How To Deal With Friendship Breakups, According to Kaori and Vivoree

"Magla-last yung friendship namin."

How often do you think about your ex-best friend? What happened? How did you deal with it? Continuing the conversation on friendships, Gen Z stars Kaori Oinuma and Vivoree Esclito talk about how they deal with friendships ending.

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If you’re not already aware, there’s a trend on TikTok where people ask their male partners “How often do you think of the Roman Empire?” because for some reason, the answer is rarely “never.” Now people are saying that an equivalent of the Roman Empire question is “How often do you think about your ex-best friend?” Go ahead, ask the question to your friends. The look on their faces will tell you everything you need to know.

The widespread relatability of the question implies that so many of us have undergone the loss of a friendship and it still lives rent-free in our minds regardless of how it ended. And as we are aware, losing a friendship is often just as heartbreaking as a breakup, if not more. Best friends Kaori Oinuma and Vivoree Esclito were not safe from this very human experience, and while their friendship is standing strong today, it’s because it’s built on lessons they’ve learned before.


In her experiences with friendship, singer-actress Vivoree chooses to move on, but has also learned that it’s perfectly okay to feel hurt and be vulnerable. After all, losing a friendship is still losing something or someone that you valued for a certain amount of time.

“Growing up,” she shares. “I didn’t give myself freedom to feel any heartbreak…Parang natatakot ako masaktan.”

If she felt that there were certain friends that are sort of drifting away, Vivoree just lets them go. “Iniisip ko na lang na maybe hanggang doon na lang yung friendship natin.”

But she admits that if a friendship were to end now that she’s older, she really would be heartbroken. “I’m gonna let myself feel the heartbreak.” Pushing emotions away is often easier than letting yourself acknowledge and feel the pain. That’s why the “how often do you think of your ex-best friend?” question hits a little hard—because while we often think about a friend we lost, how often do we really process what happened and how we feel about it?

Now, Vivoree has learned that “It’s okay to feel pain, to feel vulnerable, kasi we’re all just human beings.”


Kaori Vivoree Layout 2

Young actress Kaori recounted her own story about friendship breakups—when her one friend in Japan suddenly cut her off and stopped talking to her completely for seemingly no reason. As a young girl who didn’t know much Japanese yet, she relied on a friend who helped her with the language and their lessons in school. But one day, the friend ghosted her completely, making her feel even more isolated.

“Out of nowhere, one day, bigla na lang na lang siyang lumalayo sa’kin.” Kaori wondered what was happening, and even thought about the possibility of other people influencing her friend to stay away from her because she was a foreigner in Japan.

“Ang ginawa ko was tanggapin…inaccept ko ‘yung nangyari.” At some point, Kaori did try to reach out to the friend and asked them how they were doing, but she no longer tried to rebuild the friendship.

“Natakot na ko na nagawa mo na once, [so] mayroong possibility na magawa mo siya ulit.”

Kaori learned then, she shared with LionHeartTV, that some people really do just leave your life, but others come in and make it better, too. She also shared with NYLON that you don’t need to overthink too much if a friendship isn’t made or lost. Kaori moved on with her life and found better, more loyal and trustworthy friends—like Vivoree!

“Magla-last yung friendship namin,” Vivoree reassures. “’Di kami mag-iiwanan.”

Hear more about Kaori and Vivoree’s friendship and lessons they’ve learned on Seated With NYLON Manila podcast on YouTube or Spotify, coming September 29!

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Bars in Poblacion

Tara Pobla? Here’s A Rundown Gen Z-Approved Bars in Makati

See you there?

After everyone’s phase of BGC bar hopping, we’re now shifting to Poblacion’s nightlife scene.

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It’s always at the moment when we’re finally thinking about outgrowing our party phase that the group chat throws in a casual ‘Tara G?’ At this point, we’re not fooling anyone—the party never ends. Sure, some are entertaining the idea of early bedtimes or binge-watching more than a night out, but maybe we’re just refusing the same scene. After all, who wants to hop around the same bars every weekend?

After trying the best bars in BGC and Tomas Morato, we’re diving headfirst into another it-destination—Poblacion. This is where we meet friends, forget about exes, engage total strangers in conversations about anything, and simply dance the night away. And whether you’re thirsty for chill cocktails or shots, here’s a tipple trail of the Gen Z-approved bars in the area for your next night out.

Xin Chào

@eleinapp Vietnamese inspired bar in the heart of Poblacion, must try! #fyp ♬ WayBackHome – 苏七岁

Xin Chào has one of those secret doors that lead you straight into the neighborhood’s nightlife. As you enter, you’re greeted by red lights, setting the mood for a memorable night out. The bar boasts a well-curated drink menu that perfectly complements the trendy yet intimate setting. Whether you’re in the mood for classic cocktails or a daring mix, Xin Chào has got you covered.

Xin Chào is located at 1210 Valdez, Makati.

Ugly Duck

@uglyduckpobla Here’s what you missed at the St. Patrick’s Day Event 👀 #fyp #tiktokph #pobla #viral ♬ original sound – Ugly Duck

From Hallyu Hype to trivia nights, Ugly Duck dances to a new theme every weekend. This retro-inspired rooftop lounge is far from ugly, adorned with checkerboard tiles and neon-lit accents, in a way evoking the 80s charm of old-school bars. With their food-to-drinks menu and amazing DJ list, Ugly Duck is the ultimate chameleon—the perfect place for groovy evenings or laidback brunches.

Ugly Duck is located at White Rabbit, 5672 Doña Carmen Street corner General Luna Street, Makati City.

