All The Performances That Made NYLON Manila’s Big Bold Brave Awards Night Unforgettable

What a night to remember.

From Josh Cullen’s getting wild to Mimiyuuuh’s impromptu Hype Boy dance break, here are all the awesome performances at the Big Bold Brave Awards that we’re missing already.

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Apart from being the bible for everything pop culture, fashion, beauty, voice, and entertainment, NYLON Manila also prides itself on being an expert party-thrower. And if our past events would be anything to go by, it’s safe to say that our parties have become the place to be. So, when looking for an ideal nightlife adventure, you can trust us when we say that we’ll bring you one that you will not forget.

That’s precisely how we would describe the recently concluded Big Bold Brave Awards: We’re H3re celebration. Now on our third BBB edition, there’s no way but for us to go even bigger, bolder, and braver in our party hosting game. And we gave just that on the evening of February 27, 2023, as we held the BBB party with more live acts than before. Thanks to the high-caliber performances, from the ever-reliable DJs to incredibly talented P-pop groups, the night felt forever young. Here’s a recap on the unforgettable night of revelry that we’re already missing.


Shanaia Gomes and Jeremy Glinoga at the Big Bold Brave Awards

First of all, the BBB Awards party wouldn’t be as smooth-sailing as it was if it weren’t for the captains of the night, Shanaia Gomez and Jeremy Glinoga. Both talented artists in their own right, Shanaia and Jeremy proved that when it comes to hosting a big event—and a wild party at that—they’ve also got a reliable set of skills up their sleeves. Thanks to Shanaia and Jeremy’s chemistry and energy as masters of the ceremony, it was all a seamlessly satisfying celebration.


DJ Alexandra and DJ Jia at the Big Bold Brave Awards

Taking cruise control of the entire vibe of the night, DJ Alexandra and DJ Jia made sure that all revelers would have the best night ever. Slaying it at the deck, the female spinning duo gave us consistent, groove-worthy beats from their blazing playlists to dance the night away. 


A-Team at Big Bold Brave Awards
A-Team at Big Bold Brave Awards

And then there were the world-class dancers of A-Team who no doubt turned up the heat of the night with their searing, eclectic, and energetic moves that left everyone jaws dropping. Led by the team’s co-founder MJ Arda, the Careless artists opened the show flexing their signature verve and infectious attitude on the dance floor. Add to that their heavenly synchronicity and sexy choreography (especially that Rude Boy bit), and you couldn’t help but get singed by A-Team’s performance. They’re a Gen Z Approved Creative nominee for a reason.


G22 at the Big Bold Brave Awards
G22 at the Big Bold Brave Awards

Giving us all that big, bold, and brave girl group spirit, G22 made sure to keep the atmosphere afire with a performance of their hit debut track, BANG! Aj, Alfea, Bianca, and Jaz did not just serve some stunning visuals with their coordinated looks that night, but just like their song, gave a presentation that just hit so hard. One of the Favorite Rookie P-pop Group nominees, G22 surely made the BBB night a memorable one.


VXON at the Big Bold Brave Awards

This one’s for the Vixies! The Favorite Rookie P-pop Group awardee of this year’s Big Bold Brave Awards, VXON looked like veterans as they slayed the stage with a fiery performance of their comeback single, Fiyaah. C13, Sam, Patrick, Vince, Franz did not just take home a trophy that night, they also won the hearts of the hyped up crowd who were palpably amazed and overwhelmed with their talent and passion.


PLAYERTWO at Big Bold Brave Awards

Keeping the high-octane energy alive throughout the night was the R&B and rap trio, PLAYERTWO. The Paraisla music act made the party even wilder, dropping some hard-hitting beats and bars with a mashup of rap songs and a performance of their track, That’s My Baby. It was a sensational moment for PLAYERTWO, who definitely gained some new fans in the hyped crowd.


Josh Cullen at the Big Bold Brave Awards
Josh Cullen at the Big Bold Brave Awards

And finally, there was the king of the night. Having just made his debut as a solo artist, SB19’s Josh Cullen also graced the Big Bold Brave Awards stage and blessed everyone with a sleek and majestic rendition of his first single, Wild Tonight. Donning a holographic suit that was embroidered with his logo, Josh did not hold back in the BBB stage, making the audience go wild with his irresistible pop star vibe. It’s definitely one of those performances that would go down in NYLON Manila’s history as one of the most iconic ever. 


The performances did not just end after the category performers had done their astounding parts. Reveling in the energy of the night were other celebrities and artists who just couldn’t resist the tempting allure of the dance floor. 

ALAMAT Jao at the Big Bold Brave Awards
Awra Briguela at the Big Bold Brave Awards

Gen Z influencer and Favorite YouTuber nominee Mimiyuuuh took to the stage and channeled her inner NewJeans as she danced to Hype Boy. Meanwhile, Alamat’s dance whiz Jao also got on the platform and busted off some moves. Actress Awra Briguela did not miss joining in on the fun, too, serving everyone with her captivating well, aura. They were all spontaneous performances, which made the Big Bold Brave Awards night even more unforgettable.