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TikTok’s I’m Cold Makeup Trend Is Bringing Winter To The Philippines

Winter is here.

With a dust of shimmer and a dash of blush, you can achieve a frostbitten snow angel beat this holiday season. And it’s all thanks to the I’m Cold makeup trend.

While it may seem fun to experience winter, we all know tropical individuals like us wouldn’t survive the freezing temperatures of the West. However, there are ways to look frostbitten without having to actually freeze to death IRL. Enter: the “I’m Cold” makeup trend. 

@planetgiannie ika nga nila, ‘tis the czennie 😵‍💫 anyway! still obsessed w this look #tiktokph #fyp #markf #imcoldmakeup ♬ 2 Jingle Bells 1 Rock – joptilyoudrop

Easily the beauty look of the holiday season, the trend originated from TikTok. From the rosy red cheeks to the shimmery inner corners, this simple makeup look will turn you into a delicate snow angel. How cute! 

Professional Filipino makeup artist Paul Unating has a similar style to the Cold Girl makeup trend. Known for his blushing technique and Korean-inspired style, his muses appear youthful and angelic. His makeup artistry is a great example of an ethereal snow angel. 

Andrea Brillantes “I’m Cold” Makeup Look
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While a soft glam with matching red lip is a staple during Christmas time, why not go for something fresh? The beauty trend is perfect for those who want something easy to follow, simple, with a youthful effect. Looking to add a bit of flush this season? Check out local beauty TikTokers who have been loving the trend, too. 

The Cold Girl look is fairly easy to achieve. Complexion trends usually focus on the base, but for a frosty-like effect, the eyes and the cheeks are the main focal point. BeautyTok Gurus Kylie Celebre and Marj Maroket made a step-by-step guide for us to follow along. 

@thekyliecelebre Replying to @nashhehe0 forda I’m Cold Makeup Look naman tayu feat. Manok ng kapitbahay TAMA BA YUN?! ❄️🐓 #BeautyPH #BestOfTikTokPH ♬ Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande

To achieve the look, start off with your everyday base. For a skin-like, dewy effect, we recommend starting the base with a liquid illuminator and applying a tinted moisturizer on top for an even complexion. 

The I’m Cold makeup trend gives you the appearance of not only feeling cold, but actually experiencing having a cold, too. The main event is the heavy blush and the shimmery inner corners. To achieve this, you will need a pigmented cream blush in a bright berry or magenta shade. Normally, blush is applied from the apple of the cheeks to the cheek bones, but for the cold girl look, add blush from the cheeks to the nose. Dust off a similar shade of blush to set the cream blush in place. 


let’s pretend we have winter here ❄️

♬ original sound – ci

Everything’s better when there’s glitter! To imitate the look of snow, use a white or silver liquid shimmery shadow on the inner corners, and the middle part of the under eyes. Enhance the shape of your eyes by contouring the outer corners of the lid. Finish off the look with a simple winged liner. Opt for a brown liner If you’re going for a natural approach.

Finally, a makeup look isn’t complete without a lip combo. Similar to the Korean lip trend, apply a lip tint in a berry shade on the center of the lips for an ombre effect. Apply a clear or glittery gloss for a bit of shine. 

Who says boys can’t join-in on the trend too? Kenn Dayandayan joined in on the makeup trend and we are here for it.

@kennnnito I’m cold kahit mainit naman talaga 😆 #mensmakeup ♬ original sound – 𝑵𝑨𝑻𝑪𝑺𝑳𝑼𝑽𝑹❦

If you’re not going out of the country any time soon, embody that snow angel energy through this makeup look. This is the sign to apply that heavy blush and shimmery shadow on your next holiday gathering.

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