in 3D.

The story of Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) and Detective Pikachu teaming up to discover what happened to Tim’s missing father captured the fun sense of the series. Above all, it just looked so cool to see Pokémon in action and fully realized in 3D.


While we have yet to get that movie adaptation of the mainline Pokémon games, we do have its groundbreaking and historic anime series. In 1997, the world was introduced to Ash Ketchum and his journey to become the greatest trainer in the world.

While the show has moved between different themes and styles over the years, it still captured that lighthearted spirit the games are known for. It also served as a great way to showcase new Pokémon whenever new generations were released. There’s no denying that this series spoke to many, from children to adults.

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All The Heart-Melting Highlights of HORI7ON’s First-Ever Fan Meet

HORI7ON to the sky high!

HORI7ON bonded with their fans on a heartwarming night filled with fun and memorable moments before continuing their preparation to become a global pop group.

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If you’re anything like us, you’re still buzzing from the momentous fan meet that HORI7ON held last weekend. Dubbed as Hundred Days Miracle: HORI7ON First Fanmeeting, it was the boy group’s first-ever fan gathering, and it was sold out to boot. The New Frontier Theater was packed to the rafters, proving that HORI7ON has a special place in the hearts of their Pinoy fans.

Jeromy, Marcus, Kyler, Vinci, Reyster, Kim, and Winston had a night to remember, as did their passionate fans who’ve been supporting them from the get-go. And as HORI7ON gears up to make their highly anticipated debut in South Korea later this year, they made sure to leave a lasting impression on their Pinoy stans with some memories they’ll forever cherish.

From finally revealing their fandom name to the boys’ heart-meltingly sweet and emotional moments, the fan meet was full of highlights that’ll stick with us for a long time. So, let’s take a look at some of the special moments that we just can’t get out of our heads.


HORI7ON official fandom name is Anchor
Photo from HORI7ON

After what felt like an eternity, HORI7ON stans can finally breathe a sigh of relief, because the long-awaited fandom name has been revealed. On April 22, 2023, the Anchors were born. HORI7ON explains that the name is chosen to signify how their fans become their “compass” and keep them on course in their journey.

As some sharp-eyed Anchors have pointed out, one fan had already suggested this name before, and for good reason. Just like how anchors keep a boat stable and prevent it from drifting away, Anchors will provide emotional support and protect HORI7ON as they navigate their way towards achieving their goals. It’s a fitting name that truly captures the relationship between the group and their devoted fans.


To say that the Anchors were living their best lives is an understatement. Just check out the sea of yellow flags waving in unison as they passionately support their faves. And let’s not forget the sneak peek of them laughing it up together right before the event started. It’s clear that these fans have already formed a tight bond with each other.


Talking about having the best fans in the world, here’s another testament to the immense support Anchors have for HORI7ON. These fans go above and beyond to show their love for the group, like when they sent over a spread of healthy and delicious treats to keep the boys energized. One Anchor even flew all the way from Cebu just to see her idols – now that’s what we call dedication.


HORI7ON also gave the Anchors nostalgia overload as they took to the stage and performed Dream Maker’s theme song, Take My Hand, once again. Seeing their growth from being Dream Chasers to becoming a group taking on the global stage is truly a proud moment for the fans.


HORI7ON turned the heat up on the stage with a sizzling performance of their debut track, Dash, and a series of other Dream Maker sets that left Anchors yearning for more. From Lovey Dovey to Odd Eye and Tiger, the group had everyone screaming and swooning on their feet.


HORI7ON also did a couple of games and challenges together. One of them was Random Play Dance where the boys served fire and did not disappoint with their rendition of some K-pop hits like KAI’s ROVER, ENHYPEN’s FEVER, BSS’ Fighting, EXO’s Growl and SVT’s Very Nice. It was a moment that proved their versatility and talent goes beyond their own songs.


HORI7ON also took on the Whisper Challenge, and it was pure entertainment. There was that moment with Vinci and Reyster which satisfied the hearts of the VinSter shippers. And although Kim, Kyler, and Jeromy lost the game, their aegyo (cute facial expressions) won over the hearts of their fans.