The Fun Roof

@the_funroof new rooftop bar in poblacion ⛳️⚾️ #fyp #poblacion #makati #poblacion #poblacionmakati ♬ BOOM – Tiesto

If I could describe The Fun Roof in three words, it would be ‘childhood-meets-adulthood.’ With an amusement park and nightclub on one rooftop, I didn’t know I could reconnect with my inner child while partying. They not only serve drinks that’ll keep you electrified through the night, but we’re talking neon-lit mini-golf, monkey bars, and arcade games!

The Fun Roof is located at 4/F Matheus Building, 5382 General Luna, Poblacion, Makati City.

Spirits Library

@_eatsph Hidden gem in Poblacion! They have a wide selection of spirits —literally looks like a library but with bottles on the shelves. Love!!! #fyp #foodph ♬ Sexy Saxophone (Jazz Background Music) – rehegoosync

A must-visit for book and alcohol collectors, The Spirits Library is a spot where you can taste-test curated beverages. When it comes to the interior, imagine the Hogwarts library, but with alcohol bottles. Don’t stress, they still have books in mind. Adding a touch of whimsy, history, and grandeur, this place houses the world’s first cocktail book, published over 100 years ago!

The Spirits Library is located at 4963 Guerrero, Makati.


@tiff.anywhere Sanctuary Poblacion in a chill vibe during Happy Hour 🍸 They offer unlimited cocktails, wine & beer. #fyp #happyhour #poblacionmakati #sanctuarypoblacion #cocktails #chillvibe ♬ THAT'S MY BABY – PLAYERTWO

Sanctuary is a not-so-secret rooftop terrace with a breathtaking view of the Makati skyline. Offering both al fresco dining and indoor partying, you can experience the vibrant nightlife of Poblacion; along with themed music played by guest and resident DJs, a chill-to-wild atmosphere, and a diverse food-to-drinks menu.

Sanctuary is located at 5060 P. Burgos cor. Guerrero, Poblacion, Makati.

HQ Poblacion

@kayetnxbye Ngl, thanks to #Blackpink #Lisa’s influence! UNREAL!! I LOVE HER EVEN MORE 😭 @DESTINY #destinyrogers #hqpoblacion #notoriousconcepts #fypシ #kpop ♬ Tomboy – Destiny Rogers

Notorious HQ was the home to the infamous Good Gang. Whenever you see those pink LED lights on Instagram, you can’t help but feel FOMO. Aside from the lights, what makes the bar IG-worthy is the presence of celebrity photos on the walls and celebrities themselves every weekend. If you’re lucky, you might catch your favorite artists from Careless Music and After The Noon Records! The best part? Compared to other nightclubs in Poblacion, the bar above West 32 is reasonably priced!

Notorious HQ is located at 8464 Kalayaan Ave, Poblacion.


@champie_b Went to Apotheka and it was my first time to watch Jason Dhakal perform live, now I’m obsessed! Love all his songs! #jasondhakal #jasondhakalmusic #Apotheka #Poblacion #poblacionbars #makatibars #trending #fyp ♬ can't get enough – Jason Dhakal

With its spacious dance floor, red lights, electrifying music, and live performances, Apotheka is the perfect place if you’re simply thirsty to dance the night away.

Apotheka is located at G/F, White Rabbit Bldg., 5672 Dona Carmen St, Cor General Luna, Makati.

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Can’t Buy Me Love’s Full Trailer Got Us Even More Excited For DonBelle’s First Teleserye

Love comes with a price tag.

DonBelle brings the drama and the romance to primetime with their upcoming teleserye Can’t Buy Me Love, airing on October 13! We already can’t wait for the show to air.

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Action, drama, and a whole lot of romance are in store for Bubblies and soon-to-be-Bubblies starting October 13! Can’t Buy Me Love, the upcoming teleserye starring Gen Z icons Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan, dropped its full trailer last Monday. The highly-anticipated primetime series looks to be an exciting romp filled with thrills and suspense, love and laughs, and of course, that classic DonBelle charm.

In the trailer, also seen in the series’ previous teaser, Caroline (Mariano) seems to be abducted by unknown men and left to drown, but Bingo (Pangilinan) saves her. She assumes he’s the one who kidnapped her, but eventually warms up to him, and so starts their unorthodox relationship. Quick scenes show Caroline and Bingo’s respective struggles with family and the treacherous road ahead involving deaths, dangers, and secrets—one that they’ll traverse together. It’s definitely something new from the couple—a love story tackling different cultures, crime, and an unusual first meeting between leads helmed by Mae Cruz Alviar, Cathy Garcia-Sampana, and Ian D. Loreños.


Belle Mariano’s Caroline Tiu is a wealthy daughter from a traditional Chinese family with a tumultuous relationship with her sister, and Donny Pangilinan’s Bingo Rivera is a young man working hard to provide for his family. The harm that befalls Caroline—her kidnapping and almost-drowning—we can assume is caused by her family’s wealth. Meanwhile, the trouble Bingo gets into, which is perhaps connected to Caroline’s problems, is caused by his own family’s lack of money to afford healthcare.

Caroline and Bingo meet at Caroline’s sister’s engagement party, where Bingo is working as a waiter. The stark contrast between Caroline’s high-society lifestyle and Bingo’s financial struggles paves the way for the series to explore the tensions between people of different class backgrounds and the lengths people go through to obtain money. It’s a fresh take on a tried-and-true trope that looks to rattle plenty of emotions from the audience.


The phenomenal Gen Z loveteam DonBelle has made many root for their romance both on and off-screen since they were first paired up in teen series He’s Into Her (2021-2022). Since then, they’ve worked on rom-coms Love is Colorblind (2021) and An Inconvenient Love (2022).

