New Year, New Nails: 10 Must-Cop Manicures for Capricorn Szn

Let your claws do the talking.

As you embrace the energy of Capricorn season, let your nails serve as a canvas to express your practicality, ambition, and major manifestations for 2024.

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As we step into the new year, the stars are aligned for Capricorn season from December 22nd to January 19th. It’s all about ambition, hustle, and major manifestations. And guess what? Your nails can channel that energy, too.

In the world of nail art, each season brings a wave of new colors, designs, and styles. But for you hardworking, grounded Capricorns, it’s time to pick manis that totally match your personality. Check out these ten manicures designed for Capricorn season.

Bold Red Boss

Serving that bold and bright red manicure symbolizes Capricorn’s confidence and determination to make a statement. Think of that vibrant red as a signal—a declaration of the Capricorn’s readiness to take on anything. It’s a visual vibe to remind themselves of their commitment to crush the year ahead. So, let those nails do the talking—loud and bold.

Caffeine Fix

For the Capricorns who rely on their daily dose of caffeine to kick-start their day, the ideal manicure is all about embracing shades reminiscent of their favorite brew—think blacks, mochas, and vanilla. Picture the perfect blend of these colors adorning your nails, reflecting that energizing cup of coffee that fuels your morning routine. Whether you’re rushing for a 7 a.m. meeting or heading back to school, this color palette serves as the go-to choice for the on-the-go goats.

Earthy Elements

Blending earthy shades signifies Capricorn’s deep-rooted connection to the earth element. It’s more than just a choice of colors; it’s a reflection of their inherent traits. If you’re into neutrals, browns, and greens, this color palette perfectly captures the essence of Capricorn’s down-to-earth energy.

Forest Green French

Revamp the classic French by flipping the script on the white tips and diving into some forest greens. It’s a slick move that perfectly complements the practical side of Capricorns, emitting that chic, sophisticated energy. Get in sync with Capricorn season’s style—perfectly low-key yet totally on-point for the Capricorn crew.

Marble Madness

When we’re talking about capturing a Capricorn’s class, a marble manicure steals the show. It’s like the ultimate power move for blending elegance with that extra edge. Whether in maximalist or minimalist twists, both styles reflect the Capricorn’s characteristic approach—structured yet totally unexpected.

Maximalist Mani

As Capricorns take center stage during the transition from year-end to the new year, why not elevate your manicure game to maximalist heights? It’s your time to shine, and your nails can steal the show with the most adorable accents or craziest charms imaginable. Make your manicure the star of your look, turning heads and sparking conversations everywhere you go.

Rock a Metal Mani

For Capricorn season, where grounded determination takes the lead, it’s time to deck out those nails with the power of metal. Imagine rocking a manicure that screams strength and resilience, sporting shades like a flash of silver signaling unwavering resolve, glinting gold symbolizing achievement, or the mesmerizing allure of a duochrome finish reflecting the multifaceted nature of a Capricorn. These metallic manis aren’t just about looking fly—they’re the ultimate representation of Capricorn energy, embodying grit and determination.

Starry Night Sky

Embrace Capricorn energy by adorning your nails with a cosmic touch—a celestial look featuring a light or black base adorned with constellations. This aligns perfectly with Capricorn season, inviting you to delve deeper into the mysteries of the universe. Imagine that manicure moment becoming a cosmic canvas, all at your fingertips.

Structured Styles

Capricorns thrive on sleek and structured styles, making minimalist nail designs an absolute go-to. Level up your nail game by choosing sleek patterns and clean lines that scream sophisticated chic. Rock those geometric vibes to mirror your organized and goal-oriented nature, adding a touch of class that resonates with your Capricorn finesse.

The G.O.A.T

When it comes to celebrating Capricorn season, your manicure deserves the spotlight. Roll out the red carpet for your Capricorn crew by featuring adorable and intricate goat drawings on your nails. Beyond being mere symbols, these designs serve as a spirited tribute to the essence of the season, infusing your manicure with an irresistible charm.

Thumbnail image c/o nailsbylaz and selfmadekelsey on Instagram.

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8 Times Xyriel Manabat's Acting Stole The Show In Senior High

8 Times Xyriel Manabat Acted Like Her Rent Was Due In ‘Senior High’

Two-time FAMAS winner for a reason.

Give Xyriel Manabat her flowers. She constantly shows off her acting prowess as Roxy in teen drama ‘Senior High’.

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Xyriel Manabat’s acting on teen drama Senior High has consistently been going viral, shining a light on her talent that fills a screen, and bringing her to the fore of an industry of young actors cementing their stature in pop culture.