And probably one of the moments that got the loudest reaction was that moment the boys were playing Pictionary and Marcus was up to let Vinci guess the word “guitar.” But the way Marcus drew it sparked some very not-so-innocent ideas from the fans that had them in stitches.


HORI7ON’s fan meet was filled with heartwarming and memorable moments that will stay with the Anchors forever. From Kim’s emotional outpouring to the VinSter ship setting the stage on fire, Kyler’s big-brotherly presence for Kim and his overwhelming visuals per usual, Winston’s aegyo, Jeromy’s killer dance moves, and Marcus’ hilarious antics, it was a night that left everyone smiling from ear to ear.


And for their final set of the night, HORI7ON warmed everyone’s hearts with their emotive track, Salamat. It was a fitting final song that let everyone take a trip down memory lane and also left the fans rooting more for their mains as they take on their journey of becoming the next global pop group.


Then there was that group hug that pulled at everyone’s heartstrings. Just like you Anchors, we couldn’t wait for HORI7ON to finally debut and take the world by storm. Fly to the sky high!

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Josh Cullen Gets Slow and Soulful in His Rap Ballad, “Pakiusap Lang”

"Kaya mo pa ba?"

Get ready for an overwhelming rush of feels from Josh Cullen in his latest emotive track about relationship struggles.

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After channeling his pop star energy in his debut disco-pop track Wild Tonight, Josh Cullen continues to prove his versatility in his solo career with his latest track, Pakiusap Lang. A love song that melds hip-hop with mellow tunes, the rap ballad finds the SB19 member and all-around performer going straight for the feels.


Two months after his edgy banger of a first single, Josh Cullen returns to the scene with a much understated yet satisfying romantic offering. Titled Pakiusap Lang, the SB19 lead rapper and sub-vocalist showcases his boundless creativity as he blends trap-laden beats and hip-hop verses seamlessly into a heartfelt love song, proving that there are no limits to his songwriting and production skills.

Pakiusap Lang poster

Written by Josh and produced by his cousin Ocho the Bullet, Pakiusap Lang takes on a much slower pace and emotive tone that is sure to resonate with those who are facing challenges while in love. “The lyrics came from my heart, and I wanted to make sure the arrangement and sonic vibe reflected my Filipino hip-hop side,” Cullen shares. “My cousin and his friends helped out with the chorus, and we all had a good time putting it together.”

Josh Cullen Pakiusap Lang
Josh Cullen Pakiusap Lang

Libutin man buong mundo / ibang-iba’ng datingan mo / Walang makakatinag yo / lamang pagtingin sa’yo / Nag-aantay nang matagal kasi it’s worth it / Walang iba kung ‘di ikaw kasi you’re perfect.” Every line in Pakiusap Lang carries an emotional honesty that many would find easy to the ears and to relate to. Based on Josh Cullen’s personal experiences and reflections about relationships, the romantic rap ballad speaks about the challenges of keeping a relationship intact when you can’t always be physically present due to work or other difficulties in life. “The song encourages the listener to hold on and trust the process,” Cullen adds.


The music video is just as effective as the track itself. Helmed by his frequent collaborator Jonathan Tal Placido (a.k.a Toothless), who also directed SB19’s hit song Bazinga, the M/V delves deep into the theme of holding onto the memories of a lost love, even when it’s time to let go. The music video also doubles as a gripping and bittersweet romantic short film, leaving viewers with a poignant twist that will tug at their heartstrings. 

“When I was planning out the music video for Pakiusap Lang, I knew I wanted to create a story that was emotional and impactful,” Josh Cullen reveals. ”As I was brainstorming ideas, I thought about the possibility of incorporating plot twists into the video, to really capture the viewer’s attention.” And it sure is a magnetic piece whose mystery will get you staying until the end. The music video also stars KAIA members and twin sisters Angela and Charice as Cullen’s love interests.