Can’t Buy Me Love is their first foray into primetime television, and is a new challenge for the pair. However, throughout their different projects, DonBelle has shown that they can act with heart and do comedy, drama, and romance like nobody’s business. And whatever screen they’re on, their chemistry straight-up leaps out of it, as shown in the 2-minute trailer, so it’ll be exciting to see what they do with Caroline and Bingo. And further solidifying DonBelle’s first teleserye as a TV moment, the show will premiere on Netflix on October 13, a full three days before it airs on TV.

Can’t Buy Me Love also features a star-studded cast that includes Ruffa Gutierrez, Maris Racal, Albie Casiño, Nova Villa, Agot Isidro, Enzo Pineda, Rowell Santiago, Vivoree Esclito, Darren Espanto, Celeste Legaspi, Kaila Estrada, Karina Bautista, and Joao Costancia. Just from the trailer, we learn that the storyline is set to have many twists and turns, the production is grand and immersive, and that DonBelle is embarking on a thrilling new chapter.

Can’t Buy Me Love will premiere on Netflix on October 13, iWantTFC on October 14, and Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, Jeepney TV, TFC, A2Z, and TV5 on October 16!

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YOU Beauty Moisturizer

I Tried This Viral 2-in-1 Moisturizer, Is It Worth the Hype?

TikTok fave put to the test.

Was the FYP right on Y.O.U Beauty’s Radiance Up! Deep Moisturizing Cream?


If there’s one thing TikTok loves, it’s a beauty trend—especially one that reveals the secret to radiant skin. With beauty and skincare content creators saturating every scroll of our FYP, finding reviews and recommendations has never been more accessible. But in the midst of skincare sensations and trending products, it becomes more difficult to personally pick what’s truly worth the hype.

The latest beauty buy that has recently surged in popularity is a dual-purpose moisturizing cream from Y.O.U Beauty. Boasting over 330 million views, the beauty brand has been praised for skin-repairing and brightening properties. Now, is the Radiance Up! Deep Moisturizing Cream worth the viral status? Here’s what we think.

Fast Facts: All About the Trending 2-in-1 Moisturizer

YOU Beauty 2-in-1 Moisturizer

Before diving deep into Tiktok’s fresh fave, here are fast facts about the Radiance Up! Deep Moisturizing Cream. After all, reading the label matters.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Ceramide 1-3-6, Powerful Brightening System (Symwhite 377, Vitamin C, Niacinamide, and Licorice Extract), Snow Mushroom Extract

SKIN TYPE: It’s made with nature inspired ingredients making the Radiance Up! Deep Moisturizing Cream suitable even for sensitive skin.

USES: Brightens skin without greasiness and boost radiance from within.

PRICE: ₱599 for 30g | ₱799 for 50g

The Formula aka The Good Stuff

YOU Beauty 2-in-1 Moisturizer

Y.O.U Beauty’s approach to their active ingredients is thorough and thoughtful. The beauty brand uses all-natural and skin-loving formula backed by third-party research. That said, it includes a beautiful blend focused on brightening and skin-repairing properties. Here’s a breakdown of every ingredient:

Ceramide 163: While our skin naturally contains ceramides, daily life can deplete them, causing concerns like wrinkles, dullness, and flaky skin. Compared to retinols, hyaluronic acids, and Vitamin Cs, ceramides are often overlooked. Yet, they’re essential for repairing the skin barrier, reducing wrinkles, and enhancing texture in your skincare routine.

Snow Mushroom Extract: Emerging as a key ingredient in Western skincare products, the Snow Mushroom Extract is dubbed as the next hyaluronic acid due to its hydrating properties. Hyaluronic acid can retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water, making this fungus function similarly when drawing moisture into the skin. If you’re seeking to tackle perpetually parches skin, its hydrating power is pretty major. 

Powerful Brightening System: This powerhouse combo consists of Vitamin C, Symwhite 377, Niacinamide, and Licorice Extract that effectively reduces melanin production and fades discoloration with consistent use.

Yay or Nay?

YOU Beauty 2-in-1 Moisturizer

I am the poster child for combination skin and discoloration. That said, my face is two shades lighter than my neck with dryness, humidity, and irritation. From head to toe, my skincare routine is carefully curated with products that focus on achieving an even skin tone, and reducing dark spots. While I’ve found products that work wonders for brightening and hydration, it’s been a while since I’ve come across something that can effectively serve both purposes.

I’ve been using the Radiance Up! Deep Moisturizing Cream for a whole week now, and here’s what I think: For starters, I immediately noticed that the moisturizer was lightweight. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling tacky or sticky, and there’s no residue left after application—good for skin prepping prior to makeup application. Then again, it imparts a radiant glow from within. I will continue to test the moisturizer for best results, but it’s clear that the Radiance Up! Deep Moisturizing Cream is a must-have addition to my skincare routine.

Try the Y.O.U Beauty Radiance Up! Deep Moisturizing Cream by shopping on LazadaShopee, and in-stores at Watsons.

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How This Gen Z Artist Captures What It Means To Be Filipino Through Painting

Sining para sa bayan.

Through her paintings of everyday life, culture, and resistance, 21-year-old artist and student Raya illustrates her own understanding of what it means to be Filipino.

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There’s much debate going on about what Filipino identity truly is. It’s been long discussed, whether in social media or the academe: what does it mean to be Filipino? Our history and culture are amalgamations of influences brought about by trade, travel, colonization, and globalization. Whether in cuisine or art, unearthing what it means to be Filipino is a daunting task that, perhaps, has no reward satisfying enough for everyone.

But for one Filipino Gen Z artist, to be Filipino means a shared experience of the everyday, a culture of diversity, and resistance. It’s about “recognizing the culture, arts, cuisine, homeland, and countrymen as integral parts of [our] identity” and fighting for our nation and its people no matter what.