The 19-year old Xyriel plays Roxy Cristobal, Sky’s (Andrea Brillantes) best friend along with Roxy’s boyfriend Tim (Zaijan Jaranilla). They all attend the prestigious, mysterious, and intense Northford High and stick together in trying to get to the bottom of Sky’s sister’s death, while facing heaps of new drama themselves. The normally sweet and bubbly Roxy (who’s always rocking amazing hairstyles) is loyal, supportive, loyal, strong-willed, and can hold her own. Xyriel plays her with a controlled, decisive hand that’s let her earn her stars as a young actress taking on a fresh, relatable, and charming role. Scroll down for the moments where the young star ate down on Senior High.


They’ve still got it. Child actors-turned-young adult professionals Zaijan Jaranilla and Xyriel had an “act-off” in this breakup scene from Senior High, which deservingly went viral for their acting, the palpable weight of the situation, and the heart-wrenching emotions they both delivered. The slow, subtle shift in Xyriel’s expression when she realizes something bad was going on was a Moment™️. The barely-ten-minute scene where Tim (Jaranilla) admits to Roxy that he kissed someone else and their consequent breakup is riveting, driven by their tears and the complexity of their respective perspectives.


Running to Sky for some comfort, Roxy continues her breakdown and bares it all to her in both an emotional and humorous way. “Ano yung special? Itlog na maalat ba yun?!” will live rent-free in our minds for weeks. While we feel her pain (who of us hasn’t comforted a heartbroken friend before?), Xyriel and the show allows us to experience a bit of levity in the heartbreak.


Roxy’s bravery and grit knows no bounds. As she stands up to Gino (Juan Karlos Labajo) on behalf of Sky, Roxy’s rage and indignation proves that a) she’s a tough girl you’d never want on your bad side, and b) Xyriel can channel perfectly-acted anger into her performances. Gino towering over her doesn’t faze her one bit—Sanya (Gela Atayde) even has to hold her back.


Archie made a huge mistake. Roxy’s immediate rage and payback at creepster Archie is so satisfying to watch. She didn’t let him off easy, and the emotions swirling on Xyriel’s face even after the incident when she holds back Tim is intense and desperate. Roxy can hold her own, for sure, and Xyriel makes sure everyone knows it.


In yet another showcase of her ability to portray a mix of complex emotions like anger and heartbreak in this scene in a manner than makes you wonder if it’s okay to laugh, Xyriel as a heartbroken Roxy goes on another live selling session with simmering anger and dead-inside eyes. The two-time FAMAS winner held her own and chewed that scene up all by herself.


Alexa, play We Were Happy by Taylor Swift. In this scene, we see Roxy be her bubbly, charming self as a liveseller and share a sweet moment with a jealous Tim—before everything went wild. Xyriel is likeable with her big smile and big movements. It’s no wonder she’s got “MINEs” for her products all around.


In a conversation between sisters that totally captured what it’s like to have a sister, Roxy and her Ate Ria (Rans Rifol) cycled through judgement and annoyance that was borne out of love and care. Xyriel was able to move from judgmental to thankful in a heartbeat. Taking bribes may have been a bad move, but Ria was willing to go above and beyond for her sister, and Roxy realized it, even if she disapproved.


Let it be known throughout Northford High that one should never do Roxy wrong. Her worry for Tim as well as her genuine joy for her friends and herself for getting high grades show how personable the character is—caring, loveable, and kind. Roxy is a light in the often dark and intense series, and consistently increasing praise for Xyriel’s talent is well-deserved.

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8 DonBelle Looks In 2023 That Prove Their Style Star Status

Serving looks anywhere, everywhere.

Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano have traipsed runways and the world arm-in-arm this year, always lovely, and always in style.

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You can’t buy me love, but you can buy that DonBelle are loveteam royalty—and they dress like it, too. Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano have been booked and busy this year, what with traveling the world and starring in their new hit series Can’t Buy Me Love. But one thing they never fail to do despite their hectic schedule is serve looks every time, be it in an airport or at a gala, that compliment each other. These two artists can bring the heat in jeans or tuxedos, ballgowns or edgy leather dresses.

It was hard to choose which outfits they wore this year that were the most slay, because you can bet all their outfits are always massive joint slays, but we rounded up eight of their grandest, coolest, most stunning looks so far. No matter how amazing the pair looks this year, we know it only gets better from here.


donbelle asap

Is it hot in here? The outfits DonBelle wore when they performed the Can’t Buy Me Love theme song You’ll Be Safe Here on ASAP Natin ‘To is absolutely stunning. Donny’s oxblood leather jacket perfectly paired with Belle’s two-piece, lace-up top and skirt with matching heels makes for an alluring, swoon-worthy matchy-matchy moment.