Speaking of making impact, the Pakiusap Lang music video has now been viewed over a hundred thousand times days after its release and sits at the 24th spot of Youtube’s trending music topics as of this writing. The track has already garnered 100 thousand streams on Spotify as well. And last weekend, Josh Cullen also held a fan meet (dubbed as “Fangmeet”) to celebrate the release of his new music with his supporters. 

Josh Cullen fanmeet
Photo from Josh Cullen

Meanwhile, Pakiusap Lang will also be a part of Cullen’s upcoming debut EP to be released this year. What to expect? “You can expect a mix of different sounds and genre influences,” says the pop soloist. “But overall, it’s a reflection of my journey as an artist and a person.” More bangers and sentimental pieces from Josh Cullen? We’re here for it. 

Josh Cullen’s Pakiusap Lang is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

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14 Young Filipino Stars Who Worked Completely Different Jobs Before Fame

Did you know Charlie Dizon used to be a K-Pop idol trainee?

It was a long journey, but these Filipino stars truly deserve everything that they have now.

When you see the people you look up to, sometimes you don’t realize how much work it must have taken just for them to earn a seat at the table. As glamorous as it is, being in the spotlight is also a grueling process, like not being compensated enough, being tossed to the side after long hours of work, or even facing a lot of rejections just because of your looks. Even then, without a doubt, the universe always rewards hard work. Despite working completely different jobs before they skyrocketed to fame, here’s what your favorite Filipino stars were doing before their lucky break.

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joshua garcia before

Before Joshua Garcia joined PBB, and eventually becoming the versatile actor we know today, he spent most of his time as a dancer of Batangas’ cultural dance group, The Sining Kumintang.


mimiyuuuh  before

Who else feels the necessary push after watching one of Mimiyuuuh’s Monday motivation videos? Pre-vlogger days, she revealed that she assisted fashion designer Mark Bumgarner when she was in college. She also helped her parents sell clothes in Baclaran while being a scholar in Benilde.


gigi de lana  before

We may know Gigi de Lana as one of the prominent faces in music at the moment, but she also is the CEO of her own cosmetics line, G Cosmetics. Pre-girl boss era, however, Gigi revealed in the past that she used to just perform at birthdays and weddings.


 marj maroket before

Content creator Marj Maroket is one of the rising morena icons today thanks to her beauty tips for brown-skinned girls. This gave her the opportunity to work with bigger brands and eventually led her to becoming a part of Lazada’s Beauty Council. But at an event, she once mentioned that she used to be a key accounts manager for Lazada! Talk about full circle.


charlie dizon  before

The multi-talented actress may be known for her work in films like Fan Girl and Four Sisters Before the Wedding, but did you know that she used to be a K-Pop idol trainee before going back to the Philippines? That’s where she became close with Nancy of MOMOLAND.


bretman rock  before

Da Baddest Bitch was always THAT bitch since the very beginning. He had a 3.5 GPA, was a member of the student council, and was also a star on his school’s track team.


bella poarch  before

Before her M to B Tiktok video was liked 61.4 million times, Bella Poarch worked in the U.S. Navy. She served as an aviation ordinance officer for three years and was stationed in Japan and Hawaii.


sb19  before

P-Pop group SB19’s phenomenal success is unmatched at this point. They’ve been selling out tours and concerts and yet they all remain grounded. Their humble beginnings were never kept a secret before rising to fame. Their leader Pablo used to work as a data analyst, their main vocalist Stell was a student taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management. SB19’s lead rapper Josh was a call center agent, their main dancer Ken was an Architecture major and their creative director Justin was a Multimedia Arts student.


ac bonifacio  before

AC Bonifacio has been dancing all her life. Beginning as a dance duo called Lucky Aces together with Lucky Ancheta, the pair found success with their viral dance covers, landed a guesting at The Ellen Degeneres Show and performed in Ariana Grande’s tour.


zack tabudlo  before

Zack Tabudlo’s songs may pierce right through our hearts especially with how strong his pen game is, but did you know that he started out as a contestant on The Voice Kids? He was under the mentorship of Coach Bamboo, but was eliminated on the second round.