Twenty-one-year old Raya is a freelance artist and fourth-year student at the University of the Philippines Baguio, taking up a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Her work amasses thousands of likes on social media platforms X and Instagram because of her distinct style and subject matter. An artist working with both traditional and digital tools, Raya paints with warmth, memory, beauty, and a love for her country and its people.


Dapit hapon, raya

Dapit Hapon / Raya (biyaheniraya)

Raya’s art often features themes of youth, girlhood and womanhood, and Filipino life, culture, and identity. Most of her works exude an air of days-gone-by, evoking a sense of deep-rooted familiarity. For instance, her digital painting Dapit Hapon depicting Filipino children playing Chinese garter on the street is a warm, beautifully-lit piece encapsulating the simple joys of a Filipino childhood. Similarly, Tampisaw shows children relishing the rain, umbrella forgotten. You know they’re aware of the scolding they’re bound to get from their parents for playing in the rain, but they don’t mind.

Tampisaw, raya

Tampisaw / Raya (biyaheniraya)

The feelings evoked by Raya’s art is her attempt at capturing the distinct experience of mundane Filipino life. Referencing how sad it makes her to hear how many Filipinos want to leave their country for better opportunities, but knowing that it’s not their fault, Raya shares, “That’s why I make art about Filipinos, so that I can remind people in subtle ways that there’s a lot more to be proud of as a Filipino, even the mundane life.”

More of Raya’s work include women dressed in modern or traditional Filipino clothing, city staples like the tindahan or landmarks like Session Road, and artwork inspired by Filipino films like Liway (2018) or Goyo (2018). Womanhood is also often the subject of her work, an important aspect of her art and advocacy. In relation, the student-artist is also working on the beginnings of her thesis, which she hopes will delve into the role of women, particularly homemakers, in Philippine society.

Remedios by raya

Remedios / Raya (biyaheniraya)

Raya Filipina sketches

Sketches / Raya (biyaheniraya)

Indios Tagalos - Raya

Indios Tagalos Redraw / Raya (biyaheniraya)

Whether through traditional or digital methods, Raya’s artistry shines through. She was initially inspired by Disney and Studio Ghibli art styles, as well as artists like Sibylline, Aeonix, and Hong Seung Wook. “But as much as possible,” she says, “I want to exude the aura of local style.”


Aside from Filipino life and culture, a distinct theme that’s woven through Raya’s artworks is one of resistance.

“Whether we like it or not, our political views are a part of what makes us Filipino,” she says. Plenty of her paintings reference Filipino struggle and the systemic issues that plague the nation and its people. An untitled piece, for example, depicts a young girl painting a mural similar to Botong Francisco’s Filipino Struggles Through History, a visual representation of how art serves as immortalization of memory and a reminder to resist oppression and fight for freedom. It’s a work of art that celebrates the unyielding Filipino spirit, shared across history and generations, even in the face of adversity.

Raya's untitled mural artwork of an artist

Raya (biyaheniraya)


Raya elaborates that “It is our duty as Filipinos to consider the implications of our decisions and what would be best for our nation. As it is our right to voice our concerns in various types of media, it is best to use art as a powerful instrument to inform and communicate.”

Raya uses her art to amplify calls for change and stand in solidarity with her fellow Filipinos. Last year, she opened art commissions to assist the victims of Typhoon Paeng, and created artworks supporting Leni Robredo for president during the elections. She’s able to craft clear, impactful messages through her art, criticizing injustice as she does.

Sa Ritmo Ng Buhay Estudyante-Manggagawa / Raya (biyaheniraya)

But in struggle comes optimism, and a spark of hope is also set alight by Raya’s work as she highlights important themes and opens discussion on intersectional issues. She aspires to be a children’s book illustrator, telling stories involving issues of “mental health, the environment, and history” to a young audience—an effort to change things for new generations who can learn a thing or two from history. Her favorite project is one done with author Lacy Bussey, a yet-to-be-released children’s book about keeping one’s dreams alive.

Her love for the Philippines and its people is clear as day in every painting, and her ultimate ambition is to be “an independent artist who promotes Filipino culture and traditions.”



Hindi Pasisiil / Raya (biyaheniraya)

Of course, like with any artist or creative, it wasn’t easy for Raya to pursue her ambitions of being an artist. Often, the art and creative industry faces plenty of judgment for not being lucrative. Raya doesn’t believe that’s true.

“There are a lot of career opportunities related to arts because a business cannot function without it. People who don’t understand how difficult it is to create art are the ones that make us feel inferior.”

However, even though the young artist always loved art and was passionate about creating things, there were times where she no longer found the process enjoyable.

“I’ve been putting so much pressure on myself to succeed, comparing myself to others, and depending my value primarily in terms of the things I produce,” she shares. She had to learn how to see her work “with the innocent perspective of a child” and to “focus more on the process than the final product.”

Tindahan Ni Raya

Tindahan Ni Raya / Raya (biyaheniraya)

In finally finding her style, what she’s fighting for, and what art truly means to her, Raya creates with and exemplifies what it means to be artista ng bayan.

“I came to understand that creating art isn’t just about beauty; it’s also a way to express oneself and create memories.”

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Women’s Basketball in the Philippines: Living The Dream

She shoots, she scores.

Between success stories and struggles, there’s a joy for the sport within every Filipina
baller. By getting access to the sport, the joy can be nurtured and dreams can come

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Filipinos’ love for basketball is deeply rooted and pervasive. Much like eating sisig or hitting high notes on a videoke, Filipinos take to the sport as if it were part of their DNA. It’s a safe bet that every street corner and alley in the Philippines features basketball hoops–many of them makeshift. The game continues even on bustling inner streets, where traffic halts to watch neighborhood hoopers execute basketball plays.