DonBelle ABS-CBN Ball 2023


When you Google “red carpet looks,” this DonBelle moment at the ABS-CBN Ball deserves to be in the top images. Belle’s glittering, sequined gold Michael Leyva gown was a gorgeous contrast to Donny’s sleek, all-black Louis Vuitton look.


donbelle costume captain barbell and darna


donbelle costume captain barbell and darna


Suddenly, I need to be saved. For Halloween this year, Donny and Belle channeled classic Filipino komik superheroes Captain Barbell and Darna. Their dedication to the roles as well as the perfect balance of modernity and timelessness in their homage to the Filipino heroes easily earned them top spots on people’s Best Halloween Costumes lists.


donbelle nylon manila june fanzine cover

DonBelle brought bright, bold colors and youthful energy into our lives on the NYLON Manila fanzine issue last June! Styled by Adrianne Concepcion and John Lozano, Donny and Belle served main character realness on the cover.


donbelle star magical christmas 2023


Holiday Barbie and Ken showed up and showed out at the Star Magical Christmas event as Belle and Donny turned up the Christmas glam and channeled the spirit of the holidays in their bright and merry ‘fits.


donbelle airport


At the airport headed off to Europe, the two opted for classic, elevated casual looks. Belle’s two-piece pinstriped pantsuit and messy updo is style inspo fodder. This was before Can’t Buy Me Love even aired, but she was already giving Caroline Tiu energy. It’s trendy and to-die for, just like Donny’s knitted half-zip that looks like it’s cozy, perfect for a long flight.


donbelle can't buy me love launch


At a Can’t Buy Me Love press conference, the couple served monochromatic elegance in white and off-white outfits. Belle donned a shimmery, sparkly white top with a silky, bejeweled miniskirt while Donny looked ever-dapper in a crisp linen suit.


donbelle star magical prom

FACEBOOK/Nice Print Photography

Donny and Belle made bold, daring moves at the Star Magical Prom earlier this year, and it paid off! They looked like a million bucks (Belle’s Francis Libiran gown alone cost almost that much!). That night’s Prom King and Queen chose black-and-white for a classy, tried-and-true look, along with sheer lace and tiered ostrich feathers. Talk about head-turners.

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Let These Looks At The Star Magical Christmas Serve As Major Makeup Inspo for Your Next Holiday Glam

We're living for these makeup moments.

How to shine like a star at your next party, as seen on Belle Mariano, Francine Diaz, and all these stunning makeup looks from the Star Magical Christmas.

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With the recent Star Magical Christmas, it’s evident that the holiday season is back in full force. The white carpet displayed nothing short of star-studded costumes as celebs dressed up for a good cause. But it’s time to delve into the beauty trends we’ve spotted for your next holiday glam. Yes, it’s only November, but there’s no such thing as preparing too early for the busiest time of the year.

From classic palettes to hints of shimmer, we’re all about infusing the season’s spirit into every brushstroke and shade. Whether aiming for subtle elegance or a full-on sparkle, these makeup looks from Andrea Brillantes, Belle Mariano, Francine Diaz, and all these stars will ensure you shine at your next holiday gathering.

Andrea Brillantes

Forget what the weather app says; there’s a 100 percent chance of frosty temperatures with Andrea BrillantesI’m Cold makeup look. Yes, we’ve seen this trending over Tiktok, but there isn’t a better time to recreate this glam for your next holiday gathering. It’s all about mimicking that Rudolph-red nose and those rosy cheeks you would get after a snowy adventure—basically, it’s all in the blush! And if you want to take this winter wonderland makeup up a notch, we suggest shimmering your lids and glossing your lips for that glistening touch.

Aya Fernandez

Aya Fernandez takes on the role of a ballerina from The Nutcracker with stunning flair. Donning a full-on tutu, her all-white ensemble exudes grace and elegance. But what truly steals the show? It’s that pop of color and the prettiest pearls adorning her eyelids. This touch adds a playful contrast, turning her look into a mesmerizing piece of art that still encapsulates the ballet’s magic.

Belle Mariano

The Holiday Belle stunned in a spectacle of glamour at the Star Magical Christmas. Drawing inspiration from the 2019 Holiday Barbie doll, Belle Mariano reimagined the iconic look with her own twist—quite literally. Arriving as a glammed-up candy cane, the actress paired her costume with a classic makeup look. Emulating this timeless holiday glam is as easy as playing with subtle palettes, focusing on soft contouring, and adding that final touch of nude lips.