moira dela torre before

Moira Dela Torre’s voice might just be the most distinct among the current generation of P-Pop because of how alluring and effortless she sounds. But before launching her singing career, Moira used to do voice acting for commercials. Remember the Hooray For Today song in McDonald’s commercials? That was her all along.


anji salvacion before

Prior to finding success in her music career, Anji Salvacion was Sam Cruz’s body double, which led the two to become close friends, and joined Idol Philippines 2019.


miss nate before

Before blowing up on TikTok as one of the most-watched beauty content creators, Nate Javier, a.k.a Miss Nate used to work as a makeup artist. He even had a brief stint under the mentorship of celebrity makeup artist Albert Kurniawan. Recently, Miss Nate was announced as an ambassador of MAC Cosmetics. Well-deserved.


jason dy before

Before becoming the winner of The Voice Season 2 and being invited to perform onstage by David Foster, Jason Dy revealed that he used to be a professional serenade and surprise service provider, most commonly known as a haranista. Now, he’s one of the popular contemporary serenaders in the country.

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5 Filipino Coded Moments At Coachella 2023 That Felt Correct

The more you know.

Filipinos showed up at Coachella 2023. 

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Just like that, another Coachella is in the books. The 2023 edition saw hundreds of thousands of festival-goers head to the California desert for two weekends of music, festival ‘fits, rides, and a lot more. And, unless you’ve been living under a rock or are actively avoiding it, you’ve probably come across at least one post about it on social media. From BLACKPINK’s historic headlining performance, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes seemingly reigniting their romance, and Zendaya breaking the internet when she performed All For Us with Labrinth, this year’s Coachella had its highlights.

And interspersed between the two hectic weekends were moments that saw Filipino culture and talent shine. Even if Coachella happens halfway across from the Philippines, that doesn’t mean the festival won’t see Pinoys do their thing. With that, let’s take a look at some of the Coachella 2023 Filipino moments that you may have missed.


FKJ is no stranger to the Philippines, after all, he is married to a Filipina (more on her later). And that Filipino touch was present during his Coachella stage. While his music took center stage, FKJ also made sure to give a shoutout to the country by using scenery from Palawan as part of his backdrop. Considering how Coachella is supposed to be a paradise in the desert, we aren’t surprised FKJ would feature the island paradise on his stage.


@ovi_duct FILO BLINKS PHILIPPINES, WHAT DO YOU THINK? #BLACKPINK #bornpinkmanila #bornpinkphilippines #pinkchella #coachella #pinkwave ♬ original sound – ezzieee

Aside from how BLACKPINK was operating on Filipino time when they started their weekend one set late, we also spotted this cool Pinoy Pride moment from the group. During their solo stages, their names lit up in different colors, with Jennie’s turning blue, Jisoo’s going red, Rose’s in white, and Lisa’s in yellow. However, these colors aren’t normally used during their solo stages. Instead, these were the colors Filo BLINKS used during the group’s Bulacan stop back in March as a reference to the colors of the Philippine flag. Some may think it’s a coincidence, but we’ll consider this a win for Filo BLINKS.


While we are still waiting for a Filipino to serve as a headlining act at Coachella, that doesn’t mean this year’s festival was void of Pinoy talent. A couple of Filipino-blooded musicians took to Coachella 2023’s many stages. For FKJ’s weekend two set, he brought out (((O))) as a surprise guest. Dominic Fike, who is of Filipino and Haitian descent, had a memorable Coachella stage and even met and hung out with BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Hopefully, we can see homegrown talents hit the Coachella stage soon.


Sure, there’s the music, but Coachella is also known as the place to show off looks. And that’s exactly what some Filipino stars who attended the festival did. From Bretman Rock, Inigo Pascual, Kelsey Merritt, Lorin Gutierrez, current Miss Universe R’Bonney Nola, and more, the Filipinos showed up and showed out with their multiple looks. We would pick a favorite, but we just love all of them.