“There are so many courts in the Philippines. Everywhere you look, on every corner, there’s a basketball court. Everyone loves to play basketball,” affirms Mariana Lopa, Founder of Girls Got Game Philippines, a non-profit organization that has been organizing sports camps for young Filipinas since 2015.”

Fans and teams, families and friends have celebrated, cheered, and sometimes shed tears at games. But amid the thunderous applause, there’s a deafening silence: the lack of recognition for women as equal heroes in the sport. Despite their undeniable talent, female ballers have struggled to find their rightful place in the spotlight. It’s not that Filipina ballers haven’t been making their mark; they certainly have, displaying incredible determination. However, opportunities to play basketball have been skewed in favor of men.

“From my personal experience, I had to be at the court right after lunch, around 1 pm (when the sun is scorching), or else the boys would arrive at 3 or 4 pm after school, and that’s it; you get eased out. So, for Nike to create The Courtyard and have specific hours for girls on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 PM to 9 PM is huge. Because then nobody can interrupt our playing time. It’s kind of funny when the boys come on Tuesdays and Thursdays and find out it’s HER HOOPS time,” Mariana says, with a gleeful smile.

Nike’s mission has always been to promote diversity and inclusivity in sports. When it established The Courtyard by Nike at the heart of BGC this September, one significant reason was to break down barriers that have excluded Filipina ballers from the basketball mainstream for too long. Besides offering weekly pickup games, basketball camps for various skill levels, and opportunities for community groups to join, one of The Courtyard’s distinctive features is a 5-hour time slot on Tuesdays and Thursdays dedicated to girls owning the court. Named “Her Hoops,” this exclusive period from 4 to 9 p.m. on those two days caters exclusively to female ballers.

All About Her Hoops

On September 2, 2023, The Courtyard brimmed with Filipinas who showcased their basketball excellence as Nike inaugurated its newest court, designed to build and nurture the basketball community. The event brought together three distinguished figures in the world of women’s basketball: Coach LA Mumar, the head coach of the Ateneo De Manila University women’s basketball team; Jhaz Joson, a Blue Eagle and Gilas Pilipinas player; and Mariana Lopa , whose Girls Got Game aims to use sports as an avenue for young women to find inspiration through the athlete’s mindset of hard work and determination.

In a panel held at the Courtyard that day, Coach LA, Jhaz and Mariana talked about the growth of girls’ basketball, their invaluable experiences as athletes and coaches, and mentoring the next generation of female ballers. “A coach can make or break a female athlete’s career, especially for us because for women’s players, there’s nothing to look forward to afterwards. There’s no professional league. So, a coach is super important. At college level, the athletes are closer to their coach and that relationship is super important,” Mariana believes.

The following week, a Her Hoops 3×3 basketball tournament was held at The Courtyard, providing girls with even more time and opportunity to engage in healthy competition, showcase their talents, and foster camaraderie, sportsmanship, and values that extend beyond the court.

Passing the Ball From One Generation to the Next

Her Hoops is a declaration that the world of women’s basketball in the Philippines is ready to make its voice heard. It is a platform where Filipina ballers can exhibit their skills, share their stories, and inspire the upcoming generation of athletes.

“I think it’s wonderful to have events like this because younger girls can interact with and look up to the earlier generation. They can interact, play against each other, and realize that they have the potential to achieve what these older girls have already accomplished. It’s a fantastic opportunity for networking, getting inspired, and simply having fun within the basketball community,” says decorated Filipina basketball player Camille Clarin.

Confidence and Conquering the World

Now that Her Hoops is gaining more and more momentum, women ballers can’t help but feel inspired about the future of women’s basketball in the Philippines. “These tournaments make me and my team more confident, like we can conquer the world. Through Her Hoops, we’ve overcome weaknesses while realizing our strengths even more. Future generations (of women ballers) should keep working hard. They shouldn’t lose hope even when women basketball players can’t enter bigger teams or join big
tournaments. You’ll get there,” Team ARMY ALTAMA, winners of the first-ever Her Hoops 3×3 Tournament, advised.

“It’s actually super nostalgic when I look back at the time when I was playing in college. Women’s games then were played in the smallest of gyms, they were not televised. The only people in the stands would be our families and friends. So when I see now that most of their games are televised, and they get covered on mainstream media, and have companies like Nike making sure that the progress continues, we have come a long way,” Mariana sighed. “I sometimes can’t believe it when you turn on the news and see news about the national women’s team. That’s unbelievable,” she added.

So it’s not just about the games. It’s about the stories behind each player. It’s about battles fought, dreams pursued, and barriers that have been shattered. It’s about the love for basketball that knows no bounds and refuses to die. It’s about dreams coming true, at last.

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Filipino Roadtrip Movies

These Travel Scenes From Filipino Movies Will Give You Major Wanderlust

Tara G?

If you’re stuck with work or school, these Filipino films are your next best thing to a roadtrip.

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I can still recall the first time I watched ‘I’m Drunk I Love You.’ It was a chill evening with friends, but before we even realized, we were loading up the trunk and we’re heading North to La Union. Talk about spontaneity (and dumb decisions) early in the morning—the same moments that create core memories and make you feel free.

Fast forward to adulting; we’re working, some are starting families, and the idea of traveling takes a backseat. If you’re caught up with work or school, what’s the next best thing? Why escaping into movies, of course, that feature iconic cross-country travels. From Sagada to Siargao, these locally made movies will ignite your wanderlust even if you can’t leave the room. Go grab your favorite snack; we will take you out on a roadtrip across the country.

