15 Iconic OPM Songs Turning 10 In 2023

And that's what you call a timeless bop.

From Sarah Geronimo’s timeless hits to Daniel Padilla’s romantic piece that’s still running in your heads, here are the OPM songs that are turning a decade old this year.

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The new year started on a not-so-promising note with rising prices, bank glitches, an airport meltdown, and insensitive statements from an influencer to boot. We’re only in the second week of 2023, however, life’s stresses have already been piling up non-stop. But hey, no worries, why not take a pause with this article as we have compiled some of the greatest OPM pieces that can very well be the balm to soothe yourselves.

As they say, music heals. So, take this list of original Filipino songs turning a decade this year as just that: a therapeutic and nostalgic space where you can escape from the toxic negativity of reality for a moment and just revel in some good music. Feel free to scroll through and sing your hearts out to some of the most favorite Pinoy anthems that have been mending hearts and bringing joy for 10 years now.

Ikot-Ikot and It Takes A Man and a Woman by Sarah Geronimo 

When it comes to Filipino pop royalty, Sarah Geronimo, groundbreaking music hits are a no-brainer. One of them is her 2013 track Ikot-Ikot, the carrier single from her tenth studio album, Expressions. In the last few years, the Awit-award winning R&B track also made a comeback thanks to the viral video, which revived other Sarah G anthems like Tala and Kilometro, reinstating their celebrated status in the pop culture scene. Also in 2013, the multi-talented Filipina warmed countless hearts with her rendition of the Teri DeSario classic, It Takes A Man and A Woman, which was the official soundtrack of the rom-com movie of the same name with John Lloyd Cruz.

Buko by Jireh Lim

It’s because of Filipino singer-songwriter Jireh Lim that the year 2013 was probably one of the most senti years for Pinoys when he released his ever LSS-inducing earworm, Buko. With Jireh Lim’s mesmerizing vocals, Buko reasonably became the nation’s pambansang harana during that year, making Jireh Lim a mainstay of our radios and playlists. 

B.A.B.A.Y and Chinito by Yeng Constantino

Remember when Yeng Constantino and Ryan Bang found closure from their past romance on live television and made them and us think of the biggest “what if” early last year? Well, it turns out that Yeng’s 2013 pop single B.A.B.A.Y was inspired by her romantic history with Ryan. In the same year, the pop-rock star also released another popular hit with Chinito, which is also part of Yeng’s best-selling album Metamorphosis. While the latter is not entirely about her love-that-could-have-been, ultimately, these songs have been a reminder to everyone, for a decade now, to shoot their shot while it’s not late yet. 

Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat by Daniel Padilla

The Filipino heartthrob Daniel Padilla is almost always synonymous with his hit original single Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat. And rightfully so, as it marked the beginning of the Supreme Idol’s rise to stardom in 2013. Included in his double-platinum sophomore album DJP, Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat was also the theme song of Must Be…Love, which he top-billed with Kathryn Bernardo and was KathNiel’s first solo feature film.

Whoops Kirri by Vice Ganda

While it was originally performed by Filipina girl group Fruitcake in 1998, Whoops Kirri saw a resurgence in 2013 thanks to the Unkabogable star, Vice Ganda. Ever since it had been featured in Vice’s shows including It’s Showtime, Gandang Gabi Vice, and the highest grossing film of the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy, Whoops Kirri quickly became embedded in the local pop culture sphere and was a regular in the Pinoys’ holidays playlist. It’s a timeless guilty pleasure.

Ayokong Tumanda by The Itchyworms

Speaking of It’s Showtime, Vice Ganda’s co-host Jugs Jugueta and The Itchyworms also released a popular hit in 2013 with Ayokong Tumanda. The second single from their fourth studio album After All This Time and written by Jugs for his wife, Ayokong Tumanda is a groovy and relatable bop that still works its charms today.

Lord Patawad by Bassilyo

Forever etched in the Filipino psyche, karaoke, and jeepney playlist is Bassilyo’s 2013 hit anthem, Lord Patawad. Inspired by the Filipino rapper and songwriter’s life story, Lord Patawad is a reggae-inspired piece that has as much catchy melody as accessible lyrics that still resonate with a lot of Pinoys. The uber-popular song is part of Bassilyo’s debut EP Klasik, whose all nine songs are his original compositions. It’s just apt that Bassilyo named his first EP like that, because Lord Patawad has surely stood the test of time.

Ang Parokya by Parokya ni Edgar

Ang parokya kahit na hindi magaling, kami ang bandang hindi nila kayang patayin.” Indeed, just like those lyrics, Filipino rock band Parokya ni Edgar proved the inimitable OPM icons that they are with their 2013 single Ang Parokya. Gloriously performed with Gloc-9 and Frank Magalona, Ang Parokya is a fiery introspective piece that chronicles Parokya ni Edgar’s colorful history and road to superstardom. 

Dapat Tama Gloc 9 ft. Denise Barbacena

One of the greatest Filipino rappers of all time, Gloc-9 did not miss the memo of making an unforgettable song in 2013, too. Featuring his muse and mentee in the reality talent show Protégé, Denise Barbacena, Dapat Tama is GMA Network’s election campaign music that, with Gloc-9’s incisive lyrics, makes for an ageless and ever-relevant musical creation. 

Pilipinas, Kailan Ka Magigising? by Rivermaya

Another patriotic piece that will celebrate its first decade this year is Rivermaya’s Pilipinas, Kailan Ka Magigising?. This was the first single of the multi-platinum-selling OPM band for four years which, as founding member Mark Escueta described, implored the Filipinos to “go against crab mentality and selfishness,” especially since the election time was beckoning. The promotional single of their then-forthcoming album Panatang Makabanda, the song’s message has rightfully endured and continues to hold true up to this day. 

Bumalik Ka Na Sa’Kin by Silent Sanctuary

If you’ve been to a karaoke session with your friends, we’re sure you’ve sung Silent Sanctuary’s hit song Bumalik Ka Na Sa’Kin once or twice. Part of the six-piece alternative rock band’s fourth album Monodramatic, Bumalik Ka Na Sa’Kin melds rhythmic tunes with a relatable theme of romantic longing which altogether creates an irresistible listening experience.

Mahal na Mahal and Dati by Sam Concepcion 

2013 was undoubtedly a great year for the Filipino multi-hyphenate Sam Conception as he made a lot of Pinoys swoon over his best hits Dati and Mahal na Mahal. Today, both of Sam’s pop anthems still work its magic, bringing you the nostalgia of your angsty and hopeless romantic teenage selves.

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