Bretman Rock was a whole mood when they watched BLACKPINK’s set during weekend two. Even before they arrived at the festival, Bretman made it known that they was ready for the BP hype. We would scream, too if we saw Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa do all that in person.

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For Your Playlist Consideration: These Filipino Artists Should Be On Your Radar This 2023

A musical goldmine for you to discover.

Want to add some heat to your playlists this year? Look no further! These up-and-coming Filipino artists are about to set your music game on fire.

Looking for new music to add to your playlist this 2023? Well, look no further than these up-and-coming Filipino musicians who are making waves in the music scene this year. From sultry R&B to upbeat pop, these artists are bringing a new energy to OPM and are not to be missed. Spotify agrees, which is why they included them in their RADAR Philippines list for 2023, where they’re captivating new listeners with their fresh sonic experiences.

Over the years, RADAR has been a place where everyone can discover new artists on the horizon to listen to and fall in love with. It has also become a platform for budding musicians to be introduced to a wider range of audiences not just locally but also worldwide. This year, the Spotify Philippines RADAR list features P-pop wonders like Alamat, BINI, G22, and KAIA, who have been consistently changing the P-pop game with their catchy tunes, stunning visuals, and undeniable talent while showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines and solidifying their status as some of the hottest acts in the music scene right now.

Spotify RADAR Philippines 2023 artists
Photo from Spotify Philippines

“The growth of RADAR is a testament to a global appetite for local music. From soloists to groups, P-Pop to Hip-Hop, each of these artists across genres have displayed such talent; where they have seen new fans beyond the Philippines! This is just the beginning, and we’re so excited to introduce all of them to a broader fan base through RADAR Philippines 2023,” shares Kossy Ng, Head of Music Spotify Asia, in a press release. And without further ado, here are the other proudly Pinoy musicians that should not miss your radar.

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Paolo Sandejas

Paolo Sandejas
Photo from Paolo Sandejas

You know that an emerging musician is on another level when even an international superstar approves of his music. It was early last year that Paolo Sandejas’s life took a 360-degree turn when BTS’ Taehyung posted a vlog and sang, nay, vibed to his now-famous track, Sorry. Almost a year later, the Rock With You, Sway, and My Girl singer has become a rising OPM artist on his own terms, captivating a lot of hearts with his ever-soothing music.

Inspired by blues rock artists like John Mayer, Bruno Major, and Phum Viphurit, Paolo Sandejas has been making music since his early teens and is now on his way to conquer not just the local but Asian indie pop scene. Oh, and he’s also just released his first EP, BLOOM, containing his previously released songs like Aftertaste and Hide & Seek. If you’re into music that puts you at ease and relieves any kind of stress, Paolo Sandejas is the way to go.

Paul Pablo

Paul Pablo
Photo from Paul Pablo

Another emerging artist that’s got everyone talking is the Davao City native pop soloist, Paul Pablo. Inspired by the one and only Lady Gaga, the Awit Award winner is no stranger to taking risks and pushing boundaries. His music is a proud representation of the LGBTQIA+ community and he uses his platform to tackle issues such as love, identity, and social issues. The all-around performer behind entrancing bops like Bangin, Kalawakan, Kaya, and his latest single, Sagi, Paul Pablo melds electro-pop and synth-pop with disco and R&B elements to a mesmerizing degree. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for what’s next from the sensational Paul Pablo.

Illest Morena

Illest Morena
Photo from Illest Morena

Looking for sultry and heavy-hitting beats? Filipina rapper and R&B artist Illest Morena can serve you just that and more. Trained in videoke and inspired by fellow female artists like the queen of rap, Nicki Minaj (who also inspired her moniker), and ethereal songstress Jhené Aiko, the Pick Up and Soul Ties singer is shaking up the local rap and R&B scene mostly dominated by men with her music that delves deep into love, sensuality, and everything in between. With a musical style she describes as “aggressive but chill,” Illest Morena bears a bold blend of infectious beats, fearless wordplay, and unapologetic attitude that is hard to resist.