I’m Drunk I Love You (2017)

I’m Drunk, I Love You is a heartwarming (and heartbreaking) Filipino film that captures a scenic road trip to La Union. Starring Paulo Avelino and Maja Salvador, there’s a whole lot of drinking, as the title suggests. Then, there was an adventure, talks about friendship, and moving toward the realities of adulthood. Beyond being a romantic comedy on unrequited love, the 2017 film felt like a metaphor for life itself—sometimes messy, sometimes uncertain, but always worth the ride.

Lakbay2Love (2016)

Lakbay2Love combines two of our greatest pleasures: cycling and traveling. Through captivating storytelling and picturesque cinematography, the 2016 film dives deep into adventure and self-discovery. While cycling across the countryside, Dennis Trillo and Solenn Heussaff work through the meaning of love and purpose in a coming-of-age film that will make everyone fall in love again.

Mr. & Mrs. Cruz (2018)

The travel scenes in Mr. & Mrs. Cruz are not just settings; Palawan was a character in itself. The 2018 film features JC Santos and Ryza Cenon, who find themselves taking off for Palawan to escape the not-so-great realities of their current lives. This travel narrative with touching themes of love, chance encounters, and the complexities of human emotions, reflects the transformative power of a new place—not only leading to one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines, but a journey toward self-discovery and confronting personal demons.

Patay Na Si Hesus (2016)

Patay Na Si Hesus hosts a dysfunctional family on a hilarious journey to fulfill their mother’s deathbed wish. The 2016 dark comedy is not your typical trip from Dumaguete to Cebu. Instead, it’s a rollercoaster ride of banters while working towards grief, forgiveness, and acceptance— all while keeping the audience laughing.

Sakaling Hindi Makarating (2016)

Sakaling Hindi Makarating takes the audience on a stunning trip to Zamboanga, Siquijor, and Batanes—places rarely captured in local cinema. Fun fact: the beauty of Regatta de Zamboanga, an iconic travel scene in the movie, had never been featured in a Filipino film before.

In the 2016 film starring Alessandra de Rossi, the main character follows a series of mysterious postcards in search of the anonymous admirer. As she travels, she encounters a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique stories, perspectives, and purpose. Through these chance encounters, the protagonist unravels the meaning of the postcards and dives deep into loss, healing and emotional growth.

That Thing Called Tadhana (2014)

That Thing Called Tadhana is a romantic comedy that tells a heartfelt love story, and also serves as a love letter to the breathtaking landscapes of northern Philippines, particularly Baguio and Sagada. Starring JM de Guzman and Angelica Panganiban, the 2014 film is all about finding yourself (and a new love) after a heartbreak, as well as a gentle reminder to trust tadhana.

Unforgettable (2019)

Unforgettable revolves around Jasmine and her cute companion, Happy. They take on an adventure to the rocky roads of Baguio, believing that Happy’s presence could heal her sick grandmother. Starring Sarah Geronimo, the 2019 film reminds people of the profound connection between humans and their furry friends. Along this touching story and travel narrative, we witness the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative impact of kindness.

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Meet The Final 7 Members of The Girl Group Project

Go off, queens!

The final members of the upcoming, yet-to-be-named girl group of The Girl Group Project have been making the rounds on social media, and after months of training and evaluations, they’re almost ready to take on the P-Pop stage.

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If you were on TikTok the last few weeks, then you definitely have come across the “I Wanna Go Back” dance trend set to a sped-up version of Do It Again by Pia Mia. Well, did you know that the creators of the trend are young Filipino trainees getting ready to debut as members of a new, upcoming P-pop girl group?

@ggprojectmedia boy can we go back? 🤷🏻‍♀️ dc: jezrene 🐝 & nicole 🐣 #fyp #ppoprise ♬ do it again – ᶜ ʰ ˡ ˡ ˣ ᵉ ᵈ ⁱ ᵗ ˢ

That’s right, dancers and artists Jezrene and Nicole, whose names you may have seen credited under TikToks of the trend, are members of a yet-to-be-named girl group formed by DreamCloud Media Productions. DreamCloud recognized the immense potential of Filipinos in the pop music industry, and so, in early 2023, they started The Girl Group Project. It was a passion project, an initiative to select, train, and evaluate talented young girls to form a group ready to take the P-pop world by storm.

After the final evaluation at Eton Centris last July 30, seven trainees were selected to debut. It’ll take some more time, work, and decisions before they make it big, but for now, let’s meet the young girls who have made it steps closer to living their dreams.


Nicole from the girl group project

1/2 of the pioneers of the “I Wanna Go Back” trend, Nicole is The Girl Group Project’s center, and has shown her prowess in singing, dancing, and playing the ukulele—which she’s been playing since she was in high school. She’s driven by her desire to show the world her talent. She’s a Virgo, and her MBTI is ESFP-T.


Jezrene of the girl group project

The other half of the TikTok trend’s creators, 19-year old Jezrene is a strong singer, which got her the position of lead vocalist. A true introvert but with a powerful voice, she’s a Gemini, an INFP, and, like most of us, her hobbies include sleeping. She’s been inspired by K-pop since she was young, and pushed through some mental and physical challenges before she got to where she is now.


Hana of of the girl group project

Keen-eyed girl group enthusiasts may recognize the 22-year-old as a former center of idol group MNL48! Her stage name used to be Aly, and she can be seen in MNL48’s videos like Ikaw Ang Melody. Hana is the group’s lead rapper, visual, and sub-vocalist. She’s a Capricorn, INFJ, and she likes playing mobile games.


Jane of the girl group project

Jane is the group’s main rapper and a lead vocalist. She’s a Capricorn and an INFJ-T, often in dark clothing and makeup to match her fierce and independent spirit. She likes to sing, cook, and watch anime. She made, sold, and delivered food to help out her sick parents all while studying and trying hard for her dreams.


kath of the girl group project

Kath was the first trainee to be announced as part of The Girl Group Project. The 20-year old is the group’s main dancer and lead rapper while also being a diligent university student at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. She’s got grit and stage presence for days, and is a Taurus and ISFJ-T.