Francine Diaz

If you want to embody the ethereal charm of a snow angel, try the angelic makeup trend as seen on Francine Diaz. With soft, subtly flushed cheeks, and a touch of shimmer highlighting the eyes and lips, this beauty look offers a serene and heavenly aesthetic perfect for the holiday season. Whether for another glamorous gathering or a whimsical evening, channeling this celestial trend promises to add an otherworldly allure to your appearance.

Kaori Oinuma

Kaori Oinuma is totally rocking the holiday scene, stealing Christmas and our hearts with a green look that screams Grinch. She went all out – from head to toe, it’s all shades of green! This isn’t your typical glam, but did we expect anything less from her? The actress’ daring style is all about making a statement, breaking the norm, and this festive Grinch-inspired ensemble is no exception.

Sharlene San Pedro

Now, what’s a winter wonderland makeup look without a touch of blue and white? Stunning in a suit, Sharlene San Pedro complements her white carpet ensemble with a swipe of white eyeliner. If your go-to is the classic black or brown liquid formula, consider this your formal invitation to foray into something striking for the season.

Vivoree Esclito

In a festive twist that would make even Santa Claus himself smile, Vivoree Esclito graced the white carpet as an enchanting elf. With her holiday spirit shining brightly, she effortlessly slays the look with light lenses for that touch of whimsy. If your Christmas bash requires a costume, she’s setting the perfect standard for anyone seeking that extra sparkle.

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Expect A Year-Long Celebration of Komiks And Art With Komiket 2024

Art lovers rise.

Get your fill of art, komiks, stickers, and even friendships at Komiket 2024, one of the most anticipated art celebrations in the nation!

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Looking to expand your sticker and art prints collection or meet your favorite Filipino artists? Well, you have plenty of chances, what with art fairs growing more and more popular as of late. From booths at conventions to events dedicated to having local artists showcase and sell their art, local art and artists are having their time—and love and support for local art and artists are growing exponentially. One of such events is Komiket, a series of events organized by its namesake non-profit organization.

This 2023, Komiket isn’t even done yet, what with its always-stacked lineup of events. But the organization has recently released its 2024 calendar, where one can see that the komiks and arts collective and organization has a year jam-packed with events almost every month. Artists are already preparing to showcase and sell their art, and everyone else is eagerly awaiting if their favorite artists and the art they want to cop will be there.


Komiket is an organization primarily dedicated to giving local komik artists and artists of all kinds a platform to share or sell their artwork. Given the rich history of Philippine komiks, they also aim to provide accessible and affordable komiks markets, where creators can showcase their work. They also strive to protect and champion creators by publishing komiks and graphic novels, discover and promote new artists, and be a bridge for Filipino art and komiks to reach the world.

Komiket events feature artists showcasing and selling their work in a wide variety of forms like comics, stickers, postcards, posters, tote bags, keychains, and more. People also often do cosplay, play games, meet their favorite creators, and more! Some artists also sell their work for discounted prices compared to in their online stores—that’s why some people are curious to see if their favorite artists will have a table at the next Komiket. Entrance fees to Komiket events are usually 100 PHP.


komiket 2024 calendar

The 2024 rendition of the event is spread out all over Metro Manila all 12 months of the year. But pick your events wisely, as a few Komiket events have faced criticism for logistics, handling, and organization. For instance, participants and users on X called out the latest Komiket partnership with Cebu Literary Festival or CebuLitFest for concerns regarding logistics and lack of proper communication. Also, earlier this year, at Komiket Pride, the organization was criticized for controversial remarks about the LGBTQIA+ community. They have since apologized.

Previous events of an organization being criticized does not mean people should no longer patronize future events, though. This criticism opens doors for organizers and handlers to do better and provide a better experience for both exhibitors and patrons.

So this year, take your pick from Komiket 2024’s almost-monthly selection of events. Some events are themed or have a specific goal, such as Komiket Pride in June (Pride Month), which highlights local queer artists and their work or the Philippine International Comics Festival in July. Watch out for which ones your favorite artists will attend or choose the one nearest to you! Or, if you’re a really avid fan, attend all the Komiket events and hoard prints, stickers, posters, komiks, and experiences.

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Book It: 7 Fun Things To Do With Your Friends In Seoul That Won’t Break the Bank

So when's the trip?