Photo from Kenaniah

One of the rising singer-songwriters and breakthrough artists this year who absolutely deserves a spot in your playlist is Kenaniah, the teenage musical prodigy that will make everyone swoon for sure. A multi-instrumentalist, the 18-year-old not only stuns with his charming good looks but also writes, arranges, and produces his own music. Under the wing of Kean Cipriano and signed to O/C Records, Kenaniah has already amassed over two million monthly listeners on Spotify with his indie rock and pop fare.

Last year, Kenaniah broke into the music scene with his smash hit Bahala Na, which has now reached over 30 million streams. His follow-up tracks like Hindi Ikaw, Better Now, Sana Walang Magbago, and I’m Gonna Be Alright have also been certified earworms, each with over a million streams. Kenaniah’s latest single, Hanggang Sa Buwan, is also the official theme song of Viva One’s upcoming series, The Rain in España. If you’re looking for fresh, nostalgic, and emotive tunes, this artist has got all the vibes you need.


Photo from mrld

Talking about emerging artists who are already hitmakers in their own right, here’s another teenage musical sensation, mrld (aka Meriel de Jesus), for your playlist consideration. With her signature husky voice, mapanakit lyrics, and an acoustic pop sound that heals as it hurts, the Cebuana musician has achieved quite a meteoric rise in popularity over the years with artistic feats that, to be honest, are incredibly remarkable for such a young artist like her. 

Last year, mrld became the second most streamed female artist in the country with more than four million (and counting) monthly listeners on Spotify. One of her early ballads, An Art Gallery Could Never Be As Unique As You, was a hit during the pandemic, skyrocketing her popularity as one of the freshest voices to watch out for. Her first Tagalog song, Ligaya, is also a certified banger with over 60 million streams to date. She was even featured on a Times Square billboard in New York City, showcasing her incredible success.

With mrld’s easy and emotionally intricate melodies, you’ll easily find yourself getting hooked on her real wrld (her fandom name). Plus, mark your calendars as she’s set to release a new single on April 28 titled, The Fate of the One Not Chosen. If the title is any indication, expect to feel both attacked and comforted at the same time.


Photo from Paraisla

If you’re looking for a fresh addition to your playlist that has some hard-hitting bass lines that will get you hyped up eternally, don’t miss PLAYERTWO. This five-member rap group from Davao City is making waves in the Bisaya rap movement, representing their hometown with pride. The group boasts of rapper-producers Impreso, Luke April, and Wave P, alongside creative directors Ven Villariza and DJ PUHKEN, who are all established artists in their own right.

PLAYERTWO broke out to the scene last year when their catchy, upbeat track THAT’S MY BABY went viral, thanks to being featured in one of Cong TV’s vlogs. They also landed a music deal with Warner Music Philippines and is now being managed by Paraisla’s Bret Jackson. This is quite a feat for PLAYERTWO, who just started releasing music online last year.

Now, PLAYERTWO has gained over a million monthly listeners with their fourth single TIKTIKTOKIN (a complete bop btw) having just been released. We even had the pleasure of having them perform at our Big Bold Brave Awards party,so trust us when we say that they’ll deliver a truly satisfying music experience.


Photo from DENȲ

The contemporary R&B music scene in the Philippines is a goldmine of undiscovered talents. One of them is DENȲ, a self-taught singer-songwriter whose smooth and soulful beats will satisfy your musical cravings. As part of the WAYBETTR collective, a group of promising young artists, DENȲ’s music revolves around love and affection. She created her breakout hit “Gusto With Ya” from scratch during the pandemic, and it has been getting bodies slowly grooving ever since, with over seven million streams to date.

DENȲ’s willingness to collaborate with other R&B and hip-hop artists shines through in her latest single, Alam Ko Na, featuring the talents of Just Hush and Third Flo’. Inspired by the K-pop superstars BTS, whom she describes as her “first catalysts,” DENȲ has already crafted eight soul-satisfying singles so far including Still Miss You (her collab with Cean Jr.), Like Me, and Mahiyain. To experience a musical journey that will stir your soul and leave you feeling complete, DENȲ is your top priority.

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