Twitter Is Now X: Everything You Need To Know About The Bird App’s Rebranding

RIP birdie.

All we wanted was an edit button for Twitter, and instead, we got an X.

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Another day, another move by Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk to fundamentally change the app from the bottom up. While the past year has seen Twitter do a 180 when it comes to its many features, what has remained the same is its name and the iconic blue bird logo and mascot. Ever since 2006, the stylized bird has come to not just represent what Twitter is, but be a pop culture figure in its own right. The recognizable logo has helped turned tweeting into an actual verb, and has become part and parcel of the modern lexicon. But those days seem to be numbered after Elon’s latest and one of his biggest moves to Twitter yet.


Recently, the billionaire announced that Twitter was being rebranded to X, and the logo of the blue and white bird was being replaced with a stylized X. Already, Twitter, or should we say X, has been seeing changes reflecting the move, from the bird logo and icon being replaced by the X, Elon telling employees that a tweet is to now be called x, and even changing the logo in their San Francisco headquarters (which was stopped by authorities for lacking proper permits to do so).

So, why did Elon decide to rename Twitter to the 24th letter of the Latin alphabet? It’s because he has shown a fondness for the letter since he began his career. He named his second start-up, which was eventually renamed PayPal. There is, of course, SpaceX, his child with Grimes often being referred to as X, and Elon has used X in the names of some Tesla car models. Also, his recent A.I. start-up is called xAI.

The X branding just speaks to him, and more importantly, is his next step in turning Twitter into a super-app. ICYDK, Elon has plans on turning the platform into a place for more than just social media, he envisions Twitter as an all-in-one experience where you can do other things like banking and shopping, akin to something like WeChat. Whether Elon succeeds in that remains to be seen given the backlash and mixed reaction to the renaming, not to mention the legal issues involved in the move.

As for the core Twitter experience, it probably won’t be affected significantly, so regular Twitter users can, for now, expect to see less blue and more X in black and white Still, we’re gonna miss that blue bird, you brought us some memories. RIP king, it was a fun ride.  

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