Mita of the girl group project

Lead vocalist and dancer Sushmita, or Mita for short, is a proud Taurus and INTJ. She loves cats and owns a handful of them—18 to be precise. A multi-talented performer, Mita was influenced by her aunt to get into music.


Pearl of the girl group project

The ever-fashionable Pearl is the group’s main vocalist and resident baton twirler. A Taurus and INFP-T, she was the last trainee to complete The Girl Group Project. She also loves to design clothes. Emotional during her last interview before making the final lineup, Pearl is driven and determined to reach her dreams.

Stay tuned on The Girl Group Project’s social media accounts (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram) to keep up with these talented Gen Z artists! Do you have a bias yet?

Photos courtesy of Jionor Verona for The Girl Group Project/Facebook

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These Filipino Youth Activists Used A Fashion Show To Highlight Climate and Social Justice

Fast, fair, forever.

Young environmentalists and activists brought art and politics to the runway as they held a fashion show highlighting calls for climate justice, social justice, and the end of fossil fuels. Read all about Fashion Against Fascism and Fossil Fuels 2023 below!

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When we think of fashion shows, we often think of cosmopolitan elegance, glittering sophistication, and high-speed, high-intensity glamour. We think of extravaganzas, publicity stunts à la America’s Next Top Model challenges, Victoria’s Secret Angel wings, or questionable avant garde fashions. Fashion shows are often criticized for catering to the privileged, negatively affecting body image, or being wasteful and pointless.

And while critical discourse on the current state of fashion is much needed, what is woven through the very essence of fashion is the human desire to communicate through art. Given its deep roots in human and social experience, art and fashion are inherently political. As such, in fashion there is space for creativity, artistry, and expression. It is an avenue by which humanity can speak out, influence, criticize, and amplify calls for justice.

Fashion Against Fascism and Fossil Fuels is an annual fashion show hosted by the Youth Advocates For Climate Action Philippines (YACAP), a nationwide alliance of youth organizations and individuals fighting for climate justice. This year’s show was held on September 15 and had the theme Empire of the Son: Drought & Deluge, an effort to highlight the calls of those impacted the most by systemic issues and shed light on how the current system has failed to address environmental and human rights concerns in the Philippines.


Reclamation at fashion against fascism and fossil fuels

Photo courtesy of Angela Kyla/AGHAM National

The fashion show was divided into two sections: Part 1 – Drought, and Part 2 – Deluge. Drought focused on the environmental issues that plague the nation, featuring themes surrounding reclamation, El Nino, and environmental plunder.

Deluge focused on socio-political injustices experienced by Filipinos, such as disinformation, the mental health epidemic, and impunity.

The show featured pieces from Filipino brands Himaya, For Elimari, Pinsel, Regina Villanueva, Season Pass, Worn Expressions; partner designers Alaga, bice crafts, Joanna Rizza David, Santi Obcena, Cha Reyes, and XCA; and shirt designs by artists Bry Barrios, Kill Joy, Rusty Flores, Tokwa Peñaflorida, and The Sinner Collective. Instead of focusing on singular designs and designers like regular fashion shows, FAFFF put pieces together to represent each theme.

Alaga designs at FAFFF 2023

Photo courtesy of Angela Kyla/AGHAM National

For instance, outerwear pieces in the finale—jackets with the backs cut out to make elaborate “windows”—represented shields as they are worn over shirts featuring environmental and human rights defenders. The outfits showcased designs by Joanna Rizza David, Season Pass, and Worn Expressions.

Denim at fashion against fascism and fossil fuels

All pieces were ready-to-wear designs by Filipino designers from different sectors, and styles varied, ranging from casual-wear to more extravagant Filipiniana-inspired ternos. Each outfit conveyed strong messages of resistance, unwavering pride in identity, and rootedness in environment and humanity.


Sarah Elago modeling at fashion against fascism and fossil fuels

Photo courtesy of 350 Pilipinas

Fashion has long been a medium not just for creative expression, but also political expression. From using fabric and weaving techniques by indigenous peoples facing threats of violence and displacement, to having people from marginalized sectors model the clothing, FAFF 2023 brought together art and fashion in a show of solidarity and resistance.

Models walked barefoot, slow and solemn, every aspect of their presentation from makeup to demeanor indicating the gravity of why this fashion show was happening. The final walk saw all the models come out with signs and placards calling for action to address environmental and human rights issues and calling attention to their inherent interconnectedness.

Photo courtesy of Angela Kyla/AGHAM National

Sustainability, for instance, is not just an environmental issue. Sustainability involves not just an ethical and environmentally-conscious acquisition of material, but also an ethical process of creation and consumption. FAFFF and YACAP endeavored to foster a collective understanding of such interconnectedness, and build solidarity founded on a desire for change.


Photo courtesy of 350 Pilipinas

There’s no doubt that the youth is passionate and steadfast in their participation to combat environmental and social injustice.

Upon entering Studio 72, I heard an usher remark to another, “Mukhang mapupuno, noh?” It hit me at that moment how many people gathered to watch the show—whether they were merely fashion enthusiasts or activists or both.

The line to enter was long, winding around twice in the parking lot, and the seats were full. Students, designers, artists, and advocates of all ages were decked out in the encouraged black attire, marveling at the clothing, internalizing the messages, and reflecting on what the entire night truly meant.

YACAP itself is a youth-led organization, the Philippine chapter of Fridays For Future. A global movement sparked by young environmental activist Greta Thunberg, Fridays For Future helms the Global Climate Strike, in which students joining the movement across the globe skip Friday classes to strike and protest for swift action against the worsening climate crisis.