Seoul is a great destination for travelers, Hallyu enthusiasts, foodies, families and barkadas. Here are a few fun, unique, budget-friendly things to do in the capital of South Korea!

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I don’t know about you, but my favorite trips are the ones that aren’t so wild, crazy, and exhausting, but aren’t too relaxed either. I don’t want to camp or kayak, nor do I want to just spend all day lounging around in a hotel room. Exploring cities is where it’s at for me, and I assume for many people as well. Seoul was perfect then, in that it’s chill enough to warrant a simple stroll but busy enough to be enjoyably lively. South Korea has been steadily rising in popularity as a must-visit place, and whether you’re solo-tripping or spending time with family or friends, it’s a great place to put on your travel bucket list.

We spent five days in Seoul, staying in the Myeong-dong area—a busy, tourist-y area of the city that had plenty of shops, restaurants, landmarks, and places to explore. And while going to Seoul is the dream for many, the funds required to do so is no joke. Plane tickets, in this economy? But if you spent most of your money getting there, worry not, because while trips are expensive, there are plenty of things to do in Seoul that’s totally worth it but are definitely not a waste of money. Scroll down for some of them.


Everyone says to do it—and they’re right. Street food, particularly in Myeong-dong, offers a wide variety of excellent food from full meals to desserts, steak to tanghulu, chicken skewers to souffle pancakes, cheese tteok-kocchi to Korean marshmallow ice cream. When the streets come alive at night with lights, food stalls, locals, visitors, and all sorts of delicious scents waft through the air, you can bet you’ll find yourself walking around with armfuls of food and even little trinkets, stuffing your face with all the delicacies available.


seoul caricatures
acorn caricatures myeongdong seoul

Acorn Caricature (@uncles_painting on Instagram) has plenty of branches around Korea. I saw it go viral on social media before we went to Seoul, and luckily, I spotted one near where we stayed—a storefront and bench decorated with their signature yellow and bold marker caricatures on a small street in Myeong-dong.

There, my sister and I sat for at most five minutes as we got our caricatures done (9000 KRW per person or around 386 pesos) and chatted with the sweet Korean artist who mentioned that she visited Mactan, Cebu back in 2015. The caricatures were well-made and adorable, and it’s definitely a fun, cute experience to have!


Okay, maybe this one will do some damage to your wallet. But we won’t blame you if you spend hours shopping in Seoul’s underground malls, particularly in the Myeong-dong Underground Shopping Center. You can access the basement shopping center from the Myeong-dong Station Line 4 Exits. The “mall” offers everything from the latest Korean fashions to K-pop merchandise for affordable prices—definitely more affordable than the shops or department stores aboveground. Score deals here on trendy knitwear, shoes, down jackets, albums and photocards, and so much more.


What’s a Gen Z trip without endless new and creative ways to take photos? Photobooths dot the streets of the city (there’s even one up on Namsan Park near the N Seoul Tower), so you can take so many photos and get them designed however you want!

There are even photobooths with unique, distinct brandings like DON’T LXXK UP. There, the photos are taken from a high angle for an edgy, youthful set of photos where you can look your coolest. Photobooths cost around 3,000 to 6,000 KRW and have a variety of styles, concepts, and designs to choose from.


itaewon seoul
itaewon seoul

City nightlife in Seoul is marked with bright lights and chilly wind in the fall. Make the most of it by taking a quick trip to Itaewon or similar bustling areas to check out the sights, bars, and restaurants frequented by the young people of Seoul!


Whether it’s cycling along the Han River or eating at a famous restaurant, visiting places idols and actors have been to is a fun way for a K-pop or K-drama fan to spend some time in South Korea. Recreate your faves’ photos for selca days, or just for fun, and get a glimpse of why they love and enjoy these places in their home country.


n seoul tower
seoul fall

South Korea in the fall is stunningly picturesque. When the sun graces you with its presence and hits the green, yellow, orange, and red leaves just right, the city skyline is breathtaking. The N Seoul Tower in the heart of the city is a local landmark atop Namsan Mountain.

Did we get a little confused going there? Yes. Did we stumble upon a bridge that gave us a gorgeous view of the fall foliage and the tower without a lot of people around? Also yes. You can ride the subway or the bus to get to stations near the area and make your way up the mountain on foot (for free if you’re just planning on getting to the base of the tower), or take a taxi to get to the cable car station and ride up for around 14,000 KRW. There’s also a free shuttle from Myeong-dong Station Exit 1 or Seoul Station Exit 9. Get up there for panoramic views of the city and to see the “Locks of Love” placed around the plaza!

