Go Wild! SB19 Josh Cullen Is Making His Solo Debut

Josh sure knows how to make an entrance.

With a cryptic and poetic introduction, Josh Cullen of SB19 finally announces the beginning of his solo artist journey.

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We’re just two months into the year but SB19 has already been spoiling us with their exciting career moves. This month alone has already been filled with satisfying highlights that include Ken’s comeback as FELIP and the release of his debut EP, COM • PLEX, and SB19 performing their duties as youth and cultural ambassadors this National Arts Month. And just as February enters its last week, SB19’s lead rapper and dancer Josh Cullen treats us to a special announcement, in an enigmatic fashion, that marks his official debut as a solo artist.


On Valentine’s Day, Josh Cullen unveiled his Youtube channel on his social media platforms with a reveal of his official logo. What follows are atmospheric, poetic, and cryptic videos which, as per Josh, provide hints at something special to come. 

“I am a paradox / A mystery untold,” narrates Josh in a menacing tone on the first soundbite titled Listen to Me. Drenched in black and red hues layered with eerie tones and visuals that will remind you of a period horror film, the teaser videos suggest a sinister vibe and storytelling that will run through Josh’s debut.

“The king of night / Make his return / In wicked right / To castles burned.” The second one-minute soundbite also furthers the dark mood and heightens the excitement for Josh Cullen’s mystery of an introduction. Then days ago, just when you thought Josh had pulled all the tricks, he posted riddles and puzzles online which made a lot of stans scratch their heads yet ultimately pumped. They turned out to be clues as to the location of his wild surprise: LED billboards which revealed the title of Josh’s first single, Wild Tonight

On February 20, 2023, fans finally received their reward and it all proved to be worth the wait and the good stress of cracking Josh’s mystery game. They got the first glimpse of the Wild Tonight teaser, which gave just the right amount of shots to get us all hyped up. 

Now published online, the title reveal video confirms fan speculations of Josh going for a vampiric energy for his debut. With shots of an old mansion, a damsel in distress, a majestic crown, some curious sculptures, a full moon, and matched with an upbeat melody in the background, Josh Cullen teases a gothic-inspired offering that will surely make everyone go wild. 

You can’t help but give Josh Cullen and his team their dues for creating an engaging and inventive way to signal his beginning as a solo artist. And as expected from SB19’s standards in music and style, we all know that Josh’s solo endeavor will not disappoint. Wild Tonight drops on Friday, February 24, 2023, via Josh’s YouTube channel.

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