Fashion Against Fascism and Fossil Fuels is part of the Global Climate Strike, which, according to YACAP, “registers [a] call for immediate climate action.” The call to end fossil fuels is a priority of the movement, as fossil fuels cause environmental damage and the industry is said to hinder actions to address the climate crisis.

As the youth and marginalized sectors are growing more aware—and more discontent—at the lack of action to address the climate crisis, they emphasize the need to “come together and put pressure on national and international bodies to address the crisis by putting an end to fossil fuels, and spearheading a transition to a more just, more sustainable future.”

In using art, performance, and fashion as a medium, Fashion Against Fascism and Fossil Fuels illuminated the intersectionality of environmental, social, and political issues and amplified the call to put an end to fossil fuels and injustice fast, fair, and forever.

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Sydney Sweeney’s 80’s Prom Birthday Bash and Why You Should Throw Themed Parties

Category is...

Sydney Sweeney’s glamorous 80s-prom themed birthday party proves that you don’t need to wait for Halloween to throw an unforgettable party with an unforgettable theme!

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Halloween may just be a month away, but themed parties can be thrown any day. Casual, non-theme parties are classic and reliable, but honestly? Can be a bit basic. Take it from Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney, who threw a glamorous 80s prom-themed birthday party for her 26th birthday on September 19 titled “Syd’s Prom.” Guests sported voluminous curls, red and pink ruched and ruffled satin, glittery accessories and bold makeup. The party had an 80s-inspired colorful dance floor, disco balls, balloon arches, streamers, star confetti, and all the bright, retro extravagance of the time. All the photos taken make it look like you’re looking at an old photo album, and it is so cute!

Sydney and female guests at her 80s themed birthday party

Instagram Story/sydney_sweeney

Clearly, Sydney is a fan of the theme parties, but some people may not care enough to follow the theme when they arrive. And that’s okay! When you throw a theme party, you can’t expect everyone to go all out or spend so much just for an outfit. But as a guest, you should still at least try to match the theme.

Personally, I love a good themed party, no matter how simple or elaborate. Give me “masquerade” or “pajama party”, and I’d be excited—and I’m not even a frequent party-goer. A theme just adds another layer of excitement to a party, gives people the chance to express their creativity, and brings everyone together in a fun, cohesive way. Need more reasons to throw a themed party? Scroll down below.



Let’s be real: one of the best things about Halloween is seeing what everyone dressed up as. This year, we predict a whole slew of Barbies and Kens and half-and-half Barbenheimer-inspired costumes. Some people spend all year building the perfect party or finding the perfect outfit, and people have only gotten more and more creative as time passes by. But who says you have to wait until Halloween to get those creative juices flowing?

From low-key Tuesday night dinner parties to birthday extravaganzas, hosting a themed party gives someone the chance to work around a solid concept instead of building something from scratch and making individual disjointed decisions. Sydney knew exactly what she wanted with her 80’s prom-themed party, and she nailed her vision down to the film cameras, her glorious shiny pink dress and bejeweled accessories, and even the wired microphones used by guests and the band. Her party looks straight out of Pretty in Pink (1986)!

Sydney's outfit

Instagram Story/sydney_sweeney

Disco balls at Sydney Sweeney's 80s themed party


So if you want a 2014 grungy Tumblr-themed party like 2010s icon Tyler Oakley? Go for checked flannels, Converse, beanies, chokers, and striped shirts under graphic tees. Decor could include band posters or Arctic Monkeys and Halsey album covers on the walls.

@tyleroakley #stitch with @alliswannlake it was a moment 🥰 #fyp #tumblr2014 ♬ Everything Is Embarrassing – Sky Ferreira

Or maybe you want to be adventurous and host a murder-mystery night, like they did for Freddie’s birthday in the iCarly reboot (hopefully yours turns out better, though!). Create your own characters or find a mystery to solve on the internet, tell your guests what to wear, and really immerse yourselves in something fresh and new.

icarly murder mystery party


You could do Bratz or Mean Girls, red carpet or Stranger Things, folklore or Alice in Wonderland, pirates or superheroes. No matter how vague or specific you want your theme to be, the possibilities and the ways to execute them are endless.


Of course, you have to make sure people relate or at least understand your theme. A themed party is at its best when people can easily participate in terms of looks. When everyone’s all dressed up according to the theme, but with their individual signature flair, having fun and bonding, that’s when the magic happens. It’s like you’re transported into a different world or time period—and the pictures will show exactly that.

At a themed party, I love seeing what other people are wearing or what they brought that’s on theme. It’s a great conversation-starter, too! It’s so fun when people get excited talking about the decisions they made, the references they’re making, or how they put together the outfit or, if they’re the host, the party itself.

Sydney crowd 80s party


Undoubtedly, the popularity of themed parties is growing. Just look at TikTok! The last few birthday parties I was invited to were all themed, too. I was told to dress up like I was in Euphoria, my favorite Taylor Swift album, and like I was going to Harry’s House. I never had to break the bank to come up with something that fits the theme perfectly, and no one was ever strict about the dress code anyway. It was all in good fun—as any party should be!

More than the partying, I love the research, picking out the clothes, talking to other friends about outfit plans, and finally seeing everyone and everything all decked out according to theme.

Sydney Sweeney

Instagram Story/sydney_sweeney

Camila Mendes and Sydney Sweeney


When everyone’s dressed up similarly, but with their individual signature flair, having fun and bonding, that’s when the magic happens. It’s like you’re transported into a different world or time period—and the pictures will show exactly that.

So whether it’s for a Halloween bash or your own birthday, don’t feel silly about picking and sticking to a theme. It’ll make a great night even more unforgettable.

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