Photobooth photo in thumbnail used with permission.

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RIP Circles, The X Feature I Loved As A K-pop Stan

Farewell to one of the few great new features.

[OPINION] Social media platform X (formerly Twitter) is moving to disable Circles, a feature that allowed users to Tweet to a smaller crowd without changing accounts. And as a K-Pop stan, I’m mourning.

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Among the many features that did not make it to the new version of Twitter helmed by Elon Musk, X, Circles is one that I will miss the most. Introduced in August 2022, Circles is a feature that allowed you to choose a certain set of people on the platform to show certain Tweets/posts to. When you select “Circles” when making a Tweet or a post, whatever you said is shown only to people you put in your Circles. It’s basically a private or dump account built into your account whether it’s public or not.

X recently announced that they’ll be getting rid of the feature by October 31st, and as someone with far too many X accounts to want another one where I can share my thoughts that aren’t for the entirety of my followers list, I will mourn this loss. Call me dramatic, but it really did improve my Twitter/X experience as a part of K-pop fandoms over the past year.


If you’re on “stan Twitter” or any online fandom community, then you know that your follower and following lists are not necessarily made up of people you know (or like). And if you’re an account with, say, thousands of followers, you don’t really want all your thoughts broadcast to all of them. It’s the same logic that essentially explains why we have main accounts and “dump” or private accounts on different social media platforms.

Circles allowed me to be freer in expressing my thoughts, less “perceived” by a bigger number of people. I was also able to just address the people I’ve actually formed a bond with and considered my friends without having to create a new private account. On Circles I’ve shared real-life achievements, anecdotes, interactions, and even secrets with only the people I trusted enough.

And it feels great on the other side, as well. When I see that I’m on someone’s Circle, I feel somehow proud and flattered that they trust me enough to see their thoughts and opinions that they otherwise wouldn’t let anyone else see. There’s a whole discussion to be had about the kind of faces we show on social media and why, but these little signs of trust are proof that genuine connections can be made on the Internet.


If you’ve ever been on stan Twitter (specifically K-pop stan Twitter), or seen a side of it, then you know how nasty, mean-spirited, and confrontational people can get—sometimes for seemingly no reason at all. If one post reaches the wrong audience, if a message is taken just a little differently than intended, and you could have hundreds of quotes on your post, or worse.

On Circles, I was able to express my disdain or opinion about something without the worry that I’d get jumped, because the people in my Circle were of similar mindsets. Not just that, but there’s a sense of respect. I may not agree with what you’re saying, but because we’re “close” enough to be in one or the other’s Circle, there’s a certain level of respect.

Not to say that Circles—or any private accounts for that matter—is any excuse to be mean or hateful, but sometimes you just have an opinion and you don’t have the energy to be locked in petty debate with strangers on the Internet.


There are pros and cons to a public X account, but this specific stan Twitter account of mine was always meant to be public. So I couldn’t just turn it private. And as I’ve said, I didn’t want to create yet another X account.

Circles gave me an outlet to be more “real,” in a sense, and its removal really got me to thinking: what about social media has exacerbated our fear of confrontation and discourse? How are we practicing or even defining authenticity on the Internet? Are these features (Circles, private dump accounts, etc.) just safety nets so we don’t have to deal with a world that doesn’t like or agree with us all the time? Is it really that deep? Someone call a scholar!

I don’t know—maybe I’ll find out once Circles is taken away from me. I was fine before it, but now that I’ve found out its potential, I’ll have to adjust. I can’t be a hater in public! If I get jumped because I published a hot take for the world to see (because doesn’t the urge to speak sometimes overwhelm the urge to stay quiet, for better or for worse?), I’ll let you know.

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10 Of Our Favorite Fan Reactions to HORI7ON’s NYLON Manila Cover That Are A Whole Mood

ANCHORs' reactions caught in 4K.

HORI7ON made waves on social media as NYLON Manila’s October cover stars, and here are some of our favorite fan reactions from X (formerly Twitter)!

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When the HORI7ON for NYLON Manila teasers and materials dropped, we (who are mostly K-pop and P-pop fans) experienced being on the other side of fan culture for once. Seeing the reactions to the cover story, photos, videos, TikToks, and podcast was an exciting experience. From seeing fans react or make jokes on the timeline to seeing them print the photos from the shoot, we agreed that fandom is such a unique experience, shared across a wide population. So, when these reactions hit our timelines, we couldn’t help but relate!

The seven-member global group have some dedicated, sweet, and hilarious fans (called ANCHORs), and we’ve compiled some of our favorite reactions to the group’s feature on NYLON Manila from X (formerly Twitter, the stomping grounds of fandoms) so you can see just how much fun they had.


One great thing about social media is how fast the talents, looks, and even personalities of artists reach a wide audience. People from all over the world can easily discover new artists and their music, as well as how great they are as people! And yes, sometimes with just one song, photo, or video, you can immediately tell how worth it stanning someone is going to be.


Lots of people live out their busy lives fully while also still having the time and energy for stanning. For this user, no matter how tired they were, they probably got a jolt of energy from all the pasabog from the group!


Styling is a vital part of any act, photoshoot, the artist’s general public image, and so much more. And when designers and stylists serve, like stylist Quayn Pedroso with assistance from Jia Torrato and Alexie did here, the artists serve even harder. Styling also sets the tone for the entire layout. Get them their flowers!


One thing about stans—they will always know their idol from a mile away. ANCHORs took to pausing, rewinding, screenshotting, and even editing photos to see which members of HORI7ON were on the teasers.


Fans can manifest anything, truly. This DM was sent just days after we shot HORI7ON for the cover, so this fan’s spidey senses were tingling for sure.


There’s something so rewarding about watching your idols grow and reach new heights. The connection fans have with the artists they love is so strong that there’s just a sense of pride that comes with seeing them achieve things as you cheer them on.


The amount of people asking who a certain HORI7ON member was is awesome to see. And the responses—from wholeheartedly giving up all the information about the member to jokingly gatekeeping—were also so funny to see on the timeline.


What’s the point in choosing a bias line when every single member bias-wrecks like their life depended on it? Good luck sorting out your biases.


Leave it to a stan to make the funniest slang references to praise their idol! Winston in this distressed top with genius jackstone details truly was a life-changing serve.


We’re not just hyping the HORI7ON shoot team up here—we’re glad that fans understood the concept and the story told throughout the layouts! So, this is how K-Pop creative teams feel whenever they drop concept photos.


Winston would never been on the bottom two, that’s for sure! HORI7ON proved how multi-talented they are as they slayed and served in every photo and layout. The hundreds of thousands of views on each individual photo would definitely secure them an ANTM win.

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Going Viral: 5 Reasons Why Criza Taa Is The Internet’s Crowned Queen Of GRWM Videos

She's that girl.

If you’re looking for funny GRWM videos, Criza is your girl.

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Thanks to social media, Gen Z celebrities have been rising to stardom faster than ever. Apart from promoting the latest talents in the showbiz scene, it’s incredibly easy for them to capture the hearts of the madalang people when we get a glimpse of their day-to-day lives beyond our TV screens. A case in point: Criza Taa.

Since her stint as one of the former housemates on Pinoy Big Brother: Otso, the 19-year-old actress has never ceased to be in the spotlight. You might recognize her as Roxanne in Kadenang Ginto or as Naih in He’s Into Her. Regardless, there’s a good chance you’ve scrolled through her TikToks with the ABCD Girls. Just when we thought Criza Taa couldn’t become any more viral, she adds GRWM Queen to her already extensive list of accomplishments.

Below, we’ve rounded up five fun reasons why she’s taking over the throne.

She’s That Trendy

@mscrizataa Replying to @user6811863810404 ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

Strawberry makeup look? Served. Searching for clean girl makeup products? Check her yellow basket. Before influencer marketing managers could tell you what the hottest TikTok trends and hashtags are right now, Criza Taa has already tapped into it. From fashion-forward looks to the latest beauty releases, she’s the trendy icon who effortlessly dominates the ever-changing landscape of social media. If you’re looking to start creating content, take notes from her feed.

That Transition was Smooth 


gimme more babe

♬ Originalton – speed up songs

Apart from her GRWM vlogs, you know what really makes Criza’s content stand out? It’s that seamless flow, fam. When she’s filming a makeup look, this 19-year-old is killing it with transitions smoother than butter and a beat drop. Now, to whoever said that content creation is ‘not that hard,’ try recreating her most viral videos.

Authentic and Relatable AF


bday shoot vlog link in bi0OOO!!

♬ original sound – Criza Taa

While most celebrities wear a carefully constructed persona, this actress isn’t afraid to share her authentic self. Did I mention that she’s also relatable AF? She’s like the friend you can always count on for real talk and chismis.

If I were you, watch her videos whenever you’re getting ready. For starters, who isn’t obsessed with her sense of humor? Plus, there are her gentle reminders about self-love and self-confidence that will make you feel like that girl.

Criza Taa Bought It? Consider Me Budol-ed


another unboxing ang atake ko

♬ Cool modern chill out, 10 minutes(1001927) – 8.864

If you’re looking for the latest makeup that lives up to the hype, you better check out Criza’s yellow basket. It’s even more on point if you watch her haul videos. You’ll be in the know about all the hottest beauty products she’s loving and why they’re total game-changers. I remember buying those gray non-prescription contact lenses, and you best beliver I’m not the only one who got budol-ed into trying them.

Going Viral (For Other Reasons)


mr. mahiyain naman ang darling ko na yern

♬ walshy bae owns this sound – RECXRDDEAL

Criza Taa is indeed the crowned Queen of GRWM videos, but she’s not just going viral for her beauty content. Besides proving the incredible power of female friendship with the ABCD Girls, everyone is shipping her with Onie de Guzman. If you need one more reason to stan, she’s currently living life in a boy best friend trope—and we’re here for it.

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Find Your Next Travel Style Inspo From These Celebrities And Content Creators

See the world in style.

From Liza Soberano to Ciara Gan, take your travel outfits up a notch by grabbing some style inspiration from these fashionable celebrities and content creators!

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Packing outfits for a trip can be challenging. You have to take into consideration suitcase weight limits, how long you’re going to be gone for, the weather at your destination, and so much more. Not to mention having to ask yourself which fabrics won’t wrinkle, how many pairs of shoes to bring, and how much space you’re going to leave in your luggage for shopping.

And while travel isn’t all about the style (please don’t sacrifice comfort just for a few pics!), you 100% can look bomb while still being comfy when you’re on a trip. But you don’t have to settle for plain sweaters and jeans—just look at these young stars and content creators whose travel styles are to die for!

From Kathryn Bernardo to Marj Maroket, Bella Racelis to Andrea Brillantes, these young women know how to blend comfort, style, and practicality into an outfit that serves whether they’re walking the cobblestoned streets of Paris or shopping at Harajuku. Take note for future trips!


bella racelis travel style


Personally, I can’t stop thinking about YouTuber and content creator Bella Racelis’ Paris trip earlier this year. From casual ‘fits to structured dresses, her styling was top-notch, and this blue satin set was exquisite, perfect for a day at the fashion capital.


lovi poe travel style


Edgy meets preppy in this outfit Lovi Poe wore for her trip to London. The oversized leather jacket, pleated miniskirt, white sneakers, and headphones were such a good combination that Lovi posted pics of the outfit twice on her Instagram. If your destination is a little colder, add some tights or thigh-high socks!


kathryn travel style


A bright, monochrome-matchy outfit is perfect for the vibes of Seoul. The A Very Good Girl actress was the image of comfort and fun in her turquoise oversized tee and sneakers with turquoise accents.


marj maroket


If you want to add some color to your outfit (especially if the place you’re visiting is colder than the tropics), a funky jacket like what beauty influencer Marj Maroket wore to Switzerland is perfect. Her comfy yet stylish neutral set underneath is the perfect way to compliment it, too.


hannah pangilinan


The frequent traveler opted for a monochromatic, comfortable look with neutral pieces and a black bag as she visited the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art. Sidenote, this outfit is the cutest way to style for the cold—the puffer vest and turtleneck combo can’t be beat when you’re in colder climates.


ac bonifacio travel style


Who says red hair clashes with outfits? AC Bonifacio’s Europe fashion was to die for, and here she is casually giving J-Lo green Versace dress vibes with this beige, black, and green slip dress that’s modern, edgy, and casual.


ciara gan


Content creator and student Ciara Gan is all about frilly, flowy, feminine ‘fits and Taylor Swift’s folklore-esque style. On her trips to New York, the young creator gives lower East Side vibes with long skirts and dresses, cowboy boots, and lacy camisoles.


rei germar travel style


Content creator and influencer Rei Germar’s been on a roll lately, checking off her bucket list destinations one after the other. The influencer dresses with simplicity, but with an air of elegance. Her airy, breathable outfit here was perfect for the weather of Türkiye and was anything but boring.


liza soberano


Style chameleon Liza Soberano was giving trendy, preppy, K-drama-inspired slay with a pleated miniskirt with matching oversized blazer, Mary Janes with ankle socks, and a headband on her recent trip to Seoul.


andrea brillantes


Andrea Brillantes served all kinds of casual glam during her trip to Europe, and this lace and leather jacket over a simple all-black outfit with a slicked-back ‘do and glasses proves you don’t need to go wild to look great abroad. You can be both comfy and stylish!

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