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The Real Glow Up: Celebrities That Are Making Their Younger Selves Proud

Same same but different.

Back when their 5-year old selves, they were just dreamers. Now, they are making things happen.

One of the things that gets us motivated everyday? Making our younger self proud. Most people say that it’s toxic how our parents raised us to believe that we’re special and unique, only to grow up in the real world where you get a reality check and doubt yourself. But what if they were right all along? Take it from these personalities who’ve somehow preempted the future with their childhood photos and made things happen for themselves. From Liza Soberano to Kisses Delavin, here’s why the ultimate goal is to make your younger self proud.

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TBH, Liza Soberano in pink will always hit different. Obviously grown up, she’s come a long way from her ruffles and disco diva days as a kid. The fact that she didn’t even realize her rise to stardom years later is magical.


Oh, hello. James Reid as a kid probably didn’t think he’d be this big as an actor and a musician. We often forget that he was just a simple kid from Australia and moved to the Philippines to help his family. Goals.


Child actor today, one of Gen Z’s most sought after leading ladies years later. How does Belle Mariano even manage to glow like the sun?


Andrea Brillantes started her career when she was just 10 years old. Years later, she’s still at the top of her game. How even did she do that?


Is it safe to say that TikTok sensation and dancer Niana Guerrero literally grew up in front of our eyes? From making dance covers to doing cover shoots, she’s surely a force to be reckoned with.


Catriona Gray really went from Little Miss Philippines to winning the heaviest crown of her lifetime, Miss Universe 2018. She’s been doing this for ages. How could she not win?


Did 3-year old Kisses Delavin have glorious abs and a golden tan too when she started joining pageants as a kid? We can only imagine the amount of training that goes into every queen’s routine, but she has obviously been working at it. Manifestation works!


One person who obviously made her younger self happy? None other than Maris Racal. She’s been into music even in the past, so now that she’s making music videos and pop singles, it’s definitely a dream come true.


Donny Pangilinan never changed, that’s for sure. He’s still the same goofy kid back then! Except now, he’s one of Gen-Z’s most-sought after leading men. Phew.


Same same but different. Who would’ve thought that she’d be the queen of the universe one day?


Another Gen-Z favorite? Star in the making, Francine Diaz. She’s like the bubbly girl that can light up any room. Francine’s always been THAT girl.


Bazinga! Pablo of SB19’s younger self wouldn’t have expected the success and career that he has now. Billboard Music Awards nominee, producer, rapper, song-writer and all around leader, 5-year old Pablo wouldn’t have known.


God, it’s brutal out here! Olivia Rodrigo’s always had a bit of a punk rock in her since she was a child. Now, she’s won at the MTV VMAs, gone viral on Tiktok, Time 100 Next and hopefully, the Grammy’s.


We all remember the funny, boy-next-door in the talent competition show back in the early aughts. Miguel Tan Felix’s come a long way since his Starstruck days. Years later, he’s become one of the rising actors in his generation.


One of the most recognizable faces and mainstays of the kids show Goin’ Bulilit, Sharlene San Pedro’s always dreamed big. From joining Star Circle Quest at age 4 to hosting TV shows years later, Sharlene’s all grown